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  1. Rob Eaton

    I live the humor. Stayed up way to late last night, but really, wow. I was told Eaton was self taught. Left home at a young age and started touring. I did not realize he is so accomplished. It makes a lot of sense to me now. I can see him as a perfectionist. But, I really do struggle at times understand who is playing what. The solos, sure, easy, but there are times I watch DSO, and see their fingers move, but I can't distinguish the sounds. Probably why I close my eyes when dancing to the music. Awesome insight and references Dr. B. TR, again, thanks for the list of accolades. It's nice learning what I never knew before. Eaton does slay it. He has turned me from hating a red rooster to looking forward to one!! Mojo Hand. Please forgive my response. It is sort of smart ass, and I did not mean it to be. Late night dribble, but I am actually one of those people who is so happy to be reunited with the music, after decades, and the level that DSO produces, it just makes me actually worry, one day I will loose it again. I am sure Eaton can play what ever he likes, but he is probably where he is at because it does suit him. But honestly, does Eaton not remind you of Bobby? Jeff not remind you of Jerry? Even off the stage...it can not be a coincidence. I will note however, I have reached out to band members in the past. They have all responded to my questions and words!! DSO is a community, and we are not that far from the people who make it happen. Ask Eaton, i am sure he will respond. If you do, please share what information you get to the people here, as I would love to know the answer to your question!! Thanks for being interested in the music we all love!! C some of y'all tomorrow!!
  2. Rob Eaton

    Wholly wow....Dr b. You told me the same thing a year ago. I understand better now. tr....that's a big wow. Thanks for that !!!! I love history. Your words, both your words and facts made my morning!!! Quality and educated stuff to explore...I give u both thanks!!
  3. Rob Eaton

    Hmm.....I wish I was able to say what I feel here, but there are filters, and I choose to use one here. Mango knows this music, much more than I do on a academic level. I would have to defer to him, but.... I think I get the music....the sounds. Never saw rat dog. Nevermind for me. A couple Bob and Rob shows back in the day. And....who was Rob during those days? Rob B? Haha... But honestly, Eaton kills it. Eaton is a work in progress. He is getting better...I think he loves skip. I have seen them have so much fun with their sticks!!! But did Bob ever play lead in his own bands? I don't know. I can not tell who plays what sometimes. I swear, I watch them strum, but I can't hear what the strings are supposed to do. Regardless, I am coming out as a dick on this one. Dude, look at the band members. DSO matches up with the dead. Eaton is a Bobby. He is reincarnated Bobby. I just asked a female...like right now...who was hotter...Bobby or Eaton. She said Bobby, but she is biased. I prefer Eaton in Daisy dukes. Watch how he fucks with the pedals, Eaton's moves on the stage. I watch very little, but what I have seen, Eaton is for sure the second coming of Bobby in our religion, and his hair is much more thicker than Bobby, and his legs are definitely hotter!! All that pedal pressing. Calves are ripe!! Why would u want Eaton as Jerry? It's confusing to even bring it up. DSO is like the stars alligned, and gave birth to these guys, gal, and gave us individual who somehow physically are reminescent of the original, but who can do much more than the originals could do during their life. It makes me wonder why people who look the same are also into the same things. I am sure Eaton could okay what ever he wants. Better than you and me put together. But....he is in s place that he needs to be...for me...for you, for us all. I don't think Jupiter would do well in Saturn's orbit, but I have time to kill to think about it. Water over soft subtle skin....a night away before the big day(s), Should be a random post, but I question why anyone would question the arrangements, and the luck we got by getting these talented musicians together. It's like a mulligan. Like a huge mulligan, from space and time shit. I get uneasy when people question the fabric of the universe, and believe me when I state, DSO is a response to some quark spinning in a universe that still spins, and in conjunction spins with others to give us a second chance. Can't handle questions that might cause some rift in this musical galatic reprise. It's just to awesome to ask why,,:)!! Completely not needed...but I got butterflies in the belly!! Leave eaton where he is at!!! Next thing you know, Phil will be calling Eaton to play one more round while he sings cowboy songs!!
  4. Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Sucks.....in a rush...at Lowe's. Way behind....leaving Thursday...and if they don't put a going down the road feeling bad right when I pull up. I am so strong. In many ways... I promise....I am weak to the music. I am staying, listening...killing minutes...but gaining goose bumps..... God I love this sound. No matter the era....gdtfb always makes me smile no matter the moment. A good hint to some of y'all. If you want to shut me up....turn this song on, and I will start dancing!!! Why does it mean so much to me. Where inside does it come from? On to Saturday night...back to business!!
  5. The conundrum

