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    First time live was summer of '69...Piedmont Park, Atlanta
    A day or so after the big festival, GD suddenly arranged a free gathering in the park... Spirt, Dalanty and Bobby and some Friends, Chicago Transit Authority, and then a couple long Dead sets...first time I saw PigPen standing there a few feet in front of us...allsome sight

    A June 1, 2003 Canceled, Riverbend Chattanooga
    Rain & Storm

    1 Nov 15 2003 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    2 Jan 29 2004 Visulite Charlotte
    with Tom Constanten
    3 Jan 30 2004 Lincoln Theater Raleigh
    4 Jan 31, 2004 Lincoln Theater Raleigh
    ChuchV and I froze walking back to . the hotel in the Cold Wind.
    5 Feb 2 2004 Banana Joe's Columbia SC
    show dedicated to Chubby (10/21/51-2/1/04)

    6 June 1, 2004 Riverbend Chattanooga

    7 July 2 2004 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges
    8 July 3 2004 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges
    9 July 4 2004 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges

    10 Oct 31 2004 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    11 Jan 31, 2005 Mercy Lounge Nashville
    with Donna Jean
    (and a little of Byron House)

    12 April 7 2005 Neighbor Hood Theater Charlotte
    13 April 8 2005 Orange Peal Ashville
    14 April 9 2005 Orange Peal Ashville
    15 April 13 2005 Georgia Theater Athens
    16 April 15 2005 Wanee Festival Florida
    17 April 16 2005 Wanee Festival Florida

    18 April, 29 2005 Kinetic Playground Chicago
    Scott's memorial wake

    19 August 17, 2005 park Springfield Ohio
    20 August 17, 2005 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges
    21 August 17, 2005 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges
    22 August 17, 2005 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges

    23 September 22,2005 Mercy Lounge Nashville

    24 December 17, 2005 Mr Small's Pittsburgh
    25 December 18, 2005 Odeon Theater Cleveland
    surprise dinner for DSO
    with Teacher Matt et al

    26 February 17, 2005 Variety Playhouse Atlanta
    27 February 18, 2006 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    28 July 13 2006 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    B live on line Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    29 September 7, 2007 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    30 Mar 1 2008 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    "Three Outside in Ohio"
    31 July 14, 2008 Kent Stage Kent, Ohio
    32 July 16, 2008 Vetrans Park Springfield
    33 July 17, 2008 Headwaters Park Ft Wayne, Ind
    35 July 18, 2008 Annie's Cincinnitti . under a full moon

    36 late Aug 2008 GrateFul Fest
    37 Sat GrateFul Fest
    38 Sun GrateFul Fest

    39 Nov 15 2008 Albany NY, Palace Theater
    with brother Cary

    Cosmic New Year's Run
    40 Dec 28 2008 Richmond, VA
    "The National" another beautiful theather
    41 Dec 29 Norfolk
    42 Dec 30 Montclair NJ
    "Wellmont Theather" also a beautiful restored thether
    43 New Year's Eve Baltimore, Ram's Head
    doing the 12/31/78 "Closing of Winterland"

    44 Feb 6, 2009 Varity Playhouse Little Five Points
    45 Feb 7, 2009 Varity Playhouse Atlanta

    46-48 2009 Grateful Fest 2009

    49 July 15, 2009 Springfield in the middle of Tim's run through several factory tours of baseball and golf club companies

    50,51, 52 Oct 2009 Filmore San Francisco

    F1 Feb 8 2010 Furthur Atlanta

    53, 54 Feb 2010 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta

    T1 Terripin Nation
    55,56,57 Grateful Fest 2010

    Then too much work down on the Johnson Farm and abit of illness caused a long six mounts without a show.

    58 Feb 4, 2011 Variety Playhouse
    A five hour show from 10/27/80 Radio City starting with an acoustic set.

    59 Feb 18, 2015 home base Variety Playhouse again. It's good to be back here after some deep dark illness.

    60,61,62 Memorial Day weekend Jublilee, Please, don't drink the firewater again.

