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  1. Yes! See, Rude. Bamboo straws (amazon) are fantastic; I take mine everywhere along with chopsticks so no plastic cutlery. Who cares if you lost one. It’s composting, then.
  2. PoetryGirl

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Compass card is spinningHelm is swinging to and froOh, where is the Dog Star? I Oh, where's the moon?
  3. yeah, like taking your meal plan money for spring semester and buying tour tickets for Spring Break.
  4. PoetryGirl

    My first dead$co show

    I think Dead and Co HSF from Citi Field 2 is waaaaayyyyyyy psychedelic . I can hear it now - one would say, let’s crush it, hand motions and all, like William Perry flattening a soda can. The other, let’s play other dead songs and not compete- both be outstanding like two fine Bordeaux glasses of wine, each with their finer attributes, maybe one is preferred or not, still both an excellent pairing to a soft cheese and cracker. JK... they wouldn’t do any of that at all
  5. Negativity whispered in her ear, “ you aren’t strong enough to weather the storm”. Today she iwhispered into negativity’s ear,” I AM THE STORM”.
  6. PoetryGirl

    Fall Tour

    hell no. He’d pay his own way.
  7. PoetryGirl

    Fall Tour

    Aeronautical engineeering. Non specific engineering Clemson or Ga Tech will be fantastic, preferably Clemson. My father’s education was superior; it helped him perfect the kidney dialysis machine, develop a fiber German company had worked on without success 2 years. He’s got it going on. Sorry for thread drift- Rude! You led me down the path. I blame you.
  8. PoetryGirl

    Fall Tour

    And oh wow- look like we’re gonna stop at SLU for son’s engineering aspirations- may get a 2fer.. We can experience some real St Louis drumming 😜 with a side of ooey gooey cake.
  9. PoetryGirl

    Fall Tour

    Looks like I’ll get a DSO bday show as we drive out to CO! Man, I love it when the universe makes a plan for me. 😄 See ya Louisville!
  10. PoetryGirl

    My first dead$co show

    Listened to the half time show. The secret phone line lol - On the Golden Road the announcers have the silkiest most chill but enthusiastic voices. Perfect. Sugar Mag start.... then a later Sunshine Daydream? Do you think it extreme to split it Up between nights? Leave ya teased, wanting more, too much? Does New Speedway start make you think Truckin is coming? This tour has had the Other One weaving in and out. Have you noticed?? Holy crap- that Help On the Way 🔥and Slipknot had some great insanity in it!!😜 My post didn’t matriculate into the feed last night. Oh well - Happy Fathers Day to all the guys, fathers and uncles .All those kind masculine qualities that bring such beautiful grounding of the heart in youngsters, to that, a hearty Thank you.
  11. PoetryGirl

    My first dead$co show

    Now wait a minute, Chester. Never the intention- just noticed it wasn’t as strong as I’d seen and prolly, maybe cuz Atlanta was so on the top. I mean, I can go like I’m in my twenties cuz I am in my head and feel good about it until the next day. And I am like wtf, and realize oh yeah, I was acting like a rockstar yesterday. I am not a hater. Bob is amazing. Truly a bright light, treasured for so many many reasons. PS it could be been the sound too- his voice sounds stronger on the nugs.net recording.
  12. PoetryGirl

    Now Listening...

    4/3/90 Atlanta let me stand next to your fire.
  13. PoetryGirl

    My first dead$co show

    Maybe it was just that night after Deer Creek and Atlanta ..... I’ve seen him roar like the young Bobby, too! You never can tell ;))
  14. PoetryGirl

    My first dead$co show

    I enjoyed going to the show. We drove up early enough to get a shady spot behind Shakedown and hung out. Roaming brass band was fun. People playing tambourine and drums close by. Saw a vendor from Jubilee among the many. Great friends were around 💖 It was HOT! I mean 90 degrees gets sticky. I watched the band and the pit - Pockets of groovy people but the majority just stood during the dancing parts. That has to be boring. Vibe plays a big role in a performance I think. Right ???? Half time there was a guy saying - smile. Why aren’t you smiling ?? The scene is more of a mixed bag compared to old days. I made eye contact with Mayer and Mickey probably because we were dancing and clearly enjoying the music. I mean, I even like a complement every now and then for my work.... “ That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” 😂 um... can’t make you you smile and laugh- it’s a job hazard for us both. Dentistry. I don’t like it either. Highlights for me- - . Bertha-> Birdsong reprise. Estimated. The Wheel - the PENCILED in 💎 on the soles of her shoes - super jazzy and a quiet cutting loose—sexy layering of rhythms into Dear Prudence. I’ll take that all day long. I loved it. PS Bobby’s voice seemed tired .... I’ve seen him up close 8 times now. Sorry — Bobby fans are people too.
  15. PoetryGirl

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    I like taking long soak in the bathtub some days instead of a quick shower.