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  1. 10/14/17 Milwaukee, WI

    Help Ron! Rudy’s account has to have been hacked. I have never known him to be monosyllabic in my life!!
  2. 10/13/17 Chicago, IL

    Absolutely- dug on a 3/6/72 show that inspired the thought
  3. 10/13/17 Chicago, IL

    Ha - I guess I was feeling Mr Charlie for a reason..,,,
  4. chasing white whale

    Update: RB singing Mr Charlie Two Souls in Communion
  5. 10/12/17 Detroit, MI

    How fun is that!?
  6. TIGDH

    10-12-68 Dark Star!! just the funky, weird and down right far out percussion is fun
  7. TIGDH

    10/11/77 Univ of OK on a Tues Last HSF until3/25/83, in this one, Phil’s bass is lit like a boss!! Betty board on archive. There is an additional lyric- “yes, you will” - in Franklins. I really find Keith annoying; I think I could’ve play that chord. - over and over and over. 1:HSF Jack Peggy El Paso Sunrise Deal LIG 2: Dancin >Dire 🐺 Estimated >Eyes >NFA >@@
  8. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    Where does it rank in your roster?
  9. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    “Hey man you gotta be a cop?? Play Trucking, play Trucking. We’ll play whatever we like. And that’s not to say it might not be perfectly alright. It might be perfectly ok. What about all the people who don’t even like Trucking? “ The guy says how many are they or some nonsense like that. Did a load of live chickens drop from the Ba-ba- balcony? Phil and his baritone voice saying Well well before Ramble on Rose . Ramble on Rose was pretty new in the repetoire
  10. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    Jerry is like “Eat it man, Eat it “ off mic
  11. TIGDH

    The Warlock Shows.... the rumor was out.... my friends and I scored tickets and ditched class to head up. I had an allergic reaction before the show and ran into this ER doc I had met before. The Doc’s name was Jerry and had the grey hair and beard. He assured me I was fine even though my hands swelled. I later saw him up front on the rail. I was right in front of Jerry and when he looked at you his eyes went on forever like the sea. His presence was kind but definitely larger than life. It got crowded up there and as I was getting pressed up against guy in his wheel chair, I booked. When second set opened with HSF I was hanging by the soundboard. The place exploded with the first notes!! It was always good vibes back there and I was stoked to have the room to dance it out. Hampton Roads was as epic as anyone had ever said. The scene was easy and kind- really nice crowd. It was totally worth it to bomb that organic chem test- as a freshman- I could take it over no problem.
  12. Random thoughts and randomness in general

    A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
  13. The Reverse Playin' on 3-31-85

    Any chance they did this with another?
  14. Cleveland - Oct 5

    He was pointing out the absurdity by adding one more thing.. that is what I see. Eh batter batter ... swing batter Its a coin toss. your perception of me is a reflection of you. My reaction to you is an awareness of me.
  15. Cleveland - Oct 5

    The absurdity of a first pitch making an impact in your life? Versus stress of catching first note ? Do you see the irony? All to see 3 minutes of a game that can last all night?