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  1. Red Rocks 2018!!

    Thoughts We need to all get together on Saturday night at a dead show at some club in Denver. How fun would that be. 100 tour friends all at a small bar dancing to dead the night before redrocks. It would be a good warmup too. I need a day to shake the cobwebs out. Maybe we need a private party. Book a dead band for the night! Someone take care of that. K thx. I’ll tell hyryder this weekend and get them to come back to Denver to do Friday Saturday. Mc talk to Jay and get him to lock in July 6 and 7th for a dead band. You guys work out the finance part. I’m just the idea guy in this instance.
  2. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    My mentality has completely changed on drives. With my rider at my side i love the road now. And I really like driving at night now. I remember on my 1st New Years run it was 2013 with a great group. We stayed in Richmond overnight while MC was hitting the road. I’m like u are crazy for driving to Philly this late. He said we were the crazy ones. We’d have huge holiday traffic. 7 hours later we got Philly the next day and he was right. Now I live by get down the road if with the girl at night. With the boys we stay put. With the girl hop in car and drive. Even a year ago I wouldn’t take off near midnight on a 7 hour drive to a show next day. Now that seems like a no brainer. Cleveland? That’s a hometown show. Only 8 hours. It’s strange how your thinking changes over time.
  3. Nugs shows

    I really really really hope that rob releases that Norfolk 68 show. That was the most raw I’ve ever heard the guys go. It was pure psychedelic pleasure. They just shredded us. It was fast and technical and people need to hear that. That viola had one of the craziest transitions back to the song I’ve ever heard. Since it’s half recreation, I suggest releasing that board to archive free just to say look at what we did with this 68 show. The world should hear that show. I’d just say listen to that alligator. If you aren’t blown the fuck away, you ain’t a real deadhead.
  4. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    What is close to Vegas? LA I guess but that’s it. U chose the fast lane city for gambling booze and women but it also isolates you.
  5. Nfl playoff picture

    Yesterday had one of the best duels I’ve ever seen in the eagles vs rams. The rams have had takeaways on the 1st defensive possession in 6 of 12 games. Wow. But the eagles defense won that game and unfortunately super bowl hopes are likely smashed for the eagles(I’m not sad about their super bowl hopes, but sad for a good player being lost for the year. Wentz was as good as a qb can be on their 3 straight TDs. He can make so much happen with his legs. He escapes better than Rodgers. But only an hour before his injury I was saying that wentz is a better scrambler and a bigger arm than Dak and Dak has a cannon but with the caveat Dak is 240 pounds and 6’1” and is always tackled instead of hit as he’s bigger than the linebackers. He’s a durable qb and in this league that’s HUGE!! So much has to do with luck. After that weird hit on wentz legs with 1 defender in essence popping his legs straight for another to push them back was an injury I’ve never seen happen like that. I thought he may have been paralyzed for a split second. He even came back next play and threw the TD with a torn acl. Will he ever be the same no fear qb which made him as good as he was this year? I’ve learned most players will have that great year. Dak had his as a rookie and won 11 straight. He had a 2nd half where he didn’t throw an incompletion. He had an 89% completion game. With no pressure he can be near perfect. Getting hit 10x a game he’s a glorified backup like any qb sacked 8x. I learned that you may not always have those kinds of years watching my problem boys this year. Note it’s not just on Dak. They lost 2 straight with him having big games with 30+ points. The cowboys are a mess at many positions and barring a miracle they will have extra time in this offseason to recover. My Super Bowl pic is.......... Rams vs New England.
  6. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    We signed up for the presale. But this is just a duo right? Not full band? But Chicago is a stones throw for us relatively-360 miles. It’s weird how my thinking has changed.
  7. Your 2017

    Thats one of the things mei and I talk about. When would We ever have any reason to go 8 hours to Milwaukee or Madison or Chico, CA or Eugene or Providence or the countless other cute cities I get to “view” because of this band and this music. This music gives me the excuse to absorb the vibes of all these great places and they are all great when you visit for 1-3 days. My favorite times ever have been shows where because of a reschedule like providence that it’s me and 200 others with all the space in the world getting down and then the crowd all gets in the spirit because they are like if rude, Mc and goingbacktowhere are looking like crazy people(still talking about the Providence show 2016), then if the civilians let go they will look nowhere as crazy as us. I want to inspire others to experience that freedom I can only feel at a dead show and in today’s age, only at a Dso show. I want these guys to sell 20k seats and be multimillionaires but when dealing with only true heads who are there strictly for the music vs a half tourist crowd at deadco wanting to take a pic of bobby the same as 10k others with cameras just took, I’ll take the Dso crowd all day long. Besides boulder we were harassed by security at every deadco for dancing. In Columbus after ignoring the ushers with a group of 100 other dancers they called the troopers in to disperse us. When u see Ohio state troopers, trust me, u need to disperse. U don’t get that at Dso. I can be a freak for 4 hours and sweat and be free and no ones recording me like they have at deadco. No one likes to spin around and see a dude videoing u. So I just thread drifted badly, but just thinking about shows as I typed brought a lot of joy to me. Thinking about me and goingbacktowhere each having our own 15x15 platform to dance on solo in Providence is a cherished memory I’ll never forget. Even thinking of the drunk guy after the show trying to start a fight with the nitrous mafia was funny. Seeing MC trying to break up the fight to keep the Dso scene positive now seems chivalrous. At the time I thought he was an idiot trying to intervene in a fight in the middle of the street downtown providence with cars stopping etc. this was even 1 time the nitrous mafia was chilled. Dude was trying to attack them and they just ignored him...mostly. He took a punch but they said just leave. Dude got crazy lucky. He just kept coming back to fight them. Mc may have saved dude a stabbing. Luckily the Uber finally got there so we could get the fuck to the hotel. How many crazy stories do I now have because of this. My mind now has so many outs when feeling sad. I can reflect on so many great times and flip that switch in my head to happy. Great friends and great music. The best entertainment combo in life!! Love u guys
  8. Your 2017

