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  1. Ditto on the donation. real good time
  2. I did a $2500 VIP for Dead 50 at Soldier Field. Did not regret it one bit. Of course unlimited free Patron for three days helped both value and attitude.
  3. I am going to first Lockn First Quintet First JRAD At 396 + Jubilee would make this 400th DSO
  4. DSO in Evansville. Yes..venue change from Egyptian room in Indy. Surreal in many ways..like clouds a streaming
  5. Healing vibes for Vince
  6. 2muchfun


    Palladium NYC...my fist show there 3 days later Dang
  7. Since I got on bus in 77 that’s what I like the most from DSO...Just like Rob I saw many Keith and Donna shows.
  8. I'll reserve a space for 1 on rail She dances better anyway
  9. Rail dancing all night again. Glad I feel no pressure to try to remember this sweet selection of elective songs in this review section as I did in Bloomington as missing one or wrong order would not do the show justice. The slip reprise into Viola after Visions memorable. I think holy crap says it best.
  10. 2muchfun

    Bloomington IL

    I give myself a B for content (although all listed played) and D for order. I did have fun 😜
  11. 2muchfun

    Red Rocks 9/8/19

    I have percussion...triangle...covered.
  12. 2muchfun

    Bloomington IL

    Elective Fun little venue...about 3/4 Boulder Theatre size and similar design with a tiered lower level with tiny pit. I had a blast at the rail all night dancing. Ive lost my marbles long ago and don’t bother keeping score so cannot reproduce accurate or complete set lists but cannot get If I Had the World to Give out of my mind. Other tunes...first Bucket TLEO Broken Arrow Blow Away Loose Lucy 3 or 4 others Might as Well 2nd TMNS Franklins Sailor Saint D/S NFA World to Give Sorry can’t do better but “you know my body hurts” and figured curiosity exists
  13. Sorry I missed all this. I’ll be catching 4 or 5 in next couple of weeks. Please confirm BEW and status of Rude marbles. One of main reasons I first saw lighted pens back in the day.
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