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  1. Speaking of the road. These guys and gal will be hitting it soon. I know how hard that's going to be so soon after laying their brother to rest. I'm sending all the healing energy, love, and light I can to them.
  2. Kevin picked his last song as a regular member of DSO. It's really special, and a big moment in the history of the band. First and only time I ever heard Eaton say " Shut the #%@! up" At least from the stage anyway. Everyone pretty much listened. Ernst filmed this.
  3. Speaking of hungry anybody going to this dumpy town? Tucket, the Ernsts, and I went to Kevins last show there. None of us had ever been. We expected a nice little resort town, boy were we mistaken. Reminded me of Keansburg here in Jersey, the absolute worst shore town on the Jersey Coast. A bunch of us are going to do the first show there because the Cape Cod show follows, and were taking the Ferry over to Martha's Vineyard to visit the Children's Memorial at Edgertown Light where I have a paver for Tara. The boat leaves from Hyannis where the band plays that Sunday. It's a beautiful ride, and a gorgeous island. Then we're going to jump off the Jaws bridge, and swim. It's where they filmed the movie. Going to spend the day there. All are welcome. Peace.
  4. Rest In Peace Curfew.
  5. Phil is always pissing on someone's parade. No mention of Vince or Tom C. at all, and very little on the keyboardists as a whole. I saw it last night at The Cap. The director introduced the film. Definitely a must see for any head. Loved seeing footage I had never seen before.
  6. So after all these years Robert- were you better off not knowing? Now you can check out anytime but.........
  7. I wasn't able to make this show as we were in the midst of a battle, that eventually was lost. I do know this- I have been blessed to call the folks here my forever family. I love you. Lala so good to see you here!
  8. SMOKIN' !!!! As Vegas would say this show was a 3 wringer. Bands energy was way up from the opening chords of Promised, and it didn't let up. Really one of those special shows. Space was tight but found a nice spot with great sound. I thought the crowd was respectful. Say what you want about Jersey, DSO shows up people come out. Doesn't matter which the day of week. No worries for them doing 3 shows here in a short span, you won't saturate this market. Afterall it is the heart of Dead Belt..Blew off Penns last night because I didn't feel like driving 3 hours one way in a monsoon. Plus I have the DSO Open early afternoon, and need to be well rested. Hopping back on for Princeton, Morristown, Boston, Caps, and Wilmington. Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's in DSO land. See ya on the playground.
  9. Both of my knees are torn up badly from years of playing sports. I've had scripts for Percs, and have had Cortisone shots numerous times. I would start off with taking one perc a day, then it became 2, then 3 then 4. You get the picture. I had to tell my ortho not to write me anymore, he was giving them out like candy. The banana boats, like they were nothing. Couldn't shit for 5 days sometimes. It was tough to get off them, but I did. A very close life long friend of mine who I toured with back in the day got so caught up so bad in them he was feigning a serious eye injury, and writing fake scripts in Pa. He got popped once didn't stop him. Got popped again, didn't stop him. Got popped a 3rd time. Bang 5 years in prison. Just got out a couple of years ago. He has seen DSO numerous times. You've prolly met him MC. Was in Foxboro for the Dead one year, had no idea my buddy was on dope. We had rooms at the Red Foxx Inn which was some shit hole down the road. Walked into the ajoining room, and there he was tieing off. I wanted to beat the piss out of him, but there was no stopping him. He wasn't there with us the following year. He was dead. His mother found him in his room with a needle in his arm. I agree with you 100% MC.
  10. He should follow the NBA's lead. The whole damn league puffs. And he's an idiot for more than just that issue. P.S. Was looking forward to your annual 350 $ donation to the L.I.T. Fantasy Football league.
  11. Rest In Peace SPL.
  12. That wouldn't have stopped you in 07' .
  13. So it occurred to me that I've posted as much in the past two days as I have in the past two years. Now it's time for me to climb back into my hole and go dark again like my buddy Vegas. I'll see you beautiful people on the playground. Stout out.
  14. So now there are threats on the refs (John Higgins) life that officiated the KY vs. UNC game. Kentucky fans have also threatened his family, and are trying to destroy his business. Absolutely, I think some of those calls early in the game were questionable to say the least. Calipari certainly didn't help things by what he said in his presser. But the game was officiated evenly in the 2nd half, and Kentucky did have a 5 point lead. Calipari whines about everything, no wonder why he's the most despised coach in the game. John Chaney should have beat his ass a long time ago, when he had the chance. On another note I am touring USC the 3rd week of April with my girls. Doing the whole Carolina thing. Elon, High Point, USC, Clemson, Coastal Carolina, and College Of Charleston. I have to get them out of bum fucked Jersey for college. I have family in Myrtle, and Murells Inlet. Love the Carolina's even though people don't know how to drive down there. Ironically, some cover band is going to be down south when I am. Some of the logistics just might work out.