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  1. Ammagamalin Crew


    nobody's fault! Thanks for the lead, never heard this before, really great Jerry and he graciously gives the spoonful to Bobby when finished
  2. Ammagamalin Crew

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  3. Ammagamalin Crew

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Yes, lots of good bands then and now, especially dark star orchestra, it's all happening just as it's supposed to
  4. Ammagamalin Crew

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    nice find, thanks
  5. Ammagamalin Crew

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Do you think if Jerry had lived to be 75 we would have all these GD cover bands? Was his passing a good thing to keep the music and all that goes with parking lot dwellers alive and thriving?
  6. Ammagamalin Crew


    Red Rockers : 9/7/83 (night time show, smouldering cauldron) 9/7/85 2pm show, brilliant afternoon!
  7. Ammagamalin Crew

    Blaze Foley

    Incredible songwriting in Mr Gold and Mr Mudd. Uplifting lyrics in If I Needed You
  8. Ammagamalin Crew

    Blaze Foley

    hilarious, I wouldn't recommend going any where near Marie or Lungs, "Be Here To Love Me" is the movie about him
  9. Ammagamalin Crew

    Blaze Foley

    Anybody here heard Lucinda's "Drunken Angel" would know of Blaze Foley. Also if you're into Townes Van Zandt (not for everyone). There is a new Ethan Hawke movie that will hopefully be at a theater called "Blaze" Check out the Blaze 2018 movie trailer. Here is what was posted about last night's premier : Ethan Hawke’s film Blaze, with q/a after, played to a sold-out house at Nash’s Belcourt Theatre last night. I quite recommend it; Nashville may be the first city outside of Texas to receive a screening. Alynda Segarra (sp?) from Hurrah for the Riff Raff sings “Drunken Angel” over the closing credits, with Lu duly listed as songwriter as the credits are ending. It’s a fine job; Alynda also plays Blaze’s sister. Hawke brought up Lucinda’s name in the course of the q/a session, in the context of pointing out how many singer/songwriters he wanted to involve in the film. Gurf Morlix portrays a character by the name of Gurf. Hawke didn’t give Charlie Sexton many drunken or comic scenes as Townes Van Zandt, which pleased me. There is some of that, but mainly Sexton is framed reflecting on Blaze to a radio DJ, shortly after Blaze’s death. And I’m afraid “a senseless bar altercation” is not how it went down; let’s give Lu the same license in song intros maybe that she has for the penning of the lyrics themselves. Kris Kristofferson has maybe four words in a hospital scene as Blaze’s father, but oh boy it’s him. Blaze’s girlfriend/wife Sybil is every bit as intriguing a character as Blaze. Her source book and co-screenwriter status are evident, without seeming self-serving. Both leads did some fine acting. I wish I had seen the documentary by Kevin Triplett which preceded this fiction/dramatization by a few years.
  10. Ammagamalin Crew

    Bob Weir and Wolf Bros Tour

    New Year's Eve SF? Maybe they're going to record in Nashville with a few days off before the show?
  11. Ammagamalin Crew

    Bob Weir and Wolf Bros Tour

    She's got a pretty extensive October run this year. I'd recommend getting in soon as she's one of our elders that still puts on an extensive show when she hits the stage.
  12. Ammagamalin Crew

    Bob Weir and Wolf Bros Tour

    Good thing you got balcony. Seats at the Ryman on the floor, under the balcony are terrible. I'm usually up close for Emmylou but last year we had those under the balcony floor seats for Steppenwolf and it was horrible.
  13. Ammagamalin Crew

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Those data also indicated that higher empathy people were more passionate in their musical likes and dislikes, such as showing a stronger preference for unfamiliar music.
  14. Ammagamalin Crew

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    http://blog.smu.edu/research/2018/06/11/people-who-deeply-grasp-the-pain-or-happiness-of-others-also-process-music-differently-in-the-brain/ good read , esp the part about related to unsung music. Picked this up while reminiscing about Guy Clark and trying to nail Texas 1947 for an upcoming performance. I believe this article has some relevance to DSO and the Grateful Dead. Got to sift through it though.
  15. Ammagamalin Crew

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    Hendrix from beginning to end