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  1. Hardpan

    Anyone Know?

    "A series" hahaha, love the choice of words.
  2. Will be a time of most joyful communion. I think DSO is going to need larger venues. Just daydreaming about the next Jack Straw, Bertha or Cold Rain and Snow kickoff and being surrounded by all your beautiful faces and graceful and jubilant moves. My love to you all, friends, strangers, band and crew ❤️❤️
  3. I'll have to listen to this, and would love to know Rob's answer. The last time you recommended a split omni recording (7/15/88), it became one of my favorites.
  4. Me and Jake were scheming briefly about doing the Colorado run, really tough to pull off with the kids at home. Gonna shoot for Black Mountain along with whatever we can pull off up here, less days away from home and we want to see what the hubbub is about Black Mountain 🤗
  5. Went to see Melvin Seals and JGB this past Saturday at the Cap, great time! My first time seeing the full band, the only other time I've seen Melvin was with DSO as his band a couple years ago at the Jubilee. High energy dance tempo all night long, with a few breaks in the onslaught with some slower songs. Great time to break up the winter between fall Northeast and sorting Northeast DSO, usually go into concert hibernation during winter. I would see them again if they are within an hour or so. Local CT Grateful Dead band Stella Blues Band opened up, which was a lovely surprise in how tight they are and well they played.
  6. Congrats and blessings on the new home! Should hopefully be able to hit a handful up this way and Black Mountain over the summer if all goes well.
  7. Plot twist: Meat Loaf is the soldier, "No, I won't do that". Had this insight looking into the mirror while brushing my teeth this morning 😛
  8. "You decide if he was wise". The sailor risked everything to rescue a trinket for this lady, who placed his life in peril to see how far he would go for her. What will she make him do next to prove his love? Was it a wise decision to start out like this?
  9. I'm tossing out 10/18/74, DSO hasn't played it, and that show also contains the greatest recorded video of Grateful Dead history, the magnificent Morning Dew from The Grateful Dead Movie, which features Phil laying out a huge bomb at the apex of the walk up, relishing in the splendor with an enormous, goony grin on his face. Phil makes that Dew really special, in my opinion, with his fills and overall playing, and all the juicy bombs. Either way, I hope you guys get a Dew tonight so Skip can have the pleasure of blasting the audience with some great bombs.
  10. Hardpan

    Tempe, AZ - 2/19/20

    I like this description 🤣🦀⚡️🦀
  11. Hardpan

    2019-02-16 - Tahoe

    Agghhh, Samson opener would have had me drooling. Looks like you would have had to dig deep to keep up with this one after those last two marathons. Dylan fest, looks splendid 🤤🤤
  12. Just saw that Skip is going to be playing Phil's iconic Alembic bass, featured in The Grateful Dead Movie, "Mission Control", on the upcoming shows in Los Angeles and San Diego. The first time this bass will hit the stage since Phil stopped playing it. Such a great honor and I'm sure it will be a thrill for Skip, I hope he blasts the house with many bombs 😃
  13. No soundboard patches, as far as I know, but I also never asked. Taped around 25 DSO shows from Summer 2018 to summer 19, it was fun and I may tape again. Thanks for considering getting into it, hope to see you.
  14. Hardpan

    Seattle - 2/6/20

    Me and Jake were hanging around the other night watching the video 7/8/90, and he pointed out that unusual sequence of Eyes>Estimated, funny to see the band open up the tour with it. Love the Lost Sailor> Saint (no, the other Saint) Stephen curveball, too. Looks wonderful, extra fun and safe travels 😇
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