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  1. Ammagamalin Crew

    Jubilee 2019

    Billy Strings added to next year's jubilee. Tickets go on sale this Friday. Leftover Salmon is also on the bill
  2. Ammagamalin Crew


    "gotta a feeling 21 is gonna be a good year..."
  3. Ammagamalin Crew


    First dew in 18 months according to one of the reviews. Wonder if dso would ever try that mix of verses in a recreation. Whole set rips, thanks for the lead
  4. Ammagamalin Crew

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Looks like a "freebird" encore request was finally honored! The band played Halloween dressed as eagles and played bird songs all night . Opening and closing the first set (well second song in) with the Grateful Dead's Birdsong...we're looking forward to his Nye run in Pontiac, 10/31/18 — Billy Strings, Tractor Tavern, Seattle Learning To Fly Bird Song Hollow Heart While I’m Waiting Here The First Whippoorwill Turmoil & Tinfoil Feathers Pyramid Country> Wings For Wheels> Born To Be Wild> Bird Song And Your Bird Can Sing A Robin Built A Nest On Daddy’s Grave Thirst Mutilator> Dust In A Baggie Seven Bridges Road White Dove Flying Over Water Dealing Despair On The Line Meet Me At The Creek E: Freebird > I’ll Fly Away
  5. Ammagamalin Crew

    Any chance DSO plays Alpine Valley again?

    With no camping at alpine, what's the use?
  6. Ammagamalin Crew

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Wasn't the case in Hampton. Shakestreet decked out with heads recalling lots of glory days with Jerry in the mother ship. Phish is rocking hard this tour and it's a trip fest. Joe Walsh's Walk Away to close out first set, first night. Littlefeat's Skin it Back second song into 3rd night. Tonight they raged a Moonage Daydream out of Mercury. Lots of wonderful women at Hampton and the cops let everything roll with not a single black eye. Gotta love general admission for three nights with a huge parking lot scene from 2pm to 1am. Now's never been a better time to get some extremely powerful light shows in and they're playing peak. I also recommend getting in as many Billy Strings shows as he is scheduling some solo shows next year. That banjo player is wild and competent enough to break off into his own band. Billy's run them ragged but right this past year. His Pontiac new year's run is gonna culminate a year near perfect playing and psychedelia.
  7. Ammagamalin Crew

    Ft Wayne 10/10/18

    Check this out
  8. Ammagamalin Crew

    Free Bird?

    "Skynyrd fans scream Free Bird before probably every song " Doubtful. Freebird and Dark Star are different in ways that it would take creativity to meld them together. Both trip out in ways that someone on the road could relate to. Music is too broad of an entity to give one band all command. Both bands etched ways in uncharted territory. Both were successful at what they did. Airplane/helicopter crashes have taken many of good people from the music world
  9. Ammagamalin Crew

    Death Don't Have No Mercy

    You're keeping his spirit alive
  10. Ammagamalin Crew

    Free Bird?

    That's some really good shit. Thx for the link. Please don't diss Ronnie Van Zandt and skynyrd. There's some incredible guitar work in their catalog. Kudos for putting freebird in the middle of dark star. I mean isn't that what DS is all about? Going to places you wouldn't normally get too? Freebird is a masterpiece and would be a challenge for any band and a joy for any audience to hear. Let us not forget the great music of the 70's. DSO would be a band that could possibly make it happen. The slide and piano work let alone being free and not chained? Isn't that what the touring road is all about? I listened to this Phil rendition and it's quite moving. Thanks again for shining a light
  11. Ammagamalin Crew

    Some of the changes

    Nice videos, thx
  12. Ammagamalin Crew

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Everyone is the same, exactly the same, experience shapes the ego, which creates perceived differences
  13. Ammagamalin Crew


    nobody's fault! Thanks for the lead, never heard this before, really great Jerry and he graciously gives the spoonful to Bobby when finished
  14. Ammagamalin Crew

    Now Listening...

  15. Ammagamalin Crew

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Yes, lots of good bands then and now, especially dark star orchestra, it's all happening just as it's supposed to