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  3. Hey - if the worst it got for you was Richfield - 3/93 then it was a good run. The worst part of that run was driving through the vestiges of a Spring Snowstorm only to find out they cancelled the show once we got there. THAT sucked more than the 2nd nite ever did. I'm glad they smoked tonight - that seems to happen more often than not these days. We are really, really lucky... It's been rare but I've seen a few DSO shows that didn't click with me. This is not to say that they can do no wrong but part of what made my experience less than stellar was ME. Didn't like that song combo, wanted to hear something special, distracted by this or that, too much too fast...Whatever the reason, it was often just as much me as it was them. D + C is what it is - I'm glad people like them and have a good time. Mayer is good and the rest keep trying to make music they love ( and make some cash). I haven't seen a Shakedown lot scene since Furthur - that's prolly pretty cool too. Heres to both bands continuing to do what they do - See everyone in Blk Mtn !
  4. Acoustic Elective Set One; On The Road Again ; Dire Wolf ; Big Iron ; I've Been All Around This World ; You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man) ; Operator ; Pride Of Cucamonga ; The Frozen Logger; Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie ; The Race Is On ; Rosa Lee McFall ; Next Time You See Me ; Oh Boy Set Two: Iko Iko ; Black Throated Wind ; Deep Elem Blues ; Big Boy Pete ; Russian Lullaby ; Green Green Grass Of Home ; Jack-A-Roe ; It Makes No Difference ; Okie From Muskogee ; Ripple Encore: Folsom Prison Blues
  5. Wait, am I only allowed one band? And I wasn't in Boulder, RD, but "confused" is hyperbole. Anyway, I don't want this to give the wrong impression, because I completely agree and have said in several places here that DSO>everyone else currently playing GD music, and it's not close, but this seems sorta like piling on a bit. Different styles - especially for the Jerome part - and about a 30 year head start will do that. And while I'm at it and not directed to you personally, RD, but the next review that I read here that is critical of a DSO show will be the first. It would bring a bit of validity to the truly extraordinary sets if we could report on the blemishes, too. I sincerely appreciate those who post reviews here, as I don't get to a lot of shows. Please give the good, bad, and ugly. I can handle it. I was at Richfield in March of 1993.
  6. Show is packed with goodness.
  7. Help Slip Frank Mana tried Big river candyman Tom Thumb And it stoned me Passenger Might as well Sugar mag Foolish heart Lost sailor Saint Terrapin D/s Marbles Dear me fantasy I need a miracle Dew Sunshine daydream Quinn I may have 1-2 out of order. Epic original. Transitions were so tight and you can tell they worked on this show. It was perfect and proper speed. Many going to Cleveland Wednesday were shown a proper, insane show, tonight. I had the feeling that they were pulling out all the original chops tonight to show everyone the best game in town. This is the real deal dead. DSO showed tonight why they are the premier dead band in the country. They make song transitions seem so so easy. Whole band on the same page knowing each other forwards and backwards. This is the elite product. So many unique parts of the show tonight. A very slow, unique and it stoned me with transitions I haven't heard before but everyone in the band was there. Saw a fun 2, but 2 nights of confused guys in Boulder. Dso wasn't confused. This is my dead product. I'll see others but tonight reaffirmed exactly why this is my band. I guys smoked it tonight. See everyone in Indy.
  8. Another stellar night in Springfield. Great weather, great great venue. Elective HSF Mama tried> Big river Candyman Tom Thumb BIODTL Stoned me Passenger Might as Well 2 Sugar Magnolia Foolish heart Sailor> Saint Terrapin> Gypsy Queen> Drumz> Marbles Miracle Mr. Fantasy Dew Encore SSDD Mighty Quinn
  9. Nice Rob!
  10. it's hard for me to comment on this tragedy. I never knew Matt. I have seen him plenty. always moving however, with purpose so it seemed. I understand the depths of inner struggle. I wish I reached out randomly and just gave a hug and a hello. pain is not always apparent, it can easily be hidden. the value of a person can not. I hope Matt's passing encourages others to reach out, even if awkard, as we all need others to lean on sometimes, to help carry our burdens when we can not carry all the weight ourselves. God bless you Matt, your family, DSO's family.
