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  1. Gotta be the prettiest Stella Blue., all space is great. Thanks PG!
  2. I think everyone here is smart, and maybe the women are more so
  3. It was a freakin mess, we did get a shadygrove second song in, hopefully the Taft next year. We were first in, one went and got the rail, I had to manage 6 balcony seats for disabled friend and older siblings, it got hotter as the night went on, Jim, who does tons of taping was not allowed, crushing, going back to Dayton empty handed although word is stealth happened on the floor. Turmoil and Tinfoil Sorry to have missed ya duck Glad you got in
  4. Cold rain dang Jack's uncle met mexicali Jimmy for a deal that blew away like rain
  5. Finally Birdsong and the other one get their well deserved (and long overdue) pairing. To open the show no less. Things are getting real good in DSO land. Kudos Dino
  6. https://archive.org/details/billystrings2019-11-13/BS2019-11-13s02t10.flac Funk 49 and paranoid to close the show
  7. Tonight's Brooklyn bowl show free webcast on relix channel
  8. ELH Atlanta 10.10.19 8pm Easy From Now On One Of These Days Millworker O Evangeline Green Pastures Get Up John Red Dirt Girl Emmitt Till Home Sweet Home! Oh Las Vegas Kern River If I Needed You Pancho and Lefty Michelangelo Going Back To Harlan Together Again Tulsa Queen Wheels Born To Run Old Five and Dimers Long May You Run! Encore: Boulder to Birmingham 10pm
  9. Emmylou Sunday Atlanta Symphony Hall. Del McCoury Band 11/22/19 Dayton Art Institute. Billy 11/23/19 Madison Theater Covington. Born Cross Eyed 12/7/19 Cosmic Charlies, Lexington. Emmylou is my true love. String's tickets are getting real hard to come by: Lexington and Louisville in February sold out before I had a chance to look. Thank God for mixlr, it really cranks through the home stereo and it's nice to follow the progression of the tour each night. Cats Cradle, night two, got a Dreadful Wind and the Rain and a China Doll>Midnight Ryder. He's keeping gems in the mix although there are so many new comers arriving each show. Rocky Racoon showed up a few nights ago. Crazy good music being played before the show, between sets and after each show. He trips out with his pedal effects. Very meaningful lyrics in his own material. Have FUN!!!
  10. I thought I heard Phil singing when first tuning in, looked over the stage, didn't see him. Thought maybe'd recovered enough to sit in with em
  11. Fun, fun, fun roar the roses
  12. Enjoy night 2 now that you know what you're getting intoπŸ™‚βš‘πŸ‘€πŸ”₯
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