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  1. Earth Day 2018

    They should call it Human day. The earth will survive regardless but we may not.
  2. Summer Tour Dates Up!!!!

    I’d bet the bank that there will Be fall Midwest. I don’t see Dso going 18 months without a Chicago show and I think 9/2017 was last one there. Evansville would be fun for a nice up and back. LocAl shows like St. Louis, Louisville, Evansville and Nashville are always fun to be able to sleep in my own bed after. That Evansville theater had great sound and solid attendance considering the last second venue change. I’d bet they come back there within the next year or so. You need to get the word out with you being an elder and all in the dead community
  3. Earth Day 2018

    I’m celebrating 4/20 by going to super troopers 2 . But in honor of earth day I’ll sneak in an aluminum beer can then recycle it in the trash can.
  4. Wanee

    The gf tried to talk me into it after Savannah. I’m like we don’t have camping gear with us and I’m in a boot at a fest with lots of walking....
  5. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Me and my buddies all got lifetime here
  6. Masters

    We got to enjoy Friday and Saturday fully before the Dso shows but the early Sunday DSO start didn’t let us see the finish. Patrick Reed was the best player all week and deserved the win even though spieth played out of his mind Sunday. But when spieth tied reed, reed responded with a birdie. He was clutch and didn’t buckle. Tiger still has a ways to go before he has a shot at winning a major. Unfortunately he had his best rounds later in the weekend so no one had to hear the crowd explosions a few holes behind them. I don’t care what anyone says, no one is immune to the pressure of Tiger closing in on the lead. We will never again see a player like him. When leading after 54 holes, Tiger won the tourney 95% of the time. That’s the most insane golf stat ever. Something like 2 of 43 tourneys when leading going into Sunday, Tiger relinquished the lead. The most mind mind boggling thing I saw was Tony Finau make 6 straight birdies and barely missed 7 straight on 18. That’s insane. Several of those holes you just play for par and he birdied them all. Nuts.
  7. JG heard that Rob is back

    long version
  8. JG heard that Rob is back

    I never get tired of that video. Love how the crowd goes crazy over Jerry imitating Bobby. 3/24/87 FYI. Theres a long video of it on YouTube
  9. Wilmington

    So pulled out my deadbase to check years played. This definitely could have been a 73 show. 1. Here comes sunshine 31 times in 73. 1x in 74. Not again til the 90s 2. You ain’t woman enough. Only 15x total and all in 73. All other songs were played in 73 many times if not mostly in 73. I was looking for any chink in the armor of my 73 analysis at the show as it’s one of my fav years and Dso went full trickery Mode on this show. There was nothing out of place that could have given it away. I get tricked a lot but this was one that was sneaky.
  10. Savannah 4-17

    I spell it tembucctuoue but that’s just me.
  11. Savannah 4-17

    Question for you dead computers. I thought t for Texas started mid/late 78 so when I heard the Fire but no t for Texas minglewood I thought early 78, but read something that t for Texas wasn’t sung until August 79. I could swear it was 78 they started that verse. This was also the 2nd 40yr show this tour even though off by a day and was told Wilmington was supposed to be another 40yr show(to do 3 straight 40yr shows) but the storm that luckily stalled flipped it to a 73 style original.
  12. Savannah 4-17

    This was a pre Tea for Texas but early enough in 78 for a Scarlett fire. Was a tad confusing whether it was a recreation or not. The place got down. Was lots of room and when you give deadheads open carry booze and lots of space there’s gonna be a party. The gf helped carry an older lady out of the bar to her car who was wasted. If we didn’t need to head west, I feel like I should have gotten really drunk walking around all the squares with a bottle in my hand. Was a very drunk crowd but in a good way. It’s hard to explain. Was drunk Dancers not drunk talkers. The whole place just let loose. The percentage of Dancers who threw down completely was as high as I’ve ever seen it. It was Dso’s 1st show ever in Savannah and the people responded. Whoever was asking for a seedier area, this was easily the most shady I’ve ever been to a show in. They posted security across the street to watch a grass lot and the street where we parked. The gas station adjacent to the venue had burnt out cars that had been there for many years taking up a chunk of the lot. But...we hung out in this grass lot a few hours before the show in the most glorious weather ever. I was joking that the people slowly cruising by us inspecting us were like “this neighborhood is going to shit ;)”. Security kept an eye on us not for doing anything but to make sure we weren’t shot. We were thinking The stage on Bay was going to have boats behind it in a fancy area. It was actually abbreviated from the long name of the Stage in Bay Street projects. All that silliness being said, it was a blast for all involved. No one was hassled. Security helped wasted people to cars. You get a vibe of every city you visit and this town had that vibe of every night 1 person in a group will have to be carried out of the bars and no one thinks twice about this. I wish I could have gotten drunk walking around but alas I kicked it past Atlanta to motivate home. What a fun run. I’m filled with awesome vibes. My cup runneth over. See many of you at jubilee and a few of you sooner.
  13. Savannah 4-17

    Huntington Civic Center, Huntington, WV (4/16/78) Jack Straw Dire Wolf Cassidy Peggy-O Mexicali Blues Mama Tried They Love Each Other New Minglewood Blues Scarlet Begonias Fire on the Mountain Samson and Delilah Ship of Fools Estimated Prophet Eyes of the World drums Iko Iko Sugar Magnolia U.S. Blues F: Box white rabbit
  14. Spring Tour

    I’m stalling dealing with work clients. Heading to Atlanta after show then home by 2pm tomorrow. Clients are stressing I won’t mske deadlines. A tad tad bummed that savannah is indoors. A pic looked like it was an outdoors show and was just informed it’s indoors :/. Wilmington outdoors was glorious. Nothing better than communing with my peeps under the stars. My parents were like is everyone always this friendly? I’m like it’s one reason we are on the bus. The concept of people refusing money for a ticket was completely foreign to them. If it wasn’t sold out we’d have purchased tix to support the band but at their only show that communal aspect made it a little more special.
  15. Raleigh 4/14

    After this show it made me question my comments earlier where I thought I personally liked JGB better. I think the rareness was what I really enjoyed hearing many tunes I’ve never seen live, and this show showed me I’m a true GDhead. I was in heaven, drenched with sweat, dancing with great friends to just an epic GD setlist. I’m like could you have crafted a better setlist? The only retort was the dead could have played something besides JBG as the encore lol. Besides that this show had monster dancers then a mind bender TOO. Back left was a mass of 40 people of all different ages dancing like 12yr olds who just guzzled 6 mountain dews. From 25-70, everyone was feeding off everyone else in a mass of energy. We joked how only deadheads could dance that wild and never bump into anyone else. Deadheads are the only people who sense people walking through the crowd and time their back off then come back as soon as they pass. I’m calling it dance premonition. When you don’t have this, it’s called a mosh pit. We definitely don’t dance any easier than moshers. We just move into open space and then back out as others weave towards us. It’s a symphony of sorts.