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  1. A Little Help?

    The country's president, sorry. And I'm sorry you believe that I would accept anything Hillary did and if you think and democrat on the boards here which are likely the majority would accept Hillary raping kids you are insane. This whole thing has been as much about character as it has been policy. She might have been flawed but she did nothing to the level trump has. What did she do?? Use a private email server like all the current trump people are doing to hide their shit? Not sure where u really stand at all. I try to be a force for good and equality because that is the only way we survive. Trump followers which I admit are way fewer now, believe they must divide the country to concentrate their power. It's an us vs them for these people. They believe the only hope is to eliminate Mexicans who are a threat to their future elections. They knew that if Hillary won it was over because the electorate was becoming more and more democrat. This is their last stand. It's why they demonize education. When kids face diversity of thought they tend to lose these alt right views of blacks all being criminals and Mexicans job stealers and rapists. Their only shot is to get all the people out that can pop out American citizen babies. They will crash it all down if they must as we've seen by attacks on trade deals which are good for us no matter what the crazies say.
  2. JGB - The current iteration

    Zach does imitate Jerry as good as anyone I've ever seen. Not saying he's the best Jerry I've seen but his sound is the closest I've seen with his equipment etc. I can't tell if he plays Jerry or feels Jerry. Mattson feels Jerry. But zach plays 80/90 Jerry band Jerry phenomenally. Wow jgb charging 37.50 at UC theater? Guess they wanted to assure dance room for everyone. Barely 150 showed for them in Denver. Uc theater is massive.
  3. A Little Help?

    Oh and there is no such thing as an American civil war. It would be called world war as it would collapse every economy on earth. Every country would be destabilized and the fight for food would begin. If American industry stopped world unemployment would shoot to 50%. Militias would invade Canada for food and resources. Nukes would likely eventually fly as the best option for leaders would be to bunker it for years. It would lead to billions of deaths. Genocide would happen in every country. No one ever takes shit down the line to its conclusion.
  4. A Little Help?

    The ruling faction has been seeing the seeds of civil war for years. Google KY governor calls for civil war and read his whole speech. Keep telling enough lies and the uneducated will believe them. Tell those uneducated that your life will end with a democrat and they will take up arms. Tell them that their religion will be taken away. Tell them lies how the 1% Muslims will install the new religion. Tell them obviously whatever you want as they seem to believe everything these days. Truth is now lies. Quotes are always misrepresented. Everyone is out to get them. The Mexicans and blacks will take over. Whites will be oppressed how they oppressed others(now that would be scary). How can you not take up arms if you believe this? Your idiot president is pounding these things down your throat. He wants victory or destruction. It's always his MO. If he can't have it he wants no one to. When I'm rooting on the side of republican far right senators to keep it in check then you know shits gone off the rails. I don't think anyone ever had said ted Cruz is the voice of reason but if we could go back I think many here would register as republican just to get that crazy in office as he's only politically crazy and not actually mentally ill crazy. Every democrat I know would be happy with pence taking the reigns to stop more permanent damage like these trade agreements that keep our economy chugging along. I'm sure many of you don't even know the long term damage that canceling the TPP is going to do to our economy. We are talking 1 million lost jobs a year because of this. No one even knows about this. Budgetary offices have reduced our economic growth by .3% a year starting in several years because of the long term damage from us not being in this trade deal. We can't go back to the economy of 1980. It's gone. We are in a new era. We can't save industries. Those companies like many of my clients who used to produce things have to change. 1 client went from printing into service. They cant compete with Chinese printing so they adapted and survived. They won't ever print again and don't want to. That has passed. Pandering to the unskilled has never made for a great economy. The unskilled always take the worst jobs. These jobs always change. It seems like there's no common sense anymore.
  5. A Little Help?

