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  1. Much love Ron and all your efforts here are appreciated. Wishing you the best of luck with any real life stress and drama.
  2. Holly Bowling played a show from her living room the other day with a virtual “tip jar.” I imagine it was a little easier doing it solo but I popped in and out on it and she plays beautifully. I saw a comedian was gonna do something similar but I didn’t watch.
  3. Dead duck


    Shame on billionaire team owners for leaving it up to the Millionaire players to be human. But I guess you don’t become billionaires by giving it away or caring about others
  4. Bobby and Wolf bros samson Queen jane gonesville Race is on desolation row bird song deal 2 women are smarter ashes and glass Don’t let go Ashes and glass Playin watchtower Black Peter NFA E:Brokedown great Sunday show as usual The night before at the Ryman he sang w/Emmylou Harris, Margo Price and a half dozen other guests
  5. WHAT? You mean it’s not about a turtle waiting for a train? Boy I was way off.
  6. You call a show 3 hours away “local”
  7. Dead duck

    Chico 2/13/20

    Wow a ‘93 smoker. Rare indeed
  8. I missed out on tix too And as much as I wanted them to be there for it the idea of dragging two preteen boys around downtown Chicago hoping to score reasonably priced tix didn’t seem like a fun option so I took the boys to the ledges where a local movie theatre loaned them a screen and showed the FTW shows with live music leading up to it. Beach and live dead during the day, Fare thee Well shows at night. Perfect stress free atmosphere and still got to enjoy with extended G/D family
  9. Dead duck

    Bend, OR - 2/10/20

    Wow I think that was also my 3rd show. Had done Egyptian room, Bogarts, then that one. If memory serves and it usually doesn’t. 🤣😆
  10. Man I’ve been on cash or trade for months trying to get Louisville tix. Sold out 2 nights in an hour and no one is letting go of them.
  11. Nice. The Q was my absolute favorite P&F lineup. I’ll probably stream provided Ben and Jerry does it again this year.
  12. My oldest and I got our tickets yesterday. Youngest is sitting this year out because going last year and missing school that close to the end of the year stressed him out. Will get a one day warmup down at the cavern but I’m looking forward to 3 days of jams
  13. I think they are Thursday with Marcus king band and the little Taz dude guitar prodigy
  14. There is one shot where the Jayhawks mascot is covering its eyes. 😆😂
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