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    *4/7/05 Charlotte - Spectrum, Philly 4/25/83
    *2/9/06 Charlotte - Uptown Thtr, Chicago 1/31/78
    *7/15/06 Asheville - Greek, Berkeley 5/14/83
    *2/8/07 Asheville - Civic Cntr, Baltimore 5/26/77
    *2/9/07 Asheville - Original
    *2/10/07 Charlotte - Pauley Pavl, L.A. 11/17/73
    *9/6/07 Asheville - Oxford Speedway, ME 7/2/88
    *9/8/07 Charlotte - Original
    *2/28/08 Asheville - Hampton, Va 3/22/87
    *2/29/08 Asheville - Hampton, Va 3/23/87
    *7/3/09 NLQP - Original
    *7/4/09 NLQP - Auditorium, Nashville 4/22/78
    *7/5/09 NLQP - Original
    *2/19/10 Charlotte - Springfield, MA 1/15/79
    *2/20/10 Charlotte - Original
    *7/1/10 NLQP - Terrapin Nation
    *7/2/10 NLQP - Syracuse, NY 9/28/76
    *7/3/10 NLQP - Original
    *7/4/10 NLQP - Alpine Valley, WI 6/28/87
    *9/11/10 Terrapin Hill, KY - Nashville, TN 12/16/78
    *9/12/10 Asheville - Winterland, S.F. 2/24/74
    *2/3/11 Greensboro - Original
    *7/01/11 NLQP - Avalon, SF 4/4/69
    *7/02/11 NLQP - Winterland, SF 3/19/77
    *7/03/11 NLQP - Original
    *2/23/12 Winston Salem - Original
    *2/24/12 Charlotte - New Haven, CT 5/12/81
    *2/25/12 Atlanta - Chicago, IL 6/29/76
    *8/3/12 Black Mountain - Winterland 2/23/74
    *8/4/12 Black Mountain - Original
    *8/31/12 Legend Valley, OH - Charlotte 10/5/84
    *9/1/12 Legend Valley, OH - Columbus 9/30/76
    *9/2/12 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *2/15/13 Asheville, NC - Original
    *2/16/13 Charlotte, NC - 9/18/88 MSG NY,NY
    *2/17/13 Atlanta, GA - Original
    *5/24/13 Legend Valley, OH - 7/10/81 St.Paul
    *5/25/13 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *5/26/13 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *8/12/13 Raleigh, NC - 12/6/71 Felt Forum
    *8/14/13 Wilmington, NC - Original
    *8/15/13 Winston Salem, NC - 4/1/84 San Rafael
    *8/16/13 Black Mountain - 6/11/76 Boston
    *8/17/13 Black Mountain - Original
    *2/14/14 Charlotte, NC - Original
    *5/23/14 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *5/24/14 Legend Valley, OH - 11/6/77 Binghampton
    *5/25/14 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *8/1/14 Pocahontas, VA - 8/1/73 Jersey City, NJ
    *8/2/14 Pocahontas, VA - Original
    *8/15/14 Black Mountain - 9/20/91 Boston Garden
    *8/16/14 Black Mountain - Original
    *12/28/14 Richmond, VA-6/14/76 Orpheum, SFCA
    *2/19/15 Asheville, NC - 5/3/69 Winterland
    *2/20/15 Charlotte, NC - 5/22/77 Pembroke Pines, FL
    *2/21/15 Raleigh, NC - Original
    *5/22/15 Legend Valley, OH - 6/17/76 Passaic, NJ
    *5/23/15 Legend Valley, OH - 4/22/69 the ARK
    *5/24/15 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *7/31/15 Pocahontas, VA - Original
    *8/1/15 Pocahontas, VA - Original
    *8/7/15 Black Mountain - 10/1/76 Indianapolis, IN
    *8/8/15 Black Mountain - Original
    *2/15/16 Athens, GA - Original
    *2/17/16 Charleston, SC - 4/5/82 Philly Spectrum
    *2/18/16 Asheville, NC - Original
    *2/19/16 Raleigh, NC - 3/27/87 Hartford, CT
    *2/20/16 Charlotte, NC - 4/5/71 NY,NY
    *5/27/16 Legend Valley, OH - 3/27/87 Hartford CT
    *5/28/16 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *5/29/16 Legend Valley, OH - 8/27/72 Veneta, OR
    *8/2/16 Charlotte, NC - Original
    *8/5/16 Black Mountain, NC - 6/5/69 SanFran, CA
    *8/6/16 Black Mountain, NC - Original
    *12/2/16 Washington DC - 3/30/90 Uniondale, NY
    *12/3/16 Washington DC - Original
    *4/12/17 Asheville, NC - 4-7-88 Worcester, MA
    *4/13/17 Asheville, NC - Original
    *4/14/17 Raleigh, NC - 6-23-76 Upper Darby, PA
    *4/15/17 Charlotte, NC - 3-27-83 Irvine Meadows, CA
    *5/26/17 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *5/27/17 Legend Valley, OH - Original
    *5/28/17 Legend Valley, OH - Hartford, CT 5/28/77
    *8-18-17 Black Mountain, NC - Original
    *8-19-17 Black Mountain, NC - 5-18-77 Atlanta, GA
    *12-1-17 Norfolk, VA 12-21-68 LA, CA
    *12-2-17 Wash D.C. 6-14-91 Wash D.C.
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  1. Spring Tour

