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    2/20/10 Neighborhood Theater, Charlotte, NC ???? LIG
    #2238. 8/15/13 PBC, Black Mtn 6/11/76
    #2239. 8/16/13 PBC, Black Mtn, NC. Original
    #2294. 2/14/14. Fillmore, Charlotte, NC. Original
    #2295. 2/15/14. Orange Peel, Asheville, NC. 11/7/85
    #2312. 4/04/14. HOB, San Diego, CA. 4/9/91
    #2313. 4/05/14. El Rey, LA, CA. Original
    #2314. 4/06/14. Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA. 6/20/74
    #2327. 5/17/14. Capitol Theater. 9/12/81
    #2367 8/15/14 PBC, Blk Mtn 9/20/91
    #2368. 8/16/14. PBC , Blk Mtn, NC. Elective
    #2399 12/28/12 The National, Richmond, VA 6/14/76
    2/19/15 Orange Peel, Asheville, NC 5/3/69
    #2417 2/21/15 The Ritz, Raleigh, NC Original
    #2437 5/8/15 Penn's Peak, 12/06/73
    #2438 5/9/15 Penn's Peak, 11/01/79
    5/22/15 - Jubilee 6/17/76
    #2447- 5/24/15 - 4/22/69
    #2448– 5/25/15- Elective
    #2475 8/7/15 PBC, 10/1/1976
    #2476 8/8/15 PBC, elective
    #2424 2/15/16 Georgia Theater, elective
    #2426 2/18/16 Orange Peel, elective
    #2427 2/19/16 The Ritz, 3/27/87
    #2428 2/20/16 The Fillmore, 4/5/1971
    Jubilee 2016
    #2562 5/27- JGB style elective
    #2563 5/27 -3/27/87
    #2564 5/28- Elective w/ Hot Tuna folks
    #2565 5/29- 8/27/72
    #2585 8/2/16 Charlotte BB&T- Elective
    #2587 8/5/16 PBC- 6/5/69
    #2601. 9/30/16 Chicago- Elective
    #.2602 10/1/16. The Pabst- 6/29/76
    #2665 4/12/17 The Peel - 4/7/88
    #2666. 4/13/17. The Peel - Elective
    #2667. 4/14/17 Ritz - 6/23/76
    #2668. 4/15/17 CLT Fillmore 3/27/83
    #2671 4/21/17 Music Farm Cola. - Elective
    Jubilee 2017
    5/29/17- GD 5/28/77
    8/18/17 PBC- Elective
    8/19/17 PBC- 5/18/77
    9/28/17 Boulder Theater Elective
    9/29/17 Boulder Theater, 9/29/77
    9/30/17, Boulder Theater, 6/18/83
    12/28/17 Wellmont, Elective
    12/29/17, Electric Factory, 12/29/77
    12/30/17 Electric Factory, Elective
    12/31/17 Electic Factory, 80s, 70s, 60s
    4/6/18 Buckhead JGB 9/1/89
    4/7/18 Buckhead JGB 9/2/89
    4/10/18 The Peel Asheville elective
    *4/12/18 Charleston Music Hall- 3/18/78 *
    5/25/18 Jubilee-GD 6/11/93
    5/26/18 Jubilee-elective
    5/27/18Jubilee- elective
    7/8/18 Red Rocks! GD-7/8/1978
    8/17/18 PBC, BLK MTN- gd8/18/87
    8/18/18 PBC, BLK MTN- elective
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  1. PoetryGirl

    Tahoe show cancelled

    Do Las Vegas peeps know what to do in that? 20 ft this winter in Tahoe!
  2. PoetryGirl

    Tahoe show cancelled

    my friend’s post
  3. PoetryGirl

    2/7/2019 Seattle Showbox

    Ha! That set listing came off dead.net.
  4. PoetryGirl


    Really really really really really really special
  5. PoetryGirl

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 2)

    Schoolgirl 🌼
  6. “50 ways to leave your Lover” made me fall in love with drums. The mood of it is magical.
  7. PoetryGirl


    That isn’t correct from internet according to Relisten or last night No DDN/ Mountains AWBYGN encore
  8. PoetryGirl


    A beautiful vintage - full bodied with depth and character.Playful yet structured with good legs. And oh, the aroma was intoxicating . GOAT Not necessarily the order... Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Mama Tried Doin that Rag Hard to Handle Hurts Me too the Lindy New Orleans Dancing Cosmic Charlie Golden Road Oh oh my and the Donovan Mountain Jam in the Alligator.
  9. PoetryGirl


    1st set original in style of 68 or 67 I think 2nd 2/12/69 E: Lovelight
  10. PoetryGirl


    Last night’s dance zone.
  11. PoetryGirl


    I knew that was expressed as you finished, announcing the show before launching into encores as time slipped on , but it didn’t come up on Tea’s post. So thanks for clearing that up! No lowly feet 😂
  12. PoetryGirl


  13. PoetryGirl

    Portland #2

    Jeez, the Think and Cumberland were ripping! and Crazy Fingers the lovely reprieve before the keys were ripped up and laid back down in Hey Jude. I think had they played more than one line of Dear Mr Famtasy before throwing in the towel prespace it would have been an all out frenzy. Blow Away has this power of Hey Jude aka Alpine 89 where our hearts flung wide open and downloaded sunshine. and the jam was all out, pure rock and roll. Super fun to hear a different kind of first set. Kinda wordy... just my head feed. But all and all a great tapas menu. 😜
  14. PoetryGirl


    Big energy show. The opener asked for the real authentic to emerge. The first set was a good prescription and it got filled in the 2nd. The energy of music went into 5th gear, digging in to the jams again and again. It built to a fever in Fire and From the Heart of Me was the spacious beauty of cool drink, tickling the senses with rippling guitar play. Again Estimated Eyes the jams returned again and again, and thirst was persistent. The fire licking, its flames crackling at the back of my throat, unquenchable. The drums were short with native feel and I thirsted for more grounding. The big energy sweeping and stirring up the air in my chart- all five planets spinning and juggled like bowling pins. . Not until a cold libation- and the space to open up in the cozy bar scene and soar during Wharf Rat could I find a true purchase. The Sugar Mags was outrageously fun - dancing in the pocket of loose, joyous dancing which fills the soul like nothing else- a blessing from a prayer the dance lifts up and I had an endless wellspring of energy bubbling forth. My second show was a beauty in Atlanta 3/27/89 with SFEE and the energy spilled out into drum circles that year in the nook of the coliseum- Orpheus had lit a fire. I melded into the music that night finding the transformative essence this music evokes. What a treat to see Heart of Me sandwiched in the middle. Loveliness.