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Thanks Rob.


I try hard not to exaggerate how good something is but.... buy/download/listen to Foolish Heart from Hampton Beach 7/27/18.  I honestly think it was the best Foolish Heart ever played in the entire history of the planet!!! Its that good!!!  (And I've just listened to pretty much all of the highly rated GD versions for comparison.) The whole band is so tight and pushed it to the full potential of that song.  Listening to it all I am left thinking is "yes, that is how good music can be and how great good music can make you feel".


The sound live was one of those rare moments where everything is just exactly perfect.  From the band, Jeff's tone, Cotter, everything... 


Music filled the air and the music played the band.


Foolish Heart. 7/27/18. 2nd jam.


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