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  1. It was a hilarious joke at the time in context. It’s stereotyping, not racism. Racism is discriminating based on beliefs that you are better. I just made a joke. It was funny 😂 So now I can’t string a story together anymore..... ok off the forums another few months.
  2. The west is the best but the south is better in April. Plus southerners are more polite. I consider myself a liberal but in Portland I was a red hat in comparison. You use cheer laundry detergent. You monster(I have changed to Meyers hand and dish soap at home). I was literally called racist because i said that on average caucasians are taller than Asians. I said saying that certain tribes of people are genetically taller or faster or smarter isn’t racist. It’s like if i was a chieftain of a small tribe and had 20 children, my ancestors would likely be taller and thinner than other tribes. That’s not racist. So I accepted that I’m a rational moderate. Plus the south is cheap to live in. If PG sold her plantation, they would have to downgrade to a small 2 bedroom apt in Berkeley but instead they have servants quarters separate from the main mansion whereas in Cali the servants would have to share the main home and who wants that. In Kentucky the servants can luckily afford to rent a trailer and afford lots of food which is why there’s so much wealth equality and obesity. In Oregon people can barely afford to eat so obesity is minimal in comparison. What were we talking about again.
  3. So that was such an amazing photo there are articles about the photo today. Quote from an article. It is an amazing pic. So many emotions in it. “This isn’t just a photo, it’s a work of art. Frescos of this deserve to be painted everywhere. I’m not saying we need to celebrate violence specifically, but I am saying we need to celebrate this moment specifically. It’s not just the chair shot itself, which is violent and wild in its own right — but it’s also everyone else in this photo that makes it special. It’s a tableau of emotion the same way all great photos are, even when the subject matter is horrific.”
  4. Hope cave drillers don’t ruin the show sneaking in. Gonna make “Cave drillers suck” bumper stickers just in case there’s an incident and boom I’ll strike it rich vending. The plan is to see the entire spring tour maybe and aftermarket tickets would be way out of budget if I can make this happen unless I sell bootleg DSO shirts commemorating the only Dso show in a cave before the apocalypse forced us underground. But then I’d wake up with a sore jaw and Ellie standing over me as I see my merch ablaze. I watched that exact same scenario. But it was a knife cutting the bootleg shirts to shreds with a “I’ll have no problem embedding this knife in you and have 20 witnesses who will swear I was just defending myself as we lay another knife by your feet that I used to cut my arm to frame you, and just watch my tears flow as I cry to authorities about the assault on me as they cuff you with a knife still in your chest and they will be in no hurry to take you to a jail infirmary run by murderers who despise assaulters of women” kind of look. I think that was meant to send a message to other Dso potential bootleggers. If you weren’t there just take my word and beware. Imagine a 90’s movie Steven Seagal if he had roid rage and rabies and just learned that his new movie bombed.
  5. Epic photo. So much going on in it. Kansas about to be playing with 7 players next game. Photo by Nick Krug
  6. Fake news. I’ve done more for geology than any person ever. See that rock. No one was talking about rocks before me. They say how do you know so much about this stuff. Instinct.
  7. The fox producer is def a deadhead. I’d prefer he didn’t use studio though.
  8. After watching a thing on the Thailand cave rescue not sure I want to have bass thumping in a cave. You have the likelihood of opening up a fissure and prehistoric flesh eating bats or bacteria come out. Saw that in another documentary/movie. Too many things that could go wrong. What happens in case of fire down there. Stampede. The word ignite comes from the Latin igneous. Igneous rock everywhere. Stubhub assholes selling tix for $180. No thank you. If I’m gonna die in a cave I’d prefer it be while exploring the cave for free or paying less than $50. Last thing I need is regret during the stampede of paying $180 a ticket to negatively affect my escape.
  9. Evidently waited too long to get tickets. Anyone have an extra pair they could get rid of? Sort of stressing this as people already in CashorTrade posting iso this show.... thanks
  10. LSU wins at bama in a 45-42 squeaker
  11. Rude

    Ft Wayne, IN > 10/9/2019

    I think Eaton was taping shows in grade school. He wasn’t tall enough to ride the coaster but had his taper equipment set up 😂
  12. Rude

    Ft Wayne, IN > 10/9/2019

    I ain’t often right but I’ve never been wrong. Maybe since I like the 80s shows Dso more than other eras sans the rare 69, it clouded my perception. But gimme that variety!!! Anorher subjective comment is approaching....the Midwest is the best area to see Dso shows The crowd I think fully releases more than other areas of the country. Only really the west could argue that but I think it’s a more controlled, possibly more elegant of a dance vs a full on boogie. Then add in the space from past 2 nights and the crowd is left panting.
  13. Rude

    Ft Wayne, IN > 10/9/2019

    More space than I’ve had a a Dso show in years. Wide open. Flat massive dance floor. We were up front with a 15x20 area for 10 of us. No one crowded in. It was marvelous. If you wanted to go by the soundboard you could have a 30x30 area solo during set 2. What a great time. The whole crowd got down because we had tons of space. What’s good for the fans isn’t always good for the band, but once in a while 400 peeps in a big room is a dream come true. I realized the more space you get the more spoiled you get. When someone would move into my massive space I’d end up moving back. Normally I’d be like join this huge area but it got to where I wanted to dance all alone lol. It was super fun and the sound was great. Dso rules the 80s. I think they are best when they play 80s style. I don’t even think it’s close to any other era playing wise. Maybe considering they saw more Brent shows than any other keyboardist may play a factor. Or maybe I’ve been on this 80s kick lately and really adore the 83-84 shows. I think the dead was on top of their game then.
  14. Rude

    Louisville, KY > 10.7.19

    Realized stress has been tough on me lately. They wouldn’t let us dance upstairs like every year and that affected me the whole show. I haven’t been able to let things go lately. Even paying an extra $20 for upstairs they said no dancing on the huge dance platform. Was a fantastic setlist though but I realize I’ve been angry lately. I’ve always been good about letting go but not Monday. On yhar note driving to ft Wayne. Should finish the 430 mile drive right before showtime. A seat awaits me lol. Driving 80 plus ultra short stops puts me there around 745. Giddy up.
  15. Rude

    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    It’s coming.....maybe. A few tours back they kept extending and extending it into full band instrumental post space and I’m like finally. Nope. Chuck maybe they are waiting for you to come back to play it. Give them a heads up so they can practice it. Thx.
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