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  1. Tea

    Jubilee 2019

    5/24 - 5/26 - Legend Valley, OH 3 Nites of DSO!!!!! Also Featuring: Chris Robinson Brotherhood Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real Leftover Salmon Billy Strings Dumpstaphunk Donna the Buffalo The Lil Smokies The Nth Power The Mighty Pines & more TBA
  2. Tea

    Burlington 11/13 - Set list? Vibe?

    Yum! 74-ish1st 70-73 ish 2nd
  3. Tea


    Happy to have been passed the hat. Please give whatever you can - nothing comes for free! Love You Ron
  4. The last thing Jerry wanted was to be the captain of THAT ship. It became too big for anyone to handle....
  5. Tea


    I'm a 5-22-77 Pembroke Pines Sugaree guy myself, but certainly we can all agree that Spring '77 was a fine time for that number.
  6. Tea

    College Hoops 2018

    I don't hate the sinner - just the sin
  7. Tea

    Portland 11/15/18

    Revolutionary Hamstrung Blues?
  8. Tea


    Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA (1/15/79) Jack Straw Jack-a-Roe Cassidy Row Jimmy Mama Tried > Mexicali Blues Stagger Lee Passenger Deal I Need a Miracle > Shakedown Street From the Heart of Me Terrapin Station > Playin' in the Band > drums > Playin' in the Band > Casey Jones Johnny B. Goode
  9. Tea


    11/11/73 Nuff Said - One of the high points of The Honey Year https://archive.org/details/gd1973-11-11.sbd.pitch-corrected.miller.88485.sbeok.flac16
  10. Tea


    That Dew is the goods! He gets off track lyrically after the first verse and boy am I glad for that.
  11. Tea


    Just trying to make it as easy as possible for someone to post a setlist when the time comes A Nugs stream or a Facebook Live would definitely not suck. If you're going - Enjoy the levitation
  12. Tea


    11/8/79. Look into it........ https://relisten.net/grateful-dead/1979/11/08?source=91832
  13. Tea

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    He was the department chair. Is it bad if this appears on your wrist and you've never had a tattoo in your life? So strange
  14. Tea

    College Hoops 2018

    Golden State. .... Alabama. ..... Duke? Duck Fook.
  15. Tea

    Cough, Raiders suck, cough.

    Carr is next. If it ain’t bolted down - it’s for sale. They sure are putting a lot of faith in their ability to evaluate talent.