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  1. I can’t remember what life was like before Al Gore invented the Internet.
  2. This implies that we flew that ghetto bird to begin with.
  3. DesertDead


    The GD did SSDD to close the second set the next night. https://archive.org/details/gd91-04-28.sbd.vernon.6112.sbeok.shnf You’ll also like the encore, Greg. 😀
  4. And cost $12,000. 🤑
  5. DesertDead


    For those not familiar with the original show, you should check it out. Warning: prepare to be rocked and rolled. This is an extraordinarily rowdy display.
  6. Can I simply send you my credit card information via private message and you please help me with it instead? 🤑🤪
  7. Ok, boys and girls. Here’s Saturday’s 1st set jam o’ the day... Feel Like a Stranger. Enjoy!
  8. How very cool and thoughtful! And I am honored to be on this list. Thank you. DD
  9. I’ll share my first Jack Straw, as it is from a first set that everyone here should hear at least once: 6/20/88.
  10. Went straight to the mountaintop, huh? There are indeed other great ones, but none better, in my view. Jerry absolutely caves your brain in with his slide play. Righteous.
  11. Little Red Rooster. If you read this, your mission is to find one and listen to it before you go to sleep tonight. Please report back which one it is so that others may choose to dig it as well. Enjoy!
  12. DesertDead

    Jannus live

    If the Shakedown is in the right spot - into drums, I’ve seen enough.
  13. Is this to solve for taking purple microdot v. Bart Simpsons or something else? 🤯😜
  14. Major props to you tallying and reporting on the number of “Anymore”s in Bertha, Days. I’m not sure I could have counted to three that late in that night. Impressive and appreciated report.
  15. Great call, John. I also agree that the best Box is on American Beauty. It was hiding there in plain sight!
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