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Jubilee 5/25/18

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Buckeye Lake Music Center, Hebron, OH (Friday, 6/11/93)

Jack Straw
Foolish Heart
The Same Thing
Lazy River Road
Tom Thumb's Blues
So Many Roads
Promised Land

Eyes of the World
Playing in the Band ->
Uncle John's Band ->
Corina ->
Drums ->
Space ->
The Wheel ->
Watchtower ->
Black Peter ->
Sugar Magnolia

Brokedown Palace

The Weight

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Was waiting to see what’s going out there...Hell of a start...really like that second set, encore and filler. Have fun everyone!!

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Well executed opener

Jackstraw Eyes highlights

Black Peter epic

69 tonight?


Praise DSO

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Fun tired time. Thankfully that show finished with 2 of my fav 3 closers instead of them doing a dancin or mns filler. That would have been rough. I had a little wisdom imparted on me yesterday—ez ups ain’t easy to put up and whoever named them that is a liar!! 

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I was so happy to hear the Weight!  Indeed, take a load off. Hot, hot day 🔥; I should have taken to a shower 💦in the hose earlier than Sunday after Melvin and JGB.  Pushed like an air cooled van without a fan. The water in VIP bathroom was even hot 🔥out the spigot. Too much yang for my liver and heart.  It stole from my pancreatic chi. Luckily I am learning some Qigong exercises to bring those meridians in balance from my kumu, my hula teacher. 


Still, it was a lovely day of OKOA driving the day before and camped  in the same two spots again (from 2 years before!!) with a fellow Terriers at the KOA.   The fields 🌼all around were aglow with 🌼yellow flowers 🌼 resembling yarrow. They had reminded me of Jack Straw. The lazy Ohio River has cut dale and valley to the South, and we rode hills like rollercoasters 🎢 in the vans. 


This show swayed and had a lovely turning Wheel 🎰,  crisp All Along the Watchtower 🎪and jumping Jack Straw 🎭to slay. Reminded me of tour in 1992. 


The rain delay the next day turned prudence (our "tardiness" to camp and a slower paced show for the weary) into a disappointing problem, or was it an opportunity? Sure. Breezes high on the hill. No rivers through camp as our inner superheroes, resembling Triton, corralled and funneled water left and right, up and around our camp. Wish we could have videotaped that one. Could’ve been at the gates earlier than they opened; however, while practicing  prudence and respect, we were flung like a slingshot from Mars. There was a franticness to get there as I started receiving calls and messages the gates were open early. If we had camped lower on the hill, further down in the field, there is a possibility the van would have gotten stuck in the mushier ground. I would have liked to be a little lower and closer  to the bowl. My camp tended to stay in camp and listen, while I wandered down.


And who can the weather command? Well, our setlist for one thing for night 2. Make hay while the sun is shining, for sure. The shows in Buffalo and Princeton really shined by the looks of their setlists. Yet,  night two, the band brought a fantastic show. really good energy, proving it is never too late to be early; i.e. play the early years. I have to say I am disappointed that night 2 didn't get the time for DSO to play and bring it like I know they can. 


Legend Valley is so amazing. Thank you DSO for the reunion and the beauty. Good to rest my bones and taking me to a place where I can easily see my face., to a simple place. Know I love you baby, yes I do. 



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 Oh and the Joni Mitchell “Help Me” was a lovely way to strike camp. 

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Wow - They should let these guys do this more often.

People are so quick to dismiss the later years, I think some really pregnant stuff goes greatly underappreciated.  And these guys do it so incredibly well - Nothing stands in the way of the potential being realized this time.

Like they polished off and made us all  love Corrina, I'd love to see what else they could resurrect and breathe new life into reaching even deeper.


This band could play a Samba you'd be impressed with and walk away from having unironically enjoyed.

Think about that for a minute.


Praise DSO!

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Cortina was fun when dead played it. I love that effect rob b had on his keys. That was nuts. It’s was like an echo that kept moving up the scale or was that just him manually creating that effect. His fingers were at light speed during it.  

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Any late year selection would be

greatly enhanced by the band.


Easy Answers, Childhood's End,

Samba, all would benefit.


Praise DSO.

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