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  1. "Welcome to the camp. I guess you all know why we're here. My name is Tommy and I became aware this year. If you want to be like me, you'll have to play pinball. So put on your eye shades, put in your ear plugs, you know where to put the cork"
  2. Just got done listening to Jack o Roses album this morning. He did us right. Now it's up to us.
  3. Check all four of them out, they blend the four instruments nicely upping the ante with every show. Lyrics are enunciated where you can get the story and meaning of each song. Billy has respect for jg and all the others who have come before. His own material is relevant to life today. All four are at the top of their game right now. DSO setlists and I'm sure musicianship is at an all time high from the reviews everyone has been providing. It only makes sense Jeff would be with Melvin for Jamaica shows. He was blowing my mind when he was with the tricksters back at the ledges. Travellers take care for the upcoming tours. Have fun!
  4. Joining in with mixlr. Between set music is crispy. Hope it fills your cup for the time you spent getting in and getting out. What's the venue like? I've been lucky to hit some sweet spots. Be interesting to read your take. Sounded like he wanted to dark star in first set, but don't see how he can with the time available and huge catalog to cover. I think they're all first rate musicians. From what I've read of your travels and shows with DSO, legit audience member and thanks for contributing to the forum. Between mixlr and forum, life is still engaging. I gave up when Jerry passed. A dear friend went to the desert and never returned. Life can be crushing but there is times of exploration and Strings keeps it alive for me. Nelson ledges was as close to an Oakland parking lot when I was in my 20's . Everyone here on the forum helps break the daily grind, thanks to all
  5. The Flat Irons are good for hiking and beauty. You can't miss em, and there's a trail to hike
  6. summer flies and August dies and the world turns...
  7. Any free video Streams?
  8. I heard people complaining outside a Boulder show back in 2013 when dso was charging $25, I was like cool down that beats other concert ticket and look how tiny the place is. You're gonna pay $80.00 for Coliseum phish ticket or John prine for that matter. Now emmylou is another whole nother ballpark as she kept $20.00 ticket prices in place up until her mom passed a few years ago. Now all her $$ goes to a dog rescue and she's only doing 4-5 shows a year, so I'll pay $79.00 to get in the first 10 rows. Thread drift but there's some DSO content in here somewhere
  9. St Stephen with a rose in and out of the garden he goes.... long distance running ....FIRE , FIRE ON BLACK MOUNTAIN, let it burn, burn, burn, have fun everyone !!!
  10. Jerry was beautiful and helped disseminate Hunter's ideals. One of the finest and most relentless guitar players to grace our lifetime, this day is a national holiday, some people just don't know it yet, but it's spreading
  11. I know I'm not in, but what's a jubilee with a place to camp at the venue? As Patti Smith signs "come on to my land and let freedom ring, come, come. I hope everyone has the time of their life, the music will be tops, just fretting on what people are reporting on the after show respite
  12. good thread, I'm right there also wanting to cut the cable. Sling was recommended by the last cable service call guy.
  13. Terry Kath tore it up, definitely a guitar player I strive to be more like. Keep us updated on this new band you found
  14. all kinds of repetition throughout dead history that's why 84-86 was so fun, and of course getting to jerry band shows
  15. Thanks DD, unfortunately I had to work until 9 tonight, there's a really good set from 7/20/19 up on relisten.net/billy-strings, mostly all Doc Watson tunes, William solo, Beaumont Rag to open, then a nice John Henry with verses I've never heard, interesting stuff.
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