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  1. LSU wins at bama in a 45-42 squeaker
  2. Rude

    Ft Wayne, IN > 10/9/2019

    I think Eaton was taping shows in grade school. He wasn’t tall enough to ride the coaster but had his taper equipment set up 😂
  3. Rude

    Ft Wayne, IN > 10/9/2019

    I ain’t often right but I’ve never been wrong. Maybe since I like the 80s shows Dso more than other eras sans the rare 69, it clouded my perception. But gimme that variety!!! Anorher subjective comment is approaching....the Midwest is the best area to see Dso shows The crowd I think fully releases more than other areas of the country. Only really the west could argue that but I think it’s a more controlled, possibly more elegant of a dance vs a full on boogie. Then add in the space from past 2 nights and the crowd is left panting.
  4. Rude

    Ft Wayne, IN > 10/9/2019

    More space than I’ve had a a Dso show in years. Wide open. Flat massive dance floor. We were up front with a 15x20 area for 10 of us. No one crowded in. It was marvelous. If you wanted to go by the soundboard you could have a 30x30 area solo during set 2. What a great time. The whole crowd got down because we had tons of space. What’s good for the fans isn’t always good for the band, but once in a while 400 peeps in a big room is a dream come true. I realized the more space you get the more spoiled you get. When someone would move into my massive space I’d end up moving back. Normally I’d be like join this huge area but it got to where I wanted to dance all alone lol. It was super fun and the sound was great. Dso rules the 80s. I think they are best when they play 80s style. I don’t even think it’s close to any other era playing wise. Maybe considering they saw more Brent shows than any other keyboardist may play a factor. Or maybe I’ve been on this 80s kick lately and really adore the 83-84 shows. I think the dead was on top of their game then.
  5. Rude

    Louisville, KY > 10.7.19

    Realized stress has been tough on me lately. They wouldn’t let us dance upstairs like every year and that affected me the whole show. I haven’t been able to let things go lately. Even paying an extra $20 for upstairs they said no dancing on the huge dance platform. Was a fantastic setlist though but I realize I’ve been angry lately. I’ve always been good about letting go but not Monday. On yhar note driving to ft Wayne. Should finish the 430 mile drive right before showtime. A seat awaits me lol. Driving 80 plus ultra short stops puts me there around 745. Giddy up.
  6. Rude

    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    It’s coming.....maybe. A few tours back they kept extending and extending it into full band instrumental post space and I’m like finally. Nope. Chuck maybe they are waiting for you to come back to play it. Give them a heads up so they can practice it. Thx.
  7. You had a great start to Dso. Most people slowly build to doing a chunk. You have popped 11 shows in last 2 months. Sent you a PM. Maybe new accts have some time limit for PMs?
  8. As a fan the more dead the better is my motto. JRAD is the easiest sold out ticket to get as so many New Yorkers buy 4 packs the second they go on sale and then dump them on CashorTrade when plans don’t come together. CashorTrade is the spot for JRAD, Panic and phish. Deadco tix just sit b/c no one wants to buy $250 face Tix
  9. So wanting to know more about the Pabst I found a quick tidbit. Opened in 1895(took less than 1 year from Frederick Pabst ordering it built after his previous opera house burned down in January 95 to it opening at a cost of $300k), it is the 4th longest continually operating theater in the US. Then I saw some reviews of the theater on trip advisor so was curious what others thought and this was the most recent review from earlier this month. This guy really gets the spirit 😂. I always thought dancing ushers were a plus. I don’t think he’d have liked the crowd last night considering the whole joint was hopping. Note to self. If you buy a seat, it’s meant for sitting
  10. Rude

    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    There were 4 phones taking pics and I must have adjusted for the phone not used. It’s not an easy feat to block me in a pic so kudos.
  11. Saw dark star do a 21 song set 1. I think the dead did one that had 23 songs in set 1. Last night was definitely a beast of a dance set!!! thet finally opened up the 3rd floor balcony mid show and went up top. Like 40 total people up there. It’s near a 45 degree angle to the stage. That theater is so amazing. Acoustics are fantastic everywhere being an opera house. Every time I’m there I’m in awe of the ornate detail. You couldn’t make a theater like that today. Trying to find 50 master wood craftsman would be impossible. They even have red velvet footrests on the front row of the balcony. So many tiny details everywhere and unlike many theaters, this one had an endowment so it never became run down. I was surprised it wasn’t sold anymore than it was hence not opening the he top balcony b4 show started, but everyone in Milwaukee got down. A friend said only 8 people were sitting in the 2nd balcony and the rest were dancing. Everyone else was up and grooving. On the 3rd floor all 40 were getting down. With less than an hour left a security person who was in a bad mood decides to try to clear us out of the good dance walkway but was greeted with many “no thank yous” so she called in another guy. Was sort of silly considering there was no one for us to bother up there. Eventually she gave up. Met a new starhead, John from Connecticut, who just picked up seeing them on summer tour who makes Bill K look like a head bobber if you can believe that, but we did have a 60 foot walkway to play with and used every bit of it. Always great to see new people who will be hitting a lot of shows. Had a good group pop back to the aLoft for drinks til late night as a cherry on top. I was rhe only one in the group heading home today. Hope everyone has a great show tonight!! Cya in Louisville or ft Wayne
  12. At the Pabst we were told the 3rd floor balcony was haunted so we were hoping to meet him up there but alas..
  13. 6 hour drive direct to venue left me frazzled. Driving stress leaves makes me more tired than anything. Maybe I need autopilot so I can relax on the way and Turn my seat backwards and catch up on the Netflix shows I’ve neglected.
  14. Looks like you had a great time based on the half a setlist posted. The more songs forgot the better. Having to drive post show I was only missing 1 song 😂
  15. I was looking for clues in my brain for BEW. I generally like to see how the crowd reacts during “drink down a bottle and be ready to kill”. I didn’t remember that at all but I’ll trust 2 peeps that said it was there. I was doing notes every 2 songs too on the setlist as organ and Lisa meant better jot it all down along the way. But then again I’m completely engulfed in the freedom of the moment. Pure escapism. After a song told some guys next to us that were also going to Milwaukee, my buddy’s wife tries to explain the scene to her friends and tells them it’s the only place where the guys dance crazier than the girls lol. That sort of baffles people not familiar with the scene 😂😜 Be safe and see ya tonight barraco was sampling a hunter track. He mentioned it to me but the name escapes me and after looking through hunters 400 solo songs he put down on album im convinced now that it’s one of the following 40..... Holy shit he wrote a lot of music!!! He should be recognized as one of the top 100 poets of the 20th century. Dylan rightly pops up as top 10 poet lists and number one lyricist in about every list bit Hunter doesn’t get the same props. Maybe you are either all in on dead or unfamiliar with it.
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