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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All- I am in search of any Jam In The Sand 2019 packages (for 2) that might be available. I spoke with Island Jams and they confirmed they are sold out so I am casting a lot of lines to see if we can get any bites... They did put us on the waiting list FWIW.... It's what I get for coming late! Thanks in advance, Willie
  2. Hi! First time poster here. The 11/12/16 show in Northampton, MA and it was my first DSO show, though it will definitely not be my last (XD) and I was wondering if anyone had a good quality soundboard recording. I could pay for whatever is necessary, not to sure how this usually works.
  3. Sadly I am unable to attend the show this Friday July 29th at Pier 6. I have 6 available tickets: SEC: Section 103 - Gold Circle ROW: G SEAT: 209 SEC: Section 103 - Gold Circle ROW: G SEAT: 210 SEC: Section 103 - Gold Circle ROW: H SEAT: 209 SEC: Section 103 - Gold Circle ROW: H SEAT: 210 SEC: Section 103 - Gold Circle ROW: H SEAT: 211 SEC: Section 103 - Gold Circle ROW: H SEAT: 212 Looking to recover my cost $50/ ticket. Would ideally like to sell them all together, or 4H / 2G. Please contact me if you're interested: cookehomes@gmail.com. Thank you,
  4. Evangeline

    Dark Star Jubilee Wrap-Up

    Well, I fully admit I am a lousy reviewer. It is hard to continuously express hyperbole without using all the same words constantly. But I just wanted to say that this year's Dark Star Jubilee proved to be the perfect festival weekend in every way. The atmosphere at Legend Valley was incredibly mellow, kind, and beautiful. Everyone had a smile on their face. Walking around was a treat and not a challenge. Kids were everywhere and manifested the spirit of the festival in their joy. The beautiful Amazing Giants added sparkle and delight to the festivities. The bands were just fantastic. Without describing them all (remember, I am a crummy reviewer with a bad members taboot) let me just say that I had a complete blast and was there for almost every set played! What a great pleasure. Highlights for me included the JGB set with DSO backing up the legendary Melvin Seals, DSO night 2 where Jack and Jorma joined DSO for White Rabbit to begin their set, DSO night 3 where they played the Creamery Benefit show, Electric Hot Tuna, which completely blew my mind!!!, Steve Kimock and Friends set with his uber talented band, Matt Reynold's set on Saturday, and Jeff Mattson's original set on Sunday. Much, much more. Rug Dancers, late night jams, beautiful lights on trees, stars in the sky, one drone observing the stage at very close proximity at times, munching on Disco Pizza into the night. I recently learned the word for intense emotional experience that is so wonderful it brings goosebumps. It is called frisson (wikipedia: Frisson (French for 'shiver') is a sensation somewhat like shivering, usually caused by stimuli. It is typically expressed as an overwhelming emotional response combined with piloerection (goosebumps). Stimuli that produce a response are specific to the individual.) This year's Dark Star Jubilee was replete with many, many moments of frisson. Huge thanks to the wonderful and kind attendees, all the amazing festival family of workers, all the bands and crews, and of course, DSO members, crew, and management. I m a very fortunate person to have been there and I am already counting the days until next year!