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  1. Rude

    Bob Weir and Wolf Bros Tour

    I must have had no taste in music at the time because it bored me. Other forces were at work that made music uninteresting at that point in my life. Next time I see SCI, I’m going to be fabulous!!!
  2. Rude

    Bob Weir and Wolf Bros Tour

    Balcony is the spot at the ryman. Say my only SCI show ever there in 2002/2003.
  3. Rude

    Atlantic City

    Its a big ecig. Propylene glycol is sort of sweet but I don’t think it’s classified as a sugar.
  4. This must be true because when me and my buddies are on tour, all we talk about in the hotel rooms is how sad suffering in other countries is and how we want to make a difference. That’s why we like the dead. We cry all night thinking about sad stuff. That’s just the type of people we are. Ne’er a bad word about anything or anyone. You would think we were the salt of the earth if you listened in when our close group communicates. Salt of the earth.
  5. Rude

    Black Mountain - Camping

    It’s about the same to stay at the super 8 as it is for 2 to camp and surprisingly you can be a lot louder at the super 8 than campground. Maybe the old security guy finally croaked and now they leave u alone at the KOA. They called sheriffs nightly on everyone. I still remember the sheriffs walking through OUR sites as we hid in a tent pretending to sleep. You could be not saying a word and the old man security would come yell at you then if you bscktslked saying we weren’t even talking he’d call the cops. Fuck that black mountain KOA
  6. Rude

    Atlantic City

    Dso plays most shows equally. It’s more about your state of mind and the company you keep. One of my top 10 in the last year wasn’t even a Dso show but our head space was as good as it could possibly get hanging with great friends. Rankings are the most subjective thing there is. I was miserable with injury West coast so I could never achieve lift off. I continually started to stand every few minutes b/c of the music only to realize I couldn’t. I was bummed and the music didn’t sound as good. If you are in a bad headspace about family, money, job etc, there’s no way to enjoy a show the same way. When I hear people say it was their favorite show it means they were ultra happy and that’s what it’s all about. I’ve heard people pan shows that I thought were brilliant because of the same things. If someone says it’s the best Dso ever then it is for them and that’s all the matters.
  7. Rude

    Atlantic City

    You are hooked. Take a leave of absence from work and hit the road full time like chuck and sml. Heard a rumor that the champ after a leave of absence is planning to retake his throne considering all legal work is now being outsourced to India. On that note did u guys hear about that computer programmer who outsourced all his work to programmers in other countries at a fraction he was getting paid so he coikd collect most of his salary for not working. I’m thinking you should do that chuck. It’s the future
  8. Rude

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Obviously that someone is you. Let us know when you release it. Thanks.
  9. Rude

    Black Mountain Roll Call

    Dso is a business. Days not playing means no revenue but spending money at hotels and days away from family. Tour like crazy for 3 weeks then get back home for 3. Deadco had like 25 shows in 45 days. That’s an extra 10 days of hotels which costs lots of money and more days from the family. Dso does it how you should do it on tour. Knock em out.
  10. Rude

    Black Mountain Roll Call

    Beer is like small tech companies. You hope to get bought by the billion dollar companies and cash out even though your payday will be in the 7 figure range, not the 10 figure range.
  11. Rude

    A curious question about GD vs DSO

    If I’m time travelin I’d love to see the following plus of course much much more: Europe 72 on a motorbike 6/76 northeast(whole run(in a car)) 2/27-3/2/69 filmore Oakland New Years shows(most any of those 5-6 show runs would do in the late 80’s) Every Bay area Jerry band show From 86-close.(John A u lucky bastard) That would pretty much complete me..... And I love DSO but I’d go back to do an 89 GD run all day long. It’s jerry bro. Dso is amazing but they idolized the dead like we all do. It’s a no brainer about going back to see the dead. Fuck we camp in the lot for 3 days.
  12. Rude


    Private lessons sounds hot. That was one of the 1st really risqué movies I saw and it’s still pretty risqué. I assume they are pretend hookers trying a money scam when the original Private lessons(1981) was about a boy getting taught the ropes by a women. Zap these scammers.
  13. Rude

    Happy 76th Birthday Jerry!

    One of my fav shows. Jerry was supposed to do a few of these but he hated it by himself and called up Kahn for the rest. Luckily we have a whole solo show. Think this is the only time Jerry was completely alone on stage at least in the Grateful Dead era.
  14. Rude

    Saranac Brewery

    Man I love those 6/76 Boston music hall shows. That whole month is maybe my favorite month of dead music.
  15. At one of the Cal shows a guy next to me said is this black peter. I’m like yes. He said it’s one of those songs I just never really cared about enough to dig into the lyrics. I said it’s one of the most important, if not most depressing, songs hunter ever wrote. He then listened for around 30 secs then started talking to his gf for the rest of the song.