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  1. RIP John Perry Barlow

    Sad to hear of Barlow's passing. His words have made me feel, think, cry, and laugh. I, however, celebrate his legacy more than I morn his death. Godspeed brother B!!!
  2. First Time DSJubilee attendee questions?

    I think most of us just pee beside the tent. Walk up the hill aint for no bad knee!!!! Decent dancing though. I recommend a knee brace like T!!! Defintely go VIP!! Shorter walk, flatter ride, and a shower is worth the money!! Just kidding about peeing by the tent. Only do that for 1 favorite around here:)!! It for sure is a real good time!!
  3. Tea for Texas appreciation thread!

    WOW...I love how yall build each other up!! But....i got to sleep with him in Norfolk after doing that rag:)!!! Love you T!! I agree, you make this community, all its supposed to be!! But credit to Dr B, for always recognizing the beauty of many!! I love the support our family gives!! With out a doubt, a choosen family. Dysfunctional, bitchy at times, but supportive in ways that our genetic family could never offer!! Thanks for the smiles, they go on for miles!! We love you T, Dr. B, both of you compliment this musical dream!!
  4. 12/2/17 - The Anthem, DC

    Feel lucky for you all!! Hope you had just a little bit of space to unease those bones!! Safe travels back!!
  5. 12/01/17 The Norva, Norfolk, VA

    Rob B was on fire last night. Pig was done justice, but in order to pull off what thry did last night, everyone had to be on fire, and they were. It was slammed pack full of sound and vibrations. Got to share it with some of our DSO family. Pillars who i go to when i am feeling weird and need a reality check. Several times i needed it last night, as the dance from the music, and the vibe of the crowd, i found myself lost. It got super psychedelic last night. The alligator caution stuff was mind blowing. The vocals on doing that rag was super duper with a cherry on top. It was amazing stuff. The drums never stopped, they continued and poured out beats all night. Fast and rythmic. Even when the strings made no sense the drums kept your body moving swift and in a steady frenzy. The beats and bass through out cryptical---other one crypt was mind blowing at the least. It was so tight....so fucking tight. All of it was just high powered in your face jams with a complete command of the material. Un flipping believable. Absolutley some very good early dead. A BIG BIG THANKS TO DSO!!!
  6. 12/01/17 The Norva, Norfolk, VA

    Oh wow is right. Last night was definitely my top 5 DSO shows. Non stop dance, kick ass aweso me dance vibe. Even the people who did not know what was going on got on their feet and shaked it down. The quality of the music, and intensity matched at the 69 jubille show. All happened in my backyard. What a fullfilling night!!! I got to get into the actual dance because the jams were so long and phenomenal. Spirtual psychedelic rockin roll. I did have to tell some to shut during mountains, but other than that, there was plenty of space to get down and groove. God the music was top teir. How jrad sells more tickets i dont get it. Dead and co. I dont get it. DSO performed flawless last night. It was out of this world music. Fucking took it all the way back to 68!!!! How many 68's hsve you seen Rick:)!!!
  7. Richmond 2

    I agree Crazy D......richmond is full of beer spilling drunks. I help with that by showing others how to drink a lot, dance, and not spill your beer!! If last night elective, tonight is going to produce some creative wonders!!!
  8. 11/29/7 - Richmond 1.0

    Morning dew was phenomenal!! Show was good energy 80's. Proabably best 80's show i seen performed by DSO!!
  9. Free tickets for Richmond tonight!!

    Bix got it em. Thanks for mediating August. Everything is fine, I just have bigger responsabilities, and can not get out of town tonight. No worries, life happens!! Thanks again!!
  10. Free tickets for Richmond tonight!!

    I cant make tonights show. Inhave two free tickets, and if your someone i know from here, you can have my airnb as well. Tickets anyone, airnb, only if i know you wont cause me.problems;)!! Let me know sooner than later. I will email you tickets!! Hope soomeone gets tonight what i cant!!
  11. Huntington night 1- 11/24/17

    A stagger lee!!! Happy you two are making the rounds. Warm holiday to you both!!
  12. Happy Birth Day Dr. B

    Sorry I am late on this Dr. B., but to a good friend and confidant. A person who has picked up more dinners for me than i ate last year, and someone who has given me options of escape when i have felt like the walls were caving in. The number of your age is a good sign of your wisdom multiplied by your experience and the gifts of your intellect. Thanks for everything, and I am sorry to do it late, but i wish to still recognize your day of birth, and the love that it brings;)!! Sorry to miss you this run, but hopefully hands shake soon, and our dancing bones share some good space in the near future. Safe travels brother!!
  13. Happy Birthday Tea

    Lots of love your way chess master. Wsrm wishes for you and the family!! Hope you dont show your age next week. We still do a pretty good job showing the youth how to throw down. They just lesrn how to place chess while your grooving;)!! Lots of love brother!!
  14. Dead & Co Boston Review

    I think i get a little bit of rolling steel with the boys soon!! Such a long time to be gone.......
  15. Dead & Co Boston Review

    Price compared to benifit ratio of titanium rebar vs steel is like dead and co vs DSO. Take that however you want!!