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  1. I’d be down for a good ol’ ‘72. Or anything really. Excitement starting to build
  2. Dead duck

    2019 masterS

    Pretty sure phones are banned at Augusta or at least really frowned upon
  3. Dead duck

    2019 masterS

    Man I don’t know shit about it but will watch when I can this weekend. I threw $5 on a lineup and drafted 5 random guys. I’m doing pretty well but need Rose to get his head out of his ass. 😂😆😂
  4. Never done it before but being on a holiday weekend makes it a possibility. So is there other bands during the day and DSO headlines the 6th? Or would you just plan on showing up for the DSO set?
  5. My bracket bit the dust early but I hit the final score square last night for $180. Hooray for March madness. I’ve never rooted harder for a made free throw. 😂😆
  6. If it takes that much effort to get a choice spot at RR, I will likely not have a very good spot. Lol
  7. Wow. I didn’t notice that. We have Willie and Phil day before in Chicago. Gonna hafta get up relatively early and haul ass.
  8. Looks like it was a killer show. That setlist makes me drool.
  9. Saw Melvin tonight at the Madison in Covington. DSO played there back in 2013 I think and possibly the show that got cancelled in ‘14 or ‘15 was supposed to be there too. I have really enjoyed his shows since that Zach(k?) Nugent took the lead guitar spot. Harder they come Bright side of the road So many roads Evangeline lets spend the night together Tangled 2 Cats Dear Prudence Takes a lot to laugh, takes a train to cry gotta serve somebody Brown eyed women Ill take you there>bridge over troubled water>I’ll take you there (lady singer this was very cool) Deal Im probably missing 1-2 out of each set. That’s the best memory will allow at the moment. But I had a good time and enjoyed the show
  10. He had Margo Price sing with him when I saw him at Ryman back in November
  11. It was a good not great show. I’d say you won’t have your mind blown but won’t feel like you wasted $20 either. Although if they have the same opener we had tonight, go ahead and get there an hour late. Lemon was in their name. They played the Woodstock setlist and then about an hour of filler. Danceable. TC did a little solo piano stuff before main set started
  12. I’m seeing them tonight. Will post a late night/early morning review.
  13. Think he means St. Louis. Don’t believe Bobby is in Louisville. You know old man Pitino gave jr the Keys to stopping the Cardinals. 😆😂
  14. I got this in the mail and put it back to give to the boys for Christmas. Lol. If I can hold out not opening it til then.
  15. If we had camera phones back then I would literally be unemployable. As is I’m sure there are tons of pics of me committing illegal acts as an idiotic teen spread all over the country
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