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  1. I’ve been giving this some thought. The answer is clear. Corr-O-na! Shake it up, baBY!
  2. here’s set 2 I went with VoodooNOLA’s posting, which is only set 2, just because you know the quality will be as good as it can be. The whole show is out there, though.
  3. Bobby got back by his monitor and took to one knee for special feedback during the thick of it. It was pretty deep stuff, especially for a first set. Both of those shows were so much fun.
  4. One of the hopes is that social distancing slows the spread so that medical resources are available for those who become critical. It spreads through human contact and there is no vaccine. What would you like the government to do? No one likes this whole situation, but if the government would have mandated quarantines or closures even earlier, people would have complained then, too. I think the government is in a pretty tough spot (regardless of how I feel about some of them). Not sure why your landlord or utility providers shouldn’t get paid. You’re still consuming their products, yes? Why should your ability to pay them change the contract that you entered into? Interesting times, that’s for sure. Hope you and everyone here is safe and finds peace amid this scary situation.
  5. I met Bill Graham before this show.
  6. With an avatar like that, you can do pretty much whatever you want as far as I’m concerned.
  7. It was the Big RR that had me beginning to wonder if elective. The Same Thing had me in 91+ territory, but I don’t remember a list from then that would have had Big RR in the 5 slot.
  8. Indeed it did. Grateful it reared it’s head early. Allowed my brain to totally relax, haha.
  9. So Many Roads Tangled Up E: Werewolves
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