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Just trying to make it as easy as possible for someone to post a setlist when the time comes ;)  A Nugs stream or a Facebook Live would definitely not suck.


If you're going - Enjoy the levitation :wub:



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Ah, man. That was nice. As soon as I got turned on to Little Feat, Lowell George died. We definitely missed out with his life being cut short. I saw James Taylor in 1981? At the University of Delaware field house. Sat in the front row, center. Billy Paine was the keyboardist that night.  

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Cold rain


Hc sunshine

Sing ur blues away

Bt wind

Be women

U aint woman enuff

Bird song


Let it grow





Wrld 2 give



Close encounters 







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Damn, a few minutes too late to have to type it all up! Thanks, bro! 

Holy shit this was my second show this year. Wtf? Shame on me.

but..... I got my 3rd world to give from these guys and that makes me the happiest unicorn ever. And seeing my sweet evangaline up front again after so many years of missing each other just made me swoon.... wish I had known she was there during Stella so we coulda cried together.

soooo good to see you all, more blah blah blah I love this shit later, just had to drop through on my way to little sleep and say..... fuck.....

what a fuckin epic show! Kiss kiss!


thank you! 

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Beautiful show thank you DSO. Scarlet fire was transcendent. Lisa riffing subtly, almost inaudibly under the jam in Scarlet and the fire jam was straight up special. 2 Minute peak lifted the roof.

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Tremendous Tour Opener.  Wow. 

Wolfie had everyone pledged to deliver their A game but it is a tour opener at the same time.

It took the improvisational lack of boundaries in Bird Song to flip the switch but then KABOOM....

Full WRS start of supercharged interspersing jams between Ron & Jeff that continued the rest of the night.

Fire on the Mountain was incredibly spirited followed by a thundering Samson.

Wolfie in Jeff's hands delivered searing notes on If I had the world to give, I thought I was in the Cleveland Music Hall in Fall 1978.


Surprised by the St. Stephen quicky into drums but understood something special would result and we were treated to a smoking Not Fade Away wrap each with exciting Mattson-Eaton interplays but for me....the HIGHLIGHT.... Stella Blue. Jeff declared clearly to his new friend Wolf " that I have  "Dust off those rusty strings just one more time"    Lucy even calmed down for Stella...wow


Wolf shined all night in Jeff's ever capable hands.  113 GD shows East Coast taper & archivist here.... My first dance with Wolfie ….WOW     Trying to catch my breath...not quite...   here comes.... not sunshine.... but an Angel.... Mr. Dino English    As if this show was not burned into my soul forever, here is my bow on top.  Dino gives me a drum stick.  Let me tell you....  Splinters everywhere,  mad work by Dino all night especially Samson 


Incredible gratitude & a Big thank you gift basket of hemp pain balm coming to Northampton for the "Never miss a Sunday show"   



Edited by Tiger in a Trance
Brain short circuited by Wolfie after show. saw Dino in visual but wrote Rob K.
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9 hours ago, Tiger in a Trance said:

....the HIGHLIGHT.... Stella Blue. Jeff declared clearly to his new friend Wolf " that I have  "Dust off those rusty strings just one more time"

We all know that Dead lyrics constantly seem to morph into new meanings based on current circumstances, but that observation is just simply bad ass.  I love it.

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I agree that after a series of solid first set stalwarts, the first set really came alive during Bird Song, fooled by a high energy WRS. Second set was killer. Great theater. Huge, expansive dance floor, high ceilings with a shallow  balcony that encircled the back of the auditorium up to either side of the stage. Lots of room to dance, with a very high energy group of dancers with lots of room for us to cut loose. Really lovely time, and Jeff playing Jerry's guitar was the icing on the cake. "Dust of those rusty strings just one more time," and he kinda lifted the guitar and angled it towards him, lots of appreciation from the audience for that sentiment. Me and friend Tim both taped the show, both got good recordings, one of us will have it up on relisten first, we will see who. 

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Amazingly lovely venue.... inside. Huge and spacious and decent sound except when dancing behind the speakers in the front by the side. Over there I couldn’t understand a word they were saying in banter, but at soundboard it was clear and perfect. But.... the security were searching people for lighters, vapes and cigarettes..... and had no smoking area...... and that was really really annoying!

we made it after lotsa traffic in the cold rain (had my first New England snow in Maine a few weeks ago.... cool! Lol) and made it in for that second song. Instantly ran into people I love and we were in for a great night! 

The biodtl was a ridiculous explosion of welcome home energy and I wrote “happy home” on my setlist bc it seemed more right at the time.

Omg here comes sunshine to sing my blues away?!? Perfection in trancendent moments! I figured they were trying to just wrap all my favorite sounds into one night, so I didn’t mind that my girlfriend was so taken by the music and whatever else she had taken that she couldn’t much stay on her feet from about here on..... but I was there to pick her up and the crowd was super sweet about her falling into everyone in her blissful glee (and me coming to rescue the situation each time lol).... what a night!

the btw ground my heart soft and the bew melted it away. Divine alchemy.

woman enough had me jumping in giggles (yay Lisa!) and the birdsong made my melted heart regrow with wings and soar away!

i murmured to friends about wrs and the wolf and history as the song began, laughing that it’s me passing the legend on now (thank y’all for giving it to me, one show at a time! Hehe) and thank you for having this at my most recent show.... as it stole my soul the first time I heard y’all play it at my first show.

knew it would be setbreak, that knowing built on years of judging the setlist wave to know when I can breathe again, and it’s sucked to not get to go smoke. But whatever. Jesse forgot his boot and pretended he could walk all night..... good for him! 

second set was one of those perfect ones that DSO manages to pull of with surprising regularity but still ranks as best ever, every time. My third world to give from them (we beat the odds, this lifetime!) after a ridiculously on point and wonderful scarlet fire Sampson..... holy Jerry! My girl lost her keys during scarlet and a girl handed em back just bf I shook her friends hand for the strangers stopping strangers bit and that was adorable!

got asked if I was okay during Stella. Just crying to Stella.... as usual..... but damn..... best Stella ever it broke me right the fuck open! I get two shows this year, and Stella......... quite appropriate. This cool guy in overalls gave us beer and water most of the night and danced with us. Werewolves was terribly fun and that Stephen NFA stacker was just that kind of perfect spin on a night that I love good ol’ DSO for. 

Kiss kiss

thank you

i miss y’all more than words can tell


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