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  1. NFL Knockout pool part 2

    Saints holy crap. Did not see that Miami win coming
  2. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    Chicago a 5-6 hour drive for me. Still a haul but no where near what it would be to go to the Cap or Terrapin Crossroads. So if I can Check Phil off their list in Chi town that’s probably as close as Phil will come to me.
  3. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    I will make an attempt at getting tix for Saturday Chicago show. Only because Phil is the only member the boys still need to see. I’m assuming it will be all ages. But I won’t be heartbroken if I get shut out.
  4. NFL Knockout pool part 2

    Jets killed me. I’m out. Good Luck Tea!!
  5. Your 2017

    Last year I did Wanee, highlights included Dr John, late night Bowie and prince tribute, DSO (obviously), Bobby, and all the allman stuff. Trey and Panic were fine too. Did the Hendrix Experience. That was a nice show. Buddy Guy has been a bucket list guy for a while. Went back to the cave cave for Rumpke at the Bluegrass Underground. Highly recommend catching a show here. They have a few shows a year that aren’t bluegrass for the non BG fans. Although they are moving to a different cave for 2018. May try to get back down there in April for Del McCoury band and Sierra Hull One of of the most fun shows of the year was the Pink Floyd cover band that they handed out free tix for after the Louisville DSO show last year. Great time. Big party. Double digit (give or take) DSO in all the usual spots. Looking forward to see what 2018 brings. With ultimate goal being a trip to Red Rocks in July. Happy trails everyone!!
  6. 2018 Jubilee!

    You would only be alone until you hit the gates. Definitely enjoyable. And for me VIP all comes down to whether camping next to your vehicle is a necessity. If not GA would be fine and would allow you to hear everything fine right from camp. In the above posts are some experiences and perks to VIP and RV but this will be my 7th and I’ve always done GA.
  7. 2018 Jubilee!

    Way to put the pressure on man. 😂😆
  8. 2018 Jubilee!

    I’ll be draggin’ my wagon out to the field as always. My youngest doesn’t even qualify as a kid anymore so buying 3 tickets eliminates VIP option for me. I’d like to be more social this year and put a few more faces to handles. We shall see.
  9. Early influences

    Born in ‘77, my early music influences was 80’s country (dad) and “golden oldies” 60’s music (mom). My first cassette was Michael Jackson’s Thriller and my first concert was Weird Al opening for The Monkees, who I loved due to Nick at Night rerunning the old TV series. And couldn’t agree more on the “cats in the cradle” stuff. My boys may never have had the nicest clothes or the most expensive toys but never went without what was needed either. And when I’m dead and gone they will have plenty of memories of concerts and trips and places that they got to go with their old man. And tons of stories about the characters they have met along the way. Hopefully bout to create a memory of a kickass trip to Red Rocks this summer.
  10. 2018 Jubilee!

    The walk is not too bad. I invested in a wagon and it’s paid off especially at the jubilees. I’ve always camped inside the venue and doubt ill ever do the lot. I like getting to see and hear every act over the weekend. Hope you can make it.
  11. 2018 Jubilee!

    I think the Stringdusters were at an early jubilee. 1st or 2nd maybe. Was hoping Melvin would be back to give me my JGB fix. He was first dead related show I ever saw so I’ll always have a soft spot for him. Hot Tuna has become Jubilee regulars and that suits me just fine. And Holly Bowling has been popping up everywhere so I’m excited to catch her set to. Not to mention pickin until dawn with the Rumpke Mountain boys. Wonder if the Dino Quintet is the people from Owsley County or a new project altogether? Either way I couldn’t be more excited. Giddy up
  12. Tea for Texas appreciation thread!

    🤗 hugs buddy
  13. Your 2017

    Congrats on the new addition man. 👍
  14. 12/2/17 - The Anthem, DC

    For super selfish reasons I’d like to see one in Indianapolis. 😆😂. Easily accessible. Hotels/food Check. And less than 3 hour drive for me. Like I said. Selfish. Lol
  15. Red Rocks 2018!!

    We may do a “halfway” stop in KC and take in some BBQ and a Royals game. But look to be in Colorado a day or two before the show. Will be looking for shows in the vacinity around that time but bar shows will probably be out because I’ll be traveling with the boys. But I’m hoping there will be plenty of stuff to choose from 4th of July week in Colorado. But I’m clueless about the West. Lol