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  1. 2 days later and I’m still smiling, and from what I remember that’s better than sex. I’m slow to get to know ya’ll , but getting there. Was hoping to meet Mason at one of the shows . Maybe Boulder... I’m to the left of Chris in the back row with a hand wave. Mason you are? And who’s the guy to the left behind Meli? Love the energy he brings to everyone!!! Great shows!! And Nina ur the best!
  2. Rowan...if u thought they slayed the drum solo.. their Terrapin Station would have blow ur mind!! That was my first event at pisgah. it was a great place with a super casual vibe. Huge diff from the 6 armed police and German Shepard at the entrance to Virginia credit union... i made the 8 hour journey based on this show being a must go.. Thank u to everyone that said that, u were so right DSO is the greatest and a venue is a huge part of the experience!!! i can post the group photo if I can figure out the .1 meg limit or if someone gives me a hint
  3. LIkeEveryOne

    Westbrook, ME

    Sets off scanner . I may start wearing a mansserie Thanks Rude
  4. LIkeEveryOne

    Westbrook, ME

    Best way to drink cheaply get a zip lock bag the press close ones not the hard tab, fill it with ur tequila of choice and place it on your hip . gets in every time saves 20$ a show
  5. Has anyone tried HIPScamping.com its a site where people who have a farm or something and allow people to tent there for a small fee
  6. PG spot on File issue with paypal i had similar happen though eBay and PayPal issued the credit good decision to use PayPal
  7. Think I will skip Dewey beach shows and do VA show and head toBM. better than Hampton? I think i can’t miss those two shows! Mason , maybe we can meet some time if u were at HBeach it would have been nice meeting you. Where do u usually hang out at the shows ?
  8. Not sure why I do it yesterday up at 6 am at work till noon leave for show drive 8 hours arrive at 8pm dance till mid night drive to campsite and set up by 1:30 ... now that’s a good day plus I had pizza
  9. Def on the elective tonight. I’ve got to pick out just the right T-shirt to match the heat in the ballroom temperature kept rising for sure
  10. Keeping with driving theme 6 hours turned to 8 as every road on Friday filled with vacationers and accidents ...I even had to put Spa music on to get me through it...help me lord. arrived at 7:50 bought a ticket had a drink and a toke and loved the energy at the show. The crowd was in it from start to finish and needless to say the band alsways is and was last night. gonna hit the beach and the show tonight. I got a miracle to tonight’s show from a women dancing near me that could not go tonight. I told her I would rather have her go to the show than me get a free ticket because she definitely loved the music.
  11. 6.5 hours to Hampton beach 9 to BM i need one of those self driving cars 🚘
  12. That one is on my maybe list
  13. Just decided to go to Hampton show from philly. leave Friday at noon pitch my tent at wakeda campground at 6:30 and be at the venue by 7 $50 to rustic camp. Never been to Hampton beach but mason gave it a thumbs up . Is it GA or seats ? I need my dancing space .
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