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What happened the the Ojai show in June?

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Still can’t buy tix and no on sale date. I’ve spied the ones I want lol even though GA will prob me end spot 

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Unless you want specific seats, buy from fan club. I’m like hey it’s only $6 more for up close ticket-$36 seats close vs $30 for GA but since u get GA with fan club and Ticketmaster has the assigned seats that $6 becomes $16 extra a ticket. $19 in fees per ticket from TM sending a pair of $36 to $110 but the $30 ga on Ticketmaster only become $35 +$5 fees for the pair on fan club. The worst thing is I’ll likely be in the GA the whole show :/. Should have just got fan club so the band gets a bigger chunk of the revenue. 

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