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  1. Saw Del McCoury Friday and Kris Kristopherson last night. Good shows. Laid back. A couple of 80+ year olds still out there truckin
  2. I went a solid 1 for 5. I’m thinkin of turning pro 😆😂😆
  3. Rams Ravens Saints Chiefs Chargers
  4. Dead duck

    11-2-2019 Cap

    I tuned in for the 2nd set and so glad I did. A wild ride for sure. .
  5. Green with envy. Great looking show
  6. Had a delightful experience the other day. Figured those here would appreciate it. Bought a concert ticket for Del McCoury at the Buskirk Chumley where DSO played an acoustic show a few years back. Best part was when it was all said and done a $55 ticket cost..........$55!!! It was so refreshing. Wish more places could/would do this.
  7. Yeah that was rough. Glad I didn’t take the “easy money” and bet Mahomes MVP got decent odds on Wilson and Watson and took McCaffery as a long shot.
  8. That’s awesome man.
  9. I was curious if that was a “named jam” before the drums. I’m pretty awful at picking those out and determining one from another. Aside from Spanish jam.
  10. pats Hawks cowboys falcons Chiefs
  11. Man that 2nd set put a smile on my face that even having to work today hasn’t been able to wipe away. And that’s really saying something. Can’t wait to see what they have planned for us in Indy. Side note: Every year DSO plays Louisville I (falsely) predict a 4/9/89 recreation. The Louie Louie show. But it seems it’s always original or early 70’s or old school 69er. I’m wondering if the stage is too small for the later year’s drum set up. Either way I’ll likely keep predicting that Louie Louie 😂😆😂
  12. I have ep 3-8 recorded and 1 and 2 are being recorded this weekend when they are reran. Can’t wait to dive into this thing.
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