    Uhhh sunny there is gun control already. It's why you can't own a nuke or rocket launcher. Both are considered arms and looking st the 2nd amendment you would think a local militia could own them. If it's ok to regulate machine guns then why isn't it ok to regulate guns only used for killing people? An ar-15 is a people killer. It's why our military uses the auto version of it. It's the best people killer or we'd use a better one. When anyone can skirt automatic weapon laws with a simple fix to make a gun a mass murder machine and 1 party is so blinded by fear of having all weapons taken that no discussion can take place, we need to look at who we are as a people. When rural idiots say u ain't gonna take my guns when no one is trying to take their guns, we have an issue. When legal gun owners all pass background checks to buy guns and they are against universal background checks, we are getting into plain ignorance. But now isn't the time to have a gun debate. You should never look at fixes after a catastrophe except for everything but mass shootings. We have given up all privacy for a minimal terror threat that has killed 20 people a year over 15 years but we will give up nothing over 10k gun murders a year. That's what you call being owned by corporations.
  6. A Little Help?

    War on drugs created a multi billion dollar industry. People have always fought for money. Millions die in wars about power and land. The war on drugs gave the poor a chance to become rich if they were ruthless enough. Many had nothing to lose. No education. No money. No hope. Selling crack on a corner could net them a few hundred a day. But there are limited corners so people fought for the land. The inner city violence is directly associated with the war on drugs. The heavier the prison sentences, the more likely someone was to use a gun on the cops. If you are facing a week in jail you wouldn't shoot a cop. Facing 25 years if you got caught means you won't be taken down without a fight. America has had a long history of violence anyway. America was completely undeveloped just a few hundred years ago. We had to create everything. In a fledgling civilization there are always violent struggles for gold. We had no established justice system like every country in Europe. The west was lawless for 100 years. You had to carry a gun or be easy prey for others. On another note, the NRA was an early supporter of background checks. That was when they were funded through member contributions. Now they the gun lobby. They donated 30mil to the trump campaign. 30 million. They aren't about hunters and sportsmen anymore. They are about profits for the gun companies that fill their coffers. They were behind the legislation to make silencers no longer have to go through class 3 paperwork and fees. What's weird is I haven't heard alex jones say Las Vegas was a hoax or a false flag....yet. He said sandy hook never happened. Legislation was going to be passed legalizing silencers as gun companies needed another revenue stream. Forget about any gun control or safety legislation being enacted in the next 15 years. The house is too gerrymandered for that to happen. The silliest thing about the 2nd amendment and maybe the most scary is taking up arms against a tyrannical gov. The founding fathers never imagined tomahawk missiles or Abrams tanks or stealth bombers when they put that in the bill of rights because there is no fighting the government even if you had thousands of automatic weapons. There will be a drone watching you and your posse as the bomb falls on top of you. Just the thought of civil war is frightening. I see so many far right sites that seem to glorify splitting and warring people who disagree and even the mental midget governor of Kentucky stated that if Hillary had won that blood may have to be spilled to save the country. It seems like fun and games to these nuts. It's funny they like to call themselves patriots as they attack the American way of life. The scariest thing is that a crazy person holds our destiny in his hands. If he lost he had already laid the seeds for a revolt. If he runs again and loses then says if whoever takes office they will (insert nonsense statement here) if you don't stand up and fight. I think the definition of patriot has changed in America. For 20 years or so the far right has coined this phrase "real America" which means republican rural America. The funny thing is New York and Philly are more America than anywhere. They were the founding cities. The majority of the population is in cities but since all major economic hubs all vote democrat they are demonized. Humans are so dumb if told the same lie over and over they begin to believe it. I mean the fake news media is actiallly the real news and the actual fake news like Alex jones is praised by our authoritian leader. But say it enough and people believe it. Tell them that Dems will destroy their country and idiots will take up guns. Our ex national security advisor Flynn helped push a story that Hillary Clinton was running a child slavery ring under a pizza parlor. Only an idiot would believe that. Well a guy takes a gun in that pizza parlor to free hillarys sex slaves. These people are the dangerous ones. The ones with their talk radio and their conspiracy theories and nonsense lies with the dumbest Americans with the most guns listening. The ones who really believe Hillary would come door to door taking guns and would probably put your kids in a child sex ring under some catfish restaurant.
  7. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    Mission Tix/ fan club are for will call. They say this is NOT a ticket. You have to have ID and the printed mission tix "ticket" is irrelevant as you have to pick up your actual ticket at the box office and you need your ID. I only keep 1 of the mission tix in case they cant find my ticket under the fan club list at the will call. If I know there will be a long line at will call or venues that suck for getting will call, I will do the venue tickets. And JJ, you dont need the fan club ticket to pick up your ticket. It wont get the associated ticket anyway. You are on a list.
  8. NFL 2017-18

