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    11/10/17, Montclair
    12/28/17, Montclair
    5/14/18, Princeton
    5/19/18, Penn's Peak
    8/5/18, Rhode Island
    8/8/18, Ridgefield Playhouse
    8/9/18, Atlantic City
    8/10/18, Coney Island
    8/11/18, Asbury Park
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  1. izaacb

    Channel separation

    I know there's a bunch of stuff from 1970 with Jerry in one channel and Bobby in the other...very cool to listen to
  2. izaacb


  3. izaacb

    Red Rocks 2019

    Pulled the trigger on tickets...taking my father, who saw Jerry & the Grateful Dead 200-something times but never (and still hasn't) made it to Red Rocks. Should be a great weekend!
  4. izaacb

    The Anthem

    You're too kind! 😃
  5. izaacb

    The Anthem

    Instagram stories with the venue location tagged/on the venue's story https://instagram.com/theanthemdc?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1qmnagw49uvm
  6. izaacb

    The Anthem

    Based on sound clips/videos from Instagram - 6/9/73 - RFK Stadium
  7. izaacb

    Huntington NY #2

    Post-drums sounds incredible!
  8. izaacb

    Penn's Peak Hype Thread

    Well, I waited until the last minute and tickets are now sold out. Anyone on here have 1 or 2 extras for sale?
  9. izaacb

    Peekskil face melting convention

    Oh man, I should have tried harder to make it to this show 😞
  10. izaacb


    Would think they'd go for an elective tonight
  11. izaacb

    Burlington 11/13 - Set list? Vibe?

  12. izaacb

    Atlantic City

    Any tapes of this show? Want to relisten to that Scarlet>Fire 😀
  13. izaacb

    New DSO Downloads now avail via Nugs.net

    Thanks Rob!!!! Looking forward to revisiting some of the shows I caught and then some!
  14. izaacb

    Asbury Park - 8/11/18

    Recreation of 3/30/88 with filler of Tom Thumb's Blues, Hard to Handle, Why Don't We Do It In The Road, and The Golden Road Killer show once again. Loved the Queen Jane. Glad I chose to be standing in front of Skip's bass amp for Dew. 4 filler songs = awesome. That's the end of my 5 show summer tour, can't wait to see you all and catch these guys again in the fall.
  15. izaacb

    Coney Island - 8/10/18

    Elective set Set 1: Help > Slip > Franklin's Hell in a Bucket Candyman Beat it on Down the Line Keep on Growing (Borraco/Skip) Ramble on Rose Sailor > Saint > Deal Set 2: Box of Rain Touch of Grey Just a Little Light Crazy Fingers > Not Fade Away > Drums Space Unbroken Chain > Other One > Goin Down the Road (w/ instrumental We Bid You Good Night) > Not Fade Away Encore: Quinn the Eskimo Awesome show (as always). Blown away by that Unbroken Chain > Other One!