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  1. August West

    My first dead$co show

    You have a better chance of meeting the Pope.
  2. August West

    My first dead$co show

    Cold Rain & Slow, Greatest Story Ever Slowed, a Peggy- slow, Mexicali Snooze, and a Tenezzzzzzzzzzzz Jed. Looks like the 2nd set picked up with Slowing Stones> Deal, Decelerated Prophet. Hope you had fun Tea, but I''ll pass. Turned down a free ticket for the pit this upcoming weekend at Citi Field. Thanks, but no thanks. Peace.
  3. August West

    Jubilee 2018

    I had Disco Pizza, I thought it was ok. Michelle is a really nice person. IMO it is no comparison to the pizza up here, not even close. But if you're in NC, or SC, I'm sure it hits the spot. I spend a lot of time down there (coast) and have yet to find a decent pizzeria.
  4. August West

    My first dead$co show

    We got rained out for the 2nd set at Governors Island one year (2009?)and that was because the authorities had to get everyone on the boats, before they couldn't run anymore. A few years ago we were in Pa. and there was basically a monsoon, DSO didn't cut the show short by a minute. I also recall a show in Buffalo on the water in which it rained hard throughout the show, and they didn't skip a beat even when Mattson was getting drenched.No lightning at either, which makes all the difference.
  5. August West

    Red Rocks 2018

    Little Boy Blue loves that band. He had me listening to a bunch of songs while in his car one day going to a show. The only one I remember is about a dog named Fluffy.
  6. August West


    Just ride Pop- Pop.
  7. August West

    Asheville 4-10

    You should never pick fights with girls especially one with a DSO Masters degree. Because, that’s right, the women are smarter. That’s right.
  8. August West

    JGB - The current iteration

  9. August West

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Stopped in for a beer. Going dark now.
  10. August West

    College hoops

    I liked Virginia before Hunter went down for the tourney. It's going to be tough to overcome losing the 6th man of the year, and really their only bonafide NBA player. They lacked depth before he got hurt, now they have to play a strict seven man rotation. Very difficult to do in this tourney. For that reason I'm out on Va.
  11. August West

    Summer Tour Dates Up!!!!

    Known to the band as " Dew we have to?" The anwser is a resounding yes, for many reasons.
  12. August West

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

  13. August West

    Free tickets for Richmond tonight!!

    Bix is going to reach out to you brother. He's on the road right now in Maryland. Hope everything is ok.
  14. August West


    JJ that band pulled me from the depths of despair, and I can never repay that. The friends I've met through them are family to me forever. So yes I may be over the top with my feelings, but they are what they are. No I haven't seen D & C either. And they did hurt ticket sales in Peekskill for sure on Sunday. But D & C is really a whole different ballgame than JRAD. Take care brother.
  15. August West


    I'm sure I'm in the minority on this, and I certainly don't want piss on anyone's parade, but I am so loyal to DSO that I won't support their direct business competition. I have had many oppurtunities to see them, and I passed. I thought it was rag a few years ago when JRAD played New Year's in Philly, after DSO had already announced. To each their own, I just choose not to go. Peace. P.S. Albany was the best played DSO show I've ever seen. You 07 Rams Head folks could now drop it a notch.