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Will the Boulder and Red Rocks shows be opening taping?

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The reason I ask the question is because of the opening band Hot Tuna.  I just recently saw them, and I know that they are not opening taping at all.  So how will we work this out and what is the procedure once at the shows?  I would like to record the shows, but if there is a hassle in doing so, I would like to know in advance.  This way I will know how to proceed forward if there is any chance of doing so.  Please let me know.

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I vividly recall being turned away at the gates at Laguna Seca in '88 because David Lindley, one of the opening acts, forbid taping.  And I'm thinking, "who does this jackass think he is stopping folks from recording a Dead show?"


I hadn't graduated to the clandestine tape at all costs mode of operation yet, so I simply walked back to the car and put my gear away. Then I realized during the Dead show folks were openly taping with impunity, although there was of course no official taping section.


I'm surprised Hot Tuna is down on taping.  It's not like there aren't hundreds of Tuna recordings out there to be had.

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