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  1. Rude

    College football

    Osu is lucky they have until the last week to figure it out because Michigan looks pretty good. Wisconsin is about as slow as a defense as there is and their QB is really really bad(12 straight incomplete passes) but Michigan can score and osu’s issue is their defense and offensive consistency. This year is going to be if Tua is healthy or not. If he’s out, it’s anyones game. If he’s healthy, you don’t want to play them. 30 points in the 1st half was their worst showing so far. 265yds passing 1st half. Devonte Thompson went down too and that’s not good for bama either.
  2. Rude

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Well I only missed by 34 points.
  3. Wait. Is that supposed to be me at a show??
  4. Rude


    That’s an epic start of a set for sure!! too much did u do the Louisville>Indy and ft Wayne>Columbus? U got the goods bro. That was an epic stretch. Just saw that. Every song transitioned into another. Edit: nvm. See they stopped after frank, but still the last hour was continuous
  5. Raggy? (Scooby doo reference)
  6. It’s not the other side. It’s an egomaniac who makes it about him only. I’m saying if you think a guy who lies like he does is the greatest ever, you aren’t much of a thinker. Before 1 piece of legislation was signed he said he’d accomplished more than any president in history. Who says that and who actually believes that. Now he calls it his tax plan when congress completely ignored his plan and implemented a pre written heritage foundation plan. He even said it was a mean plan now he says he did it all. He’s the laziest guy ever to hold that office. Maybe he’s just setting up for any normal republican to easily win. Anyone who isn’t an outright liar will seem like a moderate. For god sakes the guy called Mitch McConnell a liberal. We are in bizzarro world. I’m sorry that you believe that people fighting racism and hatred is the same as hatred. Those hateful Americans in WWII who hated the nazis. How horrible they were......
  7. Rude

    College football

    Take the points today. Indiana +6 vs iowa(crazy high spread with Indiana at home) lsu +7 at Georgia tennessee +18 at auburn misdouri +28 at bama.
  8. Can I say 1 more time, fuck that dude for mentioning a complete scumbag in the same breath as the dead. If you think trump is the greatest ever, fuck you as well because you are obviously an idiot. Only an idiot could listen to an egomaniac and repeat their lies about how great they are while abandoning facts and logic. That’s what idiots do. Just stating facts. There’s a line here that must be drawn b/t decency and whatever part Fox News, trump and his cult occupy. This anti intellectualism movement won’t stop. It will get worse as people stare at video games and devalue education. I said nothing political for 2 years on this forum but this fucker is nuts. He lets Kanye rant for 10 minutes just because the guys going to praise him. That’s our president. He will praise every murderer and dictator as long as they praise him. It’s pathetic how ill this guy is. Not 1 of us would ever hang around someone like this and we’ve all known the type.
  9. With that idiots reasoning you could say a Dead Dance is like a KKK cross burning. The only similarity is that people come together in 1 spot. And that was an LA Times piece too. Wtf was that dude thinking when he wrote that. With similes that weak we could say Hitler is like Jimmy Carter. They are both men who led a nation. The difference is the dead didn’t bring us together to celebrate hatred and Jerry wouldn’t tell people hes the best ever nonstop and no one can play guitar besides him and all other bands are idiots who are just stealing your money and every other band is telling you lies and if you like another band it means you have bad taste and are stupid. I could go on for hours with the nonsense that gets spewed constantly.
  10. Rude

    Ft Wayne 10/10/18

    I tried to make this run work but I couldn’t. It’s tough missing Midwest shows. At least we have next weekend and I’ll prob do some phish in Nashville which won’t be the same.
  11. Rude

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    1. Jacksonville (This is what my boys need to get a week 6 win!! )
  12. Rude

