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  1. Just pull over before the crossing, drop, and proceed to come on over. You’re welcome, Custy. 😁
  2. Some very neat footage here that I found quite interesting and thought I’d share it here. In addition to some clips of individuals laying down tracks, there is some banter among the band throughout. I am surprised that I had never seen this before. Wondering if some of you had/hadn’t seen this before now?
  3. First time for DSO at the Wiltern? That is a very cool venue.
  4. See, my problem (one of my problems) back then was I smoked tobacco, so some songs would come along and be smoke breaks. Broken Arrow, I’m looking at you.
  5. Love the 3 pre and then a bunch o’ tunes post. That’s all I have to say about that.
  6. Lmao at “sizzling garbage”. I shall think of you when I regurgitate that in the future, Brah.
  7. Hahaha at “test the limits”, Bill. Indeed. I shall sample, as this appears to be coming out on Apple Music, to which I am a subscriber. I was at the Eternity (Memphis), and remember it having some great music, but the lyrics just were uncool to me, so I could never get with this tune. Plus, not much to dance to with it, either. I was also at the W2GH (Deer Creek), which was a SMOKING show. https://archive.org/details/gd92-06-28.sbd.braverman.8601.sbeok.shnf The album is a neat idea, and I’m sure that it sounds fantastic. All of the songs included have grown on me over time, except for one, which continues to offend as much as it did when offered up live back then. Maybe it’s because I never elect to listen to it when I (now) have a choice?
  8. This is a crappy story and I’m sorry to hear it. But Phish has a lot fans, and some of them are kynd people. Stereotyping is rarely accurate. Glad that you didn’t sink yourself to the level of someone who clearly doesn’t have respect for others. That can be very difficult to deal with. Peace, MC.
  9. Good thing they played Sis and Bros. Wouldn't want anyone feeling like they didn’t get to hear enough music. 😛
  10. BEW? Affirmative. Lol that RD implies that his brain is still completely in tact. 😝 Set One: Ripple > Not Fade Away > Touch Of Grey ; Looks Like Rain ; Brown Eyed Women ; Keep On Growing ; Althea ; Greatest Story Ever Told ; Run For The Roses > Not Fade Away (reprise) Set Two: *Help On The Way > *Slipknot > *Feel Like A Stranger ; *Eyes Of The World > Dark Star > drums > space (w/ a recording of Robert Hunter singing "Boys In The Bar Room" blended in) > Alligator > Days Between > Around And Around Encore: Black Muddy River
  11. Hope you get in tonight, Mango Man. pissed I didn’t go to Berkeley last night. I’m definitely going to the next show Stu plays there.
  12. Hoping there is a picture of the Band like last year’s RR show that looks out on the audience. That was so cool.
  13. Right on, John. Thanks. I’ll move 116 days ahead and add the jam transitioning Scarlet Begonias into Fire on the Mountain from Hamilton, Ontario on 3/22/90, the sole Scarlet>Fire of the tour. All sorts of sounds employed here, and at one point the waterfall of notes is synthesized and cascades down into a Garcia run. You could practically see it. Mind melting goodness. The MIDI is out front that whole 1990 Spring Tour (as you well know).
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