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  1. it's hard for me to comment on this tragedy. I never knew Matt. I have seen him plenty. always moving however, with purpose so it seemed. I understand the depths of inner struggle. I wish I reached out randomly and just gave a hug and a hello. pain is not always apparent, it can easily be hidden. the value of a person can not. I hope Matt's passing encourages others to reach out, even if awkard, as we all need others to lean on sometimes, to help carry our burdens when we can not carry all the weight ourselves. God bless you Matt, your family, DSO's family.
  2. thanks for sharing a part of the service and tribute. the words indeed have powerful meaning. I am sorry for the loss of his family, and DSO.
  3. but....I can't believe you threw out show count. paaalease......not all of us can be RD, or a Child dressed like a Ranger Rick, or s T for Texas!! one day you will get your shows again....patience serves those best who understands now will not be tommorow!!
  4. your gem with out the ruff for sure buddy. you make the right choice, so I mock, but not disparaging, rather, impressive. we all know where your heart is, and admire your balance, despite opposing forces!! blk mnt I hope to find someone playing chess with the other dsoheads!! I for one prefer to be a knight. I like jumping around!!!
  5. and leaders are usually liked. I did not get that feel from the documentary. I know they loved him, but I wonder if the social nature of alcohol made him more apt to lead in public. I can talk your ass off with drinks. be funny, witty, what ever the moment needs, but if I am high, woaaa...I am not trying to talk to a whole room of people starring at me!! no way,I can't talk, it comes out like I write. anyone know any good books that detail more of pigs life and involvement with the band?
  6. you get a negative T for being responsible, rational, but still always involved. you can't be both T. it's either or. you are with us, or you are a productive member of society, who loves his family, and self sacrifices!! which are you T? will take the negative back...new feature. figure we are all mostly positive!!
  7. I assumed it was a light hearted tease, but time does seem to have some meaning!!!
  8. my nephew is named koa. he was born in Maui. my sister has a sticker on her car. it says ... practice aloha!! bobby is a original, and despite my bobby hating, he is like the big brother I will never be, but because I will never be....I tease.. ... never teased someone I never loved!! Will Rogers Aloha
  9. eating to much pasta at one time is like a drug. makes you delerious, tired, and prepped for good rest. he who eat to much be tired all day, he who measures his food can dance all night.
  10. not sure if I read everyones post on this topic, but am i the only one that is a little peed about pigpen and how he was treated. I feel I am the mix, though before the seperation in my life I was not. Late night drunks suck. so why room with them. trippers get into their world much differently than those masking the pain they carry through drink. it saddens me no one wanted to room with pig. I imagine his drunk got annoying to the trippers. I don't like drunks.. I am not sure drunk, but I do drink, more than anyone should. I also imagine pigpen got drunk, and drunks do suck. Barlow talked about what a sweet man he was. he said it in s way that it seemed intimate. not suggesting anything other than, barlow really seemed to express s lot more emotion than words about pig. I can see myself in a reflection of pig. Emotional pain makes people do s lot of unhealthy things to hide or escape the turmoil inside. I am not sure what caused Pig to carry so much weight. it seems he passed it on to Jerry, in my mind only, but it seems leading is not always the best for ourselves. it takes a lot of sacrifice, sacrifice we give, but don't always want. I have a new outlook on pig's life. love it when Rob pigs out. his contrabution to the music should never give way to the other keys, as he Influcenced the hell out of the boys!!
  11. I love the Gorge....what a fun venue with a excellent view!!!
  12. and for me, girls still don't fart. I hate the word, and I sm weird, but extremely normal and rational. I don't like the word....but i love a space I can be random in. I am very random!! thanks rude for thinking about a place for me to post;)!!!
