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  1. The reactions of the crowd run the full gamut of the human condition. Creepy but fascinating
  2. Rude - Wow! Love you brotha but time for decaf
  3. DSO at Lockn - way cool! I’d guess the Friday 2 slot but they didn’t ask me. They’d actually be Sat 2 slot but David Crosby is not to be trifled with
  4. Come on people now, love on your brother... http://dsoforums.net/donate/donations.html While u at it - love on ya sistas too!
  5. Oh shit. I guess I won’t need to rent a UHaul to tow all my shit behind the hurse either.
  6. Tea

    Visions of Johanna

    Never heard this studio version before. Really excellent - Enjoy!
  7. Hope this pierces the air for the sake of the JITS'ers: "Hound dog barkin' up side the hill...."
  8. Tea

    JITS 2

    Yikes ❤️ It all looks very tasty! My eyes were drawn to the Unbroken>St Stephen>Alligator>D/S>Dark Star>SOTM>GDTRFB portion of the menu. Time for a another helping 🌟
  9. "...she's delicate and seems like the mirror..."
  10. Tea

    JITS night 1

    Keith & Donna's last show! Musta been a fun show for everyone
  11. Amazing contrast. Patrick Mahomes throws for more yards in ONE quarter vs. the Texans than Tannehill does in 2 playoff games. Titians win at Foxboro then at Baltimore. Yikes! Who would like to try and tackle Derrick Henry? I'll pass. See what I did there? 'Pass' You see, eh? Eh? I'm talking about a running back and I say 'Pass?' Eh? Cough
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