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Dr. Barry

Original Setlists vs. Recreated Setlists

Original vs. Recreated Setlist Poll  

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    • Original (Elective if you are Herdy) setlist
    • Recreated setlist

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Being the setlist junkie that I am, this ideas is right in my wheelhouse! Lets see...

Shakedown >


Jack Straw >


BT Wind


Lazy Lightnn >

The Eleven >


Bird Song

Music >

Mountains of the Moon >

Playin >

Scarlett >

Crazy Fingers >

Playin >

Drums >

Visions >

Other One >

Low Spark >

Sugar Mags >

La Bamba >


E: Gloria > Gomorrah

Originals trip my trigger. The cherry on the sundae would be in the transitions and DSO would smoke 'em :)

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My position on this issue has morphed going from strongly favoring recreations to being agnostic. Actually it is a bit more complicated than that. Here is my general order of how I hope to see the stage set when I first enter into the venue:


1) Recreation during Donna years (Cause my first Dead show was 77 and Lisa recreates Donna)

2) Original Set List (Cause DSO is so damned good and there is a 99.9% Lisa will be on stage most of the show)

3) Recreation during pigpen years

4) Other recreations


Ok I'm not agnostic...If I am going to see a DSO show I'd rather have Lisa be more than a "filler".

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I prefer a recreated show my self

  but I wont knock a good original show as much as any one else

  but I like the fact that I just seen something that the DEAD did and was brought back to life !

    :dsorocks: :dsorocks: :dsorocks::headbang:

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