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  1. Random thoughts and randomness in general

    https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/videos/420-history-origin-w519346?platform=hootsuite it was a quest!
  2. Wanee

    Reading that setlist , I am hungry again. ......and I just had a 5 course meal!! Darn it. 😜
  3. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    One little piggie ate pizzaOne little piggie ate potato chips
  4. Earth Day 2018

    Interesting show I saw on climate change. Graphs of CO2 levels for the past 60 years measured at Marina Loa correlate with trapped CO2 levels released and measured from ice cores taken at Antarctica. They have extended that graph measuring changes for the past 800,000 years, depicting rises and falls in CO2 levels. However, nothing in the record matches the high levels of CO2 we have now. The temperature record derived from ocean floor samples that look at shells’ growth also closely correlated with the CO2 graphs. This consistent match through thousands of years gives a picture that yes, increases in CO2 cause increased temps. However, we haven’t experienced quite the repercussions you’d expect from our production. Why? The trees are a huge repository for excess CO2, absorbing great quantities. The ocean is absorbing the heat. 3000 Dara diving robotis have been deployed that descend to 3k then 6k and slowly resurface gathering a myriad of data. In the South Seas ocean water appears to surface having been in currents on the ocean floor since the Industrial Revolution. This super cool water is our heat sink. It has already absorbed the 18 1/2 degrees the Earth should have warmed by now. How much long can we stress our planet without some change? The weather will give that report. They estimate the Earth is giving us 50% reduction. We have to figure out how to meet Mother Earth half way.
  5. Earth Day 2018

    Happy Earth Day! This year’s theme is ending plastic pollution. Say no to straws. Find places that will use your to go containers. It seems overwhelming but we are in a sea of plastic that is polluting our seas. Here is a link to the Earth Day founder’s call to action. https://www.ecowatch.com/earth-day-2018-denis-hayes-2561473004.html Amazon has organic bamboo straws and stainless steel ones too! I will be dancing at our local celebration a hula called E Ku’u Sweet Lei that anchors the energy of your kuleana or responsibility to oneself. Also teaching Ka Uhane Nui which celebrates the elements of the Earth and the breath of life with humble heart created when a kumu in my lineage visited the Native Americans and was inspired by the common respect for our Earth. Cheers!
  6. Summer Tour Dates Up!!!!

    Aug 17-18 Just announced for Pisgah!
  7. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Pouring off the page like it is was written in my soul from you to me
  8. Red Rocks 2018

    I think this is poster is the ultimate fan poster!! Don’tcha agree DSO needs THIS format for the Red Rocks commemorative poster?? Nothing says you are a rock star like physical stats and birthdates on a poster.
  9. Savannah 4-17

    How do you spell Timbuctoo? Do you prefer the French way, Tomboctou?
  10. Savannah 4-17

    11/8/78 : first T for Texas lyric I found played at the Capitol theater as the song stretched out from a consistent 5-6 min mark throughout the year to 9:28 min. From White Gum site: John L Yarbro, Jr. sent me an email with additional background:
  11. Now Listening...

    8/21/72 GSET
  12. Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    Favorite road trip of the year ! The Westvalia caravan of Scarlet and Hurdy Gerty is heading up to set up Camp Aloha lounge in VIP again. First year we drove her up the locusts had hatched in WV and we thought there was something wrong with the van for a bit. Lol. The way your mind plays tricks when in uncharted territory.
  13. Spring Tour

    Wanee is just a stone throws away- I think you should go for that gold ring!
  14. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    The bells were not for me
  15. 4-13 Charlotte

    That’s crazy!!