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    *4/7/05 Charlotte - Spectrum, Philly 4/25/83
    *2/9/06 Charlotte - Uptown Thtr, Chicago 1/31/78
    *7/15/06 Asheville - Greek, Berkeley 5/14/83
    *2/8/07 Asheville - Civic Cntr, Baltimore 5/26/77
    *2/9/07 Asheville - Original
    *2/10/07 Charlotte - Pauley Pavl, L.A. 11/17/73
    *9/6/07 Asheville - Oxford Speedway, ME 7/2/88
    *9/8/07 Charlotte - Original
    *2/28/08 Asheville - Hampton, Va 3/22/87
    *2/29/08 Asheville - Hampton, Va 3/23/87
    *7/3/09 NLQP - Original
    *7/4/09 NLQP - Auditorium, Nashville 4/22/78
    *7/5/09 NLQP - Original
    *2/19/10 Charlotte - Springfield, MA 1/15/79
    *2/20/10 Charlotte - Original
    *7/1/10 NLQP - Terrapin Nation
    *7/2/10 NLQP - Syracuse, NY 9/28/76
    *7/3/10 NLQP - Original
    *7/4/10 NLQP - Alpine Valley, WI 6/28/87
    *9/11/10 Terrapin Hill, KY - Nashville, TN 12/16/78
    *9/12/10 Asheville - Winterland, S.F. 2/24/74
    *2/3/11 Greensboro - Original
    *7/01/11 NLQP - Avalon, SF 4/4/69
    *7/02/11 NLQP - Winterland, SF 3/19/77
    *7/03/11 NLQP - Original
    *2/23/12 Winston Salem - Original
    *2/24/12 Charlotte - New Haven, CT 5/12/81
    *2/25/12 Atlanta - Chicago, IL 6/29/76
    *8/3/12 Black Mountain - Winterland 2/23/74
    *8/4/12 Black Mountain - Original
    *8/31/12 Legend Valley, OH - Charlotte 10/5/84
    *9/1/12 Legend Valley, OH - Columbus 9/30/76
    *9/2/12 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *2/15/13 Asheville, NC - Original
    *2/16/13 Charlotte, NC - 9/18/88 MSG NY,NY
    *2/17/13 Atlanta, GA - Original
    *5/24/13 Legend Valley, OH - 7/10/81 St.Paul
    *5/25/13 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *5/26/13 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *8/12/13 Raleigh, NC - 12/6/71 Felt Forum
    *8/14/13 Wilmington, NC - Original
    *8/15/13 Winston Salem, NC - 4/1/84 San Rafael
    *8/16/13 Black Mountain - 6/11/76 Boston
    *8/17/13 Black Mountain - Original
    *2/14/14 Charlotte, NC - Original
    *5/23/14 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *5/24/14 Legend Valley, OH - 11/6/77 Binghampton
    *5/25/14 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *8/1/14 Pocahontas, VA - 8/1/73 Jersey City, NJ
    *8/2/14 Pocahontas, VA - Original
    *8/15/14 Black Mountain - 9/20/91 Boston Garden
    *8/16/14 Black Mountain - Original
    *12/28/14 Richmond, VA-6/14/76 Orpheum, SFCA
    *2/19/15 Asheville, NC - 5/3/69 Winterland
    *2/20/15 Charlotte, NC - 5/22/77 Pembroke Pines, FL
    *2/21/15 Raleigh, NC - Original
    *5/22/15 Legend Valley, OH - 6/17/76 Passaic, NJ
    *5/23/15 Legend Valley, OH - 4/22/69 the ARK
    *5/24/15 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *7/31/15 Pocahontas, VA - Original
    *8/1/15 Pocahontas, VA - Original
    *8/7/15 Black Mountain - 10/1/76 Indianapolis, IN
    *8/8/15 Black Mountain - Original
    *2/15/16 Athens, GA - Original
    *2/17/16 Charleston, SC - 4/5/82 Philly Spectrum
    *2/18/16 Asheville, NC - Original
    *2/19/16 Raleigh, NC - 3/27/87 Hartford, CT
    *2/20/16 Charlotte, NC - 4/5/71 NY,NY
    *5/27/16 Legend Valley, OH - 3/27/87 Hartford CT
    *5/28/16 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *5/29/16 Legend Valley, OH - 8/27/72 Veneta, OR
    *8/2/16 Charlotte, NC - Original
    *8/5/16 Black Mountain, NC - 6/5/69 SanFran, CA
    *8/6/16 Black Mountain, NC - Original
    *12/2/16 Washington DC - 3/30/90 Uniondale, NY
    *12/3/16 Washington DC - Original
    *4/12/17 Asheville, NC - 4-7-88 Worcester, MA
    *4/13/17 Asheville, NC - Original
    *4/14/17 Raleigh, NC - 6-23-76 Upper Darby, PA
    *4/15/17 Charlotte, NC - 3-27-83 Irvine Meadows, CA
    *5/26/17 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *5/27/17 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *5/28/17 Legend Valley, OH - Hartford, CT 5/28/77
    *8-18-17 Black Mountain, NC - Original
    *8-19-17 Black Mountain, NC - 5-18-77 Atlanta, GA
    *12-1-17 Norfolk, VA 12-21-68 LA, CA
    *12-2-17 Wash D.C. 6-14-91 Wash D.C.
    *4-6-18 ATL - JGB 9-1-89 Columbia, MD
    *4-7-18 ATL - JGB 9-2-89 Columbia, MD
    *4-8-18 Birmingham JGB 3-6-76 Seattle, WA
    *4-10-18 Asheville - Original
    *4-12-18 Charleston - JGB 3-19-78 Pitt., PA
    *4-13-18 Charlotte - Original
    *4-14-18 Raleigh - Va Tech, VA 4-14-78
    *7-8-18 Red Rocks - 7-8-78 Red Rocks
    *8-17-18 Black Mountain, NC - Tempe, AZ 8-18-87
    *8-18-18 Black Mountain, NC - Original
    *11-30-18 Norfolk, VA - Original
    *12-1-18 Wash. DC - 6-9-73 RFK, Wash. DC
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  1. gr8fulpair

