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  2. First Time DSJubilee attendee questions?

    I think most of us just pee beside the tent. Walk up the hill aint for no bad knee!!!! Decent dancing though. I recommend a knee brace like T!!!
  3. First Time DSJubilee attendee questions?

    A marked up map was posted a few days ago in another topic of this foreum. The mark up is well done. With the bad knee she probably will not want to walk up the hill nor up the path to the RV area up there. Sounds like the VIP area is your best bet for her. Answers to most your questions are in the recent (last couple days) comments in the related topics. See you there... Peace and Love, Doc
  4. Hi - my wife and I will plan on attending the DSJ in 2018 for the first time and had some questions...we are bringing a small RV and are trying to decide on GA vs. VIP and the trade-offs/benefits of each. any help is greatly appreciated. Since there is no layout/map on DSO's site and Legend Valley does not have a site...figured some past attendees can offer up advice and help me make a decision. My wife has a bad knee and wants to be close to RV and short waking distance to a real bathroom. Is VIP camping/RV far from stage to make easy trips back/forth? Are VIP bathrooms/showers located near stage or are they only near VIP camp area? What amenities/setup does VIP lounge have? Is GA RV that much different than VIP RV? Are the lines super long to enter venue on Friday that would make VIP worth the extra $$? Can you have campfire in RV area? Assuming no hookups, power for RV, just an area of grass to park? It would be nice if this info was on DSJ site.
  5. Spring Tour

    I’m in for Atlanta through Raleigh. 10 day roadtrip baby!!
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  7. 2018 Jubilee!

    If you are a couple and the extra $250 isn’t an issue, then do VIP. Plus last year it rained so we got in car and put on music and stayed dry. That’s a bonus. Camping next to car is nice and saves you the 1st day exhaustion of packing your gear. That’s my biggest bonus of it. Took us 15 minutes to pack the car to leave from Vip. From GA, it will take you an hour + and exhausting up the hill packing. Plus Vip has a water bottle filling station near stage that is a life saver if you dance like many on this board. At 45yrs old, that setting up day became increasingly taxing so ViP was my savior. I remember the year where Gr8fulpair sat in the middle of the field for 2 hours and got sunburned saving our spot as we packed in gear in 90 degree heat in GA. That was a low energy night for many.
  8. Spring Tour

    Looks like i m on the road from 6th through 19 Wanee.....Well I guess the first two nights in Atlanta might be coming the hour n half back home to sleep☮️🎼❤️ ♍️
  9. 2018 Jubilee!

    I’d do regular camping solo. You will have a blast. You quickly get to know your neighbors. Find a fun looking group and set up camp near them. It’s gonna be Wall to Wall tents anyway. I’d look for people who put a lot of easy ups together. Big groups are easy to make friends with plus u can share their shade during the day . It’s fun just walking through the camps and meeting strangers.
  10. Spring Tour

    Edit to add 4/8 Birmingham. And edit your plans to do that show. Outdoor-1st of year. Great spot. If weather like this year, it will be an epic time.
  11. Spring Tour

    Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington. Have to choose between Asheville and Savannah. Damn - all but 1 of these shows are 6 hrs away or less from me. Wow.
  12. PG Beats me to it - Again
  13. Spring Tour

    3/31 Charlottesville 4/1 Rams Head 4/3 Hamilton, DC 4/4 Rocky Mount VA 4/6 Buckhead Theater ALT 4/7 Buckhead Theater 4/10 The Peel 4/12 Chas Music Hall 4/13 Charlotte 4/14 Ritz in Raleigh 4/15 Greenfield, NC 4/17 Savannah 4/19 Wanee
  14. Red Rocks 2018!!

    Taking over a joint sounds like it would be like a reunion. Jubilee is that but we are all scattered out. Plus I want barraco to come and get down in the audience with us . At 4am in New Orleans at a bar with a solid funk band I look to my left and rob k was grooving right next to me. I bought him a drink and said how strange it seemed grooving along side him instead of facing him. I’d like to think I helped get him in the party spirit b/c he was like are we gonna stay up all night b4 the flight to the mrs then a what the hell and the drink Note I had already laid down 4 hours at Dso so I wasn’t at the protect your children from the crazy man dance stage that tends to scare all but the battle hardened. Now I’m on a jazz fest kick. Wishing I didn’t cancel my 3 bedroom AirBnB 200 feet from blue nile a month ago. Booked it while at jazz fest a year in advance and was best location possible. Ramble ramble ramble
  15. 2018 Jubilee!

