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2018 Summer Tour

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Don’t we all. My need to plan is creating stress. I have a feeling I’m gonna be selling my deadco Midwest tix as I’m hoping Dso will be in a beautiful western area in late June. If they are doing west coast early summer then they won’t annouhce until they finish west coast winter. 

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If you sift back through the threads regarding red rocks I think you will find a post from Eaton that mentioned Warfield shows the weekend before red rocks and taking a little break after red rocks,,..if I remember correctly.

So you can put that on the chess board and see if it helps for any strategizing.... 

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He said break before redrocks-no connectors.  Deadco shoreline should fill the gap as I bet Dso finishes right before those shows, but a week in sanfran ain’t a cheap stint. Likely will stealth camp 100’ up a redwood in one of those suspended tents with a ladder hanging down to save on lodging. I’ve always been curious how I’d do selling merch in a lot. I was thinking officially licensed dancing bear rolling papers. One of my promotional suppliers sent me a special on some organic hemp custom full color papers with organic soy ink.  I actually thought that would be a solid Dso merch item as people always need papers to roll cigarettes.  Give me a holler Ellie for the link ;)  

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21 hours ago, PoetryGirl said:

Looks like announced summer tour last year 3/15. 


Was that part 1 or 2 as the BM shows are the 2nd leg. I’m guessing Midwest will get some late summer love too. And I always say the last year was my banner year never to be beaten, and every year since I 1st saw Dso, I’ve done more shows the following even though I don’t see how I can get to 40 this year....unless...

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my crowdsourcing site is set up. 

$250 donation- I will personally dance with you for 1 set(cannot request which set)


$500 gets you a pre show meet and greet(1 alcoholic beverage included up to $10) plus introducing you to friends and 1 set of dancing with me.


$1000 donation will get you a custom made t-shirt, $30 to spend at DSO merch plus all the benefits of the $500 package and the excitement of being able to live vicariously through me with daily tour updates(daily tour updates not included in any other packages).  (best value)


$50 donations will get you a personal thank you on forums


$10 will get you a pre-written thank you email


Once I hit my goal of $20,000, I will produce a small documentary slideshow of tour and putting music behind it that will be available to all who donated.

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