    College football

    Notre Dame played their tough part. Now they should cruise on in. Georgia is mortal for sure. Missouri outplayed them. Georgia got some big turnover scores. Any good team can have problems in any game. I just have seen nothing to show bama can be stopped and their defense is still a top 10. Their schedule hasn’t been gangbusters by any means but they are winning the 1st half by 34. No team in the country beats even div 2 teams by that type of 1sr half margin. The kid is special. He’s baker mayfield with a better deep ball and the best receiver corps maybe in the history of college ball. That’s scary. I think Georgia can keep bama within 21 but I don’t think closer. I think bama has 1-2 guys that could start for the cowboys right now lol. Jerry Juedy would for sure start. That’s not saying much as cowboys added cut players from other teams to fill their roster. When your number 1 receiver is getting paid $6mil and his previous team thought that was too much to pay and cut him, he’s a dog.
  13. Rude

    College football

    Notre Dame deserves it. Id expect Bama 2/3 osu/Georgia Notre Dame if was done today clemson 5 based on less than convincing games even though they won at A&M which is tough besides the horrible call on the touchback. The correct ref threw the mark down at the 1/2yd line and another way away called it a touchback. When bama beats Georgia I’d rather have Georgia out than a 1/4 sec matchup. Bama deserves to smoke 2 non sec teams and it’s not fair to have them whoop another conference team. Osu won’t play bama game 1 that’s for sure. If osu loses they prob won’t get in based upon who they can lose to. Michigan is only way they can lose and get in and that’s if Notre Dame and Clemson lose. OSU has 2 top 30 teams all year and they have to sweep and should easily do it. Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Purdue, mich st, Maryland in a row should be cupcakes for a playoff team. Nothing in the top 35 to worry about there and will be 20+ favs in those. Next year Georgia plays Notre Dame. That’s gonna be a bad time to play Georgia with all those stars no longer freshmen. Georgia will be great besides the fact that bamas offense will be back in full. It’s like playing Michael Jordan. You are at a bad time in history to be the 2nd best team.
  14. Rude

    College football

    Bama looks like they may be the best team in NCAA history. Here’s the telling stat. Their average halftime lead is 40-6. The starters rarely play any 2nd half plays. Bama is a bad 4th quarter team because it’s all 3rd stringers making their defense look worse than it is. When Tua and the defense were pulled vs Arkansas it was 48-14. They are on pace for the all time scoring in a season even with Tua not throwing a 4th quarter pass. He’s currently at a QB ranking 40 points above any qb in ncaa history. He was only 8 points away from the all time qb efficiency record ever last game and he didn’t break it because he threw 1 pass in the 3rd quarter-an incompletion before coming out. 40-6 average at the half. U can say bama hasn’t played anybody but they smoked a good A&M team and they are the only team in the country who hasn’t let any team have a chance against them. They haven’t let Indiana’s get close or let Vanderbilt almost beat them. 34pt average halftime lead is by far the most of all time at this point. Yeah bamas 3rd string defense allows 4th quarter points like the 17 to Arkansas but the game is way over already. And the whole offense will be back next year with most of the very very young defense. Georgia will have more talent than bama (they got 8 of the 25 or so 5* players last year) but they don’t have Tua and his NFL receiving corps. I’d guess that bamas receivers are better than Dallas’. Dallas would drool to have a sophomore Jerry juedy on that team. Kid has hands like deandre Hopkins. Heres my rankings by tier. 3 tiers. Tier 1 Alabama tier 2 ohio state penn state Georgia Notre Dame clemson tier 3(no particular order) lsu auburn michigan florida texas A&M oklahoma west Virginia Washington you could add a few more to tier 3. But the tier 2 are a head above the tier 3 schools. Tier 2 have more talent and or execute better than the tier 3 schools. Last year the tier 2 schools would have been tier 1 as bamas offense wasn’t good. i think the funniest thing about the Ap poll is that 2 voters ranked bama number 2. Guess they haven’t watched them play yet.
  15. Rude

    Some of the changes

    YUP changed to generic theme and its white like previous. thx