    I live three hours from Dewey. Not going. I have been. I slept in my truck first night. Second night. I met a cool head and slept in a RV. Partying it up. Fuck the other cost. Just ride. It all works out when u get there. I am not there because Glen Allen, bm. A wheelchair, about 600 bitcoins missing, and dying parents, other family who presses their need for my labor, kids who only get 450 days with their dad out of the next 10 years, but consume 1/2 earnings, my dogs who hurt, lawyers who have love only when your not in bankruptcy. Dewey only serves big named beer. Bud light. No ipa. The crowd is lame. The sound good.. ot really.dancing on wet concrete back towards the bars. No respect from weekenders just there to take up space. Blow 200....fuck off.,...I would blow 200 on a stagger Lee or a she be├žlongs to me. Or even just one of those amazing St Stephens. The ones that get the security to ask you to stop doing high kicks, as if u know judo Life is relative, and maybe you need someone to be relative. Three hours 200 bucks and drop in the bucket to flip out to the music that makes me cry. If I want set list....if I really wanted them....I could. So cool I am...yeah right....what is a present, but the guess of what your getting? I have been disappointed in very few dso. They make me feel so much in such little time. I would, and have choose, my next shows solo. No plans, no heads up to anyone. I am just going. I want to get back to the music. I love my friends. But I don't want to think of anything but me and dancing. I am jelouse you have the option to bail out of town to go see dso. Just charge it. Fuck it. Go tomorrow. The music heals, for me it offers hope. Hope i can be as good as I once was, or in DSO's case better. The majic is the mystery of the ride. The cost....worth it for some at different times. If I had it, I would pay for a plane ride from Vegas to Charlotte. I wish I could. But some grow up later than others. I grew up, made it...lost it, but I can be as happy as Joseph was now. Selling cookies because it .eans another ride,..ride till you die. Some here believe that. 3 hours.... tickets...bring cooler, apples, turkey, grilled cheese. Cook in the parking lot. People who love the music....love it all!! Not because they know what is going to happen, but because of the discovery of what new happens. Warm regards...best of luck. L
  6. Black Bear Mountain

    Sammy's voice is no back up. Her sounds at jubilee made me feel like a child curled up to my mother's voice. It was so comforting. Sammy is quality, and her presence makes the whole that much more memorable!! Hope she graces us with her dance and song!! Please pass that on Mango!!!
  7. Black Bear Mountain

    I remember texting you about that Johanna in BM real time, and how bad I felt for you sending the text. Stoked your in this round. Very happy to be in it as well!! BM will always have a special place in my heart. The KOA, first time my oldest went camping. With some of you guys as well. Someone broke the toliet in the bathroom. First time my son found out what a fresh leaf in the woods is used for. He woke me up that morning with chocolate all over his mouth. I scolded him, as he said he just ate a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. For breakfast? I said harshley. I told him he needed to go apologies to the Carolina Contingent for taking their cookies. As no way they just gave a 4 year old a bag of cookies for breakfast. I than got on him for lying to me about it, as he said they did. How bad did I feel after getting on him, that the Carolina Contingent did indeed give him a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Him and I still laugh about that. That's family if I ever I did know it!! Thanks for those.memories fellers. Your ingrained, and seared into my home made family forever, and I would not of changed a single second. Accept for destroying that pumped out 64 mustang stingray with the hippy vw bus. My son's first hit and run;)!! Haha.....good times brothers!! Thanks for the memories for my forever!!!
  8. Black Bear Mountain

    Anyone or everyone invited? I will be on the mountain!!! Taking my mom to the innsbrook show before BM. Her first show, can't wait to dance for my mom's:)!!
  9. Happy Birthday Captain!

    I figured more of y'all would of gave a shout out for JG yesterday. Does not mean anything really, I just thought more would of took the time here, but I am sure most did their own little celebration somehow. I remember the Day he died. I was lifegaurding. I left work early, went to florist wholesaler, and bought 100 long stem roses. We had no cellphones then. No real portable music, boom box....but I went down to the beach....board walk....tye die on, and passed all the those roses out, but one. I still have that dried rose. Hope yall all are living the sunshine daydream. Warm wishes to many of you still here, and many of you that just don't come around anymore!!
  10. Happy Birthday Captain!