  11. I suppose people write songs from their view of life, I doubt that Hunter/Garcia & Weir/Barlow saw life from from the same perspective as a pampered little rich girl. As a whole the music scene is not diverse in any form. Not racially or socially! Go see Beyonce, or Taylor Swift and see how diverse those crowds are. I haven't been to a DSO show in awhile and never on the east. coast, so maybe things are different now, But the dead had a very socially diverse following - Ann Coulter to Al Franken, Bill Walton to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. People in Rags (that you wonder how in the hell they got from one show to the next) to People in Evening Gowns and Tuxedos. Doctors, Lawyers, Cops maybe even an Indian Chief. Both my Doctor and Dentist in Reno were Deadheads My copay for my Dr was a GD CD. Ann Coulter once stated "when you go to a Dead show you leave your politics at the door".
  12. thanks for sharing a part of the service and tribute. the words indeed have powerful meaning. I am sorry for the loss of his family, and DSO.
  13. but....I can't believe you threw out show count. paaalease......not all of us can be RD, or a Child dressed like a Ranger Rick, or s T for Texas!! one day you will get your shows again....patience serves those best who understands now will not be tommorow!!
  14. your gem with out the ruff for sure buddy. you make the right choice, so I mock, but not disparaging, rather, impressive. we all know where your heart is, and admire your balance, despite opposing forces!! blk mnt I hope to find someone playing chess with the other dsoheads!! I for one prefer to be a knight. I like jumping around!!!
  15. Yesterday
  16. The Plant can go bleep itself.... I know you'll make Indy count DD!
  17. Well had to cancel my trip to see todays show. Plant decided to shut down 4th of July week successfully sucking up all my remaining vacation time. Still hitting Indy tonorrow and will probably have an extra ticket if anyone here wants to save on fees. Face no fees 👍 Enjoy tonights show.
  18. You already know what side I'm on. Have you seen my show-count? i take from my work allotment to feed this thing. I've dialed back from 110 to 99.9%.
  19. I wasn't disrespecting anyone. I was making a joke how people don't realize that any dead type show is not a seated event. When the Iowa city show started there were literally 6 standing. The 4 in our group and 2 other DSO regulars. By the end almost everyone was up letting loose. When I read the quoted part it made me laugh as there's no crowd like a dead crowd and a DSO crowd is definitely a more serious musical crowd than deadco. Not a lot of tourists are at most DSO shows. Definitely the people I meet at DSO shows are a step above crowds you meet at the large shows with massive lot scenes. DSO crowds are much more serious deadheads imo.
  20. and leaders are usually liked. I did not get that feel from the documentary. I know they loved him, but I wonder if the social nature of alcohol made him more apt to lead in public. I can talk your ass off with drinks. be funny, witty, what ever the moment needs, but if I am high, woaaa...I am not trying to talk to a whole room of people starring at me!! no way,I can't talk, it comes out like I write. anyone know any good books that detail more of pigs life and involvement with the band?
  21. you get a negative T for being responsible, rational, but still always involved. you can't be both T. it's either or. you are with us, or you are a productive member of society, who loves his family, and self sacrifices!! which are you T? will take the negative feature. figure we are all mostly positive!!
  22. Just listen for the tolling of the iron bell.
  23. Will arrive right around show time with chair, cooler and kids
  24. I assumed it was a light hearted tease, but time does seem to have some meaning!!!
  25. my nephew is named koa. he was born in Maui. my sister has a sticker on her car. it says ... practice aloha!! bobby is a original, and despite my bobby hating, he is like the big brother I will never be, but because I will never be....I tease.. ... never teased someone I never loved!! Will Rogers Aloha
  26. This clears up everything for me:
  27. Bobby is a Libra, an air sign steeped in the love of beauty and possibilities. I think that is why he rewrites his lyrics like in BTW and recently in Throwing Stones at Jiffy Lube. I believe that is why it is his nature to show up with half written songs so they could become. I should know as I have 5 planets in air signs-, 4 in Libra- luckily I guess I had two Taurus parents and learned to anchor good things, out of the cosmos of my being. There is always more than one pathway to something good. Aloha.
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