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  1. Hardpan

    Red Rocks 2018

    18 days and counting...
  2. Hardpan

    My first dead$co show

    Love those bombs 💥🚀
  3. Hardpan

    6.11.93 - recreation at Jubilee

    Same here, stuck to the plan and it was marvelous. No complaints at all 😎😎
  4. Hardpan

    Dead and Company Free live stream tonight

    I will agree with this analogy to a point, but it is more challenging to play something interesting at a slow tempo, than it is at a fast tempo, at least in bluegrass music. Timing is tougher to maintain, tougher to play tastefully when you have so much space to fill, etc. I think some of those things could hold true for Grateful Dead music, although I have never tried to play GD at a higher level than strumming in my living room. Mayer is getting better at playing tastefully, it seems, although his command of the musical vocabulary of Grateful Dead music is still limited and he falls into blues licks when he runs out of ideas, whether it fits the song or not. Interesting to see Burbridge playing with a pick, didn't hear much Lesh style playing, but I find his bass playing to be low in the mix. Chimenti sounds good on the keys, plays what fits, etc. Bob sounds ok, gotta love that he is still out there playing, but having seen Eaton just lay all of that style out there in all of its glory, kinda waiting to hear that stuff played by Weir, and it wasn't happening, even at the reduced tempos. Maybe I didn't listen to enough of it, who knows. Mickey is playing with those weird club looking red sticks, lol. Bill looks like he is playing with authority, though.
  5. Checked out a little bit of it. Pretty low energy, the snippets I caught. A little tough to watch after seeing DSO breathe pure fire the past few weekends... Still gonna hit a couple of their shows in the northeast in a couple weeks, should be fun to camp a couple days near spac and hit up citi field.
  6. Hardpan

    Jubilee Debriefing

    Recordings of all three nights of DSO along with the DSO/Seals Garcia band set are up on archive/relisten, good sounding recordings. Thanks to the taper, Toaste, for recording them and getting them up so quickly. Nice to see several audience members taping at the festival.
  7. Hardpan

    Jubilee Debriefing

    Nice review, and I agree with all points. Excellent DSO concerts, along with the Garcia band set with Melvin Seals on Sunday. I otherwise pretty much stayed out of the sun, conserved my energy for the night time, and enjoyed the music from my camping area. The RV section was nice, and the maiden voyage to camp in my truck cap was excellent. Kind people throughout, no overboard shakedown craziness, lots of families, really a lovely time. Met Lagerandgospel at the final show, although we did not know it until after the fest was over. Would have liked to have met more of you folks from on the forums here, but I am sure some of us passed each other or interacted in some way or another. A little afternoon drinking with plenty of time to sober up and pack before Sunday DSO allowed me to hit the road after the show, no traffic, no cops, smooth sailing as long as I could drive, made for another decent ride home Monday. Took Tuesday off from work without realizing it, showed up and they asked what I was doin there, lol. They put an easy day together for me, not a bad reintegration into the real world. Definitely going to be trying to make it here next year and beyond.
  8. Hardpan

    Grateful Dead alternate lyrics

    Lol, the thread was buried a few pages. Names are indeed tough, takes me a few times as well. Heard one the other day, one of the Boston Music Hall 73 shows, during the finale of Dew, where Jerry sings "guess I don't matter anyway".
  9. Hardpan

    Grateful Dead alternate lyrics

    Tracked down the thread I made on this topic a while ago, there's some good ones in here.
  10. Hardpan

    Jubilee #3

    Supplication after lazy lightning, full weather report suite also before Casey Jones to close out the first set. Highlights for me were Skip's huge bombs during the other one, Eaton teased wharf rat before the second verse. Tender Stella Blue. Frantic build up during viola Lee. Great show, packed up before the concert and got 200 miles behind me before I was too tired to drive.
  11. Hardpan

    Julbilee 2 5/26/18

    It was instrumental, no drums , after space, before saint Stephen. Had a feeling that the dew was going to be the answer to the answer man. Excellent show, lots of strong numbers, China/rider, terrapin, and the dew of course were my favorite parts of the concert 😇😇
  12. Hardpan

    Jubilee 5/25/18

    Buckeye Lake Music Center, Hebron, OH (Friday, 6/11/93) Jack Straw Foolish Heart The Same Thing Lazy River Road Tom Thumb's Blues Masterpiece So Many Roads Promised Land Eyes of the World Playing in the Band -> Uncle John's Band -> Corina -> Drums -> Space -> The Wheel -> Watchtower -> Black Peter -> Sugar Magnolia Brokedown Palace The Weight
  13. Hardpan

    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    In line over here next to the venue. They're going to move us across the street soon and said they'll stop traffic to let the line move along. There are a bunch of people over here, looking pretty orderly so far.
  14. Hardpan


    The worst thing for me when wearing ear plugs is that I can hear every sound I make, whether it is singing along with a chorus or random grunts etc when dancing.
  15. Hardpan


    I have the Etymotics, sounds pretty good for ear plugs. Similar design to the eargasm, a few stepped up silicone flanges to fit the ear canal and a hard plastic sound filter. Around fifteen bucks. Still not much of a fan of wearing ear plugs, but I don't want to destroy my ears.