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Taper Ron

10/10/17 Grand Rapids, MI

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Taper Ron    325


133 Grandville Ave. SW

Grand Rapids. MI 49503


10/10/17 Grand Rapids, MI


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Dr. Barry    331

A trusted field report from an eyewitness reveals the following intelligence:


All Over Now
Dire Wolf
Pocky Way
Stagger Lee
Broken Arrow
The Maker
Women Are Smarter


Corrina >
Fire >
Unbroken Chain >
Rubin + Cher >
Sailor >
Drums >

Space >
Circumstance >
Gimmie Some Lovin >
Not Fade Away
E: I'll Be With Thee *with Tanya




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Pegleg    4

The show was awesome! I saw this band for their first time at the Jubilee 2017 and I'm hooked. The work and energy these people put into the music is unbelievably beautiful.

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