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John A

Berkeley 6-29 - Elective

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The power on the entire block (both sides) went out around 5:15 and came back on just before 8.  The show was hanging by a PG&E thread.


The UC Theatre was ultimately quite accommodating, They extended the band's curfew, and the band responded to the curve ball with a super fun elective show.


I had the pleasure of meeting both sml and Dr, Barry, not to mention hanging front row balcony with rude and his better half.


Here's my list. The Imagine jam was super fleshed out.  Everything from drums on was gold.


Shakedown Street

Minglewood Blues


Cc Rider

Cumberland Blues

We Can Run

Paint My Masterpiece 

Mission in the Rain


Good Lovin'


Help on the Way->


Franklin's Tower ->

Feel Like a Stranger 

Unbroken Chain ->


Space ->

Imagine Jam ->

Dark Star (1st verse) ->

Corrina ->

Comes A Time ->


Encore:   The Weight 

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Well , that is suspenseful! 


Oh Berkeley with your eucalyptus trees effervescently cool. And some incredible pizza to be had up there on Telegraph Avenue.  There's mystery and possibility in SF ... uncanny, thought of Comes a Time yesterday. There was two years where that song spoke my truth and  my inspiration. And in the end all it matters are the dreams you believe. Plain and simple. 


Fun - looking first set- primed, marinated and all set to cook at the end. How great to to meet those two, John! Lucky you to hang with Rude and China Cat, too


Last night I had a serious foodie experience in town. Best balanced plates of flavors since Durango’s Eolus Bar and Grill and Tante in Chicago. Exquisite, sleek Mid Century feel to the whole place. Octopus paired with a Pisco cocktail Calle “Dizzy with a Dame” was just the beginning! 


Tonight, the DSO flavor experience continues to amaze and mesmerize I am sure!! Have fun- 

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2 hours ago, tunadave said:

Sounds great! Any guess what they'll play tomorrow night?

I’m sure it’s all gonna be gravy.  I wonder if they'll feel compelled to ‘finish’ the Dark Star - that might provide some insight.


Go out and get it tonight !

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The staff continuously updated us on the status of the blackout and even came through and banded everyone early so once doors opened we could pretty much walk right in. They also said they could extend the curfew to as late as 1:30 if needed which was crucial. Many venues would not extend the close like that. Kudos to UC theater management for making the show work. They even said if power wasn’t restored they could do the show Sunday. They knew what they were doing and did the best job I could imagine under the circumstances. 

Was supposed to be doors 7 show 8

became doors 8:20 show 9:00-1:00. I love this city because inside the venue it’s anything goes. By the end we just kept the bottle of Michters on the table. There’s no where else where so much flower is smoked than Berkeley. Everywhere else people mostly sneak vapes. This place fires it up with zero hassles. Was the 1st Dso show where I got really drunk at lol. I was stumbling out and it took some late night burger and shake to get me walking straight. Straight barrel proof Michters KY whiskey was the ticket.  Hey John are we sneaking in that 11yr KY Owl tonight? 


The worst part was getting in line early to grab a table and standing in line for 2 hours. On a positive note I was able to dance a little after my AstroTurf injury in sandiego. AstroTurf has taken down the best of athletes. Initially it looked like super manicured grass at humphreys. It was actually super grippy plastic turf. When I was making a cutback to avoid a tackler the ankle just turned as the foot was turf locked. I didn’t take out that $9 ticket insurance like it begs you to do every time or I’d be hooked to electrodes with high tech nfl rehab to get me back on the field. Pretty sure if you pay 40% of your ticket cost in insurance, it has good benefits. 

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This show had a bit of everything - and all of it great.  


As you all know by either experience or having heard:  there really is no place like the Bay Area when it comes to the scene.  SOOOO chill.  Really pleasant, despite the obvious angst about lengthy waits and electricity problems.  A bit of a snag when it comes to amplifying rock and roll music, eh?


This was my 12YO son's first DSO show.  My brother was supposed to go with me, but we live near Concord, and there was a fire yesterday in the Lime Ridge Open Space.  This about 1/4 mile from both of our cribbies.  The wind took it away from us, though, and due to relatively tame conditions of just grass and not a lot of fuel for the bitch, the heroic fire people kicked its ass in short order.  So although the danger was over, my bro has an infant son and would not have felt right about leaving him and his wife, I felt no such qualms and Uber'd out, with my son as the gaming participant after an initial "nah, ima play more Fortnight" lol.  


We got to say hello to Rob B. strolling down University, so that was a harbinger of good things.  


I was hoping for the Shakedown, so I was obviously stoked.  That and Minglewood were straightforward.  The delay had been defeated, as there was ample energy on display.


Next came C.C. Ryder.  Not a typo, as that is my son's name, so we spell it that way.  He likes it and iNoURyder equally, but swears it is not due to his name.  I explained that they clearly played it for him, as they rarely do.  When it ended he said that he was unsure why they do not play it more often, as it appeared that the band sang and played it with extra enthusiasm.  I had no answers lol.


So we were sailing along, with sounds and songs of maybe 90's, then mid, maybe late-80's.  And then - MISSION.  Really strong and one cannot but obviously appreciate the song and its lyrics when you're a stone's throw away.  Cool stuff.


Then the Sunrise.  By no fault of Lisa and her talent, I am not a huge fan.  I am not a huge Donna Jean fan, so therefore, I am not a huge Lisa fan.  Holy shit, this Sunrise was incredible.  I was completely blown away.  Flawlessly delivered.  And I was buzzed, but not BUZZED, so it wasn't that.  Just really appreciate Lisa's effort and talent there.  Truly magnificent.  


Then to continue the late 70's style with Good Lovin' = plenty of.  


I was hoping for the Scarlet/Fire - as we had one fire on the mountain earlier in the day.  Heard the Help from Rob's fingers, and there it was.  Similar to the Shakedown, this was solid and perfect, although the Franklin's on the other end of the tour with the Wolf on display (feels like a loooong time ago) was more rowdy, as the vibe was lit that night back at the Wilbur.  


Again a note about the difference between the East Coast and West Coast vibe.  Make no mistake, the difference is clear.  Obviously you band members are impacted by the environs, as it translates through to the music.  I'm not sure I could pick or live with just one over the other.  Both so good, while being so different.  


Loved that Stranger, Rob.  Gracias Señor.  


Any show that has Unbroken Chain, Dark Star, and Comes a Time is prolly gonna be so-so.  HA!  And I happen to like Corrina, so there's that.  And so it went, back and forth and back again between all of the eras, touching all of the bases.


Rob, also a shout out for the cool Weir t-shirt, man.  Made me smile every time I caught a glimpse.  


Flawless show.  Lots of fun.  Ryder appreciated a big night out with his old man.  Oh, special thanks to Rob from Marin, who was so neighborly and visited with Ryder during set break as if he was the only person there.  Kynd brother...

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You figure it’s gonna be a good show when Eaton is wearing a yellow Weirhol shirt(4 image Warhol design with bobby’s head with text that read Weirhol). If he ever busts out the 80’s Jean shorts we are in for a doozy. I miss jean cutoff days. I had this pair that was perfectly frayed and really worn in. Wore those almost every day one summer. 

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That looks like a monster.

Congrats to all in the building.

Great area to see the word.


Praise DSO.

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