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  1. Greg from Chestertown

    Atlantic City

    It actually was not a good night. I drove right through that pole, spent eight days in the hospital. My best friend was with me. Exactly two years and a half hour later, he was killed in a car accident. He was an excellent drummer. I managed to get him to one Dead show, 3/29/87. I remember asking him, during the show, what his take was on The Grateful Dead. He said they’ve been playing together so long, they know each other’s moves so well, everyone knows what everyone is doing.
  2. Greg from Chestertown

    Atlantic City

    Enough of that. Any requests for songs to hear in Atlantic City? Hopes? Dreams? Wishes? Prayers?
  3. Greg from Chestertown

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    I love Stella Blue. It’s the first slow Jerry ballad that I let myself become total immersed in. It takes me back to my beginnings of this beautiful thing we keep trying to describe. I’ll definitely check out 3/21/94 Stella blue, but as far as crowning Jewel, 3/18/95, Visions of Johanna has my vote. It may have been just for one song out of an entire show, but Jerry never ceased to amaze, right up to the end. (Goodly English?)
  4. Greg from Chestertown

    Now Listening...

    That’s what we said after Jerry band shows in 91 and 93. We felt like we had been to church in the south. Gospel was the word used to describe the show.
  5. Greg from Chestertown

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    There’s nothing you can hold, for very long.
  6. Greg from Chestertown

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    So, I learn the other night that my. Cousin passed away at 47. I learned last night that my 86 year old father fell and broke his leg. He’s been battling breast cancer for 20 years. I went to visit him in the hospital after work today. He was shook up, I’ve never seen him look so ‘not good’. While driving home from Wilmington, back to the Eastern shore, my heart was in a new place. Thinking about my parents lives coming to an end. I watched the sun sinking low, shining on the recently harvested wheat field. The electric wires along the road glowed with the gold of sunshine. Almost home, I turned off the main road, towards my neighborhood. Some one had attached a Grateful Dead flag to the stop sign. White flag, stealie, dancing bears, on a pole, in the breeze. That’s all. Thanks for letting me share.
  7. Greg from Chestertown

    Atlantic City

    Come out of OC at 34th street, turn right onto Garden State Parkway. I own that telephone pole. DUI. True story.
  8. Greg from Chestertown

    Atlantic City

    If you watch the movie ‘Eddie and the cruisers’, there’s a scene where the Ocean City Music Pier is in the background. There’s other scenes filmed around the Somers Point area also. Not that any of this has anything to do with Dark Star Orchestra playing in Atlantic City on August Ninth.
  9. Greg from Chestertown

    Atlantic City

    That was the show the full moon rose up out of the ocean while the band played. I’m glad you got good news.
  10. Greg from Chestertown

    Atlantic City

    Hey, I just realized, we ate Mack and mancos after my first DSO show on the music pier in OC.
  11. Greg from Chestertown

    Atlantic City

    Yea, I know but I called them Mack and mancos for a lifetime. I remember the husband and wife that started the business. The one they ran on the boardwalk was always the best one to go to. Something about the grand kids fighting led to the name change? I’m not sure, I just remembered it as a ridiculous story. Money is thicker than blood.
  12. Greg from Chestertown

    Atlantic City

    Thanks for the reminder. Yea Mack and Mancos pizza, definitely. My parents owned since ‘68, south end. They had a sweet spot also. Between 47th and 48th. Two extra side streets, no duplexes, not many rentals. Dad sold after mom had a stroke. Sad. A lifetime of memories in that town.
  13. Greg from Chestertown

    Atlantic City

    Nice! You’re the same vintage as my son and daughter. We would head there as often as we could until my parents sold the house a couple of years ago. Haven’t been back since.
  14. Greg from Chestertown

    Atlantic City

    I ‘ll be there. Looking forward to it. For a few years before this year, the band was at the bottle and cork in Dewey beach for the anniversary of Jerry’s passing. I don’t recall them doing anything ‘special’ because of the date so I’m not expecting anything again this year. I grew up spending my summers on the island south of A.C., Ocean City, so I am also looking forward to hitting Corson’s Inlet the next day. It’s on the south end of Ocean City. It’s as good as it gets and a great place to watch the sunrise which I am certain I will not be seeing the morning after Dark Star plays their hearts out once again.
  15. Greg from Chestertown

    Just a theory

    I have a theory. Bobby is old. He has slowed his tempo. At 56, I notice my tempo slowing, got nothing to do with intentional, just human nature.