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  1. Dead duck

    Billy Strings

    I listened to a good portion of that run at work yesterday. I have an email into the venue. Have to be sure before I drop the dough. Lots of all ages places go 21+ for NYE.
  2. Dead duck

    Billy Strings

    Any idea if the NYE show is 21+? My go to NYE went 21+ this year and I always have the boys. Would love to do DSO but east coast is too expensive and complicated for me as Philly repeatedly kicked me in the jewels over 3 days last year.
  3. Dead duck

    Hello New Chinese Overlords

    “They are easily startled, but they will soon be back, and in greater numbers”
  4. Dead duck


    Added bonus: zero of Tea’s armed squirrels were harmed in this war. Thanks Ron!!!
  5. Dead duck

    Spring Tour 2019

    I’m debating hammocking my way across the Carolinas. 4 shows in 4 days would be Sweeeeet. If I can’t swing that i may hit Nashville.
  6. That year 2 Cincy tix cost me as much or more than 3 Columbus tix (fan club)
  7. Was debating D&C at deer creek but I hate Wednesday shows. It takes a show I really need to see to work 2 days take a day off and then work 2 more days. DSO I’d do it. D&C Monday’s Friday’s or weekends only for me. But yeah there is a special place in hell for TM. My old arch nemesis. They are the reason Phil is the only living member I haven’t been able to get my boys to see. Pardon my vulgarity but they can suck a big ol bag o dicks.
  8. Dead duck

    Touch Heads

    Good point. MTV probably played a huge role
  9. Dead duck

    Norfolk 11/30

    Maybe that Low Spark baby gets birthed NYE or maybe jubilee? I preferJubilee for extremely selfish reasons
  10. Dead duck

    Huntington NY #2

    Appreciate your efforts man. Really helps those of us that dont make it to certain areas. Real aNice quality too. Thanks brother.
  11. Dead duck

    Touch Heads

    Yeah that’s rough. Definitely at Dead/DSO shows the good people outweigh the bad probably as much or more than anywhere else but the bad eggs lurk everywhere. Enjoy and I hope your little gets their favorite song. 👍
  12. Dead duck

    Touch Heads

    Damn. I love that you took your kids and sorry that that bullshit happened to you guys. Goes to show people suck everywhere I guess. Always a few bad eggs.
  13. Dead duck

    Touch Heads

    I came on too late to even be a touch head. Although I’m sure that’s how I would have been perceived. Young, stupid, there for the party Probably more than the music. All those things described me In The 90’s. Although if I hadn’t searched out the party, I’d have never fell in love with the music or found you guys/gals.
  14. Dead duck

    College Hoops 2018

    I won’t get to see any of the game tonight but I’m excited to see how Romeo does tonight vs the Duke allstar freshmen. Hoping they can can at least keep it close but AT Duke, coming offa loss. 😬😬
  15. Dead duck

    Anthem parking/metro

    I’m not familiar with the area at all but if it’s an 8:00 show time you’ll be back out on the streets by 12. Unless they have some “no curfew” rule or something I’m not aware of. Hope this helps.