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Rolling stones

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What does ego mean to you? To me it means a sense of separate self from the whole. I do experience life in this way sometimes. I believe on a deeper level that we are interconnected by consciousness. Does that mean i should never challenge youu? Or have you already retreated to the hills. You've challenged me a great deal over the years. I prefer that my friends do challenge me. If what you want is to be unchallenged then you shall have it, but i hope you are prepared to do the same.

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On 12/13/2018 at 11:19 AM, Rude said:

Corruption of the Stones thread!! Jk 😜


people may argue the Beatles were the most important band ever but the stones are the most accomplished. They are at like 55+yrs of touring with early songs that sound modern plus so many styles of songs throughout their career. Paint it black was 66 and still resonates. Of course they don’t tour every year. They are like 77,75 and 73 I think? 

I can't compare either cause i enjoy them both, i wonder of the two who was more influential? I've read t'was the Beatles that made the boys want to go electric

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