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    11/10/17, Montclair
    12/28/17, Montclair
    5/14/18, Princeton
    5/19/18, Penn's Peak
    8/5/18, Rhode Island
    8/8/18, Ridgefield Playhouse
    8/9/18, Atlantic City
    8/10/18, Coney Island
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  1. izaacb

    New DSO Downloads now avail via Nugs.net

    Thanks Rob!!!! Looking forward to revisiting some of the shows I caught and then some!
  2. izaacb

    Asbury Park - 8/11/18

    Recreation of 3/30/88 with filler of Tom Thumb's Blues, Hard to Handle, Why Don't We Do It In The Road, and The Golden Road Killer show once again. Loved the Queen Jane. Glad I chose to be standing in front of Skip's bass amp for Dew. 4 filler songs = awesome. That's the end of my 5 show summer tour, can't wait to see you all and catch these guys again in the fall.
  3. izaacb

    Coney Island - 8/10/18

    Elective set Set 1: Help > Slip > Franklin's Hell in a Bucket Candyman Beat it on Down the Line Keep on Growing (Borraco/Skip) Ramble on Rose Sailor > Saint > Deal Set 2: Box of Rain Touch of Grey Just a Little Light Crazy Fingers > Not Fade Away > Drums Space Unbroken Chain > Other One > Goin Down the Road (w/ instrumental We Bid You Good Night) > Not Fade Away Encore: Quinn the Eskimo Awesome show (as always). Blown away by that Unbroken Chain > Other One!
  4. izaacb

    Atlantic City

    Recreation of 9/2/78 with a Brokedown Palace filler dedicated to Jerry and Matt Reynolds
  5. izaacb


    What an awesome show. Finally caught a WRS
  6. izaacb

    East Providence, RI - 8/5/18

    Re-creation of 8/4/82. Fun show, awesome jam after Terrapin into space. No filler after show encore
  7. izaacb

    Hampton Beach #1

    Much appreciated! Big shout out to people like you who tape the shows so those who aren't able to attend can still enjoy them
  8. izaacb

    Hampton Beach #1

    Anyone see people recording? Would love to hear this one
  9. izaacb

    Deadbase 50 discount

    On Amazon.com. Use the promo code at checkout. Just ordered mine
  10. izaacb

    Atlantic City

    I would LOVE 6/10/73...but also really hoping for a Weather Report Suite, Baby Blue, Dark Star - so something like 2/24/74 would be sublime. I would love any 1 drummer era show to be honest
  11. izaacb

    Atlantic City

    Under info for the show on Ticketmaster it says "4 HOUR SHOW" so I'm hoping for a recreation of any show from the 72-74 period!
  12. izaacb


    This was my 3rd time seeing DSO (saw the 2 Wellmont shows last year) and this was by far my favorite show. I love the early, primal Dead stuff. As soon as I got there and saw Jeff and Skip's Gibsons (as well as an acoustic) on stage, I knew it was going to be an awesome show. Mountains of the Moon > Dark Star was incredible imo. At the same time, I completely understand what Mojo is saying, even though I don't agree. The people sitting next to me were there to dance and were disappointed by the song selection (in that context, understandable). A lot of people started heading for the door during Death Don't. Still, I really enjoyed it. Hopefully heading out to Penn's Peak this weekend. I took some (not so good) cell phone videos that I can upload here if anyone wants to see them