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  1. GoingBackTo Where....

    Jubilee #3

    That's a dancer's setlist if I have ever seen one. Sad I missed many of you, but life.also needs time for it's own set breaks. Safe travels home. I always start feeling sad Monday morning, people packing up. Admitting the fun is over.
  2. GoingBackTo Where....

    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    I think they let us in earlier at a time or two. It's amazing how things work when excited and kind!! Watched a white rabbit with my mom last night. How cool to see the move and groove through a crowd. Missing yall memorial day. Makes.the next year that much sweeter!!
  3. GoingBackTo Where....

    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    Have a good time brother. I started my jubilee run with you!! Seems so long ago now.....maybe, just maybe, I can be considered a star head now. I think the boss tightened your lid after that run. Somewhere I remeber stopping by the sheriff office to pay a ticket....from the previous year? Dont get a flat in ohio!!! Safe travels bro!!
  4. GoingBackTo Where....

    6.11.93 - recreation at Jubilee

    Anyone at the RFK show when they busted out the horns for the Casey comeback? Was that 94?
  5. GoingBackTo Where....

    6.11.93 - recreation at Jubilee

    I went to many shows this summer, never saw sting, as I preferred the lot than sting. I thought it was a strange opening act for GD. I also think Hornesby was still helping out with the band? I made it out to buckeye lake that year, but I dont recall sting as a opening act. RFK and Meadowlands for sure. I think a two night run at each venue. Buckeye lake....I want to say Pine knob afterwards.....then Bonner springs.... It's always good to feel the energy of these boards before jubilee. Shedding our winter spring coats for shorts and sundresses. Such a awesome time of year for GD. Remeber how excited we got preparing for tour. Even more so then, no responsablities, tour was cheap, always found a ride to the next show, and most always hooked back up with the ride you lost from the previous venue. Saturday morning cartoons was a big deal for me as a child, but summer tour was the coolest thing I ever did in my young life. Graduated HS in 93. Old to some, but young to so many more. It saddens me my kids will never know that exhileration. Cartoons every day of the week now, no real opportunity to hit the road as we did at such young ages, and the ability to trust strangers to get you from 1 place to the next. Even though GD shows did turn to some dark places towards the end, it was still a sight to witness. Caravan of hippies in what ever wheels they could get....following GD. What a golden road for so many of our memories!!!
  6. GoingBackTo Where....

    Charlie Browns Birthday Bash with Jeff Mattson and friends

    Not as good but I was able to actually post it!!
  7. GoingBackTo Where....

    Charlie Browns Birthday Bash with Jeff Mattson and friends

    A wise lawyer, and yes, there are still some of those around, showed me this once. Little did he know, I have tried to aspire to wash away my white, right, southern, no rhythm dance to emulate more of the soulful richness so related to the music we love. Thanks chuck!! Your 1 in a million
  8. GoingBackTo Where....

    Charlie Browns Birthday Bash with Jeff Mattson and friends

    Why is it I can relate to Lurche's dancing groove. I think lurch could hang with many of us!! Still trying to get the soul out of the train!!
  9. GoingBackTo Where....

    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    If I go, it will be with the grace of God. Won't know till last minute, but if I can't, I am happy so many of you will!! Miss many of ya'll, always eager to meet many more. Safe travels, dont break 2 laws at once while traveling, and enjoy the time together as much as the music we all love. A good time for sure!!
  10. GoingBackTo Where....

    Sound Board Quality post 70's

    Thank you for taking the time to help me understand this John!! 12-27 show is a wonderful nug. I am super surprised to hear that GD went to memerox tapes then keeping the reel to reel. Perhaps this is why many don't talk fondly of Mr Healy. It's amazing to me how much the sound guy, or gal, really effects the music we love. I miss the music....hope you get some of DSO sounds while they are out west John A... Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!!
  11. GoingBackTo Where....

    Sound Board Quality post 70's

    I am sure this has been discussed byond my own curiosity. I know I have discussed it in person with some on here, but I would really love to get some definatives. Why, with the technological advancements in electronics, data transfer, and over a decade to improve on, did the Sound Boards of the 80's and 90's suffer a serious downgrade in recorded music . Betty Boards, I get that, but was the knowledge not passed on? Was it no longer cared about as much? It's very surprising to me. I am listening to a 82 sbd from San Fran at the moment. Good music, no doubt, the Althea is smooth, long, and groovey, but the his, the lack of detail, and the muffle vocals and music is just shit. Compared to just 4 years earlier. It sounds like a bootleg from 66. If you just heard the Dead, you would not of guessed this is recorded music from the 80's as compared to a lot of 71 shows. The music still rocks, the recorded sound quality just sucks comparably. Please share your knowledge
  12. GoingBackTo Where....

    Forum Maintenance

    Wondering why donation button removed? Hope others were using it!!
  13. GoingBackTo Where....

    Raleigh 4/14

    Thanks Mason. Long shot...maybe. sometimes you got to leave the place where the pain starts. I really had hope for red rocks. I am encouraged by DSO west. I really am. It would be a consideration if I did not have D-Day coming. Thought about you a lot during the drive. Little birdies talked of how good your looking, how things are working out. I am happy to hear of such things. Missed your jail house shuffle dance in Raliegh,but I will see it again. Red rocks would most certainly include camping. Maybe time to get lost in the high peaks of the Rockies. Which way do you go when there is so much to loose , but yet, so much to gain. Would be easy if the little ones were not chirpping back home. Love you brother, and thanks!! Words are worth more when exspoused by those we love and respect!! You know you have both!!
  14. GoingBackTo Where....


    I am so happy for you T!!! That's a great setlist. I should of followed y'all..instead I slept till 4 in the room. They never came by to clean up. Best late check out I ever had. I wish I could stretched the legs with y'all for just one more night, but since I could not...I am estatic you did!! Love brother!!
  15. GoingBackTo Where....

    Raleigh 4/14

    From VA...but in raliegh....and got the goods. I already miss what I got. It's getting harder to do these shows, then leave. Like driving to heaven for day, and then knowingly driving back to hell . I know why people go on tour, but escpecially back. Selling grilled cheese, just scraping by was so much better with the music and the friends than it is back home. If home is where your heart is, than the heart traveled venur tonthr next. Miracled out a tour head last night. She was happy,and that happiness spawns more happiness. Thanks for a fun night DSO. I definitely got my fill of the dance, and raliegh I'd a good place for that. Good people, large venue. Upstairs is sectioned off vip:(. Or it would of been plenty of run around with your dsncr hanging out, but the Carolina contingent along with The Paducah boot made for good space with some other kind boys and girls!! Thanks DSO. Happiness is far and few these days, but you guys and gal bring the smiles from ear to ear!! Love you all. I miss it as soon as it was done.