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Jam in the Sand 2019 full?

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Hey out there. First time poster here....

I realize that it's late in the game (and Christmas weekend), but does anyone know if there are any packages to JITS 2019 available at all?

We had been eyeing the link and it appeared that there were some Pool View room packages left, but as I went to book, it stated that there was nothing left.

I suppose I can just take it at face value, but maybe there is a wait list kind of a thing, or another avenue.

I called the Island Gigs # and of course they are closed (Sunday before Xmas...).

Any insider info would be kindly appreciated!



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Hey. I would work my ass off to get in touch with island gigs. There may be a wait list or cancellations. I had a friend encountered similar problem. Got on a wait list or got a call back saying something opened up now he is in. You are real late to the game but if you got the funds to book it. There may still be a chance. 

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Whew. Yeah, cost is where we are gritting our teeth. Intended to be a splurge kinda thing.

Thanks, I'm gonna be calling them again right after Christmas...


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There are many times where people post on here or Facebook trying to sell their rooms. That’s not ideal with the last minute cost of airfare but if there’s nothing now there’s always a shot. 


Good luck!!!!

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