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  1. Right on, WildBill. Thank you for coming back and providing *thread closure*. 😎 I don’t like not knowing the outcome! Peace to you and your crew.
  2. If those burgeoning ticket distribution outlets could charge you as much as TM does, then they would. I would encourage you to go to all shows that you are able to and want to go to, and enjoy them without a worry in the world. You can get reacquainted with reality after the glow of the show wears off. Life is short.
  3. DesertDead

    Richmond #2

    There’s never too much Chuck Berry, Hoosh. 😃 And I sure can think of something that could get clipped before the Sing Me Back Home. I’m looking at you, I Need a Miracle.
  4. DesertDead

    11\29 set list?

    Can’t remember the days of not remembering the show, Virg? 😄
  5. DesertDead

    College football

    Says the guy who had Michigan by, what was it, 24 points over Ohio State just a few days ago? Either your ability to regurgitate and filter what you’re told on ESPN has gotten a lot better in the last three days, or you continue to be ALL OVER the place with your *analysis*. Not sure why you have to be such a hater on my Irish. They’re 12 and 0. Very hard to do. Your reply to me the other day about going undefeated being easy because Boise State and UCF do it was off the mark. You missed the point entirely. Let’s do it this way: there are about 130 teams. Tell me how many of those have been able to go undefeated in the last ten years? Very small number, yes? Hell, Alabama can’t even always do it, and they’d beat the Browns (pre coaching change haha). Anyway, about ND. They’re in. They’re really good. Do I think they beat Alabama? No. Do I think they beat Clemson? Probably not. But to say that they have 0% chance in that game makes your credibility suspect. Or should I say, more suspect than it already was?
  6. DesertDead

    College football

    After this exchange I was told elsewhere that they do indeed recuse themselves. They leave the room when their teams are discussed. I’ll see if I can track down a link. And, yeah, that completely blows for that Milton guy. He is a great talent and UCF is some storyline. I wonder how they’ll be without him?
  7. DesertDead

    College football

    Milton had surgery and is out for the remainder of this season.
  8. DesertDead

    College football

    A very interesting fact is that both OU and OSU’s AD’s are on the Selection Committee this year. If Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Ohio State all win next week, then it will come down to OU vs. Ohio State for the 4th slot. I wonder if they recuse themselves or state their cases? https://collegefootballplayoff.com/sports/2017/10/16/selection-committee.aspx
  9. DesertDead

    College football

    Sounds like someone is a fan of expanding the playoffs to additional teams/games. I get the impression that you are an SEC fan, RD? Perhaps another way to look at it is that their regular season, conference play is like a long playoff, during which they determine who will play the rest of the country in another playoff. That’s the system that they agreed to, for now. UCF did, too, but they tried to argue it and claim their own MNC last year because they didn’t like the outcome. Nick Saban and I encourage them to file that under “too bad”. So UGA could get to play Clemson as you so desire, they just have to actually beat Alabama to do so. Seems fair to me.
  10. DesertDead

    I saw it coming!

  11. DesertDead

    College football

    The subjectivity can be a challenge when it doesn’t align with our fandom and/or point of view. But today we have UGA up to 4, OU to 5, and OSU to 6. OU has a narrow loss to a good Texas team. OSU has a terrible loss to a not as good Purdue team. So all other things aside, if you compare records and the one losses, it is perceived that OU is better. Anyway, it is essentially a beauty contest when comparing like things. I think the Committee will have a difficult time claiming objectivity and fairness if they were to move Ohio State above OU if both teams win this week. OU has the ability to redeem their sole loss, to boot. If Alabama beats UGA, I expect the following: 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. Notre Dame 4. Oklahoma 5. Ohio State 6. Georgia It sure is interesting, and a fun debate for those of us who love CFB!
  12. DesertDead

    College football

    There’s an awful lot going on in this ^^^ post, RD. I reckon that for the moment we’ll just have to agree that by any impactful metric, Notre Dame>Michigan in 2018 for American football. Enjoy your day!
  13. DesertDead

    College football

    You lost me at “bad wins”. Going undefeated is extremely difficult, bro. It doesn’t happen a lot. And if you’re so sure of all of these outcomes and scenarios, then why don’t your predictions come true more often? I bet Purdue is glad they didn’t listen to your prediction about the Ohio State game this season. Mark me in the column for those who are happy that we go ahead and play the games to see who is best.
  14. DesertDead

    College football

    This is fantasy, hahaha. ND beat the shit out of Michigan. The game wasn’t close. So if you watch ND play this year and don’t think they’re a top 4 team, then that says more about your ability to analyze CFB than it does about the Irish. I can’t see UGA pulling the upset. I can see Ohio State doing it, though. If aOSU wins out, will they make the Playoffs, or will OU hold them off? UCF? Fun stuff.
  15. DesertDead

    Wolf coming to Lowell

    Lots of judging going on...why can’t they share the guitar? and, yeah, Bobby Weir plays so he can make more money. That’s the ticket...