    Waiting for Sml to give us his tally. I’m guessing 68?? I was just about tied for the lead after Birmingham as April Midwest was prob only tour segment this year he did none of. Lets hear it, champ. Also curious what MC is gonna have as his final tally. I’d have to guess I was prob 3rd after those MC and sml. Bix had a big year too. He may be above me. Saw him at every big weekend.
  9. The Anthem

    Lol. I had no clue you were there. That place is so massive, forget about running into everyone you know. We had a hard time locating people in our group. No cell service in that venue took us back to an older time where you did this thing called searching. It’s whete you don’t have a phone and have to look for people. It was really strange. How did I not die with no phone in my youth. Staff was super cool. I mean weed is legal in DC and staff could give 2 shits about people lighting up. I saw several light up during rainy day women, but I was thinking shows over guys lol. I think that song was chosen partly b/c politicians need to get stoned and weeds legal in DC.
  10. 12/2/17 - The Anthem, DC

    If they did 3 in a row at the anthem for New Years, that would be epic. We had a badass embassy suites a few miles away for cheap But think they would have to guarantee a sellout or close to be able to book New Years there. With 6k capacity, the anthem will want to max their revenues with a sellout when people are gorging on alcohol.
  11. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    Bama was 1 loss and was ranked 1 all year and hands down best team. They consistently destroyed all opposition. Ohio State lost by 30 to Iowa and was sketchy throughout the season and they lost 2. The committee said it wasn’t even close on who was gonna get 4th. Florida State was a contender before bama takes out their QB. They beat LSU miss state a&m. Then they beat teams like Vandy ole miss and Tennessee by 160 points combined. They allowed I think 8 defensive TDS in 9 power 5 games until they lost their linebackers and played miss state and auburn. Their average margin of victory was biggest in the nation. Only 1 win was within 1 score with a minute left. Besides auburn and Miss state, they were up by a min of 2 scores with a minute left. That’s handling business with consistency.
  12. Your 2017

    This was the best years of my life funwise, so I wanted to throw out a post. I got to see 37 DSO shows(41 in last 12 months), 5 Deadco, 1 JGB show and 1 Stu Allen with rob b and both Dso drummers in Berkeley. Saw DSO in 16 different states!!! Had the time of my life. Did my 1st west coast run of any type ever. Flew to Colorado twice. The gf got 25 Dso and 5 deadco and she’s become a full blown deadhead which I’m very proud of and it makes shit a helluva lot easier. I had 5 round trip flights covering around 10k miles and drive prob another 10k, got to do jazz fest, do the 1st Dso legal weed tour for 2 weeks in February which was very surreal. I think only 1 show on their winter tour wasn’t a legal weed state. I made many more lifelong friends and my mind is filled with so many funny and fantastic memories from this year. I can’t count how many times I’ve cried laughing on tour this year. Luckily the gf is a picture taker so we can look back at the good times and solidify those memories in our mind, as I’m bad about that(took 4 pics last weekend and all were of the anthem). Next year won’t be as big, but I’ll cherish the memories of this year the rest of my life. Love you all!!
  13. Red Rocks 2018!!

    Im thinking of booking a couple suites in Denver Saturday night and doing a dead cover band at beonkey’s and driving to redrocks the next day.
  14. We got B2B lovelights this weekend. Pig then bobby style and both were amazing. You guys just smoked us this weekend. So glad I came. Those were some special shows. Has to be the weekend of the year for seeing Dso shows. I mean was that not the best b2b shows maybe they’ve ever done. 68 then a monster in the best indoor music venue in the country. That place was the music equivalent of a new billion dollar football stadium. If you got closer than 40-50ft from the stage your eardrums could hardly take it. It fucking boomed!!
  15. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

    Wow these will be some toss up games. Bamas got to switch Qb’s. Hurts is an absolute scrub. This is prob the most even playoffs there have ever been and IMO a complete tossup. 3 great defensive teams and a great offensive team. I think Oklahoma has the toughest road just because their defense sucks and your offense won’t always click. Oklahoma is a 1.5 pt fav over Georgia and Clemson bama is a pickem. Wow. Total spread b/t the 2 games is 1.5 points lol. Id take Clemson in the pickem game. No clue on the other. This ain’t the bama of 4 weeks ago that allowed 40yds rushing a game. Their linebacker corps was decimated. Even with all their talent, u lose your top 4 linebackers and you aren’t the same and it showed vs miss st and auburn.