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Queen Wilmington 5-15-18 Tuesday

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I was center stage,about five to ten feet back. I was surprised at how loosely packed the crowd was. Plenty of room for me and I tend to flail about. My apologies to those of you I pissed off by dancing on the tops of your feet while you tried to dance on the bottoms. A breeze to cut through the crowd to get a drink of water. My first year down on the floor. Previous years upstairs. Last year, behind the seating upstairs, I had more room than my living room without the furniture in it to myself. I couldn’t see the band but the sound was fine. More money for the upper deck tix. You can have the town. I grew up there and it nauseates me to return. 

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The dance space was plentiful with room for everyone.    i usually hang  front right stage, and  dance like i run (more of a shuffle and slide,  than  a foot lifter).  Lifting my feet feels like a real dance, and i don't want that. 

At intermission, i loved seeing , hanging and getting stoned outside with the newest generation of dead fans.  After awhile     one of them said,  "come on , let's get back in  'n   dance" ,   nothing could have made me feel better at that show.      

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