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I get bored with TV and shows,, but don't always have the energy to focus my eyes on reading, etc. Sports are a safe bet for some diversion, especially in the last 5 min of a game (haha). So I look to find new things to watch and thought it might be great to hear about  any movies or shows you've watched recently that brought you an expanded feeling of existence- however that may look- joy- imbued sense of a greater world, etc, laughter whatever.  I tend to like historical fiction. Artsy grabs me too. 


I loved "Maniac" with Emma Stone and Jonas Hill. It is about two people who meet in a drug trial and their experience leading up to the trial and what unfolds at the trial. The A-B-C pills are meant to help you expand consciousness to overcome inner demons and hangups and trauma. It is fantastic. The scene where Jonas' character yells "put it in sports mode" as they make their get away in a late 80s/ early 90s or so volvo station wagon cracks me up!! Best dark comedy scene in fur shop since "Fargo" when the character is trying to stuff  body parts in and through the woodchipper. Totally entertaining from front to back. and finishes well.


We watched the "End of the F***ing World".Two teenagers dissatisfied with life meet up, and their individual twisted mentalities help each other find happiness and get in touch deeper with accepting our human condition. It was a binge watch. The boy reminds me of Harold in " Harold and Maude" in affect. 




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Maniac-awesome. I suggest being able to watch at least the 1st 4 episodes in a sitting as this is really more like an 8 hour movie. 


Black mirror—amazing anthology. Watch it now. Every episode completely different 


electric dreams-Amazon’s Version of black mirror. Solid. 


godless—great western series. Highly recommend 


altered carbon—cool concept. Execution is hit and miss


lost in space—so much potential. Completely falls flat. Too many plot holes and too much nonsense. The sci fi is really geared towards adults but the writing is geared towards kids. 


The Santa Clarita diet—I loved this show more than the reviews. It’s like a relationship self help “zombie” movie. Cleverly written. Top notch dialogue and word play. It’s grsat to watch with your significant other. It’s weird that a zombie show helped our relationship. 


The tick-amazon- it’s a superhero series but they have the same personality flaws that we do. It’s sets up great but the story has so many different creative concepts that trying to resolve all in the finale was too much. I still recommend watching. 


Mindhunter—based on early FBI serial killer profiling. The dialogue with captured serial killers was pulled from the original FBI interviews. Lots of intense stuff. Well written and acted. 


Wet hot American summer: first day of camp.—big comedic cast. Lots of 30-40yr olds playing teens. Paul Rudd plays a high school kid. Set in the 80’s :)


The OA- just watch it. This is one of those it’s 2am and have to be up but have to know what happened shows. Don’t read up b4 u watch it. Just watch. Been waiting forever for S2, but the creator is creating the show as they go so 2 years b/t seasons will be normal for this. Good thing is S2 about to be released so watch it. 



Theres a few that I recommend or don’t. 


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Just saw and highly recommend "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs", a wild six-story cosmic western film  by the Coen brothers on Netflix.  

Hard to describe but I loved Peter Travers in Rolling Stone who called it Blazing Saddles as if directed by Ingmar Bergman. 

Dark hilarious brilliant.

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Here’s a good one I just found. Netflix 1 season mini series 




its like shootem up/hardcore Henry/the terminator combo.....with a unicorn. Cinematography is top notch. Lots of scenes shot different than I’ve ever seen. Over the top, almost comical bloody violence. Lots of blood. Lots of killing. Weird fun. Unique concept for sure. 

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So just finished Happy!  It’s the best Christmas movie ever!!!

But don’t watch with kids...

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