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  1. Anaheim

    Chad Wackerman from Frank Zappa's '84 band? I love playing Positively 4th Street, I just hope those who are listening are not offended. It's a great song to play and sing. Thanks for the list and venue review. Keep on keeping on like you do!
  2. San Francisco Night #1

    Before looking at this setlist, I was thinking either a JGB show or one of those three set 1980 October shows. Looks like DSO put together thier own magical set. Have in the pool everyone
  3. TIGDH

    How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Catfish John After Midnight Mission In The Rain Who Was John They Love Each Other Moonlight Mile Set 2 Harder They Come Knockin' On Heaven's Door Talkin' 'Bout You Keystone 2/13/76
  4. Eugene

  5. BCE @ CC

    I took it from the Hunter album: Ammagamalin Street thinking about Chet and Murphy and Maggie all trying to make it through, trying to get by, visiting Gypsy parlors and hitting the pavement and roaming from show to show
  6. BCE @ CC

    Last night's TWLWMYD is up on BCE website, clean house video. Thanks Dino for helping to make it happen! Warming up to Superbowl with the JGB Shoreline video. Have fun everyone,
  7. BCE @ CC

    There's no marquee on the new place. Parking is on the street. You may get a Scarlet Fire, it's due. The sound is really good and it's about a free of a place as any, absolutely no security hassle, everyone is in peace. They got a good drum session with Dino and the two other drummers. Hopefully you can make it. I'm tempted. If you decide to go and come through Cincy, pm me, I can get us a free hotel in Georgetown.
  8. BCE @ CC

    Recently another forum member asked for an Easy Wind in reference to DSO's versions, ( really it was me who was disappointed with the filler DSO Easy Wind from fall Cincy). Well BCE has a video up on their website: the second set from the most recent Cosmic Charlie experience, 1/6/18. Which is fun to be able to revisit the set. After the encore, there's a high speed video of the break down of the stage, followed by the first set. www.borncrosseyed.com This is what we in Ohio and KY have had to keep the spirit alive since 1992. Dino is in on drums.
  9. TIGDH

    Masonic Temple is a small place in Detroit. Wierd the dead were able to play there in 1979
  10. Random thoughts and randomness in general

    nobody's posting island setlists, not even the band
  11. Emmylou Harris

    Yep, Bill Graham, also long over due
  12. Dead + Co - Spring/Summer 2018

    Strange how camping is limited when 60,000 people used to camp there? Really good to hear they're starting it again. That was always the gem about Alpine shows. What are prices going for?
  13. Emmylou Harris

    Well deserved: http://www.nonesuch.com/journal/emmylou-harris-receive-recording-academy-lifetime-achievement-award-2018-01-09
  14. BCE @ CC

    Cosmic Charlie's BCE 1-6-18 #1Bucket, Bobby McGee, Dire Wolf, CC Rider, Peggy O, Blow Away, BIODTL, BE Women, Tom Thumb, Doin That Rag, Cumberland, Ramble on Rose, MNS. #2HSF, China>Rider, Estimated>d>S>Stella Blue>Lovelight, Jack Straw>Aiko Aiko, She Belongs To Me> Good Lovin! E: Rubin.....great crowd, great venue, played great
  15. Drums Space 2017 >

    I believe differently about Jim Morrison. Each to their own opinions. Sometimes it's easier to write people off as delusional. I like to explore different ways of thinking