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  1. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Sleep in the Sky?
  2. Dead and co has lost their mind

    i can't find anything on this site. PG, if you have the link or path i would love so listen.
  3. Favorite - Dark Star rendition.

    PG - didn't c a DS in the 2/19/15 setlist . Did i get the right Mango, signed up for NUGS, only covered 2018,17,16 songs Relisten and Archive didn't carry show either. Do you have any other places i might find it? thanks
  4. Favorite - Dark Star rendition.

    i recently met someone unfamiliar with DSO. He loves the Dead and in particular Dark Star (favorite song). Can anyone recommend a particular show's rendition of Dark Star that could wow him? thanks
  5. Summer tour plans

    HOW DO YOU DO.... I bought two tickets from SOVI... General admission. .. of course they were pricey since they passed hands twice: once thru Ticketmaster; and now though Sovi. if you're interested you can find it on craiglist. in DC area thanks
  6. Summer tour plans

    waited too long for DC "acoustic" show..SOLD OUT.... that's my kinda show too.. if anyone hears of a ticket floating around, i could do with a miracle. thanks
  7. 08-09-17 Washington, DC

    Looking forward to this acoustics show.
  8. Exploring Cornell ‘77

    you trimmed the link by accident. Here's the link https://www.jambase.com/article/grateful-dead-mysteries-dark-vast-exploring-cornell-77 thanks
  9. Is anyone going to the Penns Peak show on the 13th ? My first show there, it looks like a good venue
  10. Don't mean to break the thread , the get together sounds good . but does anyone find this music takes their spirit to a place that couldn't be reached without it? I am listening to terrapin station and I am somehow move to some place unique in feeling and thought . im not tripping but I am pleasantly drunk ? It's really incredible just thought I'd share
  11. Found a playlist on archive I really like https://archive.org/details/gd1980-10-03.acoustic.mtx.seamons.94131.flac16 my favorite so far
  12. I'm putting together a requirements document for the delivery of financial statements for work. Doesn't get more tedious then that. Just started streaming into my bluetooth headphones the 2012-2-20 nashville DSO show as suggested by rudedogggg.... Holy shit, that's some great stuff !!! .... SUGAREE is incredible..... But wait ... it's not the 2012-02-20 show it's the 2012-02-02 show in NYC... oh my.. i guess next up will be the nashville . This document may take me all weekend. can't thank you all enough... that's my last thank you.
  13. The stories that are coming along with the recommendations are an added bonus and appreciated!!! thanks again all glad to be here
  14. Thanks everyone so much. I've a lot to listen too. and ..Docats and HELFRANKSLIP I am no TROLL !!! just bought Jubilee tickets !! (none of that VIP for me)
  15. There is so much musical content out there, it's mind boggling Can someone suggest a few of their favorite DSO and DG songs or shows to get me going. I really like the acoustic stuff, but its all good. Thanks