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  1. BCE @ CC

    I’m not going to be able to go. I Have a family birthday party tomorrow night. I’m going to get there one of these months though dog gone it.
  2. BCE @ CC

    I believe they are back at Cosmic Charlie’s Saturday with Dino on drums. I haven’t been to CC since it moved to the new place. Gonna try to swing down there if family shit don’t keep me from it.
  3. Are you going to Wanee.  This is Dave & Wanda. 

    1. Dead duck

      Dead duck

      I wish I was. Don’t think it’s in the cards this year. Will be at the Jubilee with my oldest and all 3 of us may do the Peach for the first time this year. 

  4. JITS - Night 4

    I was thinking I’d heard them do it before. But couldn’t recall when or where so........ just left it alone.
  5. Nfl playoff picture

    2nd consecutive week someone in Philly was arrested for punching a horse.
  6. Spring Northeast Dates

    I’m confirmed out of action until Jubilee. Ought to itching for some DSO by then though.
  7. Dead + Co - Spring/Summer 2018

    I got tix for Riverbend. Nice and easy. On a Monday so I can make a long weekend of it. Cincy is a daily easy up and back. No hotels or camping necessary since I will be taking boys and therefore mostly sober.
  8. Nfl playoff picture

    And not going for points before halftime. 55 seconds with two timeouts and you are taking a knee???? I knew it was game over right then.
  9. Dead + Co - Spring/Summer 2018

    It changes every few years to the highest bidder. Verizon, Kiplish???, now rough Home....... I’ll stick to calling it deer creek so people know what the hell im talking about.
  10. Dead + Co - Spring/Summer 2018

    May make a long weekend and do Riverbend. I love deer creek but not enough to take a Wednesday off for D & C
  11. jubilee tickets

    Bought mine and my oldest’s last night. Debated VIP but lack of funds will have us lugging our crap as usual down into the bowl. May get a hotel night before to make sure we get in early enough for a prime spot. Last year a noon arrival made for slim Pickens.
  12. jubilee tickets

    I’m a GA guy. Will try and grab mine and my oldest’s before the 16th. Youngest may not get to go because that’s the last day of school here and he has finals.
  13. NFL Knockout pool part 2

    Lack of playoff experience man. It typically takes a team a year to learn the difference in reg season and playoff atmosphere. Rams have a bright future for sure but Atl had the experience.
  14. NFL Knockout pool part 2

    Would love to take Jags or Chiefs. But I can’t. I’ll take the Falcons in an upset.
  15. NYE 2017 Electric Factory 12/29-12/31

    Yup. First NYE run with DSO. Very excited. It’s been hell sitting on this secret from August until yesterday. I’ve almost spilled the beans multiple times. Boys and my cousin in tow, we are leaving here 5-6 AM Friday to get there hopefully a couple hours pre show Friday. See you all in Philadelphia!!