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  1. Rude

    The Anthem

    I wish my brain worked like yours
  2. Rude

    Rolling stones

    I just hate to commit to a 1off show middle of what I know will Be Dso summer tour... I could make the Chicago 21 or the 25th work but don’t know what to do. GA field is going up about $1 a day on stunhub and that’s what I want. The seats are like $600-1500. Wtf. Older peeps I guess. I saw steel wheels tour in 1989 in Louisville. I went up and waited in line all night for tickets with a high school buddy.
  3. Rude

    Rolling stones

    Corruption of the Stones thread!! Jk 😜 people may argue the Beatles were the most important band ever but the stones are the most accomplished. They are at like 55+yrs of touring with early songs that sound modern plus so many styles of songs throughout their career. Paint it black was 66 and still resonates. Of course they don’t tour every year. They are like 77,75 and 73 I think?
  4. Rude

    Philly Question

    Life has ceased to be simple. We werent genetically wired to be interconnected to the world. Just wait 50 years when the entire species is linked by implants. They will talk about how simple life was when we just had to deal with group messages and texts.
  5. Rude

    Philly Question

    Almost none is an over exaggeration but I’d guess less than half I knew correctly. Some o realized I’ve been singing wrong probably like many deadheads did before internet and box of rain. How did we ever answer those questions? What was life like before internet. It’s semi mind blowing and likely not even a thought in mind of an 19yr old.
  6. Rude

    Philly Question

    So the last 3 double deckers ended with originals but the previous 6 ended recreations. If we keep going back I’m sure an exact pattern will occur. Let me run everything through my cray supercomputer and I’ll spit out the setlists for next tour. Cant wait for the low spark bust out in Philly lol. The gf being of another generation is unfamiliar with traffic so had to play 20 songs for her yesterday. It’s been 20yrs since I dug deep with traffic and it brought back memories of Lexington in my early 20s. I also realized I knew almost no lyrics from low spark. Better get more familiar 😂
  7. Rude

    Channel separation

    If you want to learn how to play GD music, this recording lets you hear everything as good as any recording I’ve heard. You can learn 1 drummer style on this better than any show I can remember. I love the drummers being huge in the mix. I’ve seen several Dso shows with drummers leading the mix and those are always fun. I’m curious how cotter does the levels for different eras because I’ve seen 69 Dso shows where the drummers were definitely the loudest and I’ve seen shows I wish the drummers were louder. Thks 6-18 is Betty isn’t it? I was almost for sure. But then again Betty usually had the mix correct somewhere in the 1st song and this took mid 3rd to get it fixed.
  8. Rude

    Channel separation

    Listening to this 6-18-74 with billy coming out the right speaker along with Jerry and Donnas Vocals and Keith’s keys then Jerry’s lead out the left I was curious if this was just Betty’s creation or if the dead ever separated channels like this live. I can’t recall it happening after 74 in the recordings. Also why I think this freedom hall show is so special is that there seems to be no level limit. It seems to be infinite. If Jerry wants to blast it out he can go as loud as he wants. Every input can crank it out when they choose to. You can hear in BTW that Betty keeps switching bobby back and forth from left to right speaker as she’s trying to get the board how she wants it. Bobbys vocals and guitar seem to be more balanced than any other input. Everything else seems to be to a designated channel. I know there are several older shows 70/71 that do this where bobby and Jerry’s guitar are on separate channels but did the dead ever do this live?? Also if you have any recordings with similar channel separation that you love I’d like recommendations.
  9. Rude

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Drink down a bottle and be ready to kill edit: that doesn’t look real good when you type it. It’s a Grateful Dead lyric, NSA. No ones killing anyone. Of course someone is probably killing someone right now but not I. I’m drinking and listening to music and being very peaceful. I love the government. Rock on NSA. Thank you for protecting us!!
  10. Rude

    Philly Question

    Thats funny because I’d have guessed the opposite as black mountain is almost always 2nd night original but it also ends summer tour. Maybe I catch the end of tour a lot so my thinking is skewed. Thanks for doing the legwork!! the only weird part is you show 24 1st night shows and 30 2nd night shows Just be creative and there are never issues. Vape. No fire and you are coo.
  11. Rude

    Philly Question

    Best guess is always 2nd night most likely to be an original but you may be talking 60/40. They shake it up. The 28th is 1st show of the run and that could be an original. Flip a coin and go with the night you have less on your plate the following morning we will be at both of those. Flights and hotels booked and conflicts are no longer conflicting.
  12. Rude

    Rolling stones

    So the stones are playing June 21 and 25th at soldier field and GA field tix are 187 each with stub hub fees which is half of what any other ticket is. But.....that’s summer tour time. Wrigley Deadco field my buddy got was $170 a ticket. I’d take the stones over deadco any day of the week at the same price. But I don’t want to screw up Dso summer tour with a 1 timer show in Chicago. Choices...
  13. Rude

    NFL 2018

    Trying to jinx the cowboys? Are u from philly? Cowboys aren’t together yet.
  14. Rude

    NFL 2018

    I’ve realized pro football is more fun overall if your team is in it. Yesterday I watched 3 games in their entirety Ravens @ chiefs eagles @ cowboys rams @ bears. Thats what you call a blessed day of football. Pat Mahomes is the best QB in football hands down. He’s the next evolutionary step of the QB. You see the young athletes like Kyler Murray with the Visión and athleticism that is above anything we’ve seen when you figure in the arm. You have the greats like Rodgers but mahomes has the potential to be that plus a step up. But Nfl is about way way way more than QB but he’s the top at that spot. I think the best systems are Saints and Rams even though Goff got Cutlered. The bears broke Goff. For a guy like myself who loves to see a defense break a team, I loved it. I’m actually starting to like the bears. God forgive me. I even got my good buddy a nice Jay Cutler jersey for his 50th b/c I love to rag the bears and bears fans but their defense forces you to change your offense. Once you change who you are in the NFL, games become a tossup and bears can be in every game by forcing you to play faster. Losing .3 secs every pass play in the pocket changes what you will call. Bears know they will get to you so they bring everyone up. I’ve never seen a team put all 11 on the line for like 3rd and 5’s. Bears are scary. I don’t want to play them.
  15. Rude

    NFL 2018

    How bout dem cowboys. From 3-5 with no hope to in essence locking up the division 5 games later. Who saw that coming. Also who saw Jared Goff having a complete collapse last 2 games. Love this stat line. 20/44 180 0/4.