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  1. Dead duck

    Bob Weir and Wolf Bros Tour

    I’ve only been there once but I was balcony then also, I’d love to see Miss Emmylou down there though, or anywhere really, she’s pretty high up on my bucket list. We have snagged a fair share of her vinyl picking at the flea markets
  2. Dead duck

    Bob Weir and Wolf Bros Tour

    I got shut out at presale but paid handsomely for two balcony tix at the Ryman during the public onsale. My youngest has been on me for years to go see a show at the Ryman, and figured Bobby is a good one to cross it off his list. Probably will do a couple of the Country Hall of Fames while we are down there. Told him we got shut out altogether and it’s gonna be a birthday surprise.
  3. Dead duck

    Black Mountain - Camping

    I did koa a couple years back. I’ve heard they hassle you if you’re rockin into the night but I was rolling solo so was left alone to hang with neighbors without hassle. Had like a big yard sale going on the Saturday morning I was there. Expensive for camping in my opinion but I guess that’s any koa. Pools and fishing lake..... Yada yada
  4. Dead duck


    Man, missing these acoustic shindigs hurts my soul. Looks like you guys are gettin the goods. Enjoy
  5. Dead duck

    Black Mountain Roll Call

    Man as the date grows closer it’s looking like I may not be able to stop myself from doing the trip. Debating taking my youngest out of school a day to make the trip. Have to move my oldest into dorms on Thursday, but if I do that leaves me free for the weekend. What’s a 6 hour ride through the beautiful smokies for 2 sweet nights with DSO? Was looking 60-40 against, Now more like 70-30 in favor of travel.
  6. Dead duck

    Happy 76th Birthday Jerry!

    https://www.jambase.com/article/happy-birthday-jerry-garcia-jerry-goes-solo-capitol-theatre-1982 a little rare solo Jerry at the cap for his birthday
  7. Dead duck

    Black Mountain Roll Call

    Boy would I love to get back down that way. Beautiful country down there. Have the days off, will just have to see if I can get my oldest tucked away at school, and see if the funds are left to make the trip. More than likely will be out til the October run thru this way tho
  8. Dead duck

    Deadbase 50 discount

    The kids get a ton of use out of theirs. Use it to play trivia all the time. I’ll walk in and one of them will be holding the book and the other will be trying to name the top ten played songs of 1979 or whatever. I bought before the discount but still feel like we’ve got my money’s worth out of it.
  9. Dead duck

    Red Rocks 2019

    One year at jubilee I took out a beach ball after repeatedly being blasted in the back of the head with it. Was definitely too many times to be a coincidence. September of ‘19 is gonna be my priority vacation for the year. Not gonna miss it again. Can’t wait to see the weekend details
  10. Dead duck

    Red Rocks 2018

    Best stream I’ve ever watched. Both quality and especially content were amazing. Glad I got to be a witness even tho I couldn’t make the trip.
  11. Dead duck

    Red Rocks 2018

    Enjoy all. I’m super jealous I couldn’t make the trip. My little cuz is out there though. Lager I went to see your wife and Co at the flea market Friday night. Good time, nice turnout, great show, really punished my feet blacktop dancing in flip flops. 😆😂😆 Anyways everyone take care, do it up right tonight, (I know that you will) and safe travels. Can’t wait to hear the reports. Here’s to hoping it’s just the first of many RR, DSO shows.
  12. Dead duck

    Carmel By the Sea

    I’ve got a “makes no difference” while I’ve never had a TN show. Possibles being the acoustic show in Bloomington And the “was supposed to be a ‘72 but ended up being a original in the style of ‘72” at the Vogue in Indy, also my only “two souls”
  13. Dead duck

    Fall Tour

    No I’ve never been there (other than a layover) nice venue? Area? Not very familiar with the town. Would be about a 6 hour ride home on Sunday.
  14. Dead duck

    Fall Tour

    Louisville St. louis Indianapolis should be for sure peoria chicago columbus are solid maybes
  15. Dead duck

    Fall Tour