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NYE 12/31/17

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If you believe that intent can change and heal, that metaphysical beings create this world, yes, quite important. You are the eyes of the world. If I can take that beautiful space and freedom and love and community felt at a show and translate it into the worlds I create elsewhere, it is golden. We can be shamans in a western world. 

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I find any statement made by anyone implying they know what the most important thing in the world to be full of ego and to be avoided. We define importance for ourselves and no one can challenge you if you say dso shows are the most important thing in the world to you but to imply you know importance for everyone is stuck in the same thought process that keeps us in this world and unable to reach beyond it to the next one. We push to spread our values whether it's religion, tour life, or democracy. We should seek to understand others and hope that they flourish in what they find important. 


Im sure not gonna tell the person teaching ex children soldiers in Uganda that he isn't doing the most important thing right now. 


Im sure not gonna tell those looking for a cure to cancer that they aren't doing the most important thing right now. 


I wont even tell the dad that gets up to manage the McDonalds today so he can feed his 2 and 6 year old kids that he isn't doing the most important thing right now.


The daughter sitting by her dying father side praying for him and her family. I think that might be most important too. 


I have at times found DSO shows to be the most important thing in the world to me. I may even find myself in that space again. 


I think Scotty needs to further elaborate shed a little more light on what he meant to help those of us that are behind in are thinking understand. 



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But what about the Ugandan ex child fighter who found the cure for cancer but now manages a McDonald’s to feed his starving kids while his daughter cries at his bedside knowing he’s dying of the same cancer that he cured for others?


At the same time he likes to set fires in shamanic rituals for Vic to put out. 


In Uganda he only saw reruns of the Brady Bunch. Bobby was his image of god. He dances to the theme song. But he has never heard of DSO. 


Dr. Barry

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I thought he was more into smacking people on the foot in celebration. Causing foot injuries so the good ol wise dr barry could have some extra business. 

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Look at all this fun I've been missing out on on the forum!  Not only fun, but important stuff too.  The most important thing in the world even!


Loved this New Years run!!!!!!  Someone had mentioned after the show it may have been the most consistent 4 night run they've ever seen.  I am in complete agreement with that.   Band energy, crowd energy, setlist assembly, playing, exploratory jamming, environmental factors, and my own interconnection to the music and audience was very consistent each night.


And what a DANCE PARTY!!!!!  Especially night 1 at Electric Factory.  Everyone went completely bananas when they busted into the Johnny B Goode following Terrapin!  SO MUCH FUN!!!  Loved the Alligator in the 3rd set.  Love the way DSO performs that tune!  The Death Don't >Caution at the Wellmont was also a major highlight for me of this run too.


This NY's run was one of the most energetic DSO dance parties of the year that I was a part of.   Also can't forget night 3 in Berkeley. 

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