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  1. Ammagamalin Crew

    A band I saw last night

    Live Dead '69 is at Bogart's Saturday night here in cincy. Dud you see them yet duck?
  2. Ammagamalin Crew

    JGB Eel River Box Set

    Great story about your dad and Jerry. I was trying to do everything in 87 so a drive to Humboldt was necessary for many reasons. Captured the show on a D6, and having been there for the breakout acoustic with the two electric set is enough for me. Small crowd on the hillside in 1987. There were some people complaining about Jerry charging $15.00 for the ticket and they were scheming to get in for free. A little disturbing thinking of all that he did for everyone and they were complaining about his mansions. It was a hot northern CA day and couldn't have been better. Drove the 20 hours to get there and then headed back to Wyoming after the show, sleeping on the side of the road for a few before heading into that long Nevada, Utah, Wyoming stretch. Of course a quick stop in Reno to fill up at the cheap buffet and 50 cent heinekins helped.
  3. Ammagamalin Crew

    Summer tour 2019

    me too
  4. Ammagamalin Crew

    A band I saw last night

    You got a great show Duck! I'm glad they moved CC. I'll probably head down for the next one BCE Date 2019-03-09 Venue Cosmic Charlies, Lexington, KY Set One Cosmic Charlie, Jack Straw, Greatest Story Ever Told, Little Red Rooster, Ship Of Fools, Operator, Memphis Blues, Rubin and Cherise, Cassidy, Cumberland Blues, Tore Up Set Two Scarlet Begonias>, Fire On The Mountain, Viola Lee Blues, Truckin'>Other One, Drums> Space>, To Lay Me Down, Around and Around, One More Saturday Night, Box of Rain Encore It’s All Over Now Baby Blue, We Bid You Goodnight Notes Dino English and Brad Slutskin played. First show at the Cosmic Charlies at 105 W Loudon Ave.
  5. Ammagamalin Crew

    Mattson and Friends Ardmore 3-9-2019

    just saying "there won't be any mention in the news of the world about the life and times of a red dirt girl, at least not for lilian, who never got any further than across the lines of meridian....
  6. Ammagamalin Crew

    Mattson and Friends Ardmore 3-9-2019

    Yeah and if the song played was actually Red Dirt Girl (and not Read Dirt Girl), it is one of Emmylou's masterpieces which deserves a correct notation/spelling. Thanks for posting the list though. It's nice to see what's being played. gotta run, here comes the boss
  7. Ammagamalin Crew

    Mattson and Friends Ardmore 3-9-2019

    I'm thinking it was Greasy Heart
  8. Ammagamalin Crew

    Viola Lee Blues is the best song of all time

    Rumpke mtn boys do ripped up acoustic version
  9. Ammagamalin Crew

    A band I saw last night

    Any highlights from the setlist?
  10. Ammagamalin Crew

    Billy Strings

    End of spring tour. Mixlr, home, search, Billy Streams. Tonight's show is Jackson, Mississippi. It's been starting around 9 est for the 8 o'clock shows. Ladt night in Birmingham started at 9 CST, 10 est opened with Senor and he's getting it down, Rude, not messing up Dylan's lyrics, we still got some gems coming up at Jackson and lake Charles tomorrow night. Free sbd feed , the pre concert and between set music is crazy good,
  11. Ammagamalin Crew

    Robert Hunter

    Anybody going to any of the three book signings with singing events he has coming up in Palo Alto, Oklahoma or Mississippi? Maybe I got some bad info and posted incorrectly. Sorry folks. Thought I saw these few shows listed. Upon further looks, doesn't look like this is happening
  12. Ammagamalin Crew

    The Who

    They're sending a CD of the upcoming new album to everyone who buys a ticket. Townsend's been journaling on their website about recent days in the studio.
  13. Ammagamalin Crew

    Why a ‘77 sounds different than an ‘85

    Well, for one thing, 1985 had probably the most varied setlists in the dead's history. Tons of new covers and the crypticals, comes a times, by fall everyone was completely out of their heads and it was full throttle. I think it all started in the fall of 1984, but man, 1985 had to have the broadest selection of songs then any other year. Ya think?
  14. Ammagamalin Crew

    The Who

    Anybody else catching one of the upcoming shows? I just picked up Deercreek tickets. Not missing this. Could and most likely be the last time to see some of rock and roll's finest. Also, it's guaranteed to be an older, respectful audience. A lot of folks don't even know who The Who are. Most of you will be east coasting dead tunes with DSO, just saying, it's The Who man and this is not to be passed up.
  15. Ammagamalin Crew

    Tahoe show cancelled