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  1. Greg from Chestertown

    End of the line in 95 with the scene collapsing.

    Rude, you didn’t miss out if you saw one show. Somewhere in there, even if it was one song, Jerry was as good as he’s ever been. The vibe lives on at DSO shows. I worry about them but I believe the band has a maturity about them that will keep them from succumbing to a similar demise. Cool heads prevail and they got that going on.
  2. Greg from Chestertown

    End of the line in 95 with the scene collapsing.

    So true about Brent. I think he is underrated. My memories after he passed are slivers of light, glimpses of hope. Hornsby was promising but didn’t pan out. Jerry band ‘91 and’93 satisfied. Midnight hour/ Cumberland, Visions of Johanna, that was cool. Yea, you wonder if they had packed it in, made some kind of drastic change after Brent passed, maybe the last chapter wouldn’t have been the last chapter.
  3. Greg from Chestertown


    That Shakedown was HOT !!! It went perfectly with my first cup of coffee. Now, I don’t care what happens today. Happy Anniversary DSO
  4. Greg from Chestertown

    End of the line in 95 with the scene collapsing.

    So many thoughts. Touch of Grey brought crowds. Not necessarily bad, just competition for tickets. Scalpers dream. A lot of that crowd went away, not interested in the Grateful Dead. A lot stayed, became deadheads. Cool, no problem. The scene before touch was the vibe started by the youth in the sixties. It still lived within the Dead scene. I was young in the sixties but I remember it. Teenagers were not going to grow up to be their parents. Same old story, right? I had the good fortune of being escorted into the Grateful Dead scene by an experienced deadhead. I was tutored, educated on how to behave, fit in at a show. The same with acid. When you went to a show, A Lot of people were tripping. People went to shows for the music, how it made you feel. You didn’t sit in your seat. Your section was close enough. You didn’t scalp tickets. You sold your extra for what it cost you. I have always believed, since while it was happening, that the deadheads that came before, didn’t ‘parent’ (there’s got to be a better word, it’s not coming to me) the touch heads, not even properly, almost not at all. That sixties vibe seemed to get extinguished. That void seemed to get filled with all of the problems of the modern world. I’m talking about the lot scene now. Inside the venue, that vibe lived. The band just kept drilling it into our heads, hearts, and souls. That’s why we left feeling so good, looking forward to the next time. They gave us hope. Our behavior in the lot wasn’t giving them hope. You know the rest. That’s all, thanks for letting me share.
  5. Greg from Chestertown

    End of the line in 95 with the scene collapsing.

    Oh, I could be totally wrong. Within the reality of my Grateful Dead universe, I never heard it live until around ‘94. So, that’s why I said what I said. It worked that way for me. Like someone posted recently, Jeff singing ‘dust off those rusty strings just one more time’ holds different meaning while he is playing the Wolf guitar. The magic of Grateful Dead lyrics makes all of us feel as though they were written for us, personally, being sung to us, directly.
  6. Greg from Chestertown

    End of the line in 95 with the scene collapsing.

    I always thought that the gate crashes were why the Grateful Dead started playing the Stones tune ‘last time’.
  7. Greg from Chestertown

    Wolf coming to Lowell

    I was talking with my cousin before the DSO show this summer in Dewey about that very subject. He said I can answer that because I asked Bobby after a Ratdog show right here, outside of the Bottle and Cork. He said, ‘I asked Bobby if he thought he would even stop touring’. Bobby said, ‘ it’s all I have done since I was fifteen. I ‘m more comfortable on the road than I am at home.’
  8. Greg from Chestertown


    Killer set list. Musta been awesome right on through from beginning to end. I’m happy for everyone involved.
  9. Greg from Chestertown


    Ah, man. That was nice. As soon as I got turned on to Little Feat, Lowell George died. We definitely missed out with his life being cut short. I saw James Taylor in 1981? At the University of Delaware field house. Sat in the front row, center. Billy Paine was the keyboardist that night.
  10. Greg from Chestertown

    Cough, Raiders suck, cough.

    I figured Carr was done when he broke his leg. Too much fear instilled after an incident like that. Too afraid.
  11. Greg from Chestertown

    Cough, Raiders suck, cough.

    I’m thinking that Gruden and Davis, the owner, have some kind of master plan that’s different than what they claim publicly. Their words and actions don’t run congruent with each other. It’s like all they’re worried about is collecting low draft picks, no matter what the cost. Long term build up? I hope it works for them because they’re all in. They should move to Vegas, they sure are rolling the dice. That’s what I see.
  12. Greg from Chestertown

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    That’s a great story.
  13. Greg from Chestertown

    Cough, Raiders suck, cough.

    when I was a little boy, I went into our den where my dad was watching football. I sat on the sofa and watched. The one team was going right down the field, throwing passes. I asked my dad, ‘Who’s this team?’ He said ‘that’s the Oakland Raiders.’ I remember thinking to myself, well, they’re good because they know how to play this game. All the other football I had seen, the one guy gives the ball to the other guy and he runs into that pile of guys. That was the beginning of my support of the Raiders. Some years I had to sit quiet but I had a good run. Stick-um and blood. Stabler to Branch and Belitnikoff. Lester Hayes. Fun times. What’s going on lately with my team is a shame. Heard any good Raiders jokes lately?
  14. Greg from Chestertown

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    ...summer time done come and gone, my, oh, my...
  15. Greg from Chestertown

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    HaHa! Life is all about making memories. I couldn’t agree with you more on the winter solstice. I call the day after the solstice the first day of spring. The tricks we play on our own minds to get through the cold, dark desolation of winter.