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Favorite Pigpen Lines

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Anyone got any good lines they like from Pigpen's raps? The funnier, dirtier, etc, the better. Any whole raps etc, would also be good, song and date appreciated!


I'll mention the famous Brooklyn Bridge rap, from Good Lovin on 4/17/71, where our hero goes off in search of some cheap company, which he eventually finds. My favorite part is the creative aftermath:


"Cost me a buck and a quarter

For my pony ride,

Twenty more dollars when the doctor was by my side.

He's got that needle, 

Sayin', brother, you in trouble"

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She’s got box-back nitties, Great big noble thighs, Working undercover with her boar hog eye

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‘You know, you’re just seventeen years of age’ . He’d get locked up for that one these days. 
 I like when he talks about standing there with your hands in your pockets. You can’t get no good lovin’ if you’re just standing there with your hands in your pockets. 
 Rob Does a great job of bringing him back to life. 

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11 hours ago, Tea said:

She’s got box-back nitties, Great big noble thighs, Working undercover with her boar hog eye

That one is tough to top.


And anytime Pig is telling some poor dude to take his hands out of his pockets, you're generally in for a good ride.

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A transcription from 4/27/71 


“I wanna ask everybody now – all you fellas standin’ around, whatcha doin’ with your hands right now? You have them in your pockets? Does anybody have their hands in their pockets? Alright, everybody raise your hands so I can see there ain’t nobody got their hands in their pockets! If I find somebody who do, you in trouble, because I know you’re playing pocket pool. I tell you what now, you keep your hands out of your pockets, fellas, and I’ll tell you what you do with ‘em. You might find some little lady standin’ next to ya – all you got to reach over and say, ‘what’s your name?’ That’s all you got to do. If you want a little company this evening, don’t stand around going like this… Ask some young lady, does she want to do it for you! Hey, does anybody around right down here got a little young lady on their mind that’s right around ‘em? Anybody standing down here got a young girl they’d like to take home this evening? C’mon, raise your hand, must be somebody. All right – how would you like to go home with that chick? [audience cheers] Right, all you got to do is walk over and say, ‘hello, lady!’ Go on, go on! Just walk over, say ‘what’s your name?’ You pick out anyone you want. Tell her Pigpen said it was OK. Go get one – c’mon, you got to catch one. You got one? Alright, what’s your name? Chris and Marsha have just made it! [cheers] Now see, everybody ought to do that, man. All you fellas just walk over to some girl that you would like to get in bed with and say, ‘hello.’ And tell her Pigpen said it was OK. And if her mother wants to complain, tell her to write to her congressman! Ain’t none of my business; I’m just makin’ suggestions. [to band] I suggest you play your guitar.” And the band jams triumphantly… - Grateful Dead guide: Pigpen solo

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"I got a full tank of gas and 4:10 gears in overdrive."


"Aint none of my business. I'm just making suggestions..." lmao


From "Keep Rolling By"...."just keep on going with it, and just stay on top of it for a little while" 



aka Come Back Baby.. hadn't heard this one until today. That is Pigpen on the piano.

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    • That Lucky ‘ol Sun
      By: gr8fulpair · 06/22/2019
      A song that for me totally embodies the relationship between two incredible talents that speak to one another thru their instruments. They both really shine in this one. Heard Jeff do it last year, I think Atlanta, and he fucking killed it.  Makes me emotional to hear Jerry sing it during this era. He was awesome.
    • Deal 9/5/89
      By: Ammagamalin Crew · 05/01/2019
      I did both those jgb merriweather shows, alpine and poplar creek. Horn hat AKG 460's > dbx224(battery converted) >d5. The dixie at merriweather, the lonesome at Alpine and the let's spend at poplar were choice. Heading to Louisville this weekend for Uli jon roth , closest thing to hendrix I've ever seen. My first deal was when jg opened for fz August 1984 in Chicago. the studio version is a good listen.
    • Deal 9/5/89
      By: LangeradoSoul · 05/01/2019
      I love this song. I love the record version, and I love how it changed over the years. There were more than a few hot ones in 1983-1984, then while always good, it seems that 1989 brought out extra hot ones again. I love this one with JGB, its a toss up between this one and the Alpine Valley shows from the summer which I like best from that year.
    • Clementine - Live, 1968-02-02
      By: izaacb · 02/23/2019
      Has DSO ever played this song? I would love to hear it live
    • The Motorcycle Song -- Arlo Guthrie
      By: goganious · 02/09/2019
      I once bought a kitten and he just kept meowing and meowing. He talked quite a bit. Then I started stringing up my guitar that evening, and he came over and started pawing at the frets, meowing meowing meowing. I looked at this overly talkative creature who was now trying to play his dad's guitar, and the name was obvious at once: Arlo.  12 years later, he still talks a lot. Love Arlo Guthrie. Such a unique and funny personality. Have seen him a few times. He always puts on a great show.
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