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  1. Greg from Chestertown

    20Years DSO

    I hear ya. I’m up to 18 years now. My adventure with Dark Star Orchestra is turning out to be a longer, stranger trip than my adventures with the Grateful Dead. No end in sight. Thank Dark Star Orchestra for handling things just exactly perfect.
  2. Greg from Chestertown

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    ....well, the sun gonna shine, IN MY BACK DOOR, some day. March winds gonna blow all my troubles away.
  3. Greg from Chestertown

    Best Box of Rain

    Another memorable version for me was when this band, at the time calling themselves ‘the Dead’ returned to the spectrum in Philly for a couple more shows before the building was demolished. First night’s encore was Box of Rain. It was so fitting for me. I grew up in Northern Delaware. Most of my shows were at the Spectrum. I caught 26 of the 53 shows the Grateful Dead played there. I always tried to catch the first night for the enthusiast start, crowd. I also tried to get the last night because we were going to get a Brokedown encore. Nice to have it end with Box of Rain. My last Grateful Dead show in RFK twenty days before Jerry died, ended with Box of Rain.
  4. Greg from Chestertown

    Best Box of Rain

    Such a long, long, time to be gone and a short time to be there.
  5. Greg from Chestertown

    Best Box of Rain

    Not at all. I think the best Box is the original studio version. That’s the benchmark for me. Which live version comes the closest to replicating that version off of American Beauty. (Ever notice that album cover can also read American Reality?) kinda funny, Jerry plays piano on the studio version.
  6. Greg from Chestertown

    Best Box of Rain

    I like the first version I saw the best for obvious reasons but I also feel that it was done with great care, precious, and for the deadheads who spent the day in the rain. I always felt after it had been brought back out that Phil sung it almost sarcastically after a while. Maybe that’s just because Phil can not sing. For what ever reason, I ‘ll always have fond memories of my first Box ofRain.
  7. Greg from Chestertown

    Best Box of Rain

    Nice placement
  8. Greg from Chestertown

    Best Box of Rain

    So, I went to the headyversion list for Box of Rain and went right down the list, listening to all of the versions that were voted as best. It was an interesting listen. A night of Grateful Dead music but it was all the same song. Literally, the first version to the last version, acoustic and electric, with Pigen, with Keith and Donna, with Brent, with, what’s his name?, Vince. I heard the evolution of the song, really, the evolution of the band and everything about them captured in the one song. Each version had something special about it. The acoustic version stood out for me. (I love acoustic Grateful Dead) the bust out ‘86 in Hampton was powerful because of the crowd noise. Anyway, the listen was great. It captured the band through the years for me. It got me thinking this morning, so I looked up my first Box of Rain, 3/30/87, which I thought was spot on. That was a nice listen as well. That version could have made the list too. It’s still my favorite version. It was the middle night of the Spectrum run. I caught all three shows. It had been raining all day, cold, blowing, just plain raw out. After settling in to the first set, Bobby walks up to Jerry and Phil, one by one, and whispers in their ear. They proceeded to lay out the sweetest Box of Rain I ever had the good fortune to catch. I waited seven years to hear that song. Dark Star Orchestra laid out a nice version in Dewey beach, I think it was last summer. A lot of percussion in that version, really nicely done, as only they could do.
  9. Greg from Chestertown

    Happy 79th Birthday Phil!

    Well, there’s this one woman in town. One day I pulled up to the Laundramat with my BOXRAIN license plate. She was sitting out front. I got out of my truck and started walking towards her and the laundramat. She started singing box of rain to me. Her son died in the eighties at twenty four years of age. She said they played Ripple at his funeral. She’s every bit of eighty but I am not going to ask her how old she is. I used to work in a marina with a guy around the turn of the century who went to San Fran on vacation. When he got back he asked me, Who is this Jerry Garcia guy? He bought two CD’s while he was out there. One was Jerry band acoustic from Broadway in ‘87. Can’t remember the other one. He plays guitar and is into blugrass. I gave him the lowdown on Jerry and the boys. I also gave him Reckoning, Shady Grove, Garcia/Grisman, probably more. He taught himself Ripple on the Guitar. He does open mike nights in the area. He’s gotta be in his early eighties by now. Does that count?
  10. Greg from Chestertown

    Happy 79th Birthday Phil!

    I was listening to his fiftieth birthday show this morning. Crowd chanting WE WANT PHIL. They got him.
  11. Greg from Chestertown

    Pisgah jubilee

    Preannouncement is almost irrelevant to me. I don’t look up the set list. It only gives up the era. Walking into the venue and looking at the stage does that, too. It doesn’t get me to go, it doesn’t keep me home. Even if it was a later nineties show, DSO would do the set list justice. The deciding factor for me catching a show is relative distance to my home. If they are close, I feel obligated to support.
  12. Greg from Chestertown

    Summer tour 2019

    Great acoustics in the Atlantic City venue.
  13. Greg from Chestertown

    Summer tour 2019

    Looks like AC And Dewey Beach for me. Might as well, had me such a good time last year.
  14. Greg from Chestertown

    Mattson and Friends Ardmore 3-9-2019

    Well, as a fan, I know I had a good show when I feel all warm and fuzzy inside yet, I’m not sure what they played. Sometimes, it’s weeks before a song from that night makes it to the front of my head and a smile how’s up on my face. When a band member isn’t quite sure what was played, you know it was an incredible show. I only knew a small percentage of the songs played that night but I did know I was seeing something special. I tried to focus and take as much of it in as possible while it was happening. The band was making history that night.
  15. Greg from Chestertown

    Viola Lee Blues is the best song of all time

    Happy belated birthday