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  1. Billy Strings

    He's got a hell of a tour schedule set up for this year. One day in SF the next on the east coast, hitting a lot of the majors also Telluride, DelFest, Hartford, ect..
  2. Random thoughts and randomness in general

    at the carrier dome in Syracuse 84, they didn't even have the stage lit up, just this weird little outline of each musician could be seen from the upper upper eshcalons. After experiencing Pages's duck walks and Townsend's windmills this was something very intriguing, then BAM 85 hit!! and 85 hit hard if you were impressionable and into music, it then became about HAVING to do the whole tour to get the She Belongs or cryptical, or ?????
  3. Asheville 4-10

    $10.00 a show at The Stone right before the Chinese New Years shows in 1987. Sat and Sun. only convinced one other in our group to go out ahead. Damn well better believe those Stone shows blew doors off of the Civic Auditorium shows with GD later that week. $15.00 a show for the Wiltern later in 87 on Friday March 13 and 14th. Two full sets in a place as big as a living room for $10.00, tell me Jerry didn't love to play. One of the most underrated aspects of JGB was John Kahn, the mighty KAHN!!!!
  4. Random thoughts and randomness in general

    This "too many cryin in my beer songs person didn't know he was getting a rare rebirth of To Lay Me Down (which we got in Hampton). Tea, you really got the wild intro to your 30 yr trip when you got that Scarlet Fire first set opener in Chicago! I've reference the minglewood from Joe Louis before as won of my favorites when Jerry and Bobby run the main lead together and Brent joins in, just synchronicity at it's finest
  5. Washington DC (The Hamilton) 4/3/18

    Rumpke mountain boys have been doing an acoustic, jugband version of Viola Lee for years. Seems like the time the two bands spent together in Jamaica was productive. RMB also tear up Duprees. Masters of War is just a down right great, necessary song, along with Roger Water's The Bravery of Being Out of Range from his 1992 Amused to Death album. What God wants God gets...
  6. Billy Strings

    http://relisten.net/billy-strings/2017/8/29 Check out this soundboard from Nashville last year. Opens with Oh the Wind and the Rain>Dust in the Baggie. Later a sweet Senor and a nice take on Riders in the Storm with an interesting take of The End referencing a hippie loving his parents instead of killing them. See what you think Sorry, wrong show link before, got it right here (I think)
  7. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    hit the pavement and roam...
  8. Greek Theatre 7-15-88

    That third day (2pm show) at the 88 Greeks was so hot our guy with the mics on his head (FOB, horn hat with AKG 460's) fell down in heat exhaustion right before drums. Always good to be led back to 88. Thanks for the topic John!
  9. Spring Dso Jerry band song ideas

    Think Skip could keep up with Love In the Afternoon?
  10. Spring Dso Jerry band song ideas

    A JGB Knocking would be great also
  11. Bad acid trip

    I learned to drop at the end of the first set to let it start at the beginning of the second set avoiding the long set break and lead into an enjoyable after show parking lot scene. Half way through the 86 Berkeley shows, I stopped getting so high at shows, because the music meant too much and I'd waited too long, driven too many miles to be too wasted while Jerry and the band created.
  12. Spring Dso Jerry band song ideas

    Edward the mad shirt grinder
  13. Bobby And Phil

    I just got done listening to both sets on sugarmegs. Looking forward to watching it after work. I'm with you on the "not always easily entertained" having been immersed since 1983.
  14. Spring Tour

    The spring tour dates have a lot of recreation opportunity for past gd spring tours. Atlanta>Birmingham ~ Philly 85?
  15. Dead and co has lost their mind

    I got a 2002 bottle.. the label explains what an artist Jerry was. I've been having a bottle each year from a case that I bought.. following Peter Rowan's advise... there's more to treasure than to save