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  1. I’ll ignore the super obvious Pats trap and take the Chiefs 😆😂
  2. Not sure I have ever been part of a more enthusiastic crowd in my life. Thought the roof was gonna come off during rider. Whole 2nd set was butter. Last two nights have been tremendous. I am a BIG fan of this whole area out here. Can’t wait to see red rocks
  3. Damn I just watched him play w/Oteil and friends Saturday. He was good, smiling, I guess you never know how troubled people are behind the mask they wear in public. So sad.
  4. Mine just showed up in email yesterday. Had to download the AXS app and it was in there. Bought a long time ago.
  5. Dead duck

    2019 Lockn'

    My youngest was devastated that he went to bed so I’m currently hearing it a second time this morning. It was so good.
  6. I’m a non(tobacco) smoker. I hardly ever find myself annoyed by cigarette smoke outdoors. However there was a dude behind me at Black Mountain with a big ass stogie that smelled like rotten butthole that knocked me out of my happy place a couple times.
  7. Dead duck

    2019 Lockn'

  8. So I’ve never been to a legal state before and so I figured I’d try to gather some intel as to what to expect security wise. Is it just a Free for all? Still gotta go thru metal wands or scanners? Best to just go edibles? My little cuz went to Folsom Field Dead and co and said it was the most strict security he’s ever been thru. Made you take lighters or cigarette packs back to your car. Which makes zero since to me at an outdoor stadium in a legal state. Any input is much appreciated
  9. Dead duck

    2019 Lockn'

    I’m excited to watch some of the collaborations this weekend. Especially Sunday night with Ms. Tedeschi sitting in w/Bobby and Wolf Bros
  10. The old security dude was a doobie Nazi. I saw him take or stomp multiple and he was on it. He was apologetic and let everyone stay inside the show though and acted as though the venue was facing repercussion if they were as passive in years past. I heard rumors of the undercovers but luckily I didn’t witness any of that jazz.
  11. Dead duck

    Black mountain #1

    Cats/White rabbit filler. Usual awesome tunes and fantastic vibes. Love it down here.
  12. wonder which bands play what days? Also wondering if we will have more freedom to come and go from the concert area being it’s a jubilee vibe or if you’ll have to commit to staying for the remainder once you decide to enter? Curiosities galore. Can’t wait to get down on the mountain
  13. Shit man. I’m sorry to hear that. Big love and positive vibes to you and your family.
  14. Egyptian Room which is normally one of the pricier Midwest shows has 4-packs of tix for $60. Not sure if it’s a limited time or number of tix thing but throwing it out there as a heads up.
  15. Maybe the 2nd stage will be set up by the Super 8 pool??? 😂😆😂
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