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crazy digits

Richmond 2

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I agree Crazy D......richmond is full of beer spilling drunks.  


I help with that by showing others how to drink a lot, dance, and not spill your beer!! 


If last night elective, tonight is going to produce some creative wonders!!!

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yes, Richmond was full of yackers and drinkers. so much talking, at times it disrupted the music. hoping for better crowd tonight in Norfolk. Cotter says it will be show of the tour !

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On 12/1/2017 at 6:08 PM, smoseywales said:

we are better behaved here in myhomeinNorfolkVirginia---can't wait!

 not really buddy...after 2nd song in norfolk, some dude spilled his entire drink all over me....thankfully its winter and i had extra sweatshirt to put on....not really feeling virginia..ive seen a handful of shows, maybe 25 or so..but this little 3 show run was full of hard core drinkers and screaming matches...

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