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Taper Ron

10/14/17 Milwaukee, WI

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franzerbeak    1

Riverside Theater   Milwaukee, WI

10/14/17 Milwaukee, WI


China -> Rider

Jack Straw

West LA Fadeaway



New Minglewood

Shining Star

Tom Thumb's

??? Lisa on vocals




Let it grow

Terrapin ->


Space / Imagine instrumental ->

King Solomon's ->

Hey Jude ->

Visions of Johanna ->






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Dr. Barry    331

The viola was insanity in a good way. On the drive home I played the viola from 11/10/67 Shrine as a reference tool and the apple we heard in Milwaukee didn’t fall far from the original tree. I think it was part of that same tree. Insanity, the good kind. 


Dr. B😎

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PoetryGirl    731

Help Ron! Rudy’s account has to have been hacked. I have never known him to be monosyllabic in my life!! 

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jj3down    123
On 10/15/2017 at 2:20 PM, sml said:

China > Feeling Groovy Jam > Rider


2nd Feelin' Groovy Jam in a week!  That can't be common, right?

I don't understand how this jam gets missed so often.  It's probably the most distinguishable jam in the GD repertoire of named jams and it only occurs during one year between the two same songs.

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jj3down    123

Stellar!  If not for Columbus, this would have been the show of the year for me.  Definitely a close second.


Unfortunately, I spent first 10 minutes or so of 2nd set talking to the house manager and security about our stolen clothes.  I had a brand new bargain bin tour shirt and The Winner had the awesome DSO 20 year zip-up stolen.  and it was the last in that size.  Sorry man.  That sucks.  I considered giving mine to you, but I'm too husky.:lol:  A lesson to keep in mind that not all Heads are like minded and looking out for their brothers and sisters.  For 80%+ plus of the crowd, this is probably a one or two time a year thing for them.


Shining Star can bore me at times.  But it was absolutely gorgeous this night.  Love was in the air!  Chimes of Freedom never disappoints.  The Let it Grow was especially spunky with a big booming drum part.  They sounded sooo big!  I love that Imagine instrumental they do.  Such a good idea to ace the lyrics on that.  I've been waiting to get a Mr Fantasy>Hey Jude Reprise since I got on this bus.  Well I got Hey Jude.  It was really good - still look forward to my reprise though.  Visions of Johanna is my favorite Dylan song performed by the Dead.  I think it and Tangled may be Jeff's favorite to sing.  He loves it!!!  Killer, killer rendition!  And finally Viola Lee was easily the song of the night.  I've seen at least 5 of them and this was just on another level.  A minute or so before it even ended, it reached the level where the crowd is just standing there with mouth's ajar staring at each other in awe or jumping around in hysteria!!!!


See you in Albany!!!!!

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jj3down    123

Anyone record video of the Chimes of Freedom by the way?  I did and then screwed up somehow and deleted most of it.  The stage side security was also giving Lisa a standing O and the one near us asked if I could send it to him.  But now I don't have it.

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