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  1. Early influences

    I ordered that superstars of 70's 4 lp set (from tv I think), also being a dragon, born in 64, first concert was David Cassidy, when I was 6 (went with my older sister and my mom for her birthday), my first rock concert was in 7th grade, Led Zeppelin, it was their 2nd of two shows in Cincy, (Wed night 4/20/77?) I was a concert junkie from there on in, Pagey and Jerry along with Frank had that "what just happened appeal", (simply amazing fret work), Airplane, Allmans, CSN&Y, Badfinger, ACDC, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Kinks, Dylan,Emmylou, Floyd, Bowie, Woodstock film, and a lot of midnight concert films that used to play at a theater downtown, first exposure to JG was Tom Snyder's Tomorrow show with Jerry and Bobby playing a few acoustic songs, should have been in bed, but then the trail was being blazed
  2. Tea for Texas appreciation thread!

    relevant and talented, thank you tea for keeping the forums fun
  3. 11/18/17, Palladium Theater: Worchester, MA

    Tom thumb's
  4. TIGDH

    Back 1990 we were treated to five nights of JGB at the Wiltern during this week
  5. Sounded so Sweet

    Dearr Mr Fantasy and Althea along with everything listed above, twlwmyd with JGB
  6. Now Listening...

    Emmylou Harris 11-3-17 Ashland KY Blue KY Girl Orphan Girl Love and Happiness Millworker O Evangeline One of these days Red Dirt Girl Making Believe Emmit Till Wheels Luxury Liner Pancho and Lefty Michelangelo Kern River Going Back to Harlan Green Pastures Born to Run Prayer in Open D Bang the Drum Shores The Pearl Encore: Boulder to Birmingham
  7. Now Listening...

    Emmylou Harris concerts tomorrow night in Ashland then on to Chattanooga for the Saturday show. gonna be good....
  8. TIGDH

    11/2/1984 BCT, the first part of the second set was played on Sirius this morning, so glad to be led back to this show, all is irie
  9. TIGDH

    The wheel is my favorite outta space, like an awe after the storm, Brent did well with the wheel for a whole lotta years
  10. Baseball 2017

    a lot of the Yankees are former Reds, which makes me hate them even more, esp todd frazier, he was soooo welcomed as he started out in Cincy, now he's like this big dude that knows it all, screw chapman also, I guess it's going to be good baseball any ways
  11. TIGDH

    gotta chime in on this day: 10-20-1984 Carrier Dome Syracuse, NY, ....don't you know it's gonna be alright....
  12. TIGDH

    10/10/82 Frost (TIGDH)
  13. TIGDH

    one of the few east coast venues that kept GA after the 1979 Who concert. We snuck all kinds of equipment in Hampton coliseum. I heard it was one of the deads favorite places to play along with Alpine
  14. A Little Help?

    two party illusion keeps the rich man in his summer homes and allows the politicians to keep throwing stones, yep, we're on our own
  15. Cool alternate lyrics

    got a sweet Suzie last night