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  1. Hoping there is a picture of the Band like last year’s RR show that looks out on the audience. That was so cool.
  2. Right on, John. Thanks. I’ll move 116 days ahead and add the jam transitioning Scarlet Begonias into Fire on the Mountain from Hamilton, Ontario on 3/22/90, the sole Scarlet>Fire of the tour. All sorts of sounds employed here, and at one point the waterfall of notes is synthesized and cascades down into a Garcia run. You could practically see it. Mind melting goodness. The MIDI is out front that whole 1990 Spring Tour (as you well know).
  3. Great pic! is it possible to please identify who we’re looking at?
  4. Damn, that just gets down to business and does not let up. Not a throwaway through it all.
  5. Natural born easy
  6. DesertDead

    Cape Cod

    Set One: Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo ; The Race Is On > Mister Charlie > Sitting On Top Of The World ; Green Green Grass Of Home ; They love Each Other (73' style) ; Chinatown Shuffle ; Ramble On Rose ; You Ain't Women Enough (To Take My Man) ; My And My Uncle ; Good Lovin' (72' style) Set Two: Here Comes Sunshine ; Pride Of Cucamonga ; Greatest Story Ever Told ; Cryptical Envelopment > drums > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment > China Doll > One More Saturday Night Encore: Ripple
  7. I traded in cable for YouTubeTV and speedy internet service about a year ago and have experienced zero interruption to our viewing habits. Have Netflix and Amazon Prime, but the sum total of all of that is still less than cable plus internet. i think the key is to be sure that the things that you like to watch are available on whatever conduit you choose. For me, that’s college football, which is cool with YTTV. have fun! YTTV has unlimited DVR storage and remote access from anywhere. Sling is cheaper, but the DVR functions cost extra.
  8. Ah, the one song in between part is critical here. Obviously not applicable to the Alpine show I mentioned, or the Rich Stadium show that I’m thinking of. going to get Deadbase now...
  9. I’m surprised that this only occurred 5 times for the GD, as it seems much more common since Bobby became the sole architect of setlist design. I have not yet consulted Deadbase to confirm the other two... I know one of the other two for sure, as I was there: 7-18-89, Alpine. If I had to guess the other I would say Rich Stadium in the late 80’s or early 90’s, but I’m not positive. Thanks for the cool fact, John. Please share the answers when you see fit?
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