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  1. Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    I will never mistake a Kardarshian for a conehead.
  2. BCE @ CC

    I have seen BCE several times...always worth the trip to Lexington
  3. Red Rocks 2018

    No pussy erasers on pencils at golf courses, horse tracks and DSO...so yea book it.
  4. Top of their game

    Seems to me these past 19 years of catching DSO shows is that they rarely are not on top of their game. Also has it been rare that every time I see them they have not upped that game.
  5. grateful

    The bus comes by and you get on
  6. The Last Jedi>BCE

    I have seen BCE w Dino a few times...I dance and have fun Saw Hyrider a few times...I dance and have fun Seen DSO more than a few...I dance hard a lot and have lots of fun Seen GD...I began to dance...discovered fun for me
  7. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    Eyes was 20 minutes before 4 minutes as Jerry said let them dance and then we'll go to studio. The Omnipotent Sha Na NA......
  8. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    3rd row balcony for me for 3/10. Had to ignore "no available tickets available" message several times and then it popped up. Ticket Bastards and I go back a long way. At least at casino's I sometimes win. It's only money
  9. Early influences

    Born in late fifties, my parents liked the Christmas special stars such as Andy Williams and Perry Como. My 10 year older than me sister was more of an influencer. Only when I got older did I realized what those Barry White albums were for. Beatles, Mamas and Papas, as well as Fleetwood Mac were part of her collection. While most my age were losing their virginities to Rod Stewart I was fortunate enough to avoid that and went with ladies choice.....Rhiannon Grateful Dead came late...in college...guy down the hall blasting Live Dead ad nausea...then that fateful day asked me if I wanted to go to Palladium and see them live. The rest is history.
  10. Dead & Co Boston Review

    Listening to Mayer sing crazy fingers is like surgery without anesthesia
  11. Tea for Texas appreciation thread!

    I think we all have had juicy minglewood stories. Sometimes I am sometimes I ain't
  12. Your 2017

    Thanks to my second jubilee ever (caught inaugural) double digit DSO gigs was achieved again in 2017. Nothing like Rude, Mason, Chuck, Joseph (RIP), and the other nearly full timers for parts of their existence but a lot of consistency, double digit DSO shows for double digit years. I know its only rock n roll but I like it.....yes I do
  13. Red Rocks 2018!!

    It will be done... Plenty of notice Decent venue lol Easy travel...SWA DSO! To doable not to do....
  14. TIGDH

    I was at entire dead show.
  15. TIGDH

    I know this happened because I was at Lakefront Arena in New Orleans to see this encore (followed by Bangles and Neville Bros. performing Knockin on Heavens Door). Bangles opened for George Michael the same evening at Superdome