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Hampton Beach 7/28/18

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The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA (5/4/81)

Don't Ease Me In
Beat it on Down the Line
Little Red Rooster
Cold Rain and Snow
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Looks Like Rain
Greatest Story Ever Told

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Samson and Delilah
To Lay Me Down
Playin' in the Band
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia

Brokedown Palace

Filler: I'll Be With Thee

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Astounding performance by Dark Star Orchestra tonight. First set highlights to me were Looks Like Rain and Greatest Story. Second set high energy throughout, China/Rider and Samson brought the energy high. To Lay Me Down was lovely and tender. Playin had some excellent extended playing, nice grooves. Drums was powerful and loud, great audience response, with Rob and Dino continuing to play the beast during Nobody's Fault. Lost Sailor/Saint was rocking. Black Peter had great delivery by Jeff, with some strong peaks in there. Sugar Magnolia brought the energy up high yet again, just some absolutely ferocious playing in the end and the audience was brought to one final, frenzied peak. Brokedown was the perfect encore. Lisa and Jennifer Markard of the Zen Tricksters came out to join the rest of the band in a fine rendition of I'll Be With Thee. Top notch performance tonight.

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Agreed and signed. Although I haven't seen DSO as many times as a lots of the people on here; I have seen them enough to know when it is all there for me. Last night was one of those nights (subjective of course). Playin through Sugar magnolia had me in an amazing trance. I love it when DSO gets me there. Black Peter is always one of my favorites and last night's probably stole the show for me. That Sugar Mag really was excellent. Bertha and Rooster for set 1 blew me away too... Serous stuff. Many thanks and and lots of love.

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I have been begging and pushing and trying to pull a don’t ease opener out of the universe at DSO since I got back from Hawaii in the fall of 2015. Bet it was awesome! Into BIODTL!?!? Y’all lucky ducks! 

Looks like y’all had a really special weekend and I can’t wait to hear about it now that I’m home where everyone was just there and I get to hear stories of what I missed over the coming weeks. Epic. 


Water flood fire blood.....................


so..... guess we will see y’all in east providence as long as some disaster doesn’t appear by Sunday. Ya never know with what the spiral is turning out to us lately but it’s right down the fucking road and it’s gonna take a lot more than all that end of the world life and death stupid dualistic challenge shit to keep me away......... and prolly just have our girlfriend bring us cause we owe her a good night out. 


Kiss kiss

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For some reason, not all the tracks from this recording are showing up on the relisten app. Kind of frustrating, because it shows up fine on the relisten and archive website. It is also working fine on the etree app if anyone wanted to stream it. 

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