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  1. Dead duck

    Ft Wayne 10/10/18

    My youngest just added that to his record collection last weekend. Killing time in Bloomington record shop picking big bro up at school on the way to Egyptian Room.
  2. Dead duck

    Ft Wayne 10/10/18

    I’m ashamed I missed a home state show. Especially after the set list and venue reviews. After the mini run last week I couldn’t swing two weeks in a row. Also love going to Columbus but don’t think that’s in the cards either. Enjoy the road and safe travels everyone
  3. Dead duck

    Free Bird?

    I’ve only heard legends of the TN shows as I got on the bus shortly after DSO’s last go round at the ledges. The fact that I missed those shows at that place is one of my larger regrets in life.
  4. Dead duck

    Death Don't Have No Mercy

    My thoughts are with you man, and especially his family and two boys. I can’t imagine. Peace brother
  5. Dead duck

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    I’ll go Jags
  6. Dead duck

    NFL Knockout pool

    Looks like trusting the Titans was a bad move. Congrats Mike.
  7. Dead duck

    Egyptian Room

    I knew I was leaving something out. Thanks man.
  8. Dead duck

    NFL Knockout pool

    Was good to meet you brother. Looks like you’re safe this week and I’ll be sweating out the Titans/Bills game. Lol
  9. Dead duck

    Egyptian Room

    Original Bertha walkin blues stagger lee stuck inside of mobile cumberland easy to slip mission Here comes sunshine jack straw Box women are smarter New Speedway Boogie Estimated UJB Drums/space imagine (instrumental) UJB reprise Throwing Stones Dew Sugar Mags Filler Strange Man Good god man my cup runneth over. My youngest who is a freak for the old school stuff said tonight’s may have topped Wednesday’s show for him. Got a lot of firsts for him. Oldest got to join us for this one. I may be on the bench from now til jubilee. Hopefully a date will pop up between now and then but enjoy the road and the shows because I know I sure as hell did. *Also may be missing 1 or 2 and order may be off but it should be close. (I had help) lol
  10. Dead duck

    Mercury Ballroom 10/03/18

    He just turned 16, and I think he passed me in height just over this little 3 day run. Oldest got to join us tonight in Indy.
  11. Dead duck

    Pageant St. Louis

    11-30-79 filler: the weight Drums———— holy shit
  12. Dead duck

    Mercury Ballroom 10/03/18

    I let my son off at the door so I could go park and within 5 minutes got a text ’69 down and dirty. Guaranteed”. He was in heaven. Lol
  13. Dead duck

    Mercury Ballroom 10/03/18

    The goods indeed. Highlights for me were alligator, H2H, maybe the best eleven I’ve ever gotten, lovelight, death don’t always sends chills. I dont think I’ll ever get tired of hearing any of the songs played in that “live dead” type 2nd set. Just exactly perfect.
  14. Dead duck

    NFL Knockout pool

    Titans. Ill be in St Louis as well. You see a tall hefty guy in a bandana with an equally tall not so hefty teenager in glasses that’s my boy and I come say hi.
  15. Dead duck

    New DSO Downloads now avail via Nugs.net

    Well I told him we’d have to see how much Gettin to Colorado ends up costing and he countered with ”come on, it’s not often I ask to go to an outdoor show” And I’m a sucker for any logic that gets me to more shows. Especially Down Your guys way. Beautiful country down there.