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  1. Yea, I noticed that the set lists for the discs seem to have help/slip/frank over and over. It would be neat to listen through and compare. Once.
  2. I was at that original show. My buddy and I were to the left, looking at the stage, second level. We figured the first set was done so we left our seats, headed to the bathrooms. When we got to the railing on the second level, close to stage, Bobby broke into Desolation Row. I, honestly, never heard the song before. Bobby was at his absolute best that I have ever seen him during that song. I’m not even going to try to explain. Just leave it at that. As soon as he finished the tune, he walked away from the mike, apparently to catch his breath. Fuckin’ Jerry hits the opening guitar riff to ‘ don’t ease me in’ and Bobby has to run back to the mike to participate in the singing. Jerry was laughing his ass off. Yea, Bobby rocks.
  3. My memory escapes me from time to time, but I’m pretty sure that’s a killer set list for ‘93. No duds. Not much excitement for me post Brent/ beginning of the end for Jerry. That’s what’s so cool about what DSO does. They can infuse their energy into a Grateful Dead era that had marginal band energy, breath more life into than it ever had before. I’m sure they nailed it.
  4. Kinda curious as to how and why Phil would have let it get away from him or is Phil the one who is lending it.
  5. We’re there any tapers at the show?
  6. I love acoustic Grateful Dead music. My favorite facet of this universe. I got my tix for Hamilton acoustic shows and was secretly praying for ‘It makes no difference’ . I hope this means that it’s in the rotation. Secretly praying because I know that if you come right out and ask, you’re probably not gonna get it. Same thing with Monkey and the engineer, secretly praying. (Apparently, out loud) I can’t hardly wait for my turn.
  7. That is so cool, Hugh. Congrats! You’ve spent a little time on the mountain, at Red Rocks. Now, you’ll be going down to the mine. I gotta git down.....!
  8. That set list looks familiar. What’s the date of the original? Never mind. I see it now.
  9. Wow! I haven’t heard that term used since 1985. Well, where there’s smoke, there’s FIRE !!!
  10. If I am not mistaken, eyes into estimated is a one out of a hundred thing compared to estimated into eyes, as far as Jerry and the boys (and girl) are concerned. I think that needs to be noted because it is a really big deal. I think the second set opening string of tunes is a one in a million. DSO electives can be mind blowing. Bet it was fun.
  11. Be patient. Keep the faith. Bix said ‘might’ . I would take that as a yes wearing camo. ....you know better but I know him.....
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