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  1. LIkeEveryOne

    Wolf coming to Lowell

    That is a lot to think about. Word on the street has it that Michelangelo stared at the chunk of marble until David appeared. If he had a different piece of marble would we have something more perfect? So does the artist need the right piece to create something special? I would have to say yes without a doubt. It’s a great idea, and nothing would please me more than to have dead & co listen to Mattson feel the song through that guitar.
  2. LIkeEveryOne

    Wolf coming to Lowell

    Let members of Dead & Company play it?? for real? that’s like letting your ex-spouse come back and live in the house the courts awarded you after your “wife & co” spent years trying to sue u for. That should never happen and it should be a stipulation in every resale of the house (guitar)!
  3. LIkeEveryOne

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    So Yo Island Bro . I ain't so shore we have met. Till i sea u Rock. and that's my first (and most likely last ) attempt at a haiku
  4. LIkeEveryOne

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    I tell people that story whenever someone mentions RR. About how I spent an hour looking for the perfect place and found it. It was smack in the middle at row 25, PERFECT ! BUT by the time I found it, there were no open seats, they were all taken. But some women behind me must have seen me searching and says “ hey u can join us” .. I was like yes! SCORE!! I started talking to the guy with her and he says “ I think I know u” . I say “nope!” He says “were u at the NYE show in Philly?” I say “ yup, but I don’t remember u”. He says “ok”. We talk a bit more. The music starts, he starts to dance, I point at him and I say “I do know u, ur a chemist, ur Joe !” I travel 1500 miles and gravitated to a spot among 10000 people to hang with the same people I danced with on NYE. RR magic at work. Thanks DSO
  5. LIkeEveryOne

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    Well I’m glad I only have a few T-shirt’s then. 2 boys , 1 boy 1 girl, 2 girls . It’s all the same to me . Joe is u husband!? Love that guy. Well it’s good to know you. I will be at the Tempe and Las Vegas show since my daughter is a ASU and I can c her also if anyone wants tickets to Pre-NYE show in Philly, PM me and I can get u the tickets at the box office and save u that extortion fee from TM
  6. LIkeEveryOne

    2019 Westy Coasty Winter Tour

    PG U said u may c Huk? i think I hung with u @ red rock show. i was looking for a place to sit and u invited me to sit with u If ur married to a chemist and have two boys , then ur that person Huk’s a great high energy dancer , who said to me after the first song “ok, that’s it. Do We need more?” . If ur that person , thank u for welcoming me. I had the greatest time because of ur invitation. Thanks again, and I hope ur winter brings u balance.
  7. LIkeEveryOne


    Worth the drive from Philly great show with a great crowd. bs69 , the strum of the guitar by Matt to end NFA was because the crowds beat was so off, Eaton couldn’t get back in. He tried like 3-4 times and was kinda at a loss until Matt just thru out the strom. I’ve been at shows where the NFA chant doesn’t work and just ends. Last night wasn’t the case , I appreciated the band keeping to the audience participation of the past....
  8. LIkeEveryOne


    I get tired of typing “ great show,” but it was . Rob and Dino gave captivating Drum. Favorite - to date, leaving me room in the future. Stella blue - incredible (no FB yell out) and the song once hated , now loved Looks Like Rain ,fit this rainy Pittsburg weather , thanks Rob!! Being 60 and loving the music with people 20-25 who feel the same is such a great experience! Not sure if there’s anything like it. Love the energy lost my Airbnb last night and drove 1.5 hours in rain to the salt fork state park , set Up at primative camp site at 2am in the dark , crashed till 11 and just got back from a hike by a lake with pine needle covered trail (worth the lost Airbnb) . Going to Columbus show , I will leave my tent and return tonight after another “great show” thanks DSO
  9. LIkeEveryOne

    Free Bird?

    I know i'm flopping, but i am enjoying listening to Phils take. I'd enjoy DSO's take on it too .... regardless of it being in the current repertoire. Suspend my user id if offending the board. sorry. thanks for finding it greg.
  10. LIkeEveryOne

    Free Bird?

    Can't even get archive.org ( or relisten) to play it. Found the Greg mentioned song on relisten , hit PLAY and NOTHING.!!!! didn't even load. .. went to archive.org and the site is DOWN !! OK. i surrender... NEXT THREAD... this one is DEAD
  11. LIkeEveryOne

    Free Bird?

    Greg. I am driving out to Pittsburgh Friday 4 show then to Columbus u?”
  12. LIkeEveryOne

    Free Bird?

    Wish I didn’t take a shower this morning and If I leave here this morning will u still remember me? I won’t yell unless it’s an approved yell and respectful . Thanks for the coaching islandbro. Still want to hear it played , more now than before, just cause ... That’s a heckler and there’s no excuse for someone ruining an experience, most everyone can agree with that. A few shows back I told a guy yelling shit during the song that it wasn’t cool ...
  13. LIkeEveryOne

    Free Bird?

    I didn’t post with the intent of being labeled a dick for suggesting the band play FB nor slammed for suggesting an FM song. If history has rendered it taboo so be it. I wasn’t aware of the Incident at Eugene. Regardless, it’s a song worth hearing DSO play.
  14. LIkeEveryOne

    Free Bird?

    Went to the Gym this morning. I've only been to this gym a few times, since i moved offices and this one is paid for by my company. It's a big place, and they pipe in music throughout the entire place. While heading to the shower, Free Bird began to play, and as it started i thought, hmmm good song to hear the dead play. Then it occurred to me that there is frequently someone yelling at the DSO shows "free bird". I always thought the guy was just being a dick. But for the first time, this morning , i think he actually wants to hear FB, and it might be a good fit. I check relisten, and DSO hasn't play it, nor has the dead . I'm not a musician , so i don't know if it's even possible to be played by DSO. I know there's a guitar and a singer. but beyond that? So next time i hear that guy yelling FB, i might join in. So
  15. LIkeEveryOne

    Now Listening...

    Ok!? How funking great is DSO’s Truckin’ play? Go listen and tell me !!