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  1. 2muchfun

    Nashville 4/9/19

    Lisa on stage for opener cinched elective 20 years and DSO still goes beyond bringing it.
  2. I accept in the same spirit as the offer. Can I put it on the cool Jerry shirt I bought from you in Huntington WV almost a decade ago?
  3. Although I am in possession of tickets for 8 DSO shows in 2019 none have yet to occur. Since my first DSO show was 1/22/99 my next show...(Nashville) will mark 20 years. The music, the band, the peeps, the road...if I told you all that went down... Thank You Dark Star Orchestra
  4. Saw my only Cryptical at Riverbend. Also only Dead & Co. Same river here in Evansville...Rude is literally forced to deal with both our shit.
  5. Little one will be spinning b4 u know it
  6. The time is right Midwest run sandwiched between Jubilee, BM, and Red Rocks for when summer is here.
  7. Roger Miller, King of the Road I was like 7 at the time
  8. Yes I do. Like Dylan I have seen Stones in most decades since 70's.
  9. "Honoring both the band and the fans, Dark Star Orchestra's members seek out the unique style and sound of each era while simultaneously offering their own informed improvisations." My hope is they are not trying to improvise the wall of light
  10. Don't mind their fighting...just their methods You do not speak NYC as Trump does and I can interpret if you wish. it is called hyporpole, it is a recognized dialect (like redkneck) and is not "lying" anymore than "you can keep your doctor" was. Political speech being not truthful is especially protected...see constitution or Senate or your local TV commercial. Bringing Nazi into discussion is assinine. Just vote and as the distinguished Senator from Hawaii said...Shut up. LOL
  11. I also had a preference for Felix and his bag of tricks.
  12. 2muchfun


    Yes indeedee OR Ft Wayne-->Cleveland-->Pittsburgh-->Columbus
  13. ....and in the next paragraph Rude will tell you how tolerant he is. At next DSO show I will get in his face and tell him what an ass he is until he leaves! ...and that's the other side. Now I expect this to be the end of the politics.
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