    JK1 July 24, 2015 A day after Jamie passed. I had to get away. Golden Gate Wingmen at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC same location as where I first met John K. several years before

    63 & 64 Aug 7-8 2015 Black Mountain with many friends.

    JK2 fall 2016 Variety Playhouse
    JK3 winter '16 Smity's Old Time Tavern with a special friend

    65 5/27/16 Jubilee DSO with Marvin Seals
    66 5/27/16 Jubilee night set
    67 5/28/16 opening with "White Rabbit" Jack Casady & Jorma
    68 5/28/16 3 sets from "Sunshine Daydream"

    69 8/2/16 Charlotte with friends and Stella, Chris's dog

    70 8/5/16 Black Mountain a June '69 show
    71 8/6/16 Black Mountain with many friends
    at "Dreams End" beautiful house,
    two large family dinners and no sleep

    JK4 Atlanta, Red Light Cafe, Dec
    JK 5 Chatanogga, next night

    JK 6 Charlottesville VA April 4, 2017

    72 -75 DSO North Carolina Run, Asheville, Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte

    JK 7 John at the Red Light Cafe again late April 2017 . Love this little spot just near my old play ground, Piedmont Park

    76 Atlanta, Sweetwater 420 Festival in the rain

    77,78,79 Jubilee

    Dead and Company Saratoga Springs NY June 20, 2017 My older brother, Cary, has invited me to the show.

    80 Springfield in the park, once again our favorite place
    81 Indianapolis, our friends twisted my arm to stay over as Pat's house and dance at this beautiful venue, "The Egyptian Room" I danced so much that I literally "busted a gut" and opened a hernia at the spot weakened by the surgery in Dec '13.

    82 & 83 Black Mountain shows August '18-19, 2017...another favorite spot. Bess and Tim joined me on the road they don't go to the shows.

    84 The 20 Year Anniversary show, Nov 112017 Albany NY with brother, Cary. I took the train from Georgia to get there.

    Dead and Company, Dec '17, Atlanta

    DSO does Jerry Garcia Band run thru the South, April 6-14, 2018
    85 Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta
    86 second rainy night in Atlanta
    87 beautiful day outside at the Avondale Brewery in Birmingham
    88 Orange Peel in Asheville
    89 The Charleston Music Hall
    90 The Fillmore in Charlotte
    then dropped off tour to see Fleetwood Mac tribute band "Rumors" at Gem Theatre

    91 Bear Mountain North Carolina
    92 second show at this fine Pisgah Brewery
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  1. Michael Doc Watson

    Channel separation

    I love these technical discussions. I'll have to listen to this 6/18/74.
  2. Michael Doc Watson

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xKVh3O4e9k&fbclid=IwAR3M_JTBaYuGJKDU81KBmhbm_PbQNjHLcRW-sPggAr26ihRv3S1_G3D1_Bo
  3. Michael Doc Watson

    The Pagent

    per Wikipedia... Nebraska Aircraft Corporation's flying school in Lincoln "From an early age, Lindbergh had exhibited an interest in the mechanics of motorized transportation, including his family's Saxon Six automobile, and later his Excelsior motorbike. By the time he started college as a mechanical engineering student, he had also become fascinated with flying, though he "had never been close enough to a plane to touch it".[9] After quitting college in February 1922, Lindbergh enrolled at the Nebraska Aircraft Corporation's flying school in Lincoln and flew for the first time on April 9, as a passenger in a two-seat Lincoln Standard "Tourabout" biplane trainer piloted by Otto Timm.[10] A few days later, Lindbergh took his first formal flying lesson in that same machine, though he was never permitted to solo because he could not afford to post the requisite damage bond.[11] To gain flight experience and earn money for further instruction, Lindbergh left Lincoln in June to spend the next few months barnstorming across Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana as a wing walker and parachutist. He also briefly worked as an airplane mechanic at the Billings, Montana, municipal airport." "Lindbergh left flying with the onset of winter and returned to his father's home in Minnesota.[14] His return to the air and first solo flight did not come until half a year later in May 1923 at Souther Field in Americus, Georgia, a former Army flight training field, where he had come to buy a World War I surplus Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" biplane. Though Lindbergh had not touched an airplane in more than six months, he had already secretly decided he was ready to take to the air by himself. After a half-hour of dual time with a pilot who was visiting the field to pick up another surplus JN-4, Lindbergh flew solo for the first time in the Jenny he had just purchased for $500.[15][16] After spending another week or so at the field to "practice" (thereby acquiring five hours of "pilot in command" time), Lindbergh took off from Americus for Montgomery, Alabama, some 140 miles to the west, for his first solo cross-country flight" sorry about the non music space but she asked, Peace and Love, Doc
  4. Michael Doc Watson

