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  2. I wasn’t hyped about the set list (which is what happens when I know beforehand), but I should have known a set list means nothing when the band plays. They played awesome and I got lost in the notes, which is what I always want. Great time!
  3. Tea

    Black mountain #1

    Wow / you folks can really dance! I started gassin out and took breaks watching people get down their way. Damn - so beautiful ❤️
  4. Sounds like paradise to me - maybe not the band..
  5. Dead duck

    Black mountain #1

    Cats/White rabbit filler. Usual awesome tunes and fantastic vibes. Love it down here.
  6. Mango

    Black mountain #1

    5 3 79 When you take more, it works more.
  7. So there is no confusion with my post, here’s a photo of what I was talking about when I mentioned the crowd. This was at 7:35. It didn’t get any more “crowded” the whole night. Well, I’m trying to post a photo to show what I’m talking about, but during the upload, the forum keeps telling me I can “only upload 0MB - Contact us” and then upload failed. Like Goop, I’d like to know if there was any upload of the show somewhere because I do specially like to have the second set.
  8. Did anyone see a taper? This was my 6th DSO show and one of my favorites. Would love to hear it again (yes I’ve already listened to the Dead show!)
  9. At the age of 12 in '67 I saw The Dirty Dozen and The Trip within a short period of time. In a way that made for quite a duality of tone. Both had stars that went on to be not just counterculture icons but have shown staying power for more than a half century. As examples of the times they made an impression and reflected, not to mention helping to accelerate, a cultural shift in Hollywood and the broader American culture. It was an interesting time.
  10. Last week
  11. From Hollywood royalty, you helped bring us visions of Hollywood reality. Ride easy...
  12. The Scarlet>Fire, Estimated was spectacular! I thought the show overall was really good, though the venue may have been a bit too large for them - not sound wise, but crowd wise... I’m already looking forward to their next Richmond show (hopefully this fall/winter).
  13. filler- that's what love will make you do set 1 LTGTR- FRANKLINS-MASTERPIECE- JACK-A-ROE-WALKIN BLUES- HIGH TIME-CASSIDY-DONT EASE SET2 SCARLET- FIRE- EST.- EYES-DRUMS-WHEEL-GIMME SOME LOVIN-WHARF RAT-WATCHTOWER (E) U S BLUES, plenty space, pit full, seated 20%. 1st time there for DSO. Cotter had it dialed in,had not been to this venue since 90's with Allman Bros. it is right by RIR and closed for many years after track expansion, also plenty of Henrico Co, finest - but they were pretty chill. overall. great new spot. big stage B-3 out for Rob B.
  14. After advertising this night would contain GD recreation of Woodstock 8/16/69, we got 12/9/88 Long Beach, Ca.solid show, start to finish. Have fun on The Mountain !
  15. I hear those two have now gotten on the bus. Tea inspired them last year to check out what this music and friendship is all about. They contacted me (being the elder statesman for the group) and after I sent them some music they insisted I take them to a D&C show. We had a good time but they complained the music was too slow for their taste. We will see them on the rail tonight at Bear Mountain. Peace and Love, Doc
  16. No, thank you. The Dead kept their prices low because they knew people were going to multiple shows. Can you imagine what that poster would look like by the end of the show? It’d better be in a hard tube. Then again, they’re playing so slow, it’ll probably be okay. I tried to watch a video of Bobby singing Althea. I couldn’t do it. I turned it off. Such a shame. I don’t think he can sing any more. Cringeworthy. IMO. On the other hand, one night of Dark Star Orchestra and I am crippled. I’m worthless the next day. Luggage.
  17. I heard people complaining outside a Boulder show back in 2013 when dso was charging $25, I was like cool down that beats other concert ticket and look how tiny the place is. You're gonna pay $80.00 for Coliseum phish ticket or John prine for that matter. Now emmylou is another whole nother ballpark as she kept $20.00 ticket prices in place up until her mom passed a few years ago. Now all her $$ goes to a dog rescue and she's only doing 4-5 shows a year, so I'll pay $79.00 to get in the first 10 rows. Thread drift but there's some DSO content in here somewhere
  18. Feelin' ya Rick. Peace to you and your mom. Sending Love 💜
  19. I saw my mail order soldier field ticket the other day. 23.50 for lower bowl. That would be $39.56 in today’s money.
  20. Not sure about this otherlove guy. I liked that sunny guy as long as the room wasn’t in my name. Goingbacktowhere didn’t go to many shows and went dark for a long period. Now this new character shows up. But he can’t be any worse than Tea squelching full volume as the cops climbed the stairs though. Stop singing bro. Not til the song is finished. Those 2 lady cops were not fans of us straight white males. If those 2 lady cops swung the other way we could have sweet talked them as opposed to keeping their hands on their pistols dealing with middle age guys who are obviously not violent threats. I think they mistook that singing for the cries of a tortured lemur. Not trying to be sexist but 2 lady cops together means a bullet is getting fired with any physicality. That was very strange. Never saw that before. I’m guessing they wouldn’t get the 4 large males fighting call but got the hotel drunken singing call.
  21. Yeah, for that money I could (and will!) go see 10 DSO shows!
  22. CID vip tix. 1st 5 rows of lower bowl 1 poster 2 drink tickets early entry to buy merch vip commenoratobe laminate $749 per show Get you some... fuck that shit. It’s fuil on scam now. They are probably laughing literally all the way to the bank that anyone’s paying that nonsense to hear slow ass dead. Go see your 1-2 shows a year and pay $400 a show and call in tales of the golden road and say how great they are. It’s a bunch of nonsense and the party is nothing like the real thing. It’s mild as fuck. Crowd energy a 4/10 maybe and that’s becatse you can’t dance to the shit. The dead kept their prices low because they didn’t want to fleece the fans. These guys see how far you will go. $749 for a ticket and a few drinks..oh and a poster. That’s only 1st 5 rows in the bowl. Nonsense. https://www.cidentertainment.com/events/dead-and-company-tour/
  23. Well done stdilbert. Great listen. Praise DSO.
  24. also 11/9 - at historic Hampton Coliseum. Ehh. Praise DSO.
  25. Found a spot at the infamous KOA. See y’all tomorrow
  26. I have the second night of 8/13/19 up on Archive for your streaming and downloading pleasure. https://archive.org/details/dso2019-08-13.dso2019-08-13.Neumannkm184.Cook.flac16
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