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  1. Tea

    College Hoops 2018

    Not sure how Duke did that. That made their own luck I guess. Man - that ball felt every bit of that rim before falling away:
  2. Happy.bithday.bill. You......old goat. Say.hi....to Bobby...for.me! http://www.dsoforums.net/forum/profile/34981-william-shatner/
  3. Tea

    20Years DSO

    I remember planning for Myrtle Beach and skipping Atlanta - only to miss The Eleven. It would become a troubling pattern. Hell of a first show: Set One: Alabama Getaway-> Greatest Story Ever Told, Stop That Train, Next Time You See Me, Me & My Uncle-> Big River, Pride of Cucamonga, Must Have Been The Roses, Passenger, Brown-eyed Women, Weather Report Suite-> Let It Grow Set Two: China Cat Sunflower-> Know You Rider, Dancin' in the Street-> Alligator-> Why Don't We Do It In the Road-> The Eleven-> Drums-> Space-> New Potato Caboose-> Uncle John's Band-> The Wheel-> UJB reprise-> Lovelight Encore: Brokedown Palace https://archive.org/details/dso2009-02-07.mg210.flac16
  4. Tea

    College Hoops 2018

    I believe the correct pronunciation is fiddy.
  5. Tea

    20Years DSO

    12 years in August...
  6. Tea

    College Hoops 2018

    Best tournament of any sport - Thursday and Friday are simply the best! Have fun in Louisville although the cardinal fans might be a little salty...
  7. Tea

    Best Box of Rain

    My favorite of the ones I saw was 12/13/90 - closed the 2nd set.
  8. Tea

    College Hoops 2018

    Anyone wanna do a bracket challenge ?
  9. Happy 79th Birthday to one Philip Chapman Lesh! My life will never be the same because of your transcendent talent! Keep on rocking - it's ok to let other people sing sometimes - lol:
  10. Tea

    College Hoops 2018

    It's amazing to see a player of that size with so much athleticism - a generational talent to be sure. The Heels are gonna have their hands full tonight but if they keep playing world class D, play smart in transition, and rebound well, they got a good shot to make the ACC Final. The winner tonight has an inside track for a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament.
  11. Tea

    Summer tour 2019

    Summer 2019 Fri, JUN 28 The Mill & Mine Knoxville, TN Sat, JUN 29 Riverfront Live Amphitheater Cincinnati, OH Sun, JUN 30 Centennial Terrace Sylvania, OH Wed, JUL 03 Chesterfield Amphitheater Chesterfield, MO Fri, JUL 05 RiverEdge Park Aurora, IL Thu, JUL 18 Northwest String Summit North Plains, OR JUL 26 - 27 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Hampton Beach, NH Sun, JUL 28 Bold Point Park East Providence, RI Tue, JUL 30 Saranac Brewery Utica, NY Fri, AUG 02 Frontier Field Rochester, NY Sat, AUG 03 Cape Cod Melody Tent Barnstable, MA Sun, AUG 04 Maine Savings Pavilion at Rock Row Westbrook, ME Fri, AUG 09 Tropicana Showroom Atlantic City, NJ Sat, AUG 10 Stone Pony Summer Stage Asbury Park, NJ Mon, AUG 12 + Tue 13 Dewey Beach, DE Thu, AUG 15 Virginia Credit Union LIVE! Richmond, VA AUG 16 - 17 The Pisgah Jubilee Black Mountain, NC
  12. Tea

    Space in the velvet green

    I'm glad to hear this as It's about all I got. That and GIF's of course....
  13. Music > Franklins Cassidy She Belongs to Me Black Throated Wind Cumberland > High Time Desolation Row > Bird Song Playin > Fire > Estimated > Terrapin > Other One Space > Drums > Other One > Morning Dew > Good Lovin > Playin Reprise E: Baby Blue > One More Sat Nite
  14. Tea

    Mattson and Friends Ardmore 3-9-2019

    Couldn't resist
  15. Tea

    A band I saw last night

    Have you decided to go?
  16. Tea

    Pisgah jubilee

    No problems at the Super 8 as long as I stay away from the karaoke. It’s really hard not to sing when the universe commands me
  17. Tea

    Pisgah jubilee

    Looks like $75.00 (+ fee) 2-day early-bird and $149 (+fee) for VIP. Good price for so many bands but that place will be jam packed by the time DSO is up - hopefully they can expend the space or reduce the area that chairs can be brought into. Pisgah also had a no re-entry policy in previous years which might be a little wonky. Rude - you were right when you called Blk Mtn the mini-Jubilee. The band heard you I'm down - although I can't get used to the show pre-announcement stuff. Friday's show is 5/3/79 which thankfully I'm not familiar with.
  18. Viola Lee is a machine! Once she gets cranked up it is fun as shit to try and keep up. I love to hear it but there’s nothing like jumping on that musical mechanical bucking bull and riding to see if you get thrown off. With DSO my Viola winning percentage is like .500. Great for baseball - average for a Viola Lee ‘fan’
  19. Tea

    Miracle available for Saturday in Ardmore

    Congrats on planetary alignment ! Not very easy to achieve these days.... Have Fun!
  20. Tea

    A band I saw last night

    Had a blast last night and Melvin + Co brought the goods! With an opening local act, we only got one set and no encore Here's what I remember although I feel like I'm missing a couple: Merl’s Song What A Wonderful World Tough Mama It’s No Use Let The Good Times Roll That’s What Love Will Make You Do Cumberland Blues Ruben & Cherise > Eyes Of The World > Sisters & Brothers Deal Sore and Foggy - in a good way? I guess.
  21. Tea

    A band I saw last night

    JGB Tonight - Will be good to see Melvin while we still can. Looking forward to boogieing on down - it's always much-needed.
  22. Tea

    Need ideas for license plate

    Someone on here really took your plate idea? Total bush-league ass-hattedness if that's true. What kinda whip you getting?
  23. Tea

    College Hoops 2018

    As of now, I've never been less informed about College Basketball. I guess this means that this is the year that I take everyone's bracket money and make it rain. Get ready to hand it over.
  24. Tea

    Jam in the Sand 2019 recordings

    Thanks stdilbert! Gonna give it a whirl - I'm glad you shared your efforts