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Red Rocks 2018!!

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We may do a “halfway” stop in KC and take in some BBQ and a Royals game. But look to be in Colorado a day or two before the show. Will be looking for shows in the vacinity around that time but bar shows will probably be out because I’ll be traveling with the boys. But I’m hoping there will be plenty of stuff to choose from 4th of July week in Colorado. But I’m clueless about the West. Lol

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I might leave Jesse over this. I always leave em for DSO tour. But opening our own music shop and playing our own band might keep me from the event we all created with our love together. I went to Hawaii for dead 50th. I like the stories.... not too different from being there... cause in these days between w bright unfocused eyes I can't help but look at the hopeful candle lingering in the land of lullabies...... but we don't have lonely cries anymore.

cause we are all still here.

kiss kiss. These shoes I grew into are listening and I think I will put taps on em instead of the constant walk halfway across the world.

its the best I have to give...........


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I've been waiting for this for years! And that second set in particular is fantastic! I have to go. A good opportunity to get in some CO and NM exploring and hikes too.

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Thought I would just add a couple happy dances here for good measure








Carry On......


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