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  1. Saban claimed that he was practicing the two minute drill. I’m calling bullshit on that one.
  2. Yea, I was just listening to 11/15/71. I think it was 71. Dark Star into ElPaso so, anything goes. Unique, therefore, enjoyable. I remember being at RFK, 7/12/90. The band was getting lost in the musical abyss rabbit hole of Dark Star. I looked over at a ‘kid’ not too far away. He just rolled his eyes. I said, ‘ let them go. They’re doing what they want.’ they’re not the best at what they do. They’re the only ones who do what they do.
  3. The one who takes your hand, says ‘ don’t ya see?’ Or, in the Grateful Dead tradition, it came be any one you want. ....believe it, if you need it,.....
  4. Well, it’s just like any other day that’s ever been.....
  5. I’m seeing it as reminiscent of the Grateful Dead’s 1980 acoustic shows or the 1989 formerly the Warlocks shows. Classic shows with a short prep time with Phil’s cancellation that will go down in history. I’m guessing for years people will be saying, ‘I was at those shows’. I have the distinct honor of buying a ticket and just not going. I feel like George Castanza when he takes a girl home and she invites him up for coffee. ‘No, I better not. It’ll keep me up’.
  6. The dirty grass players, along with the high and wides (Formerly Chester River Runoff) at the Garfield Theatre in Chestertown, Md. as part of the Downrigging festival. Tall ships and bluegrass all weekend. At times, there were two fiddles, two mandolins or two banjos on stage. Freestylin bluegrass jams, original stuff, a few ‘Dead’ tunes. Rosalee McFall, Goin’ down the road feelin’ bad, Deep Elem Blues. I ran into the guitar player for the high and wides at the grocery store today. I thanked him and commented that they were just winging it last night. He said, yea, a lot of those songs I had never played before.
  7. It hurts me too. I had a ticket for Halloween but the Gods interfered. Cosmic Charlie
  8. As long as everybody is laughing, I don’t care if it’s at me.
  9. Not sure if it’s that dark Star or one from the year before, but supposed to be one of the best ever. I saw where DSO was taking suggestions for local classic show for their Philly stop fall tour. I’m thinking this or the year before, or Englishtown, or 3/31/87 but not really the ‘87 show. Gotta go with the early stuff, or Englishtown, or............maybe........
  10. I read 18 shows at the cap between ‘70 and ‘71. Gotta lower the bucket into that well! I’m not looking at set lists. I love surprises!
  11. Lisa singing Masters of War?
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