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  1. Been to every DSO show at this stellar venue and will be there in a few hours....as previously mentioned about lawn chairs there: Same old story so it's been told...the chairs will disappear when the "regulars" at the park realize there are several sections I.e. "Wind" that are not part of this orchestra. Regarding alcohol...Since they now sell beer at the venue they of course frown upon bringing your own. Give a $ to the hat when they pass it around or even spare change.
  2. Oh yea, first time they played there...lawn chairs set up even close to stage on theoretical dance floor...thought at 10 AM when I was checking scene out how odd. Every year after after same routine...they won't last long lol, never did. No worries about making good showing...look around during middle second set...wow...give 5 bucks for the local charity...show is free! If you know how check out my more contemporaneous comments on this venue. Rambling I know but excited for Tues
  3. For the record I meant "more" not "mostly" in regards to negative comments on the thread. Also the avatar pic was taken in 2007 in Morgantown WV by my then sophomore daughter at tailgate of infamous WVU-Pitt game. Loss Cost WVU a chance at Ohio State for Natational Champ. The teacher probably remembers as it was the last game as head coach in WV for that soon to be whore loving coach in Ann Arbor.
  4. No live Dead & Co. for me thank you. Reasons are similar to the mostly negative comments I see here. After JG I tended way more to Phil & Friends than Ratdog really wandering in the wilderness until DSO came along in 1999...Whew, there's that damn bus....still riding.
  5. So glad it has returned...will b there
  6. For Dead it was Alpine & Cal Expo....and Palladium Ledges for DSO...Bluebird in Bloomington IN for intimacy
  7. Commander Cody has good friends
  8. Too to 2
  9. Ewwwwwwwwww...short shorts
  10. The only appropriate set up for #1 was Noah's
  11. Agree...Expect he is doing investigation based on our responses
  12. Perhaps Doc, but "yet not one person" seems pretty specific
  13. Ron, I see seven people in the affirmative, no one is maybe, and one decline...which is you If I am looking in right place
  14. It's not Sammy Hagar.... Five five
  15. Dr. B is right...back to the hokey pokey