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We got too many horses in KY. Gotta keep the eagles fans away or it could be an epidemic. 

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On 1/22/2018 at 1:40 PM, Billy DeLyon said:

E-A-G-L-E-S   Eagles!


Go Birds!!!


First of all, You don't mess with the Rock.  Those Vikings fans got what they deserved.  Now please get your city ready for an Eagles invasion!


Also check out this Birds fan trying to catch the train who gets lit up!  I liked his dedication but his execution was piss poor.



ScreenHunter_21 Jan. 22 13.36.jpg

Check back in once you've come down from the top of a lamp post downtown :)


Petersen has some brass-ones with some of his play-calls - that 4th-and-one before the half was a jaw-dropper.


Good game!  This Philly fan had one hell of a night - lol!


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Lol. Was watching a video of the mayhem and saw cars turned over and set on fire which is so standard. We did that shit when UK won the national championship in 1998. But even in horse country in Lexington no one ate horse poop. Those eagles fans like to 1 up everyone else. I did see the ritz Carlton cannopy collapse from eagles fans standing on it but we are an overweight society so that’s to be expected. If this is anything like when UK won it, tomorrow’s newspaper will have about 30 faces listed in a crime stoppers ad with a $1k reward per name using freeze frames of people lifting the car. In KY we flipped a news van and it accidentally got set on fire from gas spilling out and fireworks. Note I didn’t do any flipping but I watched as the mob mentality dictated. Luckily no horse punching in Philly and only horse poop eating. That will teach those damn horses. 

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