    NFL is a brutal sport to repeat in. Look at the Cowboys schedule. Would be hard for a very good team to get in the playoffs with that schedule, much less a team with problems. We will go 9-7 missing the playoffs but getting an easier schefule next year and the 16th pick which will let Jerry Jones draft some elite player who had his leg run over by a tractor and is in traction. He will decide to let all free agents go and just sign 15 rookie free agents and pay the failing offensive line 20mil per player. He's worrying about players standing for the anthem but could care less about zeke being fat and out of shape. If you watch him run this year you will see he's not running hard and initiating contact like last year. He's not hitting holes fast. His average is only above 3 yards a carry because of defenses messing up 1 play a game.
  9. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    It was hilarious when Rob B got up and said this show was played 45 years to the day here at the taft theater 10-31-71 LOL. He made sure to reiterate "to the day" twice. I was like did I lose the month of October and then was like it would be 46 years. I heard guys in the bathroom say OMG this was 45 years ago today. Cracked me up. He even fooled several others who see lots of shows. Made for a few good laughs after. Cotter told me at the taft after the show that Pig was sick 10-30 so Keith played keys. I was confused as to why no organ in the 71 show. Next night in Columbus they had the exact same setup. Keys with the old Gibson guitar and bass. Im like they are doing 10-31-71 tonight. the 10-30-71 was in cincy then the 10-31-71 was in columbus so it made sense(even though the dead had lots of repeats in that era). Then as the band came on, they added the lisa mic lol. I think they want to fuck with people like me who get too cocky trying to analzye the show from the setup and make me look bad talking to people around me. Its not paranoia if your brain says its true!!! OH and after that horrible sound at the HoB, it was so refreshing to be in this theater with fantastic accoustics. Too bad dso is playing the riverside and not the Pabst. The Pabst has sound as good as any Ive ever heard.
  10. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    It was an insane 2nd verse intro. Rob and the bass bombs hitting around the same time was a mind blower. We went from out in jam space back to lyrics without the time to process.
  11. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    And note that Smail will never read this as he's solely focused on setlists and music and has zero time to banter. He's currently analyzing and cataloguing cryptical suites for transition notes, length of parts, drum solo length if any, other one jam analysis, and finally cryptical reprises. Note that smail is very secretive about his discertation but is solely focused on the task ahead. No need to look backwards. The setlist was just for the less evolved out there. Now it's on to Michigan. Must...stay....focused.
  12. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    He prefers to be called Smail.
  13. I love that Smail kid who posts all the setlists too. It's like snail but with an M. SML is not initials but short for the word smail.
  14. 10/05/17 Cleveland, OH Fall

    Great show. Never knew the dead did valley road. Knew it a little from classic rock radio stations but no clue the dead did it. Googled the song at set break and said Bruce Hornsby and the range so knew was a 90 show prob after seeing that. I personslly think DSO's personal style of the members is more like 80/90s shows. They are harder edge with more distorted, loud finales. I look forward to these shows more than other eras because I think DSO likes to get loud ant blow it out. Start every 2nd set with HSF and I'm happy