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  1. I heard people complaining outside a Boulder show back in 2013 when dso was charging $25, I was like cool down that beats other concert ticket and look how tiny the place is. You're gonna pay $80.00 for Coliseum phish ticket or John prine for that matter. Now emmylou is another whole nother ballpark as she kept $20.00 ticket prices in place up until her mom passed a few years ago. Now all her $$ goes to a dog rescue and she's only doing 4-5 shows a year, so I'll pay $79.00 to get in the first 10 rows. Thread drift but there's some DSO content in here somewhere
  2. St Stephen with a rose in and out of the garden he goes.... long distance running ....FIRE , FIRE ON BLACK MOUNTAIN, let it burn, burn, burn, have fun everyone !!!
  3. Jerry was beautiful and helped disseminate Hunter's ideals. One of the finest and most relentless guitar players to grace our lifetime, this day is a national holiday, some people just don't know it yet, but it's spreading
  4. I know I'm not in, but what's a jubilee with a place to camp at the venue? As Patti Smith signs "come on to my land and let freedom ring, come, come. I hope everyone has the time of their life, the music will be tops, just fretting on what people are reporting on the after show respite
  5. good thread, I'm right there also wanting to cut the cable. Sling was recommended by the last cable service call guy.
  6. Terry Kath tore it up, definitely a guitar player I strive to be more like. Keep us updated on this new band you found
  7. all kinds of repetition throughout dead history that's why 84-86 was so fun, and of course getting to jerry band shows
  8. Thanks DD, unfortunately I had to work until 9 tonight, there's a really good set from 7/20/19 up on relisten.net/billy-strings, mostly all Doc Watson tunes, William solo, Beaumont Rag to open, then a nice John Henry with verses I've never heard, interesting stuff.
  9. Good planning, the tour is selling out, esp in a high culture area like DC. Atlanta's sold out, Halloween is next. Taking water has some lyrics worth paying attention to. We got Whimmeydoodle coming up with Del McCoury band on the same night. Sure to be some collaboration. You'll have fun cause it's a really nice and colorful, fun group of people that attend the shows
  10. Watch "Mary Tyler Moore ~ Grateful Dead Dancing Ep. 2" on YouTube "I can't do it. I'm just a housewife"
  11. Caught radio k.a.o.s. tour in 1987 in Denver then the amused to death show at deercreek in 1999. What God Wants, God Gets....I thought the waters shows made more sense than the one Columbus stadium pink floyd in 1988. Seemed like floyd was playing the hits while waters whole show had meaning.
  12. Our Brains Appear Uniquely Tuned for Musical Pitch The results of a study partly funded by NIH suggest that speech and music may have shaped the human brain’s hearing circuits. To test this, the researchers played a series of harmonic sounds, or tones, to healthy volunteers and monkeys. Meanwhile, functional magnetic resonance imaging was used to monitor brain activity in response to the sounds. The researchers found evidence suggesting the human brain was highly sensitive to tones. The human auditory cortex was much more responsive than the monkey cortex when they looked at the relative activity between tones and equivalent noisy sounds. The study highlights the promise of Sound Health, a joint project between the NIH and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, in association with the National Endowment for the Arts, that aims to understand the role of music in health. https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/our-brains-appear-uniquely-tuned-musical-pitch
  13. There's gotta be someone in New Jersey that can go to Colorado for this weekend?
  14. live leads to an unprecedented appreciation of the workings of the acoustic instruments of bluegrass. Jarrod, Royal and Billy compliment William's extreme flatpicking dexterity and pedal exploration. His catalog keeps the intrigue ongoing. His humility keeps it all real. Get in the pasture while you can, it's still intimate and cost effective. Who knows what song is going to show up at the next one?
  15. I found out about the holy schoeps up at the wonderland in 1987
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