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  1. Real data indicates high side model predictions unlikely. First step.
  2. Early on in this thread you were grappling with how far! 15 days may be all we can take one way or another.
  3. And at home 6ft from grandma...the kids they dance and shake their bones
  4. The degradation into politics and those consequences will be faster than a corona-19 outbreak in a do nothing state. Because if the game is lost....
  5. John Hopkins chart uses confirmed cases. Then models. This makes no sense mathematically as the data entered is pretty much unarguably way too low. (The denominator for death rate) Not deaths (The numerator for death rate)which are “easier” to measure as you dont need a kit. How much we are underestimating cases (regardless of cause) makes a big difference in curve bending and needs. Flattening a curve and reducing its total area above an arbitrary point are very different things. All communicable diseases exhibit exponential growth. Can I see a model if our denominator is 100 to 400% off? Translating the math lessons to the mechanical universe...death rate can be 10 times influenza or 2 times or ? ? = unease...back to math
  6. Other times I can barely see Come on in when it’s raining....go on out when it’s gone
  7. I miss the anticipation of planned shows I.e. jubilee where I’d see you. Been replaced by......?
  8. Just thinking out loud... and strange Although the graphs reveal all or nothing we are already debating that even if accurate is cure worse than disease. See how fast there is no toilet paper next time the words “new virus” is mentioned...regardless of severity. No logic or proportion. Something akin to Throwing Stones...we are on our own.
  9. So I can be confident next “new virus” will be treated per species origin...that’s a relief. Please inform all media platforms. Please.....don’t murder me
  10. This generational divide is foreign to us. Heck one of the major diversities of GD heads is generational. Perhaps us “old fogies” can remember a time when you had no chance of catching a virus from your phone because you didn’t have one of the damn things. We don’t need constant electronic device satisfaction with an occasional tribal dance to keep ourselves from going nuts. The media...all of it is part of the problem. Relying on government was always something I avoided to best of my ability. I am still uncertain as why this “new virus” is being treated institutionally so different than previous “new viruses” such as H1N1 which no one even remembers. ...we are on are own.
  11. Absolutely! The 2 party system is failing us.
  12. Amen demographic brother...I’m still walking
  13. First time 75 at MSG. Then the 80’s...90’s...00’s...10’s... 2020 Louisville. Only other potential for me to see shows in 6 different decades is Dylan.
  14. Ditto on the donation. real good time
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