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  1. Seems like the “the” is superfluous
  2. You the man!....uhhhh metaphorically of course
  3. Show time is 5:15 FRI and 3:45 SAT according to individual days tickets. Thinking no retry but have no facts.
  4. Have Fun...what a good idea...thanks Jer
  5. I agree...glad to report Scott J was indeed back in Louisville. In fact Hyryder opened with Blow Away. Highlight was Midnight Hour which also had him on vocals
  6. I’m in training. She’s tough.
  7. Yes, There was no Scotty J. Cryptic “We are all family and hope personal situation is resolved...but Scott is taking a short hiatus”. Similar message on website Will see what happens inLouisville Fri.
  8. Attended Hyryder last night in Bloomington. Fun but no keys!!!! An issue I hope they resolve b4 next week in Louisville. Remember seeing pranksters late late night many times long time ago.
  9. At least I was at original 😃
  10. Accurate, with plenty of space and sound at this gem of a venue. Bad weather done b4 show. Three pairs followed by Franklin's...yippie! JM birthday and close to Rob K house. His drummer kids playing with daddy from rail. As Jerry would say...Fun!!!
  11. 2muchfun

    George Carlin

    Better to live your life completely backwards so it begins with dying and ends with your father having an orgasm.
  12. Geez...you miss a little you miss a lot. Thought to ponder and mixing threads... What if they announced in advance they were recreating 7/5/69?
  13. 2muchfun

    Slyvania, OH

    WTF...there are knowledgeable sexagenarians...imagine that
  14. They have been at a high level for a very long time. I thoroughly enjoyed Knoxville/Cincinnati couplet. 300+ shows and I am still excited for next one...Can’t wait for Black Mountain so Wednesday in St L will be my next fix. And then the good Lord willing...I’ll do it...do it again.
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