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  1. Tea

    Norva - 12/7/19

    ❤️ Heart is full ❤️ so many amazing people sharing amazing music! i need this jolt about once a week. Might be a tall order...
  2. Tea

    Norva - 12/7/19

    Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA (6/7/77) Bertha Jack Straw Tennessee Jed Looks Like Rain Peggy-O El Paso Friend of the Devil Music Never Stopped Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain > Good Lovin' Candyman Estimated Prophet > He's Gone > drums > Samson and Delilah > Terrapin Station > Morning Dew > Around and Around E: Uncle John's Band, U.S. Blues F: Run, Run Rudolph Just Absurdly excellent! Relentless Dancing.
  3. Tea


    Amazing energy right outta the gate! So much space, so much sound. Sweaty hugs all nite ❤️ DSO and crew are feelin it. Superb show with some truly excellent people!
  4. Ugh. Not the news I wanted - respect for the need for a breather tho. Gonna miss your inspiration
  5. Unbelievable talent. It’s a really tough ticket everywhere he plays. Flat picking Virtuoso and even that might sell him a little short.
  6. Infuse it now so it has some time to steep
  7. I'm ready for this one! The hills will be alive and eggs will be fried, scrambled, baked, poached, roasted, boiled, and shirred. I have no thoughts on what they'll play other than to say it'll be straight gravy. They did 6/14/91 in 2017 and 6/9/73 in 2018 for those that want to wildly extrapolate. Gotta get a Forum Foto folks!
  8. Tea

    Huntington 11/29/19

    Wow! Looks like 2 second sets. Just killer! Long live the electives ❤️
  9. http://dsoforums.net/donate/donations.html Thanks Ron ❤️
  10. Don't worry - Eaton's algorithm has got you covered
  11. Uh-Oh. Does this mean I'm a hybrid Gen X'er or am I just immature? Be gentle.
  12. Crap. Trying to post something... Let's try this instead
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