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  1. each small candle lights a corner of the dark
  2. Just announced North American tour July- August. He says he's going to be trying to do more with rock and roll than what's ever been done. He is not one to miss. We got a Saturday show in cincy right before he goes to MSG to close it all out.
  3. Roseanne. Till I got around to buying the record, thought he was saying "And my gambling streak!" check out some soundboards from his 1984 tours on archive.org. That was a very good year for our dearly departed promontory rider.
  4. also a great song; however, not "stacked up on the corner, pockets lined with gold _________ _________ __________. shining in the freezing cold". (clue # 2) to this monumental piece.
  5. The road goes on forever and the party never ends....
  6. Gonna be cranking it thru the 6 channel. Nugs.tv always has great filming. I think this will be much more enjoyable than last weekend's relix broadcast, free, free , free
  7. One of the between set placards during the webcast stated he's been doing 200+ shows for the past 8 years. The whole set had a lot of Old and in the way songs including Jerry's Breakdown and closing the second set with Wild Horses. He took each song out to places they'd never been. All fresh approaches with the first shows of the year. Next Friday's tippitinas show is a free webcast also. Playing in the Band threads through out the show. Lots of dead heads (young and old) in the audience. He's getting to places that used to be "space " at dead shows a lot. Which Zeppelin cover band was it? Hopefully not Zeppelin 2. I've heard good reports of Get The Led Out and zoso was fairly decent. This is the year of Jimmy page 2020=ZOZO
  8. Post tour blues are reall
  9. Did anyone else catch that wharf rat tonight?
  10. fer certain...don't let go "Cross my palms with silver, with make up she'd be cute. Pay before you hear she said, 'cause I'm gonna tell the truth." The next three lyrics are the name of the song from an album released in 1984 (RH)
  11. Free webcast of the capital theater shows Friday and Saturday on relix channel.
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