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  1. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    Bill Kreutzmann can post wherever he wants!!! Keep up the great work. You still blow my mind at 71 yrs old!!!
  2. Rob Eaton

    I ain't often right, but I think Rob watches Mattson playing to appropriately chord with him. Like I said I'm usually wrong but sometimes when Jeff goes into a solo in more psychedelic jams, it seems like Rob is playing his nuanced chording based on the notes he sees Mattson play. Jeff is making it up as he goes when the band leaves the basic song structure and that's generally when you see it, but it seems like Rob is watching Jeff's fingering and responding to it. Rob's fingering is insane. He's moving at light speed from weird chord to weird chord. I'm not a big stage watcher but once in a while when the band loses the beat and goes out there I watch his playing and am awed by the dexterity of his fingers and you get these weird sounding chords sort of like when Marty mcfly starts to disappear on stage in back to the future. I mean chuck berry did learn Johnny b goode from Marty mcfly. And yes this is my 2nd time traveling reference today. I think I need to skip game of thrones and go right to bed.
  3. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    "Too much of everything creates weird autocorrects and setlist errors" ..was hunters initial lyrics but Jerry said what's an autocorrect and Hunter realized he had traveled too far back in time, but not far enough back to write all the Beatles songs so figured the Dead would be the best party of the bands he knew the future lyrics to. Snopes it. Fact.
  4. Fan Club Tickets

    I don't remember a DSO show that wasn't GA. I'm sure some venues have assigned seats but I've never seen one at an assigned seat place. And you know it's a dead crowd right? You find an empty hole and that's your spot. Just sayin. Not sure when the last time at any show I ever sat in "assigned" seats anyway. I do know for a fact in buying fan club whenever possible, not 1 of those ever was anything other than general admission in prob 60 or so fan club buys for me and no assigned seats in 100+. You must have gotten unlucky. Fan club will always save money and puts more money in the bands hands instead of exploitation firms.
  5. 08/19/17 Black Mountain, NC

    One way ticket yeah It took me so long to find out, and I found out.
  6. Black Bear Mountain

    Next year I'll be doing 1 show of equidistance for dark star but will never top your 3 show distance being in middle America.....unless they do Europe again. I got on the DSO bus too late. I had seen 3 shows I believe when they did jam in the dam. Now that shit would be booked!!! The gf would get her Europe trip and I'd get my shows at night. It would make it easy if they just did 2 weeks of something like Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, and finished anywhere in Costa del Sol. I even wouldn't complain about Madrid. Oooooh. Toss in Portugal. I'm in!! Her Hilton employee rate works in Europe too. 35 euro rooms all the way through. Feel free to pm me if this is already scheduled for next year so I can get a jump on booking it
  7. 08/10/17 Pittsburgh, PA

    Keep coming back. Most here have been to DSO shows with bad crowds, but the vast majority are fantastic. You can't control other's behavior, but you also have to let things go. There are racists everywhere, even at dead shows. I try not to dwell on the negative if it's only a few instances. What gets me is the talkers. You pay for a ticket and then come and talk the whole show. That pisses off the band too. A crowd where half are facing backwards talking to me is a bad crowd.
  8. The conundrum

    You can say the exact same thing about any dead show. You never knew what they were going to do. Its not your choice what they played and its the same with DSO. Go or dont go. Plus how can you not like an original setlist. Tossing in a song or 4 that the dead rarely played turns you off? I think this is nonsense. Ive thought several shows were originals that turned out to be recreations. You are WAY WAY WAY overthinking this. I suggest not going. We would hate for you to get a show that you didn't pick. Save the money because it seems a 70% shot you wont like the show.
  9. Songs of Their Own

    You got me there. I'm only allowed to bang Brittney spears and her free pass is Bob Weir. And she's hot for current day Bobbie and she a new deadhead. Weird huh.
  10. Zeke suspended 6 games

    Were we not dumbasses at 21? If I had 10 mil at that age I'd make zeke look like a choir boy. That being said, he's an athlete and they have tight schedules at least in college. My schedule was wake up at noon having missed my classes then party until 3. Rinse and repeat. I'd go to the 1st clsss to get my syllabus to find out test days. Skip quizzes and homework then do well on the tests and get my C and advance. I'd say a 2.35 GPA attending a max of 3-4 classes/class a semester was pretty solid. Of course got an F here and there when a teacher wanted to make an example out of the guy who didn't help with the group project or didn't turn in his 80 page business management paper, but when you retake it u find the night class that has 3 multiple choice tests. If any of your kids need slacking advice, feel free to ask. I used this method at 3 colleges and finished with 160 credit hours with zero college debt. I should write a book on it.
  11. Songs of Their Own

    Mango you can tell from the PaP vid that she has the jazz improv style in her soul. She's a legit talent. Someone told me shes been to 300 Phish shows so she gets the tour life too. Mango to avoid a fight, maybe we ask her if shes ok with a polyamorous relationship. You can have weekdays and west and east coast tour. Ill take weekends and middle america tour.
  12. 08/10/17 Pittsburgh, PA

    Wow that's a crazy 2nd set and encore. I actually don't remember seeing a terrapin encore ever. It had to be very rare.
  13. Zeke suspended 6 games

    Grrrrrrrrr. That's gonna sting. Our backups are shitty 4 play a game type backups. They aren't 25 run a day backups. I think the boys need to run a spread offense to throw teams off until zeke returns. Pass 1st. We may have to pick up a back. Actually we will definitely have to pick up a back. Luckily zekes salary will be zero 1st 6 games so we can sign a decent back then cut him.
  14. 22 Years Ago

    I had just gotten on the bus and had tour plans for the fall in new york. I didnt get the ramifications that the dead was no longer. You see musicians die and bands still carry on, and being so new to the dead scene, I didnt grasp that this was it. I, like you tea, felt the selfishness that we likely wouldnt be getting any fall tour. My 1st Dead run had just finished and I had discovered this new amazing world and it was taken away from me as quickly as I had found it. I had just gone on my 1st road trip with buddies to see a band multiple times and it was amazing. Staying at glowood outside indy with 2k+ other deadheads camping really hooked me. Getting a miracle ticket at soldier field when miracles were becoming literal miracles was amazing. Now it was over. I searched for that same feeling. Saw Phish in 96. That wasnt even close to it. Went to Furthur fest at Deer creek in 96 thinking this would be it. That was even further from it. Bobby barely played a dead song and Mickey was doing his weird world music thing that I didnt connect with at all. After that I realized it was all over.....until I found Dark Star 15 years later.
  15. Songs of Their Own

    She has a lot of dead songs online.