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  2. Just a little taste to keep me alive. 🤣
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  4. I Want To Tell You Fallen angels of earth have forgotten the sky We're afraid of our dreams, we're afraid or too blind But blindness holds better than chains Chains are always too tight~
  5. Harvest Moon I feel hung up and I don't know why I don't mind I could wait forever, I've got time Sometimes I wish I knew you well…
  6. each small candle lights a corner of the dark
  7. Rocky mountain shows may be on the horizon...feels like it might be alright ❤️
  8. Last week
  9. I driving crosscountry right now. Nevada...almost California. Stu Allen in Berkeley tonight. DSO tour soon. Yumm.
  10. Watched some of one of their shows together and thought they sounded great!!
  11. Mission Ballroom is a new venue in Denver and holds around 4700 I think. I wonder if they will do a few nights front range run leading up to a mission show? A return to Mishawaka this summer would be amazing too!!
  12. He's too political and anti-semetic so F him. But, enjoy the show! LOL
  13. Also over a hundred shows on relisten.net. I'll check out some of the '84 shows for sure.
  14. We often drive cross country. It’s not always airplanes. And like chuck used to say. It isn’t always easy on this side of the rail. I want Colorado love. June into July mini tour with lots of Colorado would be great.
  15. It often tended to be an April/October offering out west
  16. Single day passes have not been an option in the past, but tickets at the gate get cheaper as each day passes.
  17. Does anyone know if in years past single day tickets have been available? I can't do all three days... could definitely do Saturday, and maybe Sunday. I might buy a weekend pass anyway before prices go up, cause it's a steal... but I have other friends who might just make it for Saturday. Curious what single day options or buy at the gate options have been available in years past and if anyone knows what to expect this year. Thanks!
  18. I feel that DSO tries their best to hit all the spots, a saturation of the country, but I did notice in the beginning the epicenter of shows seemed to be in the mid Atlantic area. I was always pleased to see shows nearby. Show 1,000 at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia. Philly and Baltimore seemed to be home for New Years, reminiscent of San Fran for the Grateful Dead. Come on, they hit Delaware twice a year. Most people don’t even know that it’s a state. I’m grateful, feel spoiled for this but I love it. I have noticed the ‘not as much’ feeling that west coast heads must have. It’s not easy but I am willing to share, let the West Coast have their turn. I’ll travel but not far. I’ll wait my turn.
  19. Just announced North American tour July- August. He says he's going to be trying to do more with rock and roll than what's ever been done. He is not one to miss. We got a Saturday show in cincy right before he goes to MSG to close it all out.
  20. There must be things like supply/demand, population density, and travel costs/times in between gigs at work. Said differently, they’re convinced that it’s, at times, easier for you, MC, and sml to jump on a plane, and they have ample evidence that you will do so, haha.
  21. I got mine. You got yours? Gonna catch both acoustic shows at the Hamilton. Might as well.
  22. Roseanne. Till I got around to buying the record, thought he was saying "And my gambling streak!" check out some soundboards from his 1984 tours on archive.org. That was a very good year for our dearly departed promontory rider.
  23. What time of year did they used to do the second west coast tour? I've seen a June West coast run in past tour dates, something I would attempt to get in on if it ever happened again. Can't get away from work in winter to go play.
  24. But now it's getting late, and the moon is climbing high. I want to celebrate, see it shining in your eyes....
  25. Roseanne. Till I got around to buying the record, thought he was saying "And my gambling streak!"
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