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"Hi" from a new member

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I'm a second generation deadhead and I've decided to join this forum after having a bona fide religious experience during my most recent DSO show. I first saw the band in '05 or '06, and each subsequent show has been more and more important.


I'm tempted to drone on at length about my relationship with the music and my history with DSO, but I'll spare you.


I live in central Maine, I'm a young(ish) father of two, and the few times a year I get to see the band it feels like going to church; being baptised in the music.


I hope to connect with some people I can relate to - people who understand that the performance of these songs taps in to something mystical.




PS. My aforementioned "most recent" show was 11-16 at the State Theatre in Portland, ME.

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Good to have you here, Oak and Darkstar12. 


Oak, You being out in the middle of Maine must have you starved for live DSO music...and with two little ones it's probably difficult to hit the road for a couple days.  Maybe conversation with friends here in the forum can carry you through the cold days.


Peace and Love,


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This community is super special, and you will find an deep abiding love of the Grateful Dead here. This place can fill your cup with laughter, blessed me with friends and has inspired me to dig deeper certainly into the phenomenal band that the Grateful Dead was.  May I even venture to say “is”? It certainly holds and has life. 


I reconnected to the music with DSO in 2013, revisiting the music after an earlier DSO show 2/21/10.  I have 2 teenagers. My daughter likes it yet musically dynamic and exploring;  the other tolerates rarely but he’s a natural science kind of guy and had never made it, always due to circumstances, to live GD and now just not interested. 


it more than music they play

its more than the words they say

it is a fountain of light and day.

Peace and Iko  iko always -



PS. I rarely rhyme it out. More a poetry of motion kind of creator




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