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My Brother in Law Dean

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He died a few months ago at the age of 67, which made him a decade older than I. Since Sunday Morning at Jubilee when I heard the news I have been thinking oft about my brother and all the shit we have gotten ourseves into over the last 25+ years. If you can bare with me, I'd like to share a couple. 


Our relationship basically began in April of 1993, I remember the time because I had just returned from my 4th deployment and went on vacation to Lake Worth FL, Dean's home for as long as I know him. We had been fishing (my first time fishing in the blue water, now a life love of mine) caught a few dolphin, king, had a sailfish on and lost it. That night after dinner, maybe midnight or so, we were drunk and a lightning storm kicked up as we huddled under a overhang in his yard. The lightning storm was spectacular, the best I have seen even to this day. Dean, 6-2 200 at the time, looks down at me and says this would be a lot better from the golf course. Next thing I know we are meandering down the street toward the golf course, we stood at the 4 foot high fence in the rain and watched this amazing lightning storm.


Dean, my other brother in law, and I were celebrating the holidays in Norfolk, VA. Chesapeake Bay Striper season ends Dec 31, so we decided to get one more day in before the season closes. Off we go about 7 PM. When we get to the boat storage to launch, the boat has about 2" of ice in the transom. Imagine this picture...3 men on a 19 foot center console in the dark chipping ICE off the boat so we can go fishing. Of course we run out there and get skunked.


Well, it feels good to share these stories, and share them in a place without worries.




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There should be an extra special "heart" for memories like this. They are why we are who we are.


And I know some of us miss the In Memoriam link.

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Surgarmag,  I am sorry for your loss. Sorry I have not reached out.  In out of the garden to say, but my thoughts with you and your family.  Hope Florida is better than the promised land reversed. 


Hope your well brother....your words felt, your heart understood.  


Catch up sometime.....take it easy, despite the pain.  The memories are worth more than the pain!!   


Love you brother!!!

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