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  1. Rude

    My first dead$co show

    I’ve never shitted on deadco because of Bobby’s voice. I’ve shitted on them because of the tempo and essentially giving up on trying to transition from 1 song to the next as a whole band. Dead transitions are what made them so unique. They invented the mashup. It’s hard shit to do. I love watching Dso communicate on stage non verbally. A 90 degree Turn of Eaton’s head signals the transition and the whole band seems to always have their peripheral vision on point.
  2. Rude

    My first dead$co show

    I’m all for more dead but at home I can’t do deadco anymore. Plus I now have possibly the greatest GD collection ever assembled so on that note I’m gonna listen to one of these Healy ultra matrix. I’ve gotta force myself more into the 80/90s. I mean there’s so much from 69-79 that you could spend years on that alone and even though that’s my wheelhouse (mostly because of board quality difference) I have to expand my listening habits. Now my choice is more should I do SBD, aud or Matrix of a certain show. In the 80s o think many of the aud recordings do more justice than the board.
  3. Rude

    My first dead$co show

    Glad u stopped in and said hi. Good group of people on here. Lots of perfectionists but Dso is the band for that type of person. If u need your dead played like dead this is your spot. That being said I enjoy deadco live(only live) and love JRAD too. I mostly play GD but play some of the epic Dso shows(most are epic) but like the 68 they did in Norfolk. I look at it like they are showing off when they do a show like that. My buddy and I listened to that 12-1-17 I think viola and were laughing at the thought of deadco doing a viola like that. It really is that comical if u listen to the Norfolk viola. That’s one where u are like drop the mic from above your head and just walk off and don’t look back. I’m lucky enough to be seeing them in a week for a cross country trip. Fuck yeah!!!! Keep coming back!! I sound like I’m in an AA meeting. I mean who here hasn’t done a few of those..right?
  4. Rude

    Summer Tour Dates Up!!!!

    So ready to be out of this 100 heat index weather. It sucks. Looks like only Sacramento is even close to rivaling the brutality of mid 90s and high humidity here. Bring on sandiego low 70s!!
  5. Rude

    Twin Cities, MN

    This may be my time to do Minnesota since it works it’s way back towards me after and i just watched fargo and have been practicing my okey dokeys.
  6. Rude

    Joni Michell on Dylan

    There’s a special place in hell for Canadians....
  7. Rude

    My first dead$co show

    I heard a rumor that u were gonna be at redrocks. Should be a blast
  8. Rude

    Red Rocks 2018

    I’ll always buy the cheapest seats and move to the best location. It’s a principle thing. Plus I ain’t afraid of an usher saying these aren’t your seats. If they are nice I’ll be like oops, if not I’ll prob be a tad rude. The gf used to be all nervous sitting in other seats. Now she’s spying out areas to move to. I’m proud of the deadhead I birthed. Never heard that until barracos podcast. I’m stealing it. It’s a good line. 9.5 days until hitting the road to Cali!!!! Fuck I’m pumped!!!!! I just need to find a $300k house that’s around 2000 sq ft while I’m out there and I won’t come back. I’m sure those exist near the coast.
  9. Rude

    My first dead$co show

    It’s funny because now venues and sports stadiums have policies that if lightning strikes within like 10 miles of the show you have to halt it until whatever period they need to be lightning free. Back in the day rain or shine meant dodging lightning bolts. Cmon don’t tell me that promoting $3k cashmere steal your face blankets and blogging about designer Coachella wardrobe wasn’t what Jerry would be doing if he were still alive. He’d be cool with the Ticketmaster “platinum seating” where the prices are set based on demand and go up to $700 a seat 10 rows back if you try to buy during high demand. Jerry would be posting nonstop Instagram vids of him talking about nothing just to read comments where people say you are the greatest and to see what celebrity decided to attend a show to be cool. Jerry probably wouldn’t give interviews and say things like no woman could compare to the beauty of his own hand, though. That may have been George costanza.....speaking of that, we are lucky that the dead hasn’t become dated like Seinfeld or (insert 60/70’s band here).
  10. Rude

    Red Rocks 2018

    Yeah. It does show 1st 5 rows reserved. But you can easily get 6th row getting there early. No way I’d spend an extra 100 a ticket to move up a couple rows in a place like redrocks. 15th row is as good as 4th. Waste of money imo.
  11. Rude

    Red Rocks 2018

    I know they do that at other bands but don’t think they doing it for Dso. From my experience if a venue allows GA, Dso always does that. One of my fav things about these guys. They let us roam and they give us the longest show in the business. My buddy who just saw ween at the pageant says they played from 8:15 to 10:15 including a set break. He’s dso spoiled too.
  12. Rude

    Red Rocks 2018

    I don’t think there is reserved seating in front unless axs decided to take the 1st few rows and block them off to sell to some package company. I just looked and don’t see that anywhere. And I just see the packages they were offering earlier. I don’t think you will have any problem finding the spot you want to be at this show. For me I can’t take front row volume anymore. It’s too oppressive. Plus too many try to crowd up there. The back or sides are always a more fun crowd anyway.
  13. Rude

    Rob Barraco podcast

    Bump. U should listen to this if you haven’t. Fun listen. Lots of great stories and insights. About 40 minutes. Do it!
  14. It seems like the only movies they show are summer 89. The 1st few were alpine 89. Unfortunately bill graham pounded in their heads that vhs was the future.....it pains me to watch these low def films when they could all be fantastic.....grrr.
  15. Rude

    Nfl playoff picture

    That being said if there’s any team I don’t mind creating a distraction for it’s the eagles lol.