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  1. It sucks that tour and many other events are cancelled for the next few weeks. It also sucks that my work trip to St. Pete got cancelled. I want all of us to be healthy, and I also want and hope that the weather warms up and perhaps it helps mitigate the virus and maybe by then, the Jubilee will be a chance for all of us to get back outside and together to celebrate life together. Stay healthy, friends
  2. Yes I've been checking every 5 minutes to see if the setlist was available.
  3. I can't wait to catch a "believe it or not"
  4. Gotta admit. I’ve went through feverish neurotic episodes with specific Shows and tours from most years (1967-1991 specifically), but 1976 fails to excite me. I know the cool jams that are unique to some shows that year, but overall, it’s my least favorite.
  5. I forgot about that one. I was there! They wouldn’t let us out of the venue at set break- but awesome show, and awesome jam out of Terrapin
  6. I last saw Desolation Row by DSO in February 2012
  7. After Further Fest Others Ones tour in 1998, we left Shoreline and ended up driving north. After cruising through the mountains on I-5, our car broke down and we pulled into Ashland, Oregon. We parked on Water street, and slept there until we got the car fixed and made our way up to Mt. Ashland. I loved that town. I went back in subsequent years for stints here and there. At one point in early september of 1998, there were like 40-60 "backpackers" and tour kids sleezing around town at the same time. Sounds like a fun show...
  8. For Dead 50, I didn't initially score tickets when they went on sale, so I cancelled my rooms and my plans for Chicago and went to North Carolina. My touring friends also missed their tickets, so we invited all our old tour friends to their cabin in the middle of 70 acres of the forest in Western North Carolina, set up a big screen, got a concert PA system, and streamed those concerts for a three night gathering. It was really the most fun anyone could have. No regrets.
  9. Saw Billy Strings in Lexington last night. Sold out the Manchester Music Hall. Last time in Lexington he was in a small club. This time decent sized hall. Awesome show. Wish I could have gone on to Louisville tonight!
  10. Fresh set list! Love it!
  11. I want to go on record and say that I'd love to hear Here Comes Sunshine at a future jubilee/show. Still not caught one.
  12. Just secured my ticket. Doing VIP again. As usual, crazy year and I can't wait to get out and about find some grooves for a few days.
  13. I totally dropped the ball on these ticks
  14. I started touring in 1997 with Bob and Phil, and the Quintet was a top favorite-I loved the spring, summer, and fall 2001 tours. Wish I could make it for this just to see them one last time. Looks great! Those tickets are dang pricey tho! Have a good time
  15. Wow! I love Daniel Lanois. His shows are rare.
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