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Come on people, Smile on Your Brother
  5. Michael Doc Watson

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Both Rude and SVT are good friends. One of the things I like about both of them is that they are both very out spoken. Sometimes I have a playful "argument" with Rude, disagreeing with him just to spur on a discussion. One of the fun times was when I was with Rude and Chris. Rude was fussing with SVT across the forum. I was texting back and forth with SVT without Rude knowing I was doing that and at the same time talking with Rude. I forget the details but I think I was throwing sticks into their campfire from both directions. After several minutes Chris realised what I was up to. Rude probably did not know until now what I was doing. Peace and Love, Doc
  6. Michael Doc Watson

    A band I saw last night

    check it out about two minutes in...
  7. Michael Doc Watson

    A band I saw last night

    Cornmeal was indeed a favorite band. Travel to see them? Yes, I would, especially in the years that Allie was playing that fast fiddle. I think it was at Scott's wake in Chicago that Chuck and I first heard them. Apparently Cornmeal is now on the shelf or maybe just the back burner for now. A little search revealed they had a couple shows this past spring but nothing on their schedule right now. Peace and Love, Doc
  8. Michael Doc Watson

    Now Listening...

    Watching a dvd today about experiences almost fifty years ago…not the movie we all have seen but another, “Woodstock Diary”. Especially the folk singers and scenes from that Friday brought back memories of how we were young innocent hippies just getting our act together. Some of the singers we can still see today…Arlo, Joanie, David, John Sebastian, Others have left us… Janis, Jimi, Joe Cocker, Richie Havens, Paul Butterfield. I did notice that Sly (of the Family Stone) had the same charisma as our current Scotty. And some of the songs such as this one sung by Joan Baez still have current meanings…
  9. Michael Doc Watson

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    and their Tribute To Joe Cocker and Mad Dogs & Englishmen at couple years ago at Lockn' Festival
  10. Michael Doc Watson

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    It ain’t PigPen, nor Barraco, but Susan, Derek, and Sam Mo0re can Turn on Your Lovelight
  11. Michael Doc Watson

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    and if we weren't all Deadheads we would be saying, "totally best band"
  12. Michael Doc Watson

    Black mountain 2

    Actually it was Tea that confessed to the two in blue (one a lady and the other I'm still not sure of, no offense intended ) Tea admitted it was his juberant singing and promised to quite down. Afterward we moved from the motel's balcony to the tables beside the fast flowing creek where we should have been in the first place. There we stayed for a few more hours enjoying the time together as friends, reliving good times, and putting together the set list as best the group could remember. Peace and Love, Doc
  13. Michael Doc Watson

    Now Listening...

  14. Michael Doc Watson

    Black Mountain Roll Call

    I'll be driving through Nantahala Gorge in a couple hours. Tigger, I hope to meet you at Bear Mountain. Peace and Love, Doc
  15. Michael Doc Watson

    upcoming Black Mtn. Weather

    Even if we are caught in a downpour it still can be fun. Last year at the Sweetwater 4-20 festival it rained cats and dogs and even mules during DSO's set but we danced and cheered and had a wonderful time.