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  1. Hardpan

    Short Story "I's Of The Whirled"

    Whoa, that's a mouthful! Welcome to the forum 🙂
  2. Hardpan

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    The letters of your name
  3. Hardpan

    The Anthem

    One of my favorite parts of the whole operation 😎😎
  4. Hardpan

    The Anthem

    We passed headphones back and forth for a couple hours after the show in the hotel and listened to it on the ride home, now that's pathetic 🤪🤪
  5. Hardpan

    The Anthem

    I used the CP-4s, along with another set of Nak 300s with the CP-1 capsules, with the gain turned down on the CP-1s until there was no clipping on all but the loudest notes of the concert. I was using just the shotguns this summer when I started taping and wanted to see how the CP-1s sounded side by side, and the recording seems to sound the best with the sources blended together. The CP-1s pick up more talking but seem to complement the CP-4s and help to fill out the sound. I'm new at this, just learning as I go. Might see about adding some more mics, maybe not, we will see.
  6. Hardpan

    The Anthem

    I'm glad you guys enjoy the recording. I just put the mics up and tried to capture the wonderful job Cotter and the band did in a great venue with great sound. It didn't seem too bad with talkers in there, or maybe the extra space kept the talking from getting so echoey and finding its way onto the recording.
  7. Hardpan

    The Anthem

    Haha, it was great swapping tales with you. Just passed by BillK's old street of residence on my delivery route, as I do almost every day, small world.
  8. Hardpan

    The Anthem

    I'm happy it came out good. The sound in there was among the best I've ever heard, had high hopes for the tape. Thanks for your stories, too. Whenever I tell mine, I feel like Al Bundy reliving the game when he made four touchdowns, haha. Gotta try to make it out next year.
  9. Hardpan

    The Anthem

    Just got my recording of this show uploaded to the archive if anyone wants to listen to it: https://archive.org/details/dso2018-12-01.nak300.cp1.cp4.flac24
  10. DSO seems to use a ticketing service with reasonable fees for their Fan Club tickets. They can go pretty quickly, I'm not sure if it is an allotment thing or what. Buying tickets through the venue if you miss the Fan Club tickets can go through whatever ticketing service the venue uses, and usually seems to mean higher fees. I agree, fees are brutal, and I can't justify going to see bands with high ticket prices, only to pay another twenty or more bucks in fees.
  11. Hardpan

    The Anthem

    I gotta mention the lighting at the concert, given the recent discussion on the board. I thought it was perfect, not distracting or blinding at all, and complemented the music perfectly all night 🤩🤩
  12. Hardpan

    The Anthem

    Well, it was a truly magnificent concert, from start to end, and a true battle of endurance to keep up with the band's relentless pace. The sound in the hall was exceptionally fine, probably my favorite place to have seen a concert, will definitely return if possible. It was a pleasure to meet everyone last night in our nation's capitol. My favorite part of the night was Skip's ruthless Other One tease out of Truckin'. It sounded so sneaky and greasy, and the bass tone sounded so punchy and clear. I think if he actually kicked off The Other One in that theater, the place could have blasted into smithereens. The introduction to Playing in the Band was such a fantastic release after all that tension that was built up in the bass solo, especially after expecting a completely different release in The Other One, just masterful!!! Thank you to all for such a fun night.
  13. Hardpan

    The Anthem

    Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC (6/9/73) Promised Land Deal Looks Like Rain They Love Each Other Jack Straw Loose Lucy Mexicali Blues Row Jimmy El Paso Box of Rain Sugaree Beat it on Down the Line Tennessee Jed Greatest Story Ever Told China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider He's Gone Truckin' Playing in the Band Loser Me and My Uncle Mississippi Half-Step Big River Eyes of the World China Doll Sugar Magnolia Filler: Mr Charlie
  14. Hardpan

    Anthem show hype

