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  1. Dead duck

    2019 Dead Covers Project

    Show me some kids singing and loving dead tunes and I’ll have terry eyes. Every time
  2. My oldest boy wore me the hell out on “you ain’t nothin but a hound dog” because of the Disney movie LILO and Stitch. I woke up to him playing it on repeat for probably a year straight.
  3. Dead duck

    Need ideas for license plate

    The perv in me would read “Goldenrod” first
  4. Dead duck

    Standing on the Moon

    Bobby and the wolf bros did days when I saw them at the Ryman in Nov. good stuff
  5. “I love trash” Oscar the grouch
  6. Dead duck

    The Hamilton, DC?

    Congrats on the wedding
  7. Dead duck

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 2)

    A woman bout twice my age
  8. Dead duck

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    Sweet Jane
  9. Dead duck

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    Botticelli’s niece
  10. Dead duck

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

  11. Dead duck

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    Delilah Jones
  12. Dead duck

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    William Tell
  13. Dead duck

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    Sweet Ruby Claire
  14. Dead duck

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Get it right do it nice if you make a mistake pay for it twice
  15. Dead duck

    Jubilee 2019

    Well I got some decent news. My youngest who is normally taking finals first day of jubilee, usually don’t care that he misses the jube every year because he is sketchy about camping in bad weather. This year with the lineup he has actually been complaining about not getting to go. Well over the weekend we were checking out his schedule and he goes to school the entire week after Memorial Day this year. So that means no finals on jubilee day and I can pull him out to come up early. May have both boys at the jubilee for the first time since year 3 or 4.