    Hate to say it, but it's also Rush Limbaugh's 29th anniversary of his talk show!! Haha..... He is a closet dead head, least perc lover....made em go deaf...such irony
  11. Happy Birthday Captain!

    Happy Bday brother in arms. Show your feelings through your expressions. Give all you can, just so other can be happy. Offer yourself as a sacrifice so others do not. It's always been tough being the leader. It's always been tough being followed. It's always been tough....so we just ride. Why do the brightest flames burn out early? Why can we not let go? We trained ourselves....don't let go, eww wee, this feeling is killing me. I get it Jerry....I am sorry you did as well. Miss you my secondary father. Your music still goes on, but your presence is so far away. Can no longer seem to tell the difference between the dark and the night.... light. It's all shaded, perhaps jaded, maybe faded, but you brought to us love that will never fade away. ....and it's not supposed to make sense, it supposed to be felt!!!!!
  12. Rainbows

    just got nearly punched by a client. I actually asked him to. sometimes physical pain is a welcome, as it heals much faster. I know this thread is of positive light. A celebration of the miracle of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the ability for water droplets to separate the chaos into Individual components. I see Jerry, Bobby, Phil, Mickey, and Bill ..... others like the Bear, Hunter, and Barlow. Many more, all resonating with vibrations of Individual color, while others not seen, still felt like UV and IR. A combined effort of the seen and not seen into a wonderful mass of collective beauty, we call the Greatful Dead. Likened to the wonderful nature of light..electro mag spectrum. it took every wave length to get where we are now!! my story is not cheerful. it's not a celebration, and though I saw a rainbow, and the boys, I witnessed the mercy Death don't have. 1995 RFK. last time I saw the greatful dead. it was hot. took my sister....her first show. she told me years earlier that my fascination with the Dead was a fad. I guess it was, just wondering when the faster will pass;)? we ate some fungus, enjoying the lot, I just finished a very rudimentary dance underneath overpass at the same place the drums circle had played summer after summer. my sister laughed how I looked dancing. what she did not know about me was that I always wanted to dance like beautiful hippy girls I have seen before. sounds odd, I know, but men never danced as beautiful as some of those hippy girls. I wanted to experience that beauty. sounds gay, whatever, maybe it is....but smelling flowers I to enjoy, and the beauty of a women still moves me brightly, ironically, so hath destroyed s lot in me. my sister and a friend, Pete Sampras look alike. like for real look alike.....walked back to my 4runner. it was a 4 banger, on 35 knock off Mickey Thompson's. started raining...how awesome...the dust storm rfk sucked.....rainbow appeared, twice, double bow....next to each other.....ran back to truck because of lighting and the heavy rain. we laughed...got high, and boom. lighting hit the oak tree we we're under. it blinded our fungus minds, it made our skin raise. the electromagnetic force, so intense, let loose, and strick three people. all of which was with in my body's length. I have to get back to work....but I want to continue the story..... it deserves a quality write. not my typical misspelled, fuck it, they will understsnd my meaning, post. to be continued.....
  13. Taper Ron appreciation thread

    and you can still make a grown man cry......peace and love brother, peace and love;)!!!
  14. Taper Ron appreciation thread

    TR, my appreciation for you is measured by leaps and bounds. your a inspiration to heal thy self, to find recovery when there is no reason to recover. a beacon of sacrifice, a hidden gem helping others shine like diamonds. words exchanged over the years have meant more than you know!! words shared recently have flattered, but also encouraged!! we love seeing you back with post!! we love you brother. thank you from what heart I have left, and then some!! GD has always had a rock, and that rock transcended and channeled through a person. who is now TR. love you brother. thank you for all you do for us, for a community trying to keep the spirit alive!!!
  15. Now Listening...

    that's a great video. thanks PG. Jerry was having fun, good glimpse of pig, but sorry to say, kruetzman still looks like a better version of Ron Jeremy. haha... love it when Jerry moved his guitar like a tool!! what the world would be like for us with just one if them gone....not sure the world could of handled the vacuum of a non existing Jerry!!!