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  1. TIGDH

    10/10/82 Frost (TIGDH)
  2. TIGDH

    one of the few east coast venues that kept GA after the 1979 Who concert. We snuck all kinds of equipment in Hampton coliseum. I heard it was one of the deads favorite places to play along with Alpine
  3. A Little Help?

    two party illusion keeps the rich man in his summer homes and allows the politicians to keep throwing stones, yep, we're on our own
  4. Cool alternate lyrics

    got a sweet Suzie last night
  5. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    The Comes A Time was the highlight for me. Had the extra verse from that era.
  6. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    Taft theatre 10/31/71. + Easy Wind
  7. TIGDH

    Dark Star Orchestra came to Cincinnati and everyone assembled in the Taft....
  8. RIP Tom Petty

    TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS HOLLYWOOD, CA @ HOLLYWOOD BOWL 2017-09-22 AT831 -> BB -> DR-2d -> Soundforge -> FLAC 01. -intro- 02. Rockin' Around (With You) 03. Mary Jane's Last Dance 04. You Don't Know How It Feels 05. Forgotten Man 06. I Won't Back Down 07. Freefallin' 08. Into The Great Wide Open 09. Don't Come Around Here No More 10. -band introduction- 11. It's Good To Be King 12. Crawling Back To You 13. Wildflowers 14. Learning To Fly 15. Yer So Bad 16. I Should Have Known It 17. Refugee 18. Runnin' Down A Dream 19. You Wreck Me 20. American Girl
  9. RIP Tom Petty

    From what I've seen and heard about his Hollywood Bowl shows last week, hard to believe it all ends just like that. Lucinda Williams opened for him both nights. His setlists have been off the hook this year. Last Dance with Mary Jane second tune into the show, followed by You don't know how it feels, he played Cincy earlier in the year and I passed on it. Did the same with Scott Weiland a few years back, passed on his Covington show two days before he left. Tom Petty contributed a boat load of good rock and roll. RIP
  10. 10/02/17 Omaha, NE

    anybody survive to give us a weather report?
  11. Taft Theater, 10/6/17

    Yep. Looking forward to a great show! anyone else needing a landing place for the night is welcome also. We got three full couches and a futon. Only about 15 minutes from the Taft, easy highway exit and entrance.
  12. Taft Theater, 10/6/17

    You are welcome to stay at our house Friday after the show. I'll be on the floor in the GA , hopefully, 10th row center. I'll wear my tyedyed BCE shirt so you can find me.
  13. Cool alternate lyrics

    I think I heard a "sweet Suzie" in the 1/10/79 Uniondale Loser?
  14. Happy Birthday, MC

    Happy birthday! Hope you can make it to the Taft again
  15. Fall Tour Announced!

    Cincy next Friday! Any travelers needing a place to stay before heading to Columbus, I've got a futon in the tape room and three couches in the living room . Flying solo in the hometown, so I will have more wits about me to accommodate travellers