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  2. So, I caught Leonid & Friends this afternoon at the Rams Head in Annapolis. It was a great show, and if you are a fan of Terry Kath I highly recommend that you catch this band. Not only are they ace musicians but they are in it for all the right reasons.....lots of great vibes popping off the stage. AA++
  3. Last week
  4. Yeah that was rough. Glad I didn’t take the “easy money” and bet Mahomes MVP got decent odds on Wilson and Watson and took McCaffery as a long shot.
  5. Tea

    2019 NFL Knockout Pool

    Ruh-Roh! Kneecaps aren't meant to be moved to another part of your leg - . Will there be any legit starters left by the end of the season? I mean besides Brady?
  6. Tea


    The Bombers bats have gone quiet. Unless they can somehow get through Verlander and Cole and force a game 7, it looks like The Nationals v Astros for the belt.
  7. You guys are truly revealing your age by calling it a "dab bowl" 😉
  8. That's a great setlist- in my hometown no less. Never hurts to have that Russian Lullaby in there...love in the afternoon...eleanor Rigby
  9. Ardmore music hall, PA Melvin Seals and JGB (JK on guitar) 10/16/2019 Set 1 Lonesome and a Long Way From Home Love in the Afternoon Stop That Train After Midnight Eleanor Rigby Black Muddy River Evangeline Scarlet Begonias Tangled up in Blue Set 2 Merl's Tune Knockin' on Heaven's Door Ain't no Bread in the Breadbox Russian Lullaby Gotta Serve Somebody My Sisters and Brothers Deal **Opening band was MoonAlice with the T-Sisters. Didn't know much about them only that Big Steve from the Dead rolls with them. They were tight. The T-Sisters were worth the price of admission, very easy on the eyes and had great melodies. See for yourself
  10. If smoking marijuana causes short term memory loss, what does marijuana do? - my friend Melanie....
  11. acududeman


    Not sure, but I agree that having a week off is janky......too much time to start thinking!
  12. I'd love to see you try - I ain't got that kinda game.....
  13. Tea


    They high-steppin into the WS - congrats! I'm rootin for 'em but the last thing they need is a week off. Who's the better matchup? The Stankees or the Stros?
  14. acududeman


    Nats are going to the WS!!!!
  15. You don't have to use just a dab, go ahead and fill the whole bowl.
  16. It is the preferred delivery method. Praise DSO.
  17. Dab Bong loads at Gr8fulpair’s place!
  18. Just another plug for the bong. Come on people,... Pass around the bong.
  19. Just read up on it new owner 2012 new lighting new sound new paint new bathrooms guess i’m Ready
  20. Agggh, what a surprise treat!! Hope Phil mends up well. Got tickets for Friday and Saturday, should be very fun 😍😍
  21. Weather Command


    prolly the best dancin ive ever seen live...
  22. literally flailing/dancing on the rail.....grate venue....next night in indy, grate room as well...
  23. Re: Sunshine of Your Love encore. Went to a Lynard Skynard concert right after their 1st (self-named) album came out. After the first encore, they came back and announced, "We've played all of our songs. Now here's a couple from the very best!" and proceeded to play White Room followed by Sunshine....
  24. Great venue. Always a dance party though it can get crowded. Just gotta find the right spot. Slanted dance floor for a bit and then it levels off. Good beer on tap if that's your thing. Great lightshow.
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