    VIP potty trucks are in the VIP area (up the hill).....the only VIP perk near the stage is the designated viewing area near the sound board (with covered shelter from the sun if you choose).....a nice perk!
  16. Red Rocks 2018!!

    The next world to conquer. Will probably be a quick sneak attack. But Sat.nite party sounds like a winner. Praise DSO
  17. Diminished Chords

    I will take a stab at it. Music Never Stopped. The theory typed musicians on this board can offer corrections. Copy and pasted from Rukind.com- A Ao7 There's a band out on the highway, (Band out on the highway) Bo/A A They're high steppin' into town (They’re dancin’ into town) A Ao7 It's a rainbow full of sound, (Whoooo) Bo/A A It's fireworks, calliopes and clowns (fireworks, calliopes and clowns) A6 Bm7-5 A/C# D#o7 Dm/F A/C# D7 E Everybody dancin' A6 Bm7-5 A/C# D#o7 C'mon children, C'mon children, Come on clap your hands.
  18. 2018 Jubilee!

    Just bought my tickets. There will be praise gatherings a plenty. Let the countdown begin. Praise DSO
  19. Red Rocks 2018!!

    Party in Denver? Party in Denver! I have never felt so excited about visiting a new place. I've spent good time in Northern India (multiple trips), and on one occasion the foothills of the Himalayas. Visited a good number of places in Europe on multiple trips. At 12, I sat in the back seat while me and my parents drove from San Fran to Yosemite to Tijuana to Las Vegas. Five times to Austin. But Colorado? Never been. Right now the Southwest flights are on June 29th and return July 10th (annual trip to Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island is cancelled). I will need to extend the CO stay for the DeadCo shows. We are staying on Baseline Rd in Boulder the entire stay. Amy and I are looking at pretending to be residents of Boulder, but the truth is we will be tourists. Looking online at the Boulder food co-ops and yoga classes. There seems to be so much to do in and around Boulder - Coors and Celestial Seasons tours - ha! - I told you we were tourists. Endless hiking, hot springs, trips into the Rockies, old gold mining towns..... way too excited for my own good this far in advance { breath into a paper bag level of excitement }. Amy and I would love to attend any get togethers. Frank
  20. TIGDH

    the 2nd nite of the legendary 1990 McNichols run was no slouch despite the bomb from the nite before: http://relisten.net/grateful-dead/1990/12/13-3/tuning Good Jack Straw to kick it off and a beautiful Ramble On (check out the soaring MIDI). Great H>S>F a turbo Eyes, Other One > Dew with a rare Box closer. Of all these gems - check out the Saint of Circumstance. We still miss The Sailor but this thing absolutely cooks. Give it a spin ⚡️
  21. TIGDH

    I had a session with the Schoeps 12-12-90 tonight. Dark Star>Terrapin, lights out concert level. Complete immersion. Really intense stuff. When Jerry drops into Dark Star from Iko it's game on.
  22. Red Rocks 2018!!

    Thoughts We need to all get together on Saturday night at a dead show at some club in Denver. How fun would that be. 100 tour friends all at a small bar dancing to dead the night before redrocks. It would be a good warmup too. I need a day to shake the cobwebs out. Maybe we need a private party. Book a dead band for the night! Someone take care of that. K thx. I’ll tell hyryder this weekend and get them to come back to Denver to do Friday Saturday. Mc talk to Jay and get him to lock in July 6 and 7th for a dead band. You guys work out the finance part. I’m just the idea guy in this instance.
  23. 12/2/17 - The Anthem, DC

  24. 12/2/17 - The Anthem, DC

  25. Rainy Day Women The Anthem DC 2017-12-02 Rainy Day Women The Anthem DC 2017-12-02
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