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  1. August West

    JITS 2

    He wasn't asked.
  2. Get a fucking haircut already Pop- Pop.
  3. Like many of us I don’t come around here very much anymore. I just stopped by to say that I love you Rick. It was heartbreaking when you told me the news about your Mom the other day. She is a beautiful soul, the time we spent at her house in Ocean City will go down in infamy. I am grateful that I got to know her. I know how much she has done for you throughout the years, and how she’s always been there for you through think and thin. She and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith my brother. Miracles happen. You are loved by all of your friends, and we’ll be there for you.
  4. Dino sure picked a winner with that one, he's doing a great job with the lists. Always love hearing Ship Of Fools, one of the most underrated, underplayed songs in the repertoire. Moved upstairs with Mango for the 2nd set. A lot more room, and really didn't give up anything sound wise. Thought of HB during the Peter, wish he could have been there. The 3 hour ride home was treacherous in that monsoon. High energy show from start to finish. A+.
  5. I don’t think they’re selling out.They never have, and never will. Like it or not DSO is an LLC, and they have people that make decisions like the ones you refer to based on a marketing business model. They have to appeal to a more widespread audience, and not just to us hardcore Starheads The days of us seeing them with a couple hundred like minded people are long gone. I’m sure they aren’t doing this on a whim.They’ve done their research. I’m just happy that we still have them, in any way, shape, or form. Time is a stripper. Peace sister.
  6. If my memory serves me correctly they did a New Years show at the Welmount. There are plenty of great restaurants in Montclair, including Cuban Pete's right around the corner where alot of folks go pre-show. As far as hotels go there aren't any within walking distance. You may want to Airbnb it, but be aware Montclair is an affluent town so it's going to be pricey. If not you can get a good deal on the airport hotels at EWR. Probably a 20 dollar UBER from there. Welcome to the playground. Peace.
  7. I spent many a summer in Ocean City also, up until 3 years ago.18th and Haven. Actually saw my first DSO show there in 2002 at the Music Pier. And Rick that weekend at the Marsh/ Bayside for Dark Star was one for the ages. Unforgettable. We were so much older then were younger than that now. Congratulations on your news I received!
  8. August West

    Carmel By the Sea

    I don't think they've done that since the band Terrapin Nation we used to know. And yes, he kills it. Who sings Masters Of War? If I had to guess it would be Lisa, but not sure. Haven't caught that one yet.
  9. You have a better chance of meeting the Pope.
  10. Cold Rain & Slow, Greatest Story Ever Slowed, a Peggy- slow, Mexicali Snooze, and a Tenezzzzzzzzzzzz Jed. Looks like the 2nd set picked up with Slowing Stones> Deal, Decelerated Prophet. Hope you had fun Tea, but I''ll pass. Turned down a free ticket for the pit this upcoming weekend at Citi Field. Thanks, but no thanks. Peace.
  11. I had Disco Pizza, I thought it was ok. Michelle is a really nice person. IMO it is no comparison to the pizza up here, not even close. But if you're in NC, or SC, I'm sure it hits the spot. I spend a lot of time down there (coast) and have yet to find a decent pizzeria.
  12. We got rained out for the 2nd set at Governors Island one year (2009?)and that was because the authorities had to get everyone on the boats, before they couldn't run anymore. A few years ago we were in Pa. and there was basically a monsoon, DSO didn't cut the show short by a minute. I also recall a show in Buffalo on the water in which it rained hard throughout the show, and they didn't skip a beat even when Mattson was getting drenched.No lightning at either, which makes all the difference.
  13. Little Boy Blue loves that band. He had me listening to a bunch of songs while in his car one day going to a show. The only one I remember is about a dog named Fluffy.
  14. August West


    Just ride Pop- Pop.
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