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Greg from Chestertown

You might be a Deadhead if.....

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I’m going to take the hippy thing one step furthur. You might be a deadhead if....

   when you take your clothes out of the dryer, the first piece you fold is your tyedye T-shirt.

    When, in conversation, someone mentions a city, your response is, the Dead played there.

    When, in conversation, your responses are lyrics to Grateful Dead songs. 




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You know that entering just a date in Google will give you a link to that show on archive as the first result. No need for "grateful dead" in your search.

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2 hours ago, Greg from Chestertown said:

...Or when you name your pet after a band member or character in a Grateful Dead song. I used to have a couple of Piranhas. I named one ‘me’ and the other one, ‘my uncle’. 

My last 2 dogs, Stella and Lucy (may they rest in peace), and my current one Samson.

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My wife and I have had an Aiko, Samson & Delilah (Brother and Sister of course), China, and Cassidy.  


We are also Fisheads ( The Radiators not Phish). Lucinda and Rosie

Growing up we had a black cat named Hashish.  She died when I was around 8.  I had no clue what her name meant until me teenage years.  The wiser we become the older we get.

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19 hours ago, gr8fulpair said:

my current one Samson.

That Dog is one cool customer - he's gotta 'thing' for licking your face ❤️

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4 hours ago, Greg from Chestertown said:

Like today, you can’t seem to get out the door in the morning because you refuse to turn off the show you’re listening to in the middle of a super hot jam. 

"Why does dad sometimes just sit in the driveway after he gets home from work?"

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On 2/20/2020 at 5:08 PM, gr8fulpair said:

My last 2 dogs, Stella and Lucy (may they rest in peace), and my current one Samson.


You think friends who DON'T name their pets dead names are weird.

You know the estimated flight cost to every major city in the US as well as many of the arrival times by heart.

When tour dates are released you get 12 texts from friends and your reply is already booked it.

You think people who cant take off work whenever they want have shit jobs.


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    • That Lucky ‘ol Sun
      By: gr8fulpair · 06/23/2019
      A song that for me totally embodies the relationship between two incredible talents that speak to one another thru their instruments. They both really shine in this one. Heard Jeff do it last year, I think Atlanta, and he fucking killed it.  Makes me emotional to hear Jerry sing it during this era. He was awesome.
    • Deal 9/5/89
      By: Ammagamalin Crew · 05/01/2019
      I did both those jgb merriweather shows, alpine and poplar creek. Horn hat AKG 460's > dbx224(battery converted) >d5. The dixie at merriweather, the lonesome at Alpine and the let's spend at poplar were choice. Heading to Louisville this weekend for Uli jon roth , closest thing to hendrix I've ever seen. My first deal was when jg opened for fz August 1984 in Chicago. the studio version is a good listen.
    • Deal 9/5/89
      By: LangeradoSoul · 05/01/2019
      I love this song. I love the record version, and I love how it changed over the years. There were more than a few hot ones in 1983-1984, then while always good, it seems that 1989 brought out extra hot ones again. I love this one with JGB, its a toss up between this one and the Alpine Valley shows from the summer which I like best from that year.
    • Clementine - Live, 1968-02-02
      By: izaacb · 02/24/2019
      Has DSO ever played this song? I would love to hear it live
    • The Motorcycle Song -- Arlo Guthrie
      By: goganious · 02/09/2019
      I once bought a kitten and he just kept meowing and meowing. He talked quite a bit. Then I started stringing up my guitar that evening, and he came over and started pawing at the frets, meowing meowing meowing. I looked at this overly talkative creature who was now trying to play his dad's guitar, and the name was obvious at once: Arlo.  12 years later, he still talks a lot. Love Arlo Guthrie. Such a unique and funny personality. Have seen him a few times. He always puts on a great show.
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