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  1. Bryan Adcock Appreciation Thread

    Several years ago in Buffalo (during JK era), I found myself for the first (and only) time at a show that sold out sans ducat. Bryan, whom I had not formally met but did recognize as one of the crew, became aware of my dilemma and came up to me seemingly out of nowhere behind the venue by the bus and said "What's your name I see you everywhere". After pleasantries, he told me there would be 4 tickets for me at box office....and there were!! So, I made friends with Bryan for all my future DSO endeavors as well as 3 other grateful friends in Buffalo that night.
  2. 08/14/17 Dewey Beach, DE

    I guess it feels like it might be alright Mofo
  3. The conundrum

    Please read the bands premise. Part of the "shtick" is going into show and seeing how stage is set up and figuring GD or original, era, etc... I recommend going. See how it fells in the end.
  4. 08/10/17 Pittsburgh, PA

    My 3rd GD show. Would have loved to have seen this recreation. Was Eaton blowing a whistle all night, teasing Truckin, before finally getting after it?
  5. Black Bear Mountain

    I will be GDTRFB to pisgah brewery.
  6. Attended Shows

    I stayed in every blue light cheap hotel including Heart of Columbia for this show. Also did Richmond next 2 nights. It was the remanants of some hurricane that was around during this run. 85 was big year for me...15 GD shows
  7. Attended Shows

    After hopping on bus and seeing 3 shows in 77, I saw 3 consecutive shows spring tour to start 78 (Hartford, Springfield, Providence) 5/11/78 Springfield Mass Good mesculine so the band laughed alot even while singing. Great Dancin. Teased all night and finally played Werewolves as first of 2 encores. Wound up a dicks pick...if you held a gun and I had to answer...my fav attended GD show
  8. Solar eclipse 08/21/17

    Being in Evansville I will have to wait for 2024 to experience totally. For this one I can drive 45 minutes for 2 minutes of totality and wthen drive home. I offer same deal as Rude except...DSO has played here. Funny how Kentucky has fastest two minutes for everything lol...
  9. 7th Annual Greatful Dead Meet Up

    Actually in NYC it is not only normal but an almost necessity. Also calling someone a schmuck there is not a criticism of ones policies but something way more personal....just saying as I have that life experience.
  10. 6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    Regarding kids on the rail... I was right behind them and they had a blast, especially with the balloons and glow sticks. I pointed out the importance of dancing. I do think it is important for kids to see adult "play". On the darker side, at some point during the second set a stranger came down to the rail seemingly more interested in the children...and one boy in particular,...then the music. This was picked on by myself and a fellow DSO aficionado dancing next to me and in all seriousness pedophile flags were up!! Using my vast experience of being near rail, I instinctively just went into my mean elbows flying mode of dancing and without saying a word convinced him to leave the area...like I do when wandering drunks approach the rail. Sad sign of the times....unfortunately for all the talk on this thread of how cool it is to have families and kids around it also attracts this.
  11. 6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    Yes DSO provides a very very realistic recreation in many ways.
  12. Dancing encouraged, not required

    Just B4 I hopped on the bus there was this thing called disco. I noticed there were people that did not dance and could not dance and they were not the same. At some point as is my general philosophy I can't live my life worrying about what other people think so I went from didnt dance to couldn't dance...at first not because the music moved moved me...far from it...disco sucks...but just attempting to dance increased both the quality and quantity of females in my life....if you catch my drift. With GD the motivation changed...the music moved me but wether my competency improved is for others to judge. I must say I have met tons of cool chicks to lol, besides dancing helps keep my girlish figure. Now The music plays and I just have to dance.
  13. 6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    7 x 5 + 3 = 38 according to my fingers
  14. 6/28/17 Indianapolis, IN

    Small crowd as date change from fri to wed and "competition in area" made even smaller by the big room...space galore...rewarded for attendance. Enjoyed the show immensley...the jam which was a fast paced fire on the mountain instrumental sandwiched in between the eyes 2nd set opener and wharf rat was song length long. As is almost always the case a 5 song second set means it rocked. Awesome good ole GD first set...beautiful High Time. Rob B announced after doing math on hand and head that show was from 32 years ago today....then corrected to 31...never corrected to 41 lol
  15. 6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    Been to every DSO show at this stellar venue and will be there in a few hours....as previously mentioned about lawn chairs there: Same old story so it's been told...the chairs will disappear when the "regulars" at the park realize there are several sections I.e. "Wind" that are not part of this orchestra. Regarding alcohol...Since they now sell beer at the venue they of course frown upon bringing your own. Give a $ to the hat when they pass it around or even spare change.