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simmi gravey

How to Resolve Google maps location sharing not working

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Physical Maps are considered to be an essential carry items, especially for travelers in 20thCentury. Physical Maps help us to explore different parts of the world, new trades routes and discovery of a new civilization. It’s role in the growth of the human civilization cannot be ignored. Over the course of time it has maintained its relevance and  has evolved quite a lot in the mean course of time. Currently people do use maps,but not the physical one. It has been replaced by the digital Maps. There are plenty of companies which provides digital Maps services. One such big name in the industry is “ Google Maps ‘’.


Google Maps is one of the major and leading digital mapping platforms used by millions of user. It is known for providing accurate mapping as well as proper directions and real time traffic updates. The great thing about the Google Maps is it is available on all the leading platforms like android, IOS and Java. Not only one can see the location but also helps us to share as well as guide us to exact locations. But sometimes a  user does face certain issues while working on it, One of the common problem face by the user is regarding that google maps location sharing not working. One can take the assistance and guidance from their Google Maps technical support or follow these simple procedures :


  • ·       First of all, one need to open the apps and then click on the 3 lines at the upper left corner.
  • ·       Further click on the location sharing.
  • ·       Now one has to see the contacts at the bottom of the screen with the ongoing and click on the greyed out avatar and a message will pop up with a message that it isn’t sharing with you.
  • ·       So, in order to fix it one need to go back and click on the location sharing.
  • ·       Then click on the name of the person at the bottom down .
  • ·       Touch on the 3 dots at right of the contact and select contact info.
  • ·       Further contact will open and you have the information available to contact norcmal location.
  • ·       Then one new contact will open and scroll down to look for current location.

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