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  1. Dab Bong loads at Gr8fulpair’s place!
  2. Original Recipe Set One: Jack Straw > Jack-A-Roe ; Promised Land ; Box Of Rain ; Althea ; Mexicali Blues ; Hey Pocky Way ; I'll Take A Melody ; Masters Of War ; Alabama Getaway > Greatest Story Ever Told Set Two: Till The Morning Comes > Sitting On Top Of The World ; Corinna > Eyes Of The World > Bird Song > drums > space (Rude Awaking theme : ) > Throwing Stones > Days Between > Around And Around > Good Lovin' Encore: *Sunshine Of Your Love * Dedicated to Ginger Baker. First time played. Sung by Skip. Tour dedicated to Robert Hunter
  3. Tea


    Break up the Nats!
  4. Tea

    Ready or Not

    It's clear that BillK522 is fully-actualized. Not sure if I'll ever get there - I need a little help from my friends.
  5. The night before was one of the best 1st sets I ever saw. Just Killer. 2nd set was big fun too - another Bruce-fest. Fun Run
  6. Tea

    Ready or Not

    I know the shade cast on GD's last material is low-hanging fruit but it is what it is. MAYBE if the band had more time to lets these songs steep a little, they could've been a bit better. Here's a sample ranking: Samba Shoe Fits Childhood's End Wave To The Wind There - I did it. Of those songs, Wave to the Wind and Shoe Fits have lyrics that spark a little intrigue.
  7. Deer Creek 6/7/91 Set One: Mississippi Half-Step, Little Red Rooster; Stagger Lee, Me And My Uncle > Maggie's Farm, Loser, Music, Dough Knees Set Two: Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain, Truckin' > New Speedway > Drums > Space > I Need A Miracle > Standing On The Moon > Sugar Magnolia E: The Weight Filler: Overseas Stomp (Lindbergh Hop) > New Orleans
  8. Tea


    LA's 200 Million Payroll shows it's hard to buy a championship. It's doesn't help when your manager goes brain-dead in the post-season and your 3-time Cy Young pitcher lacks any clutch. Congrats Nats! Does Tampa shock the Stros tonight? MLB executives might faint.....
  9. Tea

    Ready or Not

    Samba much? Sizzling garbage, IMO. Way to Go Home had some spots for Jerry to shine - which was way too infrequent in 1992. That 12/11/94 Days Between is indeed the goods - 12/19/94 is right there too.
  10. 6/30/84 > Indianapolis Sports & Music Center I Jack Straw ; Dire Wolf ; New Minglewood Blues ; Dupree's Diamond Blues ; Far From Me ; My Brother Esau ; Ramble On Rose ; Lost Sailor > Saint Of Circumstance > Deal II Shakedown Street > Playing In The Band > Terrapin Station > Drums > Space > Playing In The Band ; Truckin' > Spoonful > Stella Blue > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > One More Saturday Night E: Keep Your Day Job Filler: Werewolves Of London
  11. Tea

    2019 NFL Knockout Pool

    You get 5 correct? I'm buying you a ticket to a DSO show. First one to post victory gets it. Anybody else wanna play? Bueller? WEEK 6 giants at patriots panthers at buccaneers redskins at dolphins eagles at vikings texans at chiefs saints at jaguars seahawks at browns bengals at ravens 49ers at rams falcons at cardinals cowboys at jets titans at broncos steelers at chargers (Sunday Night) lions at packers (Monday Night) My 5 are: Patriots, Cowboys, Packers, Seahawks, and Redskins (yes, redskins)
  12. Elective Set One: BIODTL > Touch ; Mama Tried > Big River ; Lazy River Road ; We Can Run ; Passenger ; Who Was John? ; Memphis Blues ; Tangled Set Two: Revolution ; Next Time You See Me ; Women R Smarter; Help > Slipknot > drums > space > Wheel > Unbroken Chain > Visions Of Johanna > Slipknot (reprise) > Viola Lee Blues Encore: The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) Help > Slipknot > D/S > Wheel > Unbroken Chain > Visions > Slipknot > Viola Lee Blues ????? Holy Crap 💩
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