    atl x 2, Birmingham, Asheville, Charleston, Charlotte, Raleigh. Will have to hold me til red rocks since my son graduates high school jub weekend. 9 gfest/jubs in a row, tradition squashed by the public school system. Who the fuck has a graduation on a holiday weekend?? Our school system that's the fuck who. He moves out to college in the fall, our last of 3,..... aaaaand our middle daughter has transferred back to a local University for her final 2 yes and will be moving back home in the fall. Thank you Lord for letting us get so close to the empty nest we could smell the spilt beer on the pine straw. Delaying that bliss for a min of 2 years will make us appreciate that time far off in the future with sense of accomplishment unequaled in our lives up to that distant point. Haha, I thread drifted like hell in that one post.
  2. Spring Tour

    Charlotte's after Charleston Doc, and hope it's still a "for sure" from you brother.
  3. Nugs Release

    The Norva show is def in my top 5. I’m an early era nut and to see the first and so far only 68 recreation is etched in my soul. That Big Boy Pete in the first set elective routinely runs thru my mind. The uniqueness of a 68 style elective first set and full 68 show second set and the way they perfectly melded those two sets together seamlessly into a full show is mind blowing because there are no 3.5hr 68 shows in existence (that I’m aware of). What I try to explain to people is how much talent it takes transport one into the inner ethos of a 68 acid test type show one night and then blow the roof off with an expertly executed 91 the next night is jaw dropping. When I saw the dead in 86 I was guaranteed to get an 86 style show. Not to suggest dso’s talent surpasses the dead’s by any means but rather to shine a light on how amazing what they do is. When I was in college I painted a mural on my dorm wall that had a stealie in the center with the phrase wrapped around it that said “they’re not the best at what they do, they’re the only ones that do what they do”. (They made me paint over that at the end of the year to avoid forfeiture of some deposit my parents had made. That sucked). I think this phrase applies to DSO in this modern era of a bounty of dead style bands, as it relates to their business model, which I think is genius and also exceedingly difficult. It’s what makes me brim with excitement waiting for those first notes of the show opener. This is why I plan much of my vacation time around DSO shows and why I praise the band and their talent, (and crew)! The people I’ve met on this forum whom I’m positive feel the same way I do, and whom I get to attend these shows with, and boogie down with make it a sacred component of my well being. Peace. ❤️
  4. Red Rocks 2018

    Yea, that’s what I meant.. thanks for clarifying 2much. Rude plays disc golf, and those pussies use pencils with erasers. He doesn’t understand.
  5. Just like Frankenstein...

    “I thought to myself, on some level, I want to be associated with the weird” very cool quote and quite fitting. Thanks Dr. B.
  6. BCE @ CC

    I love me some Mr Charlie, but will take an Easy Wind over it every day of the week and twice on Sunday! 💥
  7. Now Listening...

    Prob around mid 70.
  8. Now Listening...

    The yellow dog story started in that era and went on until it didn’t go on. Good times.
  9. Red Rocks 2018

    Pencil it in brother. There will be a gathering.
  10. TIGDH

    A chilling high time before that 1970 darkstar and a raunchy st Stephen after. Loved it.
  11. Now Listening...

    Of all the 20min experiences I’ve had this week, listening to that ranks near the top.
  12. TIGDH

    It was greasy as hell.
  13. Top of their game

    I can’t tell if this is a compliment or a jab but it does imply a level of arrogance I’ve never seen from the Dr. He def has the knowledge, he is def an elder, he def participates in the dance but there are character traits associated with overlords, overseers and superiors that I would never pin to his chest. Barry is one of us with higher mileage. Prob a compliment with a curious choice of words.
  14. Top of their game

    If they don't stop getting better I'm gonna start saying the Grateful Dead was a DSO tribute band.
  15. Just got a report

    Good luck in your ventures, we REALLY hope they work out.