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  1. 2muchfun


    Palladium NYC...my fist show there 3 days later Dang
  2. Since I got on bus in 77 that’s what I like the most from DSO...Just like Rob I saw many Keith and Donna shows.
  3. I'll reserve a space for 1 on rail She dances better anyway
  4. Rail dancing all night again. Glad I feel no pressure to try to remember this sweet selection of elective songs in this review section as I did in Bloomington as missing one or wrong order would not do the show justice. The slip reprise into Viola after Visions memorable. I think holy crap says it best.
  5. 2muchfun

    Bloomington IL

    I give myself a B for content (although all listed played) and D for order. I did have fun 😜
  6. 2muchfun

    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    I have percussion...triangle...covered.
  7. 2muchfun

    Bloomington IL

    Elective Fun little venue...about 3/4 Boulder Theatre size and similar design with a tiered lower level with tiny pit. I had a blast at the rail all night dancing. Ive lost my marbles long ago and don’t bother keeping score so cannot reproduce accurate or complete set lists but cannot get If I Had the World to Give out of my mind. Other tunes...first Bucket TLEO Broken Arrow Blow Away Loose Lucy 3 or 4 others Might as Well 2nd TMNS Franklins Sailor Saint D/S NFA World to Give Sorry can’t do better but “you know my body hurts” and figured curiosity exists
  8. Sorry I missed all this. I’ll be catching 4 or 5 in next couple of weeks. Please confirm BEW and status of Rude marbles. One of main reasons I first saw lighted pens back in the day.
  9. 2muchfun

    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    Wow what a weekend! Disneyland was NOT the happiest place on Earth. The band on fire and greeting several star heads from days of yore that I haven’t seen in over a decade! Also greeting contemporary tour folks for first time along with the plethora of usual suspects. First hot and sunny. Next deluge and coldness Next rainbows! Then the moon... Band playing with lightning dancing on the background. Then the final deluge
  10. Going to see Melvin w/JK in Oct. Never been to Phish...no regrets obviously
  11. Now there’s a slippery slope as in smoking AND vaping are inseparably banned in most cases including RR.
  12. While I did notice increased security I didn’t feel those 7/2/95 vibes I did when driving into Deer Creek. A recreation I can do without 😪
  13. 1000’s of DSO shows looking at you! Great seeing all. 😍
  14. I thought Stephen was b4 Comes A Time but no matter what a set! I have made all of these save one and this is certainly a special venue and event. As I do VIP I hang stage right with several good people I have met over the years here. Stage left is where most of the board members cut the rug...I mean grass. Prudence was a damn monster. Deep Elem first set highlight. Love this place. Boulder or bust!
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