  13. dso is birthed out of GD. yes...many of us agree that we are highly satisfied with the GD off shoot. I liken it to the parents whose children grow bigger and stronger. It's easy to complain, but it's easier to compliment when the music is so tight, and DSO is tight!! love you Dr.B....love your enthusiasm, still, after years, you still push hard for the sound that tickles our ears, and makes our heads spin. wish I was at the zoo. wish I got DSO much more than I do. on a day of grace, a day of rest, I labor to get Virginia and blk mnt. time not spent posting for me is time used to make money for the sound that rocks us all. it is true, lovers(livers), come and go, the river(music).... fare the well.....DSO makes fare the well a thought, not a reality!! understand, it's confusing for many to see what once was be so different then what was, and what is now. we are all used to musical transitions....but how are we, in our lifetimes, get used to the passing of the flame. DSO is in our hearts, dead and co is a distraction,but more like when we realize our own parents are not God's, and are fallable.....so we discuss the same about bobby. Dead and Co is a righteous decline, worthy of thought, but you are right, DSO has now mstrred the role we all miss, but still have. the dichotomy is confusing. the questions are not answered, but explored!! I wish I had DSO once a month...2ce a week, 3 sets a day.. I wish a lot of things. today I just wish for internal peace, yet I still look outside to find it. lost in the woods, never found my way back when I hopped back on this bus. don't know if I made the right choice....but I know I got the right music!! enjoy your travels friend. thank you for modeling how it is to take care of the ones you love!!
  14. someone close shed some light on how some of my words may be interpreted by others. I took that advice, and will slow my generation of thought provoking words that to me, might seem academic, while others view as crude and not tasteful. my apologies, again----to you fine people. I might be a bit over the top, but not to a point that I want to offend others here, or to isolate myself. I do get lost in my universe, though I try to explore others. I rather have others around to explore than get lost in my own. a personal struggle....and one I have not hidden, but I still am thankful for friends who don't mind telling me to cool it!! out of my whole ride with many of you through this trip, it is my hope that I am not only always approachable, and open to critique, but that I am worth sharing the critique with! never to old to learn from others:)!! have fun tonight Camden!!
  15. myI realize my words are blunt with out tact. it's they way I see the world. little sweet lies are still lies. the music at jiffy lube was not impressive. the set list was odd, and Bobby sounded like he had a cold. I was warned not to look at Mayers faces. that stement made me look, and I now know why I was told not to look. felt like gamorah, as I turned to salt. Mickey sounds great, oteil sounded good. they played throwing stones, and I made up my own line loudly.......y'all elected Trump now your going to have to pay the price....the price was bad music. us blues kicked ass!! Althea was a good nugget. got miecled 4 tixs to Camden shows, gave two away to becca Adams, and another two to tour heads. the campground scene was kick ass. that reminded me of the days! saw a lot of breast pop out!! no complaints there. had two cops escort me to where I was dancing. they recognized me and saw I was lost. what nice men. I complain. about the music, as I should. I love the music, but I love apples too, just not old rotten ones. DSO is for sure my Greatful Dead. I saw Jerry plenty of times. I know the music quality on how my body moves, I struggled to move like I do with DSO, but I moved enough, some guy made a point as he was leaving to stop me dancing, shake.my hand, and tell me that "I was magical"!!! I can only summize that he saw GD, and I reminded him of what dancing to it looks like. because we all know it's the music that is majic, not me. sucks to hear that I was majical and the music was not. over all, I loved it. I really loved the crowd. all those people gathering for something I love dearly. glad I went, and. happy that I got to see this side show. it makes me that much more happy when I see dso this August. ultimately, I have such reverance for the music that I apologize for my harsh critique. I have a lot of thanks for the forefathers, and should offer less harsh words....but I. spoiled with DSO, and I do preffer our boys and Lisa to anything else out there that calls themselves a band. i sold many people on to DSO, as I hope one day I can see dso get the venues and the scene back to where the Dead took it decades ago. I would tour of I could make a living off of it....... lastly, yes I dance big. I go through the crowds, I try and spin on a dime. I hate it that I was not typical. I used to.be typical, at this show again I was a island of dance energy. miss dancing with you all, y'all are what should be, and what used to be typical. can't wait to shake my bones with you all at BMnt!! Miss you good and kind people. miss the talks at jubilee. loved hearing Rob's story about getting into DSO, Brian's story about the girl hairy hippy who saved her beer, but lost her patch. Rudes stupid story, that made me laugh the first time, but had me crying when it renamed and relabled a dso member to Doctor keys!! I miss y'all, as y'all mean Church!! thank you DSO community for creating a place many of us remember, and a place for many of us to realize the power of this music played with life changing intensity!!! love y'all with out the post show after glow!!!