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  1. Winter Olympics

    welcome America’s newest star. I mean hungarys newest star!!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/NBCOlympics/status/965746567192997889/video/1
  2. San Francisco Night #1

    Probably 3 of my 100+ have been anniversary shows. Like mr Vegas said they are the exception rather than the rule. Rob Eaton has a complex mathematical formula to figure setlists. Talk with a nasa scientist and they can give you the formula. I used to know it. (China + Rider -3(last played in x(city) - y(era last played) + z(venue type))/sqr root(Jerry band)
  3. Dead and co has lost their mind

    I’m not bashing deadco selling tees. Jerry ties were reasonably priced. It’s that they partnered with a “designer” to do merch that looks no different than any $20 hat or tee out there. The designer said he used to sell bootleg t-shirts outside dead shows when he was younger. That’s even more sad. He understands people want cheap tees. He went from bootlegger to designer pricing lol. Obviously they realized the error as they removed all mention of it from all social media.
  4. What time does show start at Anaheim HOB??

    When in doubt assume show time is door time. A lot of us here were late to the Pocahontas show a few years ago because of a doors 6pm on ticket when show was 6pm.
  5. JRAD....???

    I take back every bad thing I’ve said about these guys. No bad accoustics in Chicago and Madison. It takes a little bit to get on the right wavelength but Chicago>Madison was pretty epic. My ears are nearly deaf. They turn it up all the way. It’s so loud I thought my head may explode. I’m having ear ringing issues still. It was as loud as I’ve ever heard music. If they come close to you, go! Once u accept that it’s not going to be what you are used to, it becomes a unique time. Took me almost a whole show to accept the style. It’s not “jazzier” dead like I’ve heard it described. That may have been their early days. It’s louder, harder dead. I’ll def be seeing several shows a year....unless I go deaf. The gf loved the volume level. It was so loud and fast during crescendos my brain went into sensory overload. The big difference is you don’t know what’s coming. Most here could conduct a dead show. You know when the bass drop is going to come. You know when they are coming Back into a song. We know dead in our soul. This isn’t as much of a dance fest even though people are getting down as big as you can with the space. It’s more gawking type dancing. It’s more “I didn’t kmow music could get this explosive” and “what’s my plan if my eyes pop out. I can’t yell because no one would hear me”. The biggest negative is with them playing 30-40 shows a year only, the venues are oppressively packed. Dso is more of a dance party. This is more of an extreme face melt. We just went up in the packed middle and endured minimal space but I think that’s the way to see them. Get close for the sensory overload and do your small space dancing. When I see Dso I want to boogie in space. We were in a psychedelic giga factory last weekend. See all your Dso shows but go see a few JRAD in a row and don’t go in like me trying to argue with everyone about proper dead. The earlier you can accept you are just along for the ride and lose all expectations, the quicker you will be able to appreciate another take on our favorite music. After seeing them I realized no one should be comparing bands. Deadco Dso and JRAD all have completely different styles. Comparing and arguing is futile. Just put yourself in the best headspace to enjoy each when you are there and it’s all butter
  6. Dead and co has lost their mind

    It’s the principle. The dead refused to jack ticket prices up even when they were selling out football stadiums. Their response was we make enough money. Why would we take advantage of the fans. Promoting a $105 hat that I can have produced by a factory I use in China for $1.50 a unit is nonsense. Did you see the items? There was nothing designer or special about any of it. Standard logos. Standard materials besides the cashmere blanket. Could you imagine the band telling Jerry if he was alive that we are going to partner with some overpriced fashion designer to sell $100 hats and tees? And it’s not even a money grab. So little will be sold. This is for the LA crowd or non heads who think this is what they need to wear to their 1 tourist show a year. Hell we saw one of the kardashians in a pic wearing some other designer $300 white tee with a steal your face on it that was promoted in a what to wear to a deadco show vogue article. The sold out part is nonsense. It’s a marketing gimmick. He allowed probably 2-3 total sales on the blanket. John Mayer probably bought 1 for Monet and Katie perry bought 1. How does a presale sell out anyway? It’s a presale. You take orders then have your Chinese factory make the amount you need and ship them over. It’s obviously a ploy to make people think they are so in demand that they sold out. Sml I already have a $2500 cashmere Jerry band fleece. I’m not paying $500 more for deadco. Deadco should be cheaper!!! John Mayer devalues it all. Dude would bring girls back stage after shows just to whack off on them. He may be a good guitarist but he at least “was” an A-list douchebag. He’s given interviews in the past with quotes so disgusting, he’d qualify to run for a GOP seat in the south. He’s like the George costanza hand model episode. No woman could compare to the beauty of his own hand.
  7. Dead and co has lost their mind

    FYI, deadco removed all mention of the collection from all of the social media. The deleted several Instagram references. 600+ negative comments within an hour. Who thought it was a good idea to tell your million followers to go buy “designer” clothing. Looked like a standard tee to me. The gf told me that this designer did a few things for John Mayer a while back so I’m guessing that’s how it started. His LA crowd isn’t a deadhead group but they may wear something dead if they can answer the “who are you wearing” question. This is a janes perce original from his winter 2018 deadco line. I just loves the way he takes a plain 2 dollar hat and puts a standard embroidery on it. See the tag. It says his name on it. The gf said it’s Coachella wear for celebs who want to bandwagon the Mayer train. No true deadhead would buy or wear any of this from a strictly principle aspect. The principle of buying a sweater with a standard steal your face screen print for $285 makes me cringe. We scrape at times to see too many shows. Travel long distances, buy flights to see this music and then you insult our intelligence with insane markup items. Fuck, Jerry wore a plain black tee 90% of shows. It doesn’t matter what you wear just as long as you are there. This is still getting under my skin. It feels like a betrayal. Designer clothes are not what dead fans wear to shows or generally ever. Sell your deadco clothing but don’t issue an Armani collection for fans happy to buy a shirt at the show. /end rant
  8. Dead and co has lost their mind

    Oh and it’s not Grateful Dead, it’s deadco merch lol.
  9. http://m.jamesperse.com/gratefuldead-1/collections/men promoting $3k blankets, $100 hats, $200 t-shirts and other ultra expensive nonsense. There were so many negative posts when they announced they partnered with this designer that they removed the Instagram post. They urged people to preorder this nonsense. Designer bullshit.
  10. Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    The southern coast of Spain is pretty epic sml.
  11. Ashland

    Juicy set list! Lots of goodness. I don’t recall hearing Dso do an old style Minglewood in any show I’ve seen. How often did the dead do that before new was released. I’m thinking New Minglewood was 76 and new new Minglewood was 78 with the t for Texas.
  12. Portland #1

    2nd set is a pure 80s set until that surprising viola. Bet u guys didn’t see that one coming.
  13. Seattle 2/8

    Carnegie Mellon is a great resource but they are notoriously inaccurate. I’ve posted 2 from there that I was like they are missing several songs.
  14. Portland #1

    Good looking strange setlist. Those are the kinds I like. Wheel, JBG to start lol. The 1st 6 are about the strangest opening I’ve seen in a Dso setlist. They must have been been feeling sporty when they wrote that list.
  15. RIP John Perry Barlow

    Those are all great except the don’t pursue happiness. My mission in life is happiness so I guess I’m free to pursue it. We live a very short time and my only concern is being happy while I can. Personally I think the pursuit of happiness for you and people close to you is the only way to live life. Once we dead we dead so live it up.