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    First time live was summer of '69...Piedmont Park, Atlanta
    A day or so after the big festival, GD suddenly arranged a free gathering in the park... Spirt, Dalanty and Bobby and some Friends, Chicago Transit Authority, and then a couple long Dead sets...first time I saw PigPen standing there a few feet in front of us...allsome sight

    A June 1, 2003 Canceled, Riverbend Chattanooga
    Rain & Storm

    1 Nov 15 2003 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    2 Jan 29 2004 Visulite Charlotte
    with Tom Constanten
    3 Jan 30 2004 Lincoln Theater Raleigh
    4 Jan 31, 2004 Lincoln Theater Raleigh
    ChuchV and I froze walking back to . the hotel in the Cold Wind.
    5 Feb 2 2004 Banana Joe's Columbia SC
    show dedicated to Chubby (10/21/51-2/1/04)

    6 June 1, 2004 Riverbend Chattanooga

    7 July 2 2004 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges
    8 July 3 2004 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges
    9 July 4 2004 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges

    10 Oct 31 2004 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    11 Jan 31, 2005 Mercy Lounge Nashville
    with Donna Jean
    (and a little of Byron House)

    12 April 7 2005 Neighbor Hood Theater Charlotte
    13 April 8 2005 Orange Peal Ashville
    14 April 9 2005 Orange Peal Ashville
    15 April 13 2005 Georgia Theater Athens
    16 April 15 2005 Wanee Festival Florida
    17 April 16 2005 Wanee Festival Florida

    18 April, 29 2005 Kinetic Playground Chicago
    Scott's memorial wake

    19 August 17, 2005 park Springfield Ohio
    20 August 17, 2005 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges
    21 August 17, 2005 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges
    22 August 17, 2005 Grateful Fest Nelson Ledges

    23 September 22,2005 Mercy Lounge Nashville

    24 December 17, 2005 Mr Small's Pittsburgh
    25 December 18, 2005 Odeon Theater Cleveland
    surprise dinner for DSO
    with Teacher Matt et al

    26 February 17, 2005 Variety Playhouse Atlanta
    27 February 18, 2006 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    28 July 13 2006 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    B live on line Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    29 September 7, 2007 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    30 Mar 1 2008 Variety Playhouse Atlanta

    "Three Outside in Ohio"
    31 July 14, 2008 Kent Stage Kent, Ohio
    32 July 16, 2008 Vetrans Park Springfield
    33 July 17, 2008 Headwaters Park Ft Wayne, Ind
    35 July 18, 2008 Annie's Cincinnitti . under a full moon

    36 late Aug 2008 GrateFul Fest
    37 Sat GrateFul Fest
    38 Sun GrateFul Fest

    39 Nov 15 2008 Albany NY, Palace Theater
    with brother Cary

    Cosmic New Year's Run
    40 Dec 28 2008 Richmond, VA
    "The National" another beautiful theather
    41 Dec 29 Norfolk
    42 Dec 30 Montclair NJ
    "Wellmont Theather" also a beautiful restored thether
    43 New Year's Eve Baltimore, Ram's Head
    doing the 12/31/78 "Closing of Winterland"

    44 Feb 6, 2009 Varity Playhouse Little Five Points
    45 Feb 7, 2009 Varity Playhouse Atlanta

    46-48 2009 Grateful Fest 2009

    49 July 15, 2009 Springfield in the middle of Tim's run through several factory tours of baseball and golf club companies

    50,51, 52 Oct 2009 Filmore San Francisco

    F1 Feb 8 2010 Furthur Atlanta

    53, 54 Feb 2010 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta

    T1 Terripin Nation
    55,56,57 Grateful Fest 2010

    Then too much work down on the Johnson Farm and abit of illness caused a long six mounts without a show.

    58 Feb 4, 2011 Variety Playhouse
    A five hour show from 10/27/80 Radio City starting with an acoustic set.

    59 Feb 18, 2015 home base Variety Playhouse again. It's good to be back here after some deep dark illness.

    60,61,62 Memorial Day weekend Jublilee, Please, don't drink the firewater again.

    JK1 July 24, 2015 A day after Jamie passed. I had to get away. Golden Gate Wingmen at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC same location as where I first met John K. several years before

    63 & 64 Aug 7-8 2015 Black Mountain with many friends.

    JK2 fall 2016 Variety Playhouse
    JK3 winter '16 Smity's Old Time Tavern with a special friend

    65 5/27/16 Jubilee DSO with Marvin Seals
    66 5/27/16 Jubilee night set
    67 5/28/16 opening with "White Rabbit" Jack Casady & Jorma
    68 5/28/16 3 sets from "Sunshine Daydream"

    69 8/2/16 Charlotte with friends and Stella, Chris's dog

    70 8/5/16 Black Mountain a June '69 show
    71 8/6/16 Black Mountain with many friends
    at "Dreams End" beautiful house,
    two large family dinners and no sleep

    JK4 Atlanta, Red Light Cafe, Dec
    JK 5 Chatanogga, next night

    JK 6 Charlottesville VA April 4, 2017

    72 -75 DSO North Carolina Run, Asheville, Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte

    JK 7 John at the Red Light Cafe again late April 2017 . Love this little spot just near my old play ground, Piedmont Park

    76 Atlanta, Sweetwater 420 Festival in the rain

    77,78,79 Jubilee

    Dead and Company Saratoga Springs NY June 20, 2017 My older brother, Cary, has invited me to the show.

