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  1. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    Yep, that's what mine looks like, too. What was nerve wracking to me is that missiontix says they would mail tickets a week or two before the show, along with providing that will call printout. Leaving you wonder which one it's gonna be. They could just leave out that they'll mail tickets and that tickets can be picked up at will call. Still not a big deal, pick up tickets at will call, go into show, have fun.
  2. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    So with the fan club tickets, mission tix gets an allotment that they fill first come first serve, with the best seats going to the early birds. The confirmation page they send only shows which section the seats are in, not the seats themselves, with instructions to show the page at will call along with a photo id. Every other online ticketing service I've used works the way you've described, with either print out or mobile tickets. I don't get why mission doesn't do it this way, but no big deal. Hopefully they get here in the mail before the show, otherwise I'll just get them at will call.
  3. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    Hey Doc, they got back to me after I questioned them a little further. They said if we don't get our tickets in time, we'll be able to pick them up with no problem at will call. One month from today, can't wait.
  4. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    Well, they said they can't mail tickets they don't have yet and that this may turn into a will call pickup. Hopefully get some more info.
  5. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    I just sent missiontix an email explaining that many people will be traveling to this concert and if they could please get these tickets out into the mail soon. I just like to have everything set, not have to worry about whether will call will have our tickets, etc.
  6. Cool alternate lyrics

    4/16/78 Ship of Fools, before Jerry sings one of my favorite lines in all of Grateful Dead music , "don't lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools", he says "looky here" just off mic. So cool and such a great version.
  7. TIGDH

    Hahaha, that is a funny review. Something tells me he's using a pseudonym 🤔🤔
  8. Thanks for the reply. I guess it really is an apples to oranges kind of thing in many ways. I like the fact that the scene is small, tickets are relatively cheap and it's easy to get right up front, and they are playing lots of beautiful, old theatres. You are right, the bottom line is that they make me feel great and that is why I go.
  9. I'm 37 years old, finally got into the Grateful Dead in 1996 after hearing them all my life as the kid of deadhead parents. Saw my first concert with my dad in 1998, The Other Ones. Saw various groups the band members put together over the next 6 or 7 years whenever they were in town. It was always fun. I enjoyed being around the large scene, being young and discovering the dead, cannabis, tripping, beautiful deadhead girls, and the weirdness of everything. The music, however, always struck me, personally, as not quite there. Two lead guitarists clamoring for fills or both laying off and there being no fill, Bob singing Jerry songs, etc. I enjoyed them and was grateful for the time seeing them, but it never struck me add something I had to travel out of state for. Also saw DSO a bunch of times back then, again whenever they were around and always felt they were the best thing going for GD music. Stopped listening to the Dead for around eight years in 2005 after wanting to learn bluegrass. I wanted to absorb that tightness of bluegrass and thought that the looser feel of GD music would contaminate that process. Got frustrated with the northeast bluegrass scene eventually because there weren't enough traditional playing to satisfy what I was after. Got back into the Dead and out of bluegrass music around 2013, and decided, what the heck, check out Dead and Company last summer. Was great to be back at a show. Decided, what the heck, checked out DSO in Northampton and New Haven last fall, and was blown away. I didn't remember this band being as great as they were. Caught them 6 times this spring, another three this summer, and plan on 8 more this fall. I can now understand why people travel to see bands, go on tour, and have a compulsion to see as many shows as possible. I find that being at one of their concerts brings me as high as I've ever felt at any musical event, sometimes complete ecstacy, X factor, the whole package, "all the golden yummies" as Jerry once said. I often think to myself during and after a concert, "how could the Grateful Dead have possibly been better than this?" I find myself appreciating Grateful Dead recordings much more, in anticipation of my next DSO show and the inevitable joy it will bring to my life. So, enough personal crap, sorry bout that. All that brings me to the topic. How much better were the Grateful Dead than Dark Star Orchestra? I know, comparisons are dumb. Believe me, I am extremely grateful for DSO. Just wondering what everyone thinks, particularly regarding the experience. tl;dr: To all you lucky folks who saw the Grateful Dead: DSO is so fucking good in concert, is it possible that the Grateful Dead were even better?
  10. Bizarro thread: Dead song you do not really like

    Not a big fan of Black Peter or Cassidy, but I still listen to them. Didn't like Wharf Rat and Playin for years, but love them now.
  11. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    Hey Doc, I bought fan club loge seats thru mission tickets for the capitol theater shows this past spring. My computer printout tickets were the same deal. No seat info. I guess mission sells all their allotment of tickets, better seats going first come first serve, and then mails them out a couple weeks before the show. I got my tickets literally the day of the first of two shows. Not a fan of how they handled the timing of mailing the tickets. I also bought my ticket for the Albany show thru the fan club. Hopefully it comes thru in time and we get some great seats. When I spoke to the folks at the Cap about what was going on, they assured me I'd be able to get my tickets at will call and that this is fairly common for mission tickets to be late with their mailing. Hopefully same deal in Albany if the tickets are late. Might be worth it to call mission tickets and start putting some heat on them. I probably will soon. I don't see why every other ticketing service can offer mobile tickets, yet with them, we have to sit here biting our nails waiting for tickets we buy months in advance.
  12. Cool alternate lyrics

    3/14/81 Stella Blue Jerry sings "shattered years" and "howlin like the wind".
  13. Cool alternate lyrics

    Them Crisco barrels start looking good, hahaha
  14. Cool alternate lyrics

    Anybody got any interesting lyric changes they like that the band did over the years? Some of my favorites: Deal: when Jerry tosses in bonus words on "if I told you all that went down, it'd (probably) burn of both your (little) ears" and "watch each card you play (people/children) and (please) play it slow." Usually means it's a smoker of a version with a chipper sounding Jerry singing with some jaunty inflection. Truckin: "a fuckin shame" Me and My Uncle: "crackt'im in the jaw" is always a nice surprise, never remember which versions this is sung on but I always hope for it. Etc... Any cool one off mistake lyrics etc anyone can think of, what do you got??
  15. Red Rocks show

    Sounds like you got a few tricks up your sleeves, too!