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  1. Just read up on it new owner 2012 new lighting new sound new paint new bathrooms guess i’m Ready
  2. I’ve been meaning to go to a Cap show now we get 3!!! How is the capital? Over heard someone at Pittsburgh show say it was one of their favorites
  3. Jwalt , if u c a tall guy with grey hair and beard hanging up front near the stage whose moves seem inspired by a penguin , stop over and say hi. 48 more hours Praise DSO , C u there ! I’d like to hear : mission in the rain...for what that’s worth
  4. Well, it’s like my son asking what he’s getting for his birthday. I tell him : You’ll Find out on your birthday .. I’ve been waiting since red rocks for the Pittsburgh show and I will find out @ midnight on 10/12
  5. Next time they play this venue, I will make it a point to be there. Your posts are killing me. “Liquid fire” “rockin start to finish” i’m in! praise DSO
  6. been focused on 72 as of late loving the Pittsburgh early show 9-27-72 can’t wait to listen to ur taping!!! 😊 Thanks
  7. Yes. Likeeveryone = Penguin = Hugh Mango = Praying Mantis = ?
  8. Last time and first time I saw JRAD was at Penns Peak in May ....and didn’t like it. a collegial forced a ticket on me last week i struggled with the decision last night of driving into city, parking, work the next day....but I went. And LOVED it. I’ve been back-mind singing Baby Blue all day....they celebrated playing Franklins tower with smoke and blowing confetti all over the audience. Apparently they took a hiatus from the Slip knot/help/FT trifecta and skipped the FT.. the people around loved it. Now I wish I had a ticket for tonight. have fun tonight J&J
  9. Not sure if we’ve met, it’s possible. I know treetop, Scott, Nina, Sammie, tati , Nancy, Huk, Josh, Greg and a handful more. Were u in the picture at Pisgah? I’m in the back right waving my fin. U say there’s another penguin , chuck... good to part of a waddle.
  10. “Let it be known there is a fountainThat was not made by the hands of men...” this 1 line heard for the first time in 83 still moves me every time it’s song... thank you and goodbye Well said Greg!
  11. It’s the penguin that’s acting as my animal dance guide but I’d like to swap it out for something more lively, but perhaps once a penguin probably always a penguin.
  12. Rude.. don’t give up on the photos tell Melli (?) to not throw it away try this Recover card Someone can recover them for her
  13. Red Rocks as the starting gate to ur next 100 is quite epoch .... congrats and may the good times roll !
  14. The cameras during Drums were a great first for me. Seeing Dino’s and Rob’s talent up close during the entire piece was like hearing them for the first time. The way they play with and off each other is as good as it gets, with the sound in that place being perfect ... I’d like to thank them for 3 days of all out hard work. It can’t be easy putting it all out there every night. I only danced and I’m exhausted. praise DSO
  15. A year or two back I posted “as long as there’s one person at the show that loves this music like I do, I will be there” Last night it seemed like it was everyone...dancing, singing, twirling, swaying , hopping and all right from the first note. What a great vibe with great people from all over the country. The Drums had a primitive part that pulled me and the guy next to me right in..incredible, where else can I get that communion. Thanks DSO.
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