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    *4-8-18 Birmingham JGB 3-6-76 Seattle, WA
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    *4-14-18 Raleigh - Va Tech, VA 4-14-78
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  1. I braved the mosh pit stage left for a good part of the first set, but eventually retreated to the balcony for 8 more sq ft of dance space. 2nd set was a surreal dance party on the aisle in the balcony. People eventually figured we weren't giving up, so they bailed. Sweet.
  2. Oh man, what a show. While the first set was absolutely relentless, the second set was a combination of songs that fit together just exactly perfect. The High Time made me cry, not for personal reasons but because it was so fucking good and I've heard it so few times. Jeff killed it, vocals spot on. The Stephen sandwich and into Stella was a ride that took me from frenzy to melting over and over. As one would expect, it was a packed house, space a premium. We did ok in the balcony. Great to see lots of smiling faces from around here. The band and crew once again delivered high value for the cost of attendance. Weather post show was sublime. Ready for another, please!
  3. Dying ain't much of a livin boy....
  4. This was just a WOW night for me. From the set list which was beautifully sprinkled with some JGB, to the blazing sunset amid the mountain backdrop as the first set closed with a ridiculously good Let it Rock. That was preceded by another hoe-down first set that gave not an inch to the weary. Yes, that Deep Elem sent things into a frenzy. As the second set took off with Music the dance party was vast and it almost seemed orchestrated or choreographed, as everyone moved seamlessly among the flailing arms and feet. Kinda like everyone had a forcefield around them, but they didn't cause I hugged a lot of them.. haha. Another summer tour ended just exactly perfect, including the air bnb afterparty where the love and talent continued to flow. Hell I'll even include the Denny's that saw us two mornings in a row and eventually made enough food to fill Sunny's belly. Thank you DSO and crew for this tradition that fills our cup good every August.
  5. Set One: "The Promised Land ; Brown Eyed Women ; Me And My Uncle > Big River ; Stagger Lee ; Looks Like Rain ; Row Jimmy ; It's All Over Now ; Deal Set Two: "Samson And Delilah ; Tennessee Jed ; Terrapin Station > Playing In The Band [17:59] > Drums > Space > Black Peter > Not Fade Away > Playing In The Band Encore: U.S. Blues Filler: Cats Down Under the Stars, White Rabbit I had not looked at this setlist since it was announced they were doing it, so by show time I didn't know what was coming. I know 79 and had some good ideas, but I don't like knowing what's coming. 6 songs in when we FINALLY got a light breather for LLR is when I realize it's pretty friggin hot, about 168% humidity, I'm soaked, and this is awesome!!! The crowd was thick, maybe a bit more than previous years, but not substantially more than non-pisgah jubilee years by my measure. We arrived for most of the California Kind set and the crowd was pretty thin, so maybe the heat kept folks inside until DSO (it did for us day 2). Love the deal first set closer cause you feel like you just stepped off a roller coaster for set break, good feeling. 2nd set from Terrapin on was a pretty intense dance scene. If you were in it, you got swept up in it. Even when people were cutting through to get out of the crowd, the only way they could penetrate the group was to dance.. haha. Like it or not, you gotta dance to get through! Blooze, Cats and Rabbit really tapped any remaining cells of energy as all three smoked, and Lisa owns Rabbit. Super fun show with a pretty typical 79 list, lacking somewhat in special songs but totally made up for with spectacular execution by the band and crew. Having a big forum dance party didn't hurt either.. well wait a minute, come to think of it I was hurting the next morning.
  6. Taproom stage in the brewery.
  7. You and your family will be on my mind brother. People are beating cancer's ass more and more. Let's pray like hell your mother becomes one of them. We got a mountain of love and vibes coming hers and your way!
  8. The year I learned not to take the landing gear until I was done partying.
  9. There's a pool at the super8?? We been swimming in the creek...
  10. Unless you're in Black Mountain and you won't get shit done...😅😅
  11. The venue is in a sort of industrial area of Black mountain, so not much residential near by. Koa is a little over a mile, but it's a highway walk that I don't recommend.
  12. Try the link to the Pisgah jubilee on DSO website brother. It'll prob update as we get closer. Look forward to seeing you and the Mrs.!
  13. Wow, Nashville got a lot of repeats in 78.
  14. Sling, Netflix, and Amazon for the last 5yrs, haven't missed a thing and have more tv than we could all watch in a lifetime. Still under $90 with all three and have the full PKG with sling including DVR. Just make sure you have fast internet.
  15. Which means if you can, but you don't,.... Wtf 😅🤣😆
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