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  1. Early influences

    Born in late fifties, my parents liked the Christmas special stars such as Andy Williams and Perry Como. My 10 year older than me sister was more of an influencer. Only when I got older did I realized what those Barry White albums were for. Beatles, Mamas and Papas, as well as Fleetwood Mac were part of her collection. While most my age were losing their virginities to Rod Stewart I was fortunate enough to avoid that and went with ladies choice.....Rhiannon Grateful Dead came late...in college...guy down the hall blasting Live Dead ad nausea...then that fateful day asked me if I wanted to go to Palladium and see them live. The rest is history.
  2. Dead & Co Boston Review

    Listening to Mayer sing crazy fingers is like surgery without anesthesia
  3. Tea for Texas appreciation thread!

    I think we all have had juicy minglewood stories. Sometimes I am sometimes I ain't
  4. Your 2017

    Thanks to my second jubilee ever (caught inaugural) double digit DSO gigs was achieved again in 2017. Nothing like Rude, Mason, Chuck, Joseph (RIP), and the other nearly full timers for parts of their existence but a lot of consistency, double digit DSO shows for double digit years. I know its only rock n roll but I like it.....yes I do
  5. Red Rocks 2018!!

    It will be done... Plenty of notice Decent venue lol Easy travel...SWA DSO! To doable not to do....
  6. TIGDH

    I was at entire dead show.
  7. TIGDH

    I know this happened because I was at Lakefront Arena in New Orleans to see this encore (followed by Bangles and Neville Bros. performing Knockin on Heavens Door). Bangles opened for George Michael the same evening at Superdome
  8. You Decide if I Was Wise

    As my beginning post indicated...easy call would be show I would want to see cause of Lisa thing. That's what' made decision even more difficult. Based on your description...which I trust... a top 10 for me (you've seen 2x me) But with support of the majority here (many of which I also trust) Life still seems sweeter....cause how it feels in the end
  9. You Decide if I Was Wise

  10. You Decide if I Was Wise

    Thanks for thoughts all... Of course once home and bones patched....
  11. You Decide if I Was Wise

    After seeing DSO in Cleveland and Cinnci I decided not to go on to Columbus. Considering my devotion to DSO (250+ shows since 1999) and the relatively short distances involved this was no easy decision. First off I knew (nearly 100% chance) I would be missing some version of a Lisa show, either elective or 70's based on the Cleveland and Cinnci and these are the GD genre that I love DSO doing the most. Also I knew I would run into even more dear dear old friends if I did the Columbus show. In summary...It would be a killer show and adventure as almost all DSO shows are for me and based on the reviews it certainly was. Looking at the comments and set list I could accurately imagine the "scene" so to speak. On the other hand Columbus was a 1.5 hrs in wrong direction to my next destination which was home...Evansville area. Also another GD "cover" band was playing in Eville (lol that's what we call it) at a local bar Lamasco's (capacity 150) that offers more "respectable" live music in the area than any other. Now this band Hyryder, is a more regional group but does have some damn good chops. In fact they are the second best GD band I have seen in 2017....even in Eville as DSO miraculously played here this year. When I arrived in Eville in 1982, I could find no decent music around this "great place to raise a family" town much less any Grateful Dead. So finding myself in an area with no deadheads...I attempted to make some. To make a long story short I wound up befriending a rare local musician who had bootleg tapes! In the eighties! Naturally they were Todd Rundgren bootlegs but I seized the opportunity to really introduce him to GD with my bootlegs. Next was the psychedelic trip to Alpine Valley and the rest was history...He formed a local band called Dead Weight (GD + other jam band ie. Neil Young) and played a dive bar for several years and low and behold I could see some GD music in this town with a few other hearty souls in tie dye....finally. I could not have imagined 35 years earlier any of this! I was kinda responsible and kinda proud. Fast forward...2017 and DSO plays Evansville. (First all GD band to play venue >250 people) Rumpke Mtn Boys amazingly play in town at Lamasco, then Forgotten Space, then Hyryder. I missed first Hyryder show (seeing DSO) but heard good things about music. They came back a second time and was able to catch them and was pleasantly surprised. Not DSO but damned good none the less. The crowd was pretty small, but as I talked with band members (easy to do in bar) they saw potential and planned on returning...which happened last Sat, the same night as DSO in Columbus. So in order to support this regional band, and their premise...to spread the good word, music and culture of the GD...I opted to go home and not to Columbus. Turns out I missed a monster DSO show...I knew the risk, luckily I have seen my share, at least they didn't break out Low Spark lol, but I passionately danced to good GD music for hours (highlight was the Franklins --> Slipknot --> Help in that order!!) and at 12:00 the place was packed!! Was I wise? I am the storyteller and cannot objectively make that choice. But was life sweeter for this? Feels like it might be all right... that's all I know
  12. DSO 20 year class reunion. 11/11 Martyrs

    If I go to chitown there will be more band members there from my first show than albany....
  13. A Little Help?

    You are really over thinking this. As the philosopher Einstein pointed out the correct answer to these weighty questions are: It depends on your frame of reference but BOTH sides can be correct. Laws of physics usurp laws of men and that can and does get annoying.
  14. Happy Birthday Poetry Girl

    OOPS....belated HB PG Pehaps with quantum help it will arrive sooner
  15. Could not agree more with the "IT" and the fact that DSO is in possession. GD also possessed (perhaps discovered but certainly not the inventor). Saw shows beginning in 77 but it took a little bit before I discovered IT. DSO premise is to "recreate" If not for GD there would be nothing as we currently know IT to recreate.