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  1. DesertDead

    Tahoe show cancelled

    I’ve seen lots of snow in my many visits to Sin City.
  2. DesertDead

    2/7/2019 Seattle Showbox

    Yes, Victim was first played at the 88 Summer Tour opener in Minnesota. It was then subsequently played at every show until the end of time. Foolish Heart, Blow Away, I Will Take You Home, and Believe it or Not all debuted at Alpine 88. As did Blackbird, but that’s different. That I Will Take You Home out of Scarlet and into drums on 6/22 was about as popular as a loud talker during Stella Blue.
  3. DesertDead

    2/7/2019 Seattle Showbox

    Among my circle, when labeling a tape, there was LTGTR and there was Good Times, which was used for the song aka Never Trust A Woman.
  4. DesertDead

    Portland #2

    Anyone who talks during a show should be politely escorted out of the venue. No discussion, no debate, just out.
  5. DesertDead


    Awesome. Thank you for this post, PG.
  6. Why am I not surprised that you’re having a tough time choosing just one, John? 😄
  7. Ok, I have the strangest Carole King story. Around 2002 I lived in a townhouse in Marina del Rey. The way the parking and layout of the place was, we all walked through our patio area and through our sliding doors to come and go. So a few friends and I are partying our asses off one night, and I’m standing next to my bar counter packing a bowl, and who opens the slider and slowly walks through the curtains but Carole effing King. No shit. She is followed in by some dude, and she realizes that she is in the wrong house before I do, as I am high as a monkey as it’s about 10:00. I remember that I was laughing my ass off about something and a bit surprised that the door opened at all, as we weren’t expecting anyone else and had settled into a nice vibe. Carole turned to the guy as quickly as she had walked in and was mumbling “this is wrong...this is the wrong place”, and I saw her make eye contact with my satchel of flower. She was not a happy camper to have stumbled upon a Bob Marley festival. As she turned and got the guy to realize they were in the wrong place, she was apologizing. I pieced everting together and said “HEY - you’re Carole King...come on in, you guys can come in...”, probably sounding like Spiccolli meets Cheech. She continued to turn away and apologize, seemingly afraid to look back into the drug den (it really was pretty tame that night and she could have showed up and seen much worse haha). The whole thing lasted a minute, max. Needless to say, we were blown away at what just happened, and I get a huge smile anytime I hear of her or her music.
  8. DesertDead

    Portland #2

    This is the sort of partnership we need round here, Sakada. good man I’ll just leave this here to save some from having to find it on their own.
  9. DesertDead

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 2)

    Dark Star Game over. 😛
  10. DesertDead

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    Absolutely terrible look for JK here. Yeah, the apology attempt made it even worse as the rant reignited haha. This collage post that you shared here is brilliant. It always comes down to the Golden Rule.
  11. DesertDead

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    Only live music can help you now. Ride it out til then!
  12. DesertDead

    Need ideas for license plate

  13. DesertDead

    Standing on the Moon

    While this is nothing more than a tally of opinions, I sometimes visit this site when I’m keyed on a song to find versions that I might want to sample for myself and am not already aware of. Wanted to share it (again) here for awareness. HeadyVersion - SOTM
  14. DesertDead

    Standing on the Moon