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Greg from Chestertown

He’s gone

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  they were the best of times and the worst of times, at the same time. I went to a surprise birthday party for a sixteen year old boy yesterday, the mother of my children’s sister’s son. It also happened to be the home where their brother was losing his battle with cancer. I was filled with conflicting emotions while making the drive. The excitement and happiness for the young man, just getting his drivers license, his whole life in front of him. I was also going to be saying my goodbyes to, while not a close friend, someone with who I shared a lot of my life with. I was nervous about seeing him because his health had deteriorated greatly since I last saw him on the Fourth of July. Coincidentally, my car stereo was pumping out an emotional rendition of Black Peter as I got near my destination. As I arrived at the house, preparing to surprise the birthday boy in a little while, I learned that Charles had passed away  about an hour earlier. 

   At 57 years of age, and much more so in recent years, I look at life differently than I did when I was younger. I am well aware of just how fragile and precious this life is. You start to realize later in life that there are ‘secrets’ to success in this life. You feel an urgency to convey that wisdom to those that came after you. You feel the energy that kindness and compassion releases. You learn to abhor the darkness that negativity brings. You wish that every fellow human being finds their way in this life. You wish the best for all. 

    I started this thread as a place for others to express themselves on the subject. Please keep it positive. That’s all, thanks for letting me share.  

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