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Las Vegas 2/22/18

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12-11-92 Oakland
Filler: Why Don’t We Do it in the Road; Tore Up; I’ll  Take a Melody


Wonderful time and the pain I am in now was worth every second of dancing bliss. More to come.


Highlight of the highlights: Eyes>Corrina. Discuss amongst yourselves!

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And I'm sure the Althea, Stagger Lee,,Wheel>Stella among others puts some perk in your step today (or perhaps a few more sore spots!😉)


helluva filler there as well

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Finally got to hear how they'd handle a recreation Corrina in comparison to the DSO Corrinas they've been rocking at electives.

Their ability to switch between styles or approaches to a song never ceases to amaze.

I really would love for them to keep going and do more later shows and pull in more later material.


Awesome venue.

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Should maybe mention that Ellie did the Lisa mic fakeout at this one.

Hope Nick is feeling better.

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Any masked men at the show? Vegas is notorious for that. 

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