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  1. It was indeed 😂😆 It was fine, especially for a free ticketed show. Drunks being carried out left and right. Much different crowd than a dead crowd.
  2. I watched the stream last night but my youngest and I had free tix to a Led Zeppelin cover band tonight. He checked the setlist on the way home and told me we missed a wharf rat. 😢
  3. I’m pretty sure I broke my yearly record of 10 a year this year Louisville Cincy on the river Egyptian room Black Mountain X2 Jubilee X3 and the Colorado three pack. Feels like I’m forgetting one the Boulder shows stand out but it may just be recency biased. Red rocks was bittersweet because even tho the show was unbelievable, I had had so much fun out there I was already depressed about having to come back home the next day. I see why so many heads live out there. If it weren’t for the boys I’d transplant my ass out there tomorrow
  4. I was looking for show info and saw some people on FB selling tix. Not sure if they are gougers or cool people. Good luck man.
  5. If Titans get down early and have to abandon the run it could get ugly, however if they get a lead and can feed that monster of a man at RB it could get equally ugly the other way. Ought to be a good game
  6. I heard Saint but missed the Shakedown but that’s awesome stuff.
  7. Enjoy the sun, sand, and music ladies and gentlemen. Super jealous. I’m on the bench til it’s time for the cave show
  8. My Hoosiers only beat Ohio State today only because I bet against them. Don’t seem like anyone can win on the road in the big 10. I had high hopes for Archie Miller but his teams are super undisciplined and half the time it looks like they don’t even want to be out there playing. If they make the tourney I’d wager it’ll be an early exit.
  9. My oldest thought it was Sweet Angeline, and his little brother still makes fun of him for it many years later.
  10. I’m gonna see Bobby and Wolf Bros in March. That’s my preferred way of catching him these days
  11. My boys still talk about the year at Jubilee where Rob went down and dirty and got a little matter of fact with it. 😂😆😂
  12. I feel like he led with his shoulder to stop Wentz forward momentum and the helmet to helmet was incidental contact. Still should have been flagged
  13. I think he should have been flagged but I don’t think he was trying to hurt him. Could have broken Wentz neck if he wanted to hurt him. As a Hawks fan my judgement May be a little clouded tho
  14. Not sure if any of you have seen this but it was on CNN and is worth watching. I loooooove me some Linda. Every time she opens her mouth I’m in tears. She was probably my first crush as a kid. Her natural look and beautiful voice enamored me at a super young age. Like 6-7 years old. And I still feel the exact same way.
  15. I don’t believe it was a recreation. Usually the NYE shows are 3 set electives covering songs from all eras
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