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2018 Jubilee!

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On 12/8/2017 at 4:24 PM, Lukem said:

Hi guys. Never been before a few questions....


if i came alone for the weekend would it be enjoyable? Not sure what the scene is like just curious on your thoughts. 


Also what would be the best camping camping situation for one be. The vip or just the normal camping. 


Many help would be appreciated. Thanks. 


I’d do regular camping solo. You will have a blast. You quickly get to know your neighbors. Find a fun looking group and set up camp near them. It’s gonna be Wall to Wall tents anyway. I’d look for people who put a lot of easy ups together. Big groups are easy to make friends with plus u can share their shade during the day ;). It’s fun just walking through the camps and meeting strangers. 

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On 12/10/2017 at 11:30 AM, pawpaw87 said:

couple questions for the group...my wife and I will be attending Jubilee for the first time in '18 and will have a small RV.


1. Which ticket should we buy?  GA RV or VIP RV?  and what is the difference since it appears there is only one RV area.

2. If we buy VIP festival tickets what benefits are worth the extra $$ since we will not be utilizing the car camping option of VIP?

3. It appears if we buy VIP RV we must also buy VIP admission, is that correct?

If you are a couple and the extra $250 isn’t an issue, then do VIP.  Plus last year it rained so we got in car and put on music and stayed dry. That’s a bonus. Camping next to car is nice and saves you the 1st day exhaustion of packing your gear. That’s my biggest bonus of it.  Took us 15 minutes to pack the car to leave from Vip. From GA, it will take you an hour + and exhausting up the hill packing. Plus Vip has a water bottle filling station near stage that is a life saver if you dance like many on this board.  At 45yrs old, that setting up day became increasingly taxing so ViP was my savior. I remember the year where Gr8fulpair sat in the middle of the field for 2 hours and got sunburned saving our spot as we packed in gear in 90 degree heat in GA. That was a low energy night for many. 

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