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  1. Raleigh 4/14

    Thanks Mason. Long shot...maybe. sometimes you got to leave the place where the pain starts. I really had hope for red rocks. I am encouraged by DSO west. I really am. It would be a consideration if I did not have D-Day coming. Thought about you a lot during the drive. Little birdies talked of how good your looking, how things are working out. I am happy to hear of such things. Missed your jail house shuffle dance in Raliegh,but I will see it again. Red rocks would most certainly include camping. Maybe time to get lost in the high peaks of the Rockies. Which way do you go when there is so much to loose , but yet, so much to gain. Would be easy if the little ones were not chirpping back home. Love you brother, and thanks!! Words are worth more when exspoused by those we love and respect!! You know you have both!!
  2. Wilmington

    I am so happy for you T!!! That's a great setlist. I should of followed y'all..instead I slept till 4 in the room. They never came by to clean up. Best late check out I ever had. I wish I could stretched the legs with y'all for just one more night, but since I could not...I am estatic you did!! Love brother!!
  3. Raleigh 4/14

    From VA...but in raliegh....and got the goods. I already miss what I got. It's getting harder to do these shows, then leave. Like driving to heaven for day, and then knowingly driving back to hell . I know why people go on tour, but escpecially back. Selling grilled cheese, just scraping by was so much better with the music and the friends than it is back home. If home is where your heart is, than the heart traveled venur tonthr next. Miracled out a tour head last night. She was happy,and that happiness spawns more happiness. Thanks for a fun night DSO. I definitely got my fill of the dance, and raliegh I'd a good place for that. Good people, large venue. Upstairs is sectioned off vip:(. Or it would of been plenty of run around with your dsncr hanging out, but the Carolina contingent along with The Paducah boot made for good space with some other kind boys and girls!! Thanks DSO. Happiness is far and few these days, but you guys and gal bring the smiles from ear to ear!! Love you all. I miss it as soon as it was done.
  4. 4-13 Charlotte

    Welcome back Rob!!!
  5. 4-13 Charlotte

    Damn, Viola and stephens. Couldn't wait til raliegh:(
  6. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    I can win it back with one good hand
  7. Rocky Mount, VA

    I choose to miss this show:(. Glad y'all got it!!
  8. Washington DC (The Hamilton) 4/3/18

    Love you brother. Makes me smile huge to see you posted. Hope the music was enough, and that it brought back more good than any bad. Happy to see your words. I am sure you did not feel that disc while dancing!!
  9. Asheville 4-10

    Last comment.....I have much respect for all y'all on the bus. Many before me, and many will be after me. However, I have always given respect to those who put their efforts in. Who have kept the flame lit while others gave up, others moved on, and others like.me who just did not know. Thanks to many of you all who started this over a decade ago. Several decades.....your efforts are not forgotten here. Your stories always a gift, and your continued presence a signal that we are built to last. With out live in the dream it will never come true. Well all love...and the dream is real because of it!!
  10. Asheville 4-10

    Rudes harmless and so are you. We all love the same thing. But....it's funny!! Hope we all can laugh at ourselves and realize, we all are here for the same thing. We just have different twist. Rude knows he's not the center of the world. That is reserved for a Sun!!! Haha..... Good to hear you made this eastern run. Glad y'all are keeping each other on your toes. Will be on my toes in Raleigh tommorow. Hopefully with the modified 2 step to some cowboy music. Welcome back Eaton!!
  11. Asheville 4-10

    I too have had those nights!!!
  12. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Some local loser, shes in charge of the cyanide hole
  13. Here is to a good night in c-ville

    The band was having so much fun last night. A lot more relaxed...cracking jokes, making a lot of chatter on stage. They were having fun, and that is always nice to see. Rob and dino both were out for drinks and socializing in a bar after the show. 1 show makes so much better, and is such motivation to keep keeping on....to DC...Baltimore..... Think I will go to Rocky Mount. The music was just that good last night. Jeff....wow....he has just got so unbelievably good. His vocals are superb, and his fingers are strumming better and better. He is definitely taking DSO to a new level. Fucking cover band that moves me brightly. We are so lucky to have this in our lives, or as a option in our lives to re-explore that magic. Going to Raleigh to get up with the Carolina crew, but I really need me 1 more of that Jerry band sound and feel. I think Eaton's ordeal, and don't get me wrong....I hope and wish the best for what is going on, and it's scary stuff for any family to deal with, but .. His departure, I think, will be good for the band. They seemed to be less strict last night. Having fun, laughing, conversations with each other, and just really making it a family event. But it allowed for each other shine that much brighter. They stepped up, and at no moment did I wish for that Bobby rythme sound. The music was absolutely full, rich, and of course, body moving. Can't say enough about the nights presentation, but allow me to end with a big thank you DSO!!! The music was absolutely restless and hot!!
  14. Tour opener cville

    What a fun night. Band sounds amazing. Got more Lisa than expected. She sound awesome. ,A 76 jgb show. Short, ended by 11 they did not start till near 830. The music was top notch jgb. Everyone played their part. It was such a joy to hear. Y'all tour heads are in for a treat. My sorrow goes out to Eaton's family. I wish the best and the best possible outcome. God bless yall, and it will be ok!! Faith in yourself!! Second that emotion They love each other Melody, I'll take Easier to tell the show. Aug 22nd 1976 The fillers. To.thumb!!! Skip sounded remarkably clear. It seemed odd how clear, but for me...that's a good thing. Just more clear then I have ever heard him Lisa told some women that they were not women enough....I love her vocals. She blew those pipes tonight. Such a bueaty in all her asthetics , voice inclusive. Took that women right into eyes. A beautiful eyes. Rob and skip made up for any missing rythm guitar. It was odd..I can't describe it, but with out Eaton, its like everyone else elevated their game, and filled in the gaps so we'll.thst they all shined that much brighter. Got a Mr Charlie And going down the road....fucking nailed it too notch. Jeff's voice is getting g so good. He has matured so well over these years. The melody was beautiful.. The band is playing their best. They made tonight mind blowing...as what I expect from DSO. Each member got more ability to express themselves with out that rythme. They made the rythm. It was, should I say, they all shined their own talents a little more losely with out Eaton. It was like they were frreed from that other lead guitar restraints, and made up for it. I heard Eaton but through Rob and skip. DSO opened their tour top notch. The jams were tight. They took Jerry deep, and the extra contribution to cover Eaton was shocking. They are all individually, amazing muscians.
  15. Here is to a good night in c-ville

    Wrote that sometime ago. Nites like these hours seem like alcoves in a long langid world of stop and go with periods of bliss. What a super fun night. Played a jgb show from 76... Then some fillers that just made you laugh and giggle. To hard to share set list right now, although others know it. Reached some new highs in songs heard decades ago.