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  1. I’m curious to ask if barraco’s headband is now a face mask. It’s nice to have a readily available accessory serving duel purposes.
  2. he closed bars the same day as Washington state while New York has everything opened. West Virginia is also more isolated. Nashville had a block party on broadway when we couldnt go out to eat. It’s why we are predicted to apex May 15th. He likely closed everything too early so Kentucky will all get infected later. And don’t act like Indiana has less cornfields. Theres 1 population center there.
  3. If Andy Beshear, KYs gov was President he’d be enjoying 80% approval ratings. He’s solid. Smart compassionate and well spoken. Takes all questions and puts the blame on himself even if doesn’t deserve it. It’s why our apex isn’t until May 15th supposedly. He got us up to speed too quickly which is lowering but delaying the curve. Not sure if that’s better than armageddon and then just getting on with life. But he’s prob a lock to be re-elected as a Democrat in the reddest state in the country(lower the education level the higher % trump party) We are definitely a weird political state. Tennessee was having 5k people in Nashville on broadway partying after all gatherings were locked down here. It’s why we hsve the lowest infection rate of any of the 7 states we touch. I guess many of you are finally figuring out that live music will be a thing our grandkids say you mean more than 10 people gathered in 1 spot? Why didn’t you just use your ocular implants to virtually watch the show? How did you guys survive Covid-22 and and the East Mississippi virus.
  4. i thru hiked the AT in 2005. Started April 15th and finished oct 15. Do it!!! Just send your resupply to the post offices. Pack your boxes and have family mail them when you call with the address. Set them as hold for hiker and they all hold at the office. You won’t be able to go to a restaurant or bar and scarf down 3000 calories or mooch drinks as you tell your stories(I got so much booze food and weed free just using the “it’s tough thru hiking not being able to make any money” and you get all sorts of stuff bought for you). gogogo. Pro tip: 50% of the stuff you think you need, you don’t. The clothes on your back plus a jacket are the only clothes you need. You may actually need a tent with social distancing stuff, but I did it with no tent. That’s 4 pounds you don’t need. And get some trail runners. Hiking boots are too heavy.
  5. There will be a point in America where people will just say fuck it. Not sure if that’s 3 months or 6 months but the time will come when printing money is no longer feasible. The worst part is spring is here. That’s the depressing part. I think I’m taking up disc golf again. Can’t think of anything else to do......
  6. Touring opposite Deadco may be rough. Plus indoors in summer isn’t ideal.
  7. Covid-19 is destroying us from within!!!! Well actually no shows is the culprit. I’m up to 2 full dead shows per day now. It’s the only thing that satisfies. Netflix no longer cuts it. Single barrel bourbon and Dead is my life now. 4:30ish hsve my 1st drink. 1st dead show is around 3pm. Play games on phone and drink and dead. I hate it. It’s not like my home life was all good out every night and eat and drink but that’s not even an option. Rejecting going to the casino is way more satisfying than no option at all to gamble/eat/drink. I’ve decided I’m going to the beach house or something. Can’t take it any more
  8. Rude


    Guess there’s about 20 weeks of these until next live shows 😭
  9. Ive got aN overseas factory making n95 masks wholesale. If you need 2k, I’ll order you some at my cost. At that qty they are around $2ish a unit. Surgical masks are around .50/unit at 2k. That’s enough to last 1 person 5-6 years wearing them everywhere. You hand surgical masks out to everyone who comes to visit you and make them wear them at all times. I’m wearing a motorcycle helmet with filtration system at all times from now on. Thanks #westcoastchoppers for the custom cdc level 4 suit helmet with Jalepeno green flames.
  10. that’s weird. I suggest you buy guns not TVs to stop looters. And whatever you do, do not leave anything that let’s intruders know that toilet paper is in the house!!!! so we quarantine for over a year until a vaccine is on the market? I’ll risk death before that. Biggest issue——singing at concerts shoots virus particles everywhere. People need to be informed that crowd singing is not acceptable. This is what we’ve been waiting for. An excuse to silence the singers. One infected person in the crowd could infect hundreds hurling his spittle everywhere as he screams lyrics. This must not be allowed to happen. Venues must pass out cheap surgical masks to every person to keep transmission to a minimum. A large full stage sneeze guard needs to be installed at every venue. Singers will be escorted out. Keep crowds to 1/2 capacity. To enter you must show no fever and pass an instant test. Once you have a negative test result you can enter the venue. Once all venues are set up like this we can begin to see live music again which I still believe will be not before fall. On another note I’ve seen all these articles that refer to streaming concerts as a new phenomenon. Then they act like this is a suitable replacement for live shows which shows what idiots the writers are. The “bands” they refer to in many of these articles show how out of touch with our scene they are. Most jam band fans I know prefer listening over watching but then again the stage show is nonexistent and I hate when they zoom in on the guitar for minutes. The only acceptable video shows the whole stage plus lights to give a feel of the show.
  11. The only point of social distancing is so you do get a bed Ron. It will likely eventually get to all of us. This just makes sure everyone has a shot to live. I accept this and that’s why im not bitching about. I hate it. It’s sucks balls with nothing to do. Listening to 2 dead shows a day plus hours of Netflix at night. Raining again. Good lord. A couple days of beautiful weather let us escape to remote areas to hike by the lake but the rain is oppressive.
  12. About every song has something relevant. Maybe not never trust a woman but any of the others.
  13. You are allowed to garden for a living bro. Yard work isn’t banned in any state.
  14. When I die let my ashes float down the Green River Let my soul roll on up to the Rochester dam I'll be halfway to Heaven with Paradise waitin' Just five miles away from wherever I am.
  15. this is hurting us all. I had event orders cancelled. I won’t have shit to do for months. Was my dead time anyway so tour was gonna be perfect. But with live music cancelled forever I need to find a new hobby. Cosmic mike was ahead of the curve stopping seeing music and doing climbing instead. I guess everyone knows spring tour East won’t happen. Jubilee prob 10% shot. Early Summer tour is a questionable now. At this point I wouldn’t want to be shoulder to shoulder in a show. what sucks is it sounds like this is pretty bad to catch just for normal people. Getting a cough and fever for 2-3 weeks sounds sucky.
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