    The Anthem

    And I was at the Hampton, va show in 86 when they busted it back out. Go listen to an audience tape of that show. Still gives me chills to hear the crowd when they see Phil step up to the mic.
  2. gr8fulpair

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    But when things go wrong,.. wrong with you,........ That shit hurts me too.
  3. gr8fulpair

    The Anthem

    Crank that China Doll and close your eyes and try not to sniffle. Bet ya can't.
  4. gr8fulpair

    The Anthem

    Please tell me you were sore as shit yesterday. At least that'll make you seem more human. 😂
  5. gr8fulpair

    The Anthem

    Yeah, that was really something last night. I thought it seemed a good bit more crowded than last year. The floor, about the size of a damn airplane hangar, was full enough to push is to the back wall for dance space. Even that got tight cause our awesome assemblage needed about 3000-5000 sq ft depending on what song was being played. Hey BillK, way to put on a 4.5 hr aroebics clinic... 😅😜🥴 Not many breaks in that show last night but that China doll rendered me danceless and emotional. I think Jeff's ability to deliver the tender vocals and super delicate guitar riffs is as good as it's ever been. The Loser was sublime. Like 6 cowboy songs in that show and they ripped every one of them to shreds. Hopefully the damage to my thighs and calves will be temporary. El Paso smoked! Nice drawn out trans from China cat to rider and the Hes Gone kepts the jams going to all the best places. That second set almost seems continuous in my mind. That was a big ol fat Barn burner chock full of killer songs, glad I got to experience it with some tolerant people that don't care what they or others look like when they dance. Happy to make some new friends and bask in the glow of some old ones. Y'all are an important part of my total experience. Rude is in charge of helicopter rental next year cause DC traffic sucks ass. Our uber driver home was fucking horrible, prob got horns blown at us about 5 times and almost flattened by a surburban. Hahahaha, part of the adventure.
  6. gr8fulpair

    Anthem show hype

    6-9-73 not shabby.
  7. gr8fulpair

    Norfolk 11/30

    This was a really fun show. I had some trepidation about being here because it's the place I saw my fav show ever last year with the epic 68 recreation. Ie: there was really no way to top what I had seen last year. But it was easy to get my groove on to this unusual set list that really offered something for everybody. The black throated wind was just sublime, Eaton killed it. I love that song. Ramble on, all over now and day job, while somewhat cookie cutter songs we're played in a rippin style and had the crowd getting down. Awesome. The whole second set was killer opening with the HSF just got us all lathered up. Great dance group running into some surprise friends!!!! The upper balcony was pretty open. Pretty nice venue overall. Good sized crowd, seemed full but not over packed. Good Northern Lights IPA from Charlottesville on tap for 16oz at fucking $8, fuck.i was sooooooooo jacked for that Low Spark, and to be teased, fuck.. haha it was fucking awesome. The hey jude that ensued was outstanding with barraco Killin the keys. Good to see everybody and have a great sweaty dance party, that's why I come.
  8. gr8fulpair

    Touch Heads

    What should we call the roughly 8500 new DSO fans that showed up at red rocks, assuming the other roughly 1500 would've gone to Boulder theater if they were playing there? RockHeads? I thought they were all cool and really added to the experience. 🤣 The Touch heads catapulted the GD into the highest grossing touring band machine in the world. Prob contributed to Jer's inability to kick heroin. Brought a lot of attention psycadelic hippie culture. The scene was growing rapidly by the mid 80s. Touch success accelerated what prob would've happened anyway. The 80s were starving for something cool, anything cool. I preferred the somewhat smaller older crowd of the preTouch era despite me being the young newcomer, but it was all fun. And I mean ALL fun.
  9. gr8fulpair

    A Beautiful day in the neighborhood

    Damn, that video made my nipples get hard.
  10. gr8fulpair


    Thanks for all you do here TR. It's obvious this place is tended to by somebody who cares, mucho gracias my friend.
  11. gr8fulpair

    The Anthem

    Even if you're wrong you won't regret that decision. The fucking venue is worth the drive. Great space, grate sound.
  12. gr8fulpair

    Happy Birthday, Tea

    My Honor.
  13. gr8fulpair


    We'll miss you brother, travel safe.
  14. gr8fulpair

    Happy Birthday, Tea

    Happy birthday to the first person on this forum that I met, and one of the best dudes around.
  15. gr8fulpair

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Along with the other Thanksgiving tradition of watching the cowboys get their asses handed to them whilst I lay on couch rubbin my belly. Hope y'all have a simililarly enjoyable day.