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  1. LIkeEveryOne

    Woodstock 50th anniversary

    If on the unlikely chance DSO plays. I’m there. Seeing the reaction of 10’s of thousands of people to an incredible Dead renactment would delight every part of me..... and it won’t happen for another 50 years
  2. LIkeEveryOne

    Joe Russo’s Amost Dead

    Thanks all I’ll take the trip to poconos and see how it feels. I’m not looking to replace the DSO experience by any stretch of the imagination. Beyond straight up Dead, nothing takes me where Dso does. But nothing ventured nothing gained. When I saw DSO play for the first time by chance 3 years ago, it was an outside venue in early spring and it was pouring out. I decided to wait out the rain and see the start of the show. I was like “what the hell” these guys are great. Lisa closed with White Rabbit .. .. PG having the JRad set list with u at all times finally paid off ! Thanks
  3. LIkeEveryOne

    Joe Russo’s Amost Dead

    Has anyone seen JRAD? while at the NYE show I saw he sold out the Wellmont for March 15 and I may try to see him on the 13th at Penn’s Peak Was the audience as much fun as a DSo show ? I saw a few YouTube’s, I’m just trying to get a feel for the show in advance thanks
  4. LIkeEveryOne


    I met a women who said she drove from VT, only 5 hours . I thought it would have been further. She was a friend of the band and she dug every note they played ! She’d been to 3 Jam in the Sands and raved over the sand, sun, water and dance.
  5. LIkeEveryOne


    Did anyone notice the funky video back drop display with psychedelics?
  6. LIkeEveryOne


    After Midnight seemed to get everyone in my area movin’ , Including my date, so it must have been good !!
  7. LIkeEveryOne

    Montclair #1

    Well I just talked the misses into a road trip to Montclair!!! that will complete my 2018 goal of seeing all 4 shows my legs were cramping up a bit last night but I pushed through this maybe my first seated show I wish all of you a happy new year just need two miracles at the door!
  8. LIkeEveryOne

    Electric factory second night

    The lights last night were excellent . yes excellent!!! Thanks
  9. LIkeEveryOne

    Electric factory second night

    At the end When Barraco announced it was an elective and said “this wasn’t a set the dead played , (pause) but i’ bet they wish they had” . He was right it was a pleasant show
  10. LIkeEveryOne

    Franklin Music Hall -12/28/18

    I’ve become a HUGE fan of the Drum set . Last night’s show was great. Plenty of dance room right up front . Many pockets of dancers spread out throughout the floor . Does anyone know if lisa contractually has to get out on stage each show? I’m just wondering, nothing more.
  11. LIkeEveryOne

    Philadelphia Fever

    Yup doors open at 7:30
  12. LIkeEveryOne

    Philadelphia Fever

    EDM Rude my son’s going to the EDM 2 day show It is the biggest EDM philly event ever. It kinda puts them in the EDM game. i went to bonnaroo in 2016 and the split between old and new was very apparent . As u witnesses at the hotel I did 3 edm shows there and the energy (moly induced) is incredible . Regardless of the band, it’s people coming together to enjoy Praise DSO
  13. LIkeEveryOne

    Philadelphia Fever

    They usually start pretty close to on time, as stated my GoC. i like the idea of hanging near sound board last year I parked at 7pm right on 7th street a block from EF but I believe there’s pay parking past EF on Right side on 7th street rain should stop soon I’m putting on my dancing sneakers and selecting my tequila now, here we go! It’s time , I’m ready to go c u all there
  14. LIkeEveryOne

    Philadelphia Fever

    Count this geezer in!!
  15. LIkeEveryOne

    Top 10 albums

    Fast forwarding 7 years from high school I hear Beethoven’s 1st symphony for the first time and the most intelligent thing I could recall thinking was “Holy Fuck what was that? Incredible” . Thats a 5 star full course meal, whereas the dead was just plain soul food, enjoyed every day.