    80 Springfield in the park, once again our favorite place
    81 Indianapolis, our friends twisted my arm to stay over as Pat's house and dance at this beautiful venue, "The Egyptian Room" I danced so much that I literally "busted a gut" and opened a hernia at the spot weakened by the surgery in Dec '13.

    82 & 83 Black Mountain shows August '18-19, 2017...another favorite spot. Bess and Tim joined me on the road they don't go to the shows.

    84 The 20 Year Anniversary show, Nov 112017 Albany NY with brother, Cary. I took the train from Georgia to get there.

    Dead and Company, Dec '17, Atlanta
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  1. What time does show start at Anaheim HOB??

    With doors at 7 I would guess the show is scheduled to start at 8 but will have first dance about 8:20....just my estimates...nothing for sure.
  2. Dead and co has lost their mind

    maybe it can provide a magic carpet ride...
  3. Emotional support animals

    I agree that "emotional support " is not a legitimate reason. An important part of correctly taking care of a dog is taking them to an appropriate location as well as cleaning up after them. And having a dog in the crowd in front of the stage is totally wrong. The dogs should remain at their campground. And Rude, wasn't your name "RudeDOG" before you changed it a couple months ago. Maybe your girlfriend, bless her heart, might have to leave you back at home. Peace and Love, Doc
  4. Emotional support animals

    I disagree. Nothing wrong with dogs at Jubilee as long as they are taken care of correctly and the dog is a friendly one. Peace and Love, Doc
  5. Doc's Pictures

  6. Oteill and friends free stream now

  7. jubilee tickets

    That corner of the paths is Chicago Mike's area...always good times around that good man. Peace and Love, Doc
  8. Oteill and friends free stream now

    Thanks for the reminder, Rude. That was a good show tonight. I suspect that those that missed it live can find it on youtube latter. Peace and Love, Doc
  9. jubilee tickets

    I drive up from the Southlands the day before and spend the night in the car..get up early and get in line for the mid day opening of the gates.
  10. jubilee tickets

    Yes, I do like the late night bluegrass. The crowd has thinned out...more room to dance...still many good friends that you know from the after midnight crew...
  11. jubilee tickets

    I think I'll try VIP this year. I'm getting too old to climb that hill back to the car camp at three am.
  12. 12/29/2017, Electric Factory

    Wow! Forty years ago last night. Could that be a hint of another Winterland tomorrow night? ...."The Music Never Stopped ;Tennessee Jed ;Funiculi Funicula ....." Peace, and Love to All on the Road for New Years, Doc
  13. "Hi" from a new member

    Good to have you here, Oak and Darkstar12. Oak, You being out in the middle of Maine must have you starved for live DSO music...and with two little ones it's probably difficult to hit the road for a couple days. Maybe conversation with friends here in the forum can carry you through the cold days. Peace and Love, Doc
  14. Diminished Chords

    Diminished chords are chords that you never use as anything other than a passing chord. On the guitar they sound very dissonant and unstable by themselves, almost unusable. But when placed between the right chords, they make great transitions. Generally speaking, diminished chords have a jazzy flavor to them, and they appear in styles that emphasize voice leading and dominant functions. There are three types of diminished chords: Diminished triads, half diminished, and diminished 7th, which is also called a fully diminished chord. The diminished triad is what naturally occurs on the 7th degree of the major scale. It’s 1-f3-f5. That’s a root, minor 3rd, and flat (or diminished) 5th, three minor 3rds in a row. You can also call this minorf5. In the key of G, the 7th triad is Fs-A-C. That’s Fsdim (Fs”) or Fsmf5 ….I’m back to being totally confused
  15. Diminished Chords

    For those of us like me who have no knowledge of music theory and don’t even know which side of the string to pluck……quoted from Wiki…. “…a diminished triad also known as the minor flatted fifth (m♭5), is a triad consisting of two minor thirds above the root— if built on C, a diminished triad would have a C, an E♭ and a G♭. It resembles a minor triad with a lowered (flattened) fifth. It can be represented by the integer notation {0, 3, 6}. Diminished triad on C iio6 in C minor first inversion Do chord. Comparison, in cents, of diminished triad tunings In the common practice period, the diminished triad is considered dissonant, or unstable, because the dissonant diminished fifth symmetricallydivides the octave. The lack of tonal centre or stability, possession of a leading-tone, and the dominant function give the chord drive. And now I’m even more in the dark. I confess that in the second grade of elementary school we had a rhythm band using sticks and such. The teacher took the triangle away from me and I’ve been hurt ever since. Peace and Love, Doc