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  1. LIkeEveryOne


    Don’t forget to mention the pre-show happy hour on second and third floor @25% off with a great outdoor balcony overlooking the wharf
  2. With 30 shows under my belt this year, the thing I dread at each show is : where the hell do I park. Any interest in starting a category for parking @ shows?
  3. Parking here mucho$$ 38$ at pier happy to find 13$ with a 7 minute walk
  4. That was another good time with some great tunes. looking forward to tonight greg you going tonight ? I did want to mention that it’s an incredible theater that’s retained all its grandeur from a time when the theater was a major focal point of a city. and the dance floor is slightly sloped made of wood and it literally bounced with the rhythm of everybody dancing. Really cool place
  5. ...... and me. 🙁 In penguin style
  6. LIkeEveryOne

    Penn's Peak

    Been to 5 Dso shows at Peak , first time I’d been to balcony. Yes, Stage right was hoppin’ at least during end of second set when I moseyed up. I would call it a feeling of flowing and motion that felt unobstructed. Good space good people Yes Greg I joined in honor of ur absence, but I’m no replacement stand in.
  7. LIkeEveryOne

    Penn's Peak

    Would have been so cool to see Greg oh Chester in your vid DesertDead
  8. Ready Set Dance c ya there the last 2 years security was so slow that the show started before everyone got in... Waited in line 50 minutes in freezing cold This year a bottle of whiskey while waiting on line will easy the pain
  9. Billy’s coming on strong he’s made it to the main page on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/listentothis/comments/e1h1ji/billy_strings_dust_in_a_baggie_folkcountry/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  10. How long was the open Jam before dropping into Mission. I could see myself enjoying about 10 minutes
  11. LIkeEveryOne


    Yo dude , u have my avatar L Now i’m Pissed we will settle this at the Peak in a dance off !!!
  12. LIkeEveryOne


    Security lax .. ample ga floor space cement floor slight slope to stage wrap around balcony I did not go up to no drinks allowed outside in smoking area 9$ beers good selection some solid deep sound from woofers good chill friendly crowd you can park in the casino lot for free and 5 min walk to Fillmore Barraco’s Blow Away was gold, grabbed and held the audience the entire way. I loved it, considering not one of my fav songs. The audience began singing Hey Jude and the band had to join in. Don’t think ive seen that before I’d highly recommend seeing this band ! There was some incident in the front row right side during second set that had the band pissed I think anyone catch this?
  13. The 7-5 show in Aurora featured Corrina into Slipknot, so they must be feeling something enjoyable about the combo. I’m a DSO corrina fan, so wherever they place it seems perfect to me.
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