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    https://archive.org/details/gd1977-05-15.28916.sbeok.flac16/gd77-05-15d3t02.flac Please listen to the St Stephens, iko iko---nfa. Not sure why I am so amazed by the movement into iko.....it sounds like nfa, but they pull out the iko. Nothing mind blowing, but it sort of is to me. Iko and nfa are no where near the same song. Wish I knew music more, but this slice of the Dead's chapter has me relistening. Music intermingles like life.
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  4. Bryan Adcock Appreciation Thread

    Blinky will definitely be missed! Love ya Bryan! I need to add laughing emoticon to reactions
  5. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    I am working on Sept & October shows now for tour info forum. I will start posting in the next few days.
  6. Rick and Morty is very warped, probably shouldn't be letting my kids watch this but can't take my eyes off
  7. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Seems your path has been established.
  8. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    I'm going in to my Junior Year of High School and what a way to end my summer!!! I had been wanting to go see a DMB show for years (DMB is my all time favorite band) but this one really satisfied me! I still love DMB but man I don't know if I would be able to groove as much as I did Saturday at a Dave show.
  9. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    Brian..... keepin it real for many years. ✌️
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  11. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    Ok I didn't know rick and frank. I had tickets 2nd row isle and danced 1st set no prob. Just before 2nd set rick and frank were standing in isle where I danced. The both had short hair and didn't look to me like they were dancers, yeah I know very judgmental of me, anyway I asked in a territorial way if they would be standing there all night... Many years ago..
  12. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    I don't think I have a choice!! I'll never forget laughing at you and Vic laugh at the clarinet... Fucking priceless
  13. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    And of course you'll never forget your birthday song!
  14. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    There is no confusion about one deadly serious matter: potted plants on the dance floor, rugs, grass, or other surface must fucking go. 😏 Exceptions can and should be made for friends, family, and loved ones if space permits. I assume that was the situation here. We have all seen times when none of the qualified classifications applied. There is a time and a place for militancy and conflict resolution by any means necessary. 💓
  15. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    This show was really sweet for me. Those who were there know that it was my birthday- what better way to spend one? Seriously- DSO at Pisgah Brewery, doesn't get much better. Perfect weather...friends, old and new...and a smoking may 77 experience. I don't always love the birthday thing so much. Often mine were spent on family vacation (sometimes traveling home in the car) or at home with all my friends away themselves. Late summer bday and then a couple weeks later SCHOOL. My birthday always signified the end of summer to me. This year was a good one! 32 years complete, 33rd begun. Spent with many friends who made me feel special like everyone does one day a year. I even wore that flower necklace thing the whole first set despite sweating buckets. (thanks PG) Every one seemed to be in a good spirits, dancing flowed nicely. I'll hold this one in my memory for a while~
  16. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    I think what really matters is standing or dancing. Standing you can take issue with. Nothing worse that a hunk of person like a column standing while you dance. I can't believe Brian would harsh on MC"s dancing unless it has improved exponentially since you two first met. But I have never known MC to stand around. So now I am confused. We need to change the name of this thread to " Confusion"
  17. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Yes, yes there is...😃
  18. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Rosemary for remembrance and therefore for friendship.
  19. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Deal opener, Cassidy, Jack a ROE, MNS!!! Fantastic- all of them!!! There were some REALLY beautiful sounds - like whale songs- during TOO. I felt like stretched taffy when I closed my eyes and stretched with the sounds. The stars were shining bright. No moon in the sky- it was waiting for the daytime. New moon was Monday. Shadow in the day, hidden in the night. Magic scarfs floated like seaweed, yellow ribbons of sunshine and casting nets on the breeze and song in the air. A blue one that came my way during Stella Blue as she cried on the wind. After a bit, I had a yellow one and it shown bright like a new string. and so the yellow wove into blue - and life is but a dream. ! passed the blue one onto Kelly. I went up front after the show and found a green scarf. haha. fairy magic. I like the Alligator better laying on the Hammond. Looks more like a nice body pillow on the keyboard. I drifted to the back during Brokedown Palace. Once finished , the second encore (thank goodness! Brokedown Palace encore is a bummer dude) began and at first it sounded like " I can't Get No Satisfaction". Whew, tragedy averted again. Yeah, I am a daytripper; I dream of the day I can get in my van and check out for 3 months. Time to get back to work. In the meantime, I will be figuring out how to have my cake and eat it too. Have a great break, DSO peeps! Thank you for the extra soul shine down south. love and peace and smiles.
  20. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

  21. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Welcome! Your excitement reminds me of how I felt at my first show. My first show was like receiving a heart transplant after a 16 year wait! At that show my soul was repaired, my heart was replenished, my mind was released, and I was made whole again. My last Dead show was 6/30/1995. My first DSO show was exactly 16 years and one day later on 7/1/2011... the show recreated that night, 4/4/69. Fuck yeah!!! Couldn't ask for a better initiation! Don't remember dancing much as I was more staring at the stage in utter amazement. Next night, they recreated my favorite Franklin's Tower by playing 3/19/77. Danced my ass off that night. Mind officially blown. Um, yeah I think I was hooked. A truly life altering weekend that was.
  22. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Did anybody else hear a Rosemary tease just before King Solomons?
  23. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    It happens to me sometimes too. I'd imagine it does to everyone. I don't get why either. Only thing I can come up with for me is that there's a lot going on at a show and I can become distracted and if I don't notice that I've become distracted, it may take a little while to be released. In my review I really should have mentioned that GDTRFB. It was truly off the rails. That song gets me nervous when it is played. There was lore on the 90's Grateful Dead tours that when that song was played, someone major got busted. I'm pretty sure it was just lore but I still can't shake the thought when I hear the tune.
  24. Solar eclipse 08/21/17

  25. Now Listening...

    This is great music.
  26. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Wow - I just put that on the internet - LOL! TMI? Probably. I called it like I saw it.....
  27. Solar eclipse 08/21/17

    Way Cool!
  28. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Heavy. Thanks for sharing, Bro.
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