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  1. TIGDH

    Oh, that must have been a lot like experiencing the first set of this show... https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/grateful-dead/1992/oakland-alameda-county-coliseum-arena-oakland-ca-2bd5a44a.html
  2. new coffee table picture book

    Word. Now my offspring have something to spend my money on for me for Christmas. Thanks John!
  3. TIGDH

    Good man. Gracias.
  4. JGB - The current iteration

    Cool thread, T. Who in the Sam Hill would take excpetion with some guy trying to imitate Garcia on his guitar? What is this, Communist Russia? Fucking guy can play however he likes in the world I live in. And lmao at "very reasonable and well-adjusted"! You do know that we are among a very small percentage of people who board planes and plan vacations around seeing a band that we have already seen 100 times, yes?
  5. TIGDH

    Sorry, but I need a clarification, please: are you saying that you were in attendance for only the encore? I'm expecting you to say "no, I saw the whole show, of course", but the way I'm reading it led me here. . If, by some set of circumstances, you were only there for the encore, please share how in the world that happened, if it's not too traumatic to recall.
  6. Happy 70th Birthday Bobby!

    HOF post, pics included. Thanks again, T.
  7. TIGDH

    Great post, T. Both for the show offering (congrats on being there in person, sick show to catch!), as well as for the thoughts that follow. Well said, bro.
  8. 10/13/17 Chicago, IL

    I. Feel Like A Stranger, Franklin's Tower, Walkin' Blues, Friend Of The Devil, Tons Of Steel, Desolation Row, Big Railroad Blues, The Music Never Stopped II. Bertha-> Cumberland Blues-> Playin' In The Band-> Uncle John's Band-> Playin' In The Band Jam-> Drums-> Jam-> I Need A Miracle-> Dear Mr. Fantasy-> Around & Around-> Good Lovin'-> La Bamba-> Good Lovin', E: U.S. Blues Lonesome and A Long Way From Home Mr. Charlie told ya so...
  9. 10/13/17 Chicago, IL

    Even if it's not, you get an e-high-five from me for moseying in here at set break to share. Thank you, Dupree!
  10. TIGDH

    I see someone has their head in the right place today. I presume you're getting hydrated and performing some stretching in preparation for tonight?
  11. 10/12/17 Detroit, MI

    I would have needed a wheelchair to leave the venue after that.
  12. Baseball 2017

    With no dog in the hunt I will gently offer that the Slubbies did actively contribute to their win tonight. But with a 9-8 final you can look at both teams really trying to give it away to your point. I'm sorry your team lost, man. So as we say at the track, "turning the page..." I hope we see L.A. And Houston, with the Dodgers winning it all.
  13. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    (Grabs popcorn)