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  2. Year 1 the vendors were my neighbors lol. We camped right at the end of vendors row next to the “grateful gangster” group and they fought and argued all weekend. A river flowed through camp and swept everything on the ground away. And simultaneously filled my little cuz’s tent with water because he slept with his open door facing uphill. Good times
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  4. I see my 1st year camping neighbors several times a year at shows. We all survived that weekend with just minimal injuries. It did rot my tent but I submitted a fema claim and they sent 3 contractors to assess the damage. They billed the gov $1200 and just gave me a sewing kit they valued at $500 but Walmart has for $2. Of course that’s not a real story besides the neighbors part. We do see them at Dso shows and saw them at bobby and Phil.
  5. Good point! Always got my camping neighbors and all the friends I've made there over the years.
  6. Lol just saw this post and assumed it was about THE Zion lol. When I put Zion in a search window it pops up Williamson, nba draft, Duke, shoe, dunks.
  7. First round series coming down to the wire. It's a shame the Vegas v San Jose game was so late last night. Must have been a great game
  8. I’d rather 5/26/1973 if I was choosing between the two to see
  9. Let’s get funked up! We saw a 4/11/89 on 4/11 too!
  10. Last week
  11. When I first started catching Dark Star shows, I was always reporting to my buddy John Devine. He told me, if you’re always going to Dark Star shows, you gotta meet Bixby. He goes all the time too. (We’re all from Wilmington) I was at the Grand Opera House In Wilmington, De. Before a show way back when. I’m standing next to the will call window and I here a guy say ‘ yea, ticket for Scott Bixby.’ I introduced myself, that’s where it all began. Whenever I’m at a show, we always seem to find each other, if only for a minute. He has introduced me to all of his friends every time. (I remember nobody’s names. I’m like that.) Bixby is the quintessential Starhead! Keep up the good work!
  12. I’d be down for a good ol’ ‘72. Or anything really. Excitement starting to build
  13. How about 5/26/72 as an “on this day” show for Sunday. They did 4/7/72 earlier this month so maybe it’s on Rob’s mind...
  14. 3 years into DSO and your 500 shows will be tough to catch. do you wish you’d captured more pictures of the people u met along the way? I think I do.
  15. Rude

    SE Spring Tour

    I don’t think I’ve hardly seen a show in the last year you weren’t at. I love how you’ve picked up the pace, not that you ever really slowed down.
  16. thanks chuck!! love you buddy...
  17. Great analysis JohnA, loved the read. One of my favorite songs is Crazy Fingers, although it was always a tough one for Jerry to get through clean lyrically as the years went on. Would love your superior analysis on that one. You've got mad skills. Praise DSO.
  18. It's weird, because when I read through the text as posted and found a few things that I can't believe I missed. And I still hadn't noticed the misplaced Keith reference. Good editors are gold! izaacb - yeah those two Sept '72 passes are pretty damn awesome. I may have sold them a tad short.
  19. If you watched the masters it’s how you make America great again. No phones allowed. We are missing the peace associated with tuning in. Tech is going to lead to the next evolutionary step in the homo sapien and it will be a fast jump as society all stares at a screen hours a day. Babies will eventually be hardwired to be able to stare at screens 16 hours a day. Our eyes and thumbs will evolve. I predict an additional thumb joint to make texting easier.
  20. I go with friends but we all do our thing. Heck me and the gf go different spots now. She knows to find me at the back plus it’s hard to miss me. I’m the beacon. If I stand on my toes I look like a mic stand.
  21. That’s the best site. Use that when we are super bored to find a band within 4 hours lol.
  22. So we all know our fav ( Praise DSO) but in case you are jonesing for some GD , here is a map of the whole country showing what tribute bands are playing the day. http://www.gratefuldeadtributebands.com/
  23. Great write-up! Personally, the 9/26/72 version out of The Other One is one of my top Dead moments of all time, and definitely one of my most listened to!
  24. An empty void without easy access to porn or kittens. It was a hell of normal human interaction.
  25. It is like you are inside my head and reading the open book of my mind! I have wondered for years about this seeming intractable problem. Now that I am merely required to seek the professional, the clouds over me have cleared and the Bluebird of Happiness is warbling Eyes!
  26. Maybe they’ll acoustic set the first for the Sunday show. It sure would be nice to see. The Carmel show is exquisite a listen.
  27. Nice dissertation! PS One typo- in early Pigpen era- you state a Keith version versus Pigpen. Have you read Joyce Carol Oates “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”? It seems to be born out of Dylan’s lyrics, a story fleshed out about the Devil, guised as Arnold Friend, aka “an old fiend”, come to collect. The story just deepens the experience of an already amazing song.
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