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  1. NFL Knockout pool

  2. NFL Knockout pool

    4 Seattle
  3. Fare Thee Well My Honey

    Tomorrow is forever. 10 years feels like yesterday. I love you Tara.
  4. Good People - Gone

    I'm very sorry for your loss Ed. Peace be with you.
  5. NFL Knockout pool

    1 Buffalo 2 Oakland 3 New England
  6. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    Not happening Bri. I asked Matt last time, and he tried. Fire code.
  7. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    They booed Santa Claus in Philly, basically the whole stadium. Doesn't get much worse than that. True story.
  8. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    As an addendum I would have probably not said anything but this is a bad month for me and I guess I'm overly sensitive. Anyway, I love you brother.
  9. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

  10. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    Wouldn't miss it! On another note I have to say that I am a tad offended by your stereotyping of heads from Jersey Aaron. You have alot of friends that are from there including myself, HB, Little Boy Blue, Jill, Steve and Kris, John and Julie, just to name a few. People you travel with. I guess Skip is a Jersey type too since he lives down the road from me. He's definitely not Santa Cruz cool. I just think that terms like " Jerzoids" and others that you use are contrary for a peace loving man like yourself, and really serve no purpose. But i guess we are all just "Jersey types" whatever the fuck that is. I'm curious I'd also like to know what you think a "Philly" type or a " Masshole" is?" Or since we're going to be there how are the folks in Albany? There are drunk talkers all over the place no matter where we go. I don't let them in my head, and I spend my time at shows with the people I love. To me the others are just people swimming in the universe trying to survive in this world in the best they can, or only way they know.Live and let live, we're only here for a glimpse. Peace.
  11. NFL Knockout pool

  12. NFL Knockout pool

    I'll take the BILLS in the only week they will be playable. Thanks Brad.
  13. Preseason CFB Playoff picks

  14. 08/12/17 Asbury Park, NJ

    Day Tripper first time played by DSO. They drew 2600 people to that Summer Stage,they'll be back.
  15. 8-12-17 Asbury Park, NJ

    6 PM sharp.There are many great restaurants in Asbury, depending upon what you're looking for. Porta which is right behind the Pony, is an open air bar/ restaurant where most folks will be. Asbury has been revitalized, and is thriving. There is an retro pinball arcade there that is really cool. It's right on the boardwalk near Convention Hall. The beach is very nice also, but in Jersey nothing comes for free so there is a daily fee of 7$ Water temp is in mid 70's. Safe travels,. http://pizzaporta.com/asbury-park-menus/ http://silverballmuseum.com/asbury-park/about/