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San Diego 6/22

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Gimme some lovin

Brother Esau 

Dire wolf

Queen Jane 


Keep on growing 


Foolish heart 

Feel like a stranger



hes gone(may be out of order)

Throwing stones



The wheel

dear mr fantasy 

Standing on the moon



Mighty Quinn



1st set is correct. 2nd set is from memory and may be wrong order on he’s gone. I’ll edit once I figure it. Hard open on eyes to start 2nd was cool.

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i was not there...tho i am sure Keep On Growing was not played 2x...groovy looks to this one however

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First set seems a  pretty smooth feel (balmy)  in my fantasy headspace.... true?

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Memory as well but pretty sure he first four of set two were: eyes, throwing stones, he’s gone, truckin


then drums wheel, fantasy, standing on the moon and gdtrfb 



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Where is Scottie?  He would have a clearer picture than we getting so far. I got no clue what this show looks like. 

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Scottie asked me to keep the setlist since I have digital technology vs a literal notepad. I did 1st set then I forgot after that eyes to do 2nd. 1st time I’ve seen them open a set with eyes. No noodling to start. Hard open. Was cool. Seemed to take people a few to get what was going on. They way my head has it was they didn’t even tune aloud but just start all band right into the eyes but music details are always fuzzy. 


Unfirtunately my feet are starting to fall apart. I’m going to have to have the venue bring me one of those really tall seats like They brought Bill Walton. We were dancing next to him 2nd set and we didn’t want to be fanboys but Meili wanted a pic with him but we wanted to let him enjoy the show without the hassle. It seemed he really loved talking to people who came to to him during setbreak. 


Tonight im breaking out my knee high compression socks. The fashion out here seems to be nice flip flops but I’m going nba basketball player compression socks for utility not style. I’ve ruined these puppies over the past 2 years. Dancing abuse and age.....

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On a funny note we hung out with the heady version guy. He was giving out stickers.  So there’s an actual human behind that. 


Scotty said something and I joked to the heady guy that Scotty will make a bot to get all 1995 versions ranked 1 if you don’t comply lol. 

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Walton may be able to give you

some advice on bad feet Rude.

Thanks for the reports from

the road.


Praise DSO.

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So, I read somewhere, when Hornsby was playing with the Dead, that it was his suggestion to open the second set with Eyes. I’m wondering if this is a recreation of that show. 

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