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  1. I see my 1st year camping neighbors several times a year at shows. We all survived that weekend with just minimal injuries. It did rot my tent but I submitted a fema claim and they sent 3 contractors to assess the damage. They billed the gov $1200 and just gave me a sewing kit they valued at $500 but Walmart has for $2. Of course that’s not a real story besides the neighbors part. We do see them at Dso shows and saw them at bobby and Phil.
  2. Lol just saw this post and assumed it was about THE Zion lol. When I put Zion in a search window it pops up Williamson, nba draft, Duke, shoe, dunks.
  3. Rude

    SE Spring Tour

    I don’t think I’ve hardly seen a show in the last year you weren’t at. I love how you’ve picked up the pace, not that you ever really slowed down.
  4. If you watched the masters it’s how you make America great again. No phones allowed. We are missing the peace associated with tuning in. Tech is going to lead to the next evolutionary step in the homo sapien and it will be a fast jump as society all stares at a screen hours a day. Babies will eventually be hardwired to be able to stare at screens 16 hours a day. Our eyes and thumbs will evolve. I predict an additional thumb joint to make texting easier.
  5. I go with friends but we all do our thing. Heck me and the gf go different spots now. She knows to find me at the back plus it’s hard to miss me. I’m the beacon. If I stand on my toes I look like a mic stand.
  6. That’s the best site. Use that when we are super bored to find a band within 4 hours lol.
  7. That medeskis mad skillet was freaking cool. Tuba for their bass. Takes a lot more energy to play tuba the speed of playing a guitar.
  8. Wow free whole fest webcast. We contemplated doing this months ago but it’s too close to jazz fest and the weather seems to always be sketchy during this fest. I think Doc went to see Dso last year and danced in the rain for hours.
  9. You’d need a good jazz band to do the Saunders and Jerry stuff. I’m a fan of traditional jazz and that’s as close as any of the boys got to doing it. Some of those 73 Jerry and merl shows had 20+ minute segments of instrumental traditional jazz. They went deep. On etree there are a bunch of 4 song shows here and there. I’m guessing many of the reels just disappeared and that’s all they dug up.
  10. You flying solo means no Jerry band ;). Sort of surprised Dso not doing a Jerry set this year. Those noon shows are a great way to start the day. Every Sunday at home we make a big breakfast and put on Jerry band and it’s the perfect way to start a lazy Sunday. Unless....Dso is doing a Jerry band show for one of theirs??? Gimme!!
  11. Rude

    Jazz fest

    Anyone doing any of it this year? It will be weird b/c last 2 years we went we hung with several peeps we met through Dso. This year I don’t know if anyone’s going. We will be at axial tilt and prob do Grateful shred after that on Friday night if can hold up. Doing Monday-Sunday. 3 days of daze between should be a perfect warmup for the big weekend.
  12. Rude

    20Years DSO

    It jumps from show 1773 to 1775. It’s a mystery that will never be solved. Wasn’t that the show they played New Orleans for the 1st time?
  13. No Jerry band on Sunday makes me sad. That no loud music after midnight is some BS. Dumpstaphunk is way too early. Will be seeing their 2am show with galactic in a few weeks in Nola. That’s an appropriate time for funk. Well any time is appropriate for funk. I like my funk uncut. I don’t want my funk stepped on.
  14. I only fly 1st class and Spirit doesn’t offer 1st class on domestic so this doesn’t help me. If no 1st class options I just charter a small jet. It lets me fly in and out at my leisure which makes travel so much nicer. And of course I carry a 3 ounce bottle of grey poupon whenever I fly.
  15. I didn’t mean Columbus can’t go further. Just referring to the fact that they swept the team with the most wins in the history of the NHL and did it bigly. You don’t win 62 games and then get outscored 19-8. Preds vs Columbus in the finals and hopefully the magic turns into a curse. Preds are due!!
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