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  1. Spring Tour

    For us- Atlanta, Asheville , Charleston and.... Wanee. Gonna stop off on way back home from Wanee to visit where my Civil War Veteran great grandfather who survived Gettysburg in Cobb’s legion dropped dead At age 75 and left my grandfather Robert Lee, at age 3 fatherless, soon to be motherless at 5. ———-excited to see the Indian Mounds. This is where the Native American side of my family hails- my maternal great grandmother. I have talon cusps on my lateral teeth to prove it.
  2. Anaheim

    Glad y’all got the electric set. I had heard the equipment was hemmed up tight in Tahoe and might not make it there. Way to go, team DSO!! “Have faith in in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through.... no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. “
  3. Dead and co has lost their mind

    The 19 min Birdsong from Mexico is divine. Talking guitar,. 😆 Up on nugs.net. Listening for 60 day free trial. I’ve listened to it 6 times since Sunday.
  4. Dead and co has lost their mind

    Aw- so i can’t wait to see you wear it! I got you one!! I thought you’d love some knockoff dead designer wear
  5. Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    So if Kardashians are an alien race that pursue consumerism and appearance for the sake of appearance, then I want to stay human. Alien means foreign , therefore the opposite of foreign is natural. If you smile at me, I will understand 'Cause that is something Everybody everywhere does in the same language
  6. Dead and co has lost their mind

    So is it the $$$ issue? There are Louis Vuitton style baseball caps with skullfucks on it for $30. Is this a wrong message ? Looks good for potential bad weather.
  7. Dead and co has lost their mind

    Or go where the chilly winds don’t blow. That dog hunts.
  8. Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    Listening to the birds in the morning as you wake. Why ? why? It is human nature. I like being this way, feeling this way.
  9. Dead and co has lost their mind

    Evidently to one, I don’t look like a deadhead in my eco natural plant dyed hemp clothes made by small one store seamstresses. Go figure.
  10. Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    I thought aliens are supposed to be advanced. Think I’ll stay human.
  11. Dead and co has lost their mind

    Maybe the customers are in it for the gold. And you know what they say about a fool and his gold. Maybe it is the only long sleeve new shirt they bought for years because the saying in the South is better to have one nice dress than 2 cheap ones. Who knows what magical powers the wearer with pure heart would gain. I have a 10000 hell bank note I haven’t cashed in. Did I buy it? No. Did I pay for it? Well..... probably so. I just imagine there is no heaven except next door at the resort. I go to Heaven side for yoga, to swim with the fishes and have lunch. Otherwise it is the La Hacienda for me in Mexico until show time! Last night all all the boys wore all black until second set. I guess they finished mourning first set with Deal. Or maybe Billy and Oteil had a black and blue tie dye shirt and black and blue tie dyes short, respectively, all along. Black and blue myself but I moved the late night snack chair out of my path so took care of that hurt. Mayer had on a mechanic black shirt. Bob’s black shirt had dead and Co embroidered on it on the left sleeeve. He wears his heart on his sleeve these days and I like it. “ just letting it ride takes you so far away from how it feels inside” Peaceful paths....
  12. Paradise

  13. Portland #2

    And obviously there is a reason the upper NW is one of the warmest areas in the country right now!! 😃
  14. Portland #2

    If you are up for a read, I have always love Baby Blue for this reason. A reminder of darker thoughts, this Joyce Carol Oates story is replete with symbolism and is dedicated to Dylan and “Baby Blue”. For the hungry fiend who fills itself up in the worldly pleasures instead of from a wellspring in the soul ( does he still have one???) how perfect is Satifaction into Baby Blue. I like the thought I read recently that the soulmate gives you calmness and to run from the one who turns you inside out. http://m.sparknotes.com/short-stories/where-are-you-going-where-have-you-been/section1/
  15. Place to crash in San Fran???

    Green Tortoise- this hiker called “the Natural” told me about them. He did their adventure piece to Burning Man also and highly recommended. He use to be a Silicon Valley fella but dropped out after daughter graduated Davidson and hikes.