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  1. LIkeEveryOne

    Now Listening...

    Sorry Rude Mango may wish he was. It was a follow up to his post on Listening Now thread of holly G
  2. LIkeEveryOne

    Now Listening...

    The terrapin medley is so grass roots. Lebo at 8 minutes in, plays while people walk obliviously behind him and then the chorus appears in front of him in what seems to be turtles in the dessert rising their heads and enjoying each repeated refrain being song. Love it!
  3. LIkeEveryOne

    Now Listening...

    for fans of Terrapin .. a medley of artists . Mango... 13:38 in
  4. LIkeEveryOne

    A band I saw last night

    great new thread! thanks mango . i'm outside of ardmore. wish i'd heard of her before today. i will put her on while driving as background
  5. LIkeEveryOne

    Now Listening...

    The new version of RELISTEN app has the feature " EVERYTHING > SONG " . It's great ! Not sure how to get through the 271 DSO and the 1,596 GD's drum solos, but i love that challenge. .. enjoyed Colorado Girl , CV. thanks
  6. LIkeEveryOne

    NYE 2018-19 Monclair

    Mario, i grew up on North Jersey. Montclair is a small suburban town. Not much more to say. you'd probably need to look else where to find the pre show "hang outs" depending on your age. As DD mentioned the prior years NY shows were in Philly, my current stomping grounds. Why not come to philly too for the Pre-NY shows? i did the 3 shows last year, 4 shows in a row for me could test my commitment. Welcome to the board.
  7. LIkeEveryOne

    Any recordings of Carmel by the Sea 6/24/18?

    LOL good meeting u again at Dewey think u skipped the second show there in order to bodily recover . I recognize people by their dance. I knew u once the music started. Had same experience in Red Rocks with some great people I’d met the prior New Year @ DSO in Philly. Keep dancing so I recognize u again!
  8. LIkeEveryOne

    Any recordings of Carmel by the Sea 6/24/18?

    i still feel bad that i slammed the crowd that just sat and listened, terming them "boring". Now, i want to sit and listen to what they heard , and sink into the music. LLDSO
  9. LIkeEveryOne

    Now Listening...

    today's show in 1969 (08-29-1969) at Family Dog at the great Highway on RELISTEN is just a great show. I love the way Good Lovin' starts with a few twangs of the bass followed by a couple raps on the cow bells, then heads to a frenzy. This whole shows feels so bluesey. don't think i've ever listen to it before. a current favorite...for now http://relisten.net/grateful-dead/1969/8/29/good-lovinjerry--lead-vocals
  10. LIkeEveryOne

    New Year's Eve Show

    Just received my Exclusive Presale Offer from ticket master for the nights of the 28th and 29th at the Electric Factory. I will drive down and buy them at the window. I hate paying TM, but i love DSO ! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  11. LIkeEveryOne

    Dewey Beach 8/13/18

    Did anyone understand the cryptic statement from Bob “the last set will make sense tomorrow” ? Any thoughts also one of the Best Box of Rain’s I’ve heard !!
  12. LIkeEveryOne

    Atlantic City

    late comment from the show. Hung out at the end of the show in the theater. Started talking to a guy who was also just hanging out, he said he was there on a Comp from the casino, and didn't pay for the ticket. He said he's been too so many shows at the Tropicana he's lost count. He said "this was the best show I've ever seen here, the energy was incredible, and so much smoke, really great" . I couldn't have agreed more. on my way to Dewey tonight.
  13. LIkeEveryOne

    Black Mountain Roll Call

    i'm really impressed with the dedication these guys have, to be playing such an aggressive schedule. 8th CT 9th NJ 10th NY 11th NJ - i'll be there 13th , 14th DE - i'll be there 16th VA 17th-18th in NC - i'm not sure? met a guy at RR, who said the show and venue r great WOW....
  14. LIkeEveryOne

    Red Rocks 2019

  15. LIkeEveryOne

    Red Rocks 2019

    My first RR show and I’m still enjoying the leftover vibes. and DSO in 2019 announced so soon gives me a count down of 423 days , and it will be here before I know it. I will fill the gap with a few more dso shows. The 21 year old women next to me sang every song and lived every minute. It was great to see 40 years later the feeling and songs jerry brought still resonate with the young.