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Michael Doc Watson

Who do you miss?

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In these days of isolation I miss seeing friends.  There are good friends that we see every week and there are those we only get to see occasionally at shows. I suppose it will be several months until we can get together again and dance to the music coming from our favorite band.


Tonight I’m suddenly missing seeing, Vic.  I guess I thought of him because there’s a movie on TV about a fireman in New York City.  I remember Vic most from that late night with everyone out by the creek at Bear Mountain a few years ago. It was the first time Vic was down South and people were telling him about how things are around here and Vic was smiling and laughing and having fun. I hope Vic and everyone else is doing well.

Peace and Love,


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12 minutes ago, acududeman said:

I miss March Madness

that’s one of the 1000 options I could have pursued. If it would stop raining for a day I’d go backwoods camping as all parks are closed. Curious when I’ll contract covid19. This social distancing is only to slow it so hospitals don’t fill all at once but we are all likely gonna get it.  Would like to get it over with.....

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Who do I miss?  All the amazing pets we've had through time.  

What do I miss?  The Phil zone physical area usually all the wayback onphils side , but where you can still hear the music well. Everyone's doing their best not to fall from Grace or loose their step.  So fukingrovin... Miss the non phsycal Phil zone too.  

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I miss calm, peace, and innocence. This constant fear of impending doom is getting old. Due to circumstances that I’m gonna say are beyond my control, I have spent the majority of my adult life striving and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. It’s getting old, a little late in the game. This Coronavirus thing isn’t changing much for me, it’s just another thing, but there is a greater sense of urgency. I long for the oasis that a Dark Star Orchestra show is that gives me a break from that feeling. 

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I miss simpler times - everything seems so weighty nowadays.  I've tried to turn off the news but it seems to find me one way or another.  


Love to you all, and also to everyone you love.  

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On 3/23/2020 at 8:09 AM, 2muchfun said:

I miss the anticipation of planned shows I.e. jubilee where I’d see you.

Been replaced by......?

this is the big thing for me. I can survive on anticipation. So many plans then failed plans lately has left me in the dumps. I need a future to look forward to. I need live music. I need to be able to hop a flight, take a road trip.  Trying to figure 1 thing to do besides Netflix or amazon or hbo is an impossible task. And it just keeps freaking raining. Yesterday was the 1st day we got to go exercise in a week. Yesterday we just got our 1st case in my town so our curve is just starting which means another 4+ weeks of lockdown. Ugh. On a weird note a hospital client called me to try to procure them n95 masks from China and sanitizer and medical gowns. I’m not a medical supplier either. That’s how weird this is. On that note I did find the supplies they needed at a gouged price of near triple normal pricing. A Canadian company sourcing out of China isn’t bound by gouging laws here though. Was told the hospital would take the commercial masks not medically approved as they are that desperate. Nutty shit. Evidently other hospitals are having to use the commercial kn95 masks as there’s no option. And btw if you order “n95” masks on amazon they are really kn95 masks. Read the fine print. 

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7 hours ago, Rude said:

.... And btw if you order “n95” masks on amazon they are really kn95 masks. Read the fine print. 

According to a rather technical buletin from 3M who manufactures N95 masks these are essentially equalivalent, just different country's regulations. 


 Here is a quote from the 3M bullitin...

"Based on this comparison, it is reasonable to consider China KN95, AS/NZ P2, Korea 1st Class, and Japan DS FFRs as “equivalent” to US NIOSH N95 and European FFP2 respirators, for filtering non-oil-based particles such as those resulting from wildfires, PM 2.5 air pollution, volcanic eruptions, or bioaerosols (e.g. viruses)."   3M Technical Bulletin January, 2020 Revision 2   https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/1791500O/comparison-ffp2-kn95-n95-filtering-facepiece-respirator-classes-tb.pdf

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    • That Lucky ‘ol Sun
      By: gr8fulpair · 06/23/2019
      A song that for me totally embodies the relationship between two incredible talents that speak to one another thru their instruments. They both really shine in this one. Heard Jeff do it last year, I think Atlanta, and he fucking killed it.  Makes me emotional to hear Jerry sing it during this era. He was awesome.
    • Deal 9/5/89
      By: Ammagamalin Crew · 05/01/2019
      I did both those jgb merriweather shows, alpine and poplar creek. Horn hat AKG 460's > dbx224(battery converted) >d5. The dixie at merriweather, the lonesome at Alpine and the let's spend at poplar were choice. Heading to Louisville this weekend for Uli jon roth , closest thing to hendrix I've ever seen. My first deal was when jg opened for fz August 1984 in Chicago. the studio version is a good listen.
    • Deal 9/5/89
      By: LangeradoSoul · 05/01/2019
      I love this song. I love the record version, and I love how it changed over the years. There were more than a few hot ones in 1983-1984, then while always good, it seems that 1989 brought out extra hot ones again. I love this one with JGB, its a toss up between this one and the Alpine Valley shows from the summer which I like best from that year.
    • Clementine - Live, 1968-02-02
      By: izaacb · 02/24/2019
      Has DSO ever played this song? I would love to hear it live
    • The Motorcycle Song -- Arlo Guthrie
      By: goganious · 02/09/2019
      I once bought a kitten and he just kept meowing and meowing. He talked quite a bit. Then I started stringing up my guitar that evening, and he came over and started pawing at the frets, meowing meowing meowing. I looked at this overly talkative creature who was now trying to play his dad's guitar, and the name was obvious at once: Arlo.  12 years later, he still talks a lot. Love Arlo Guthrie. Such a unique and funny personality. Have seen him a few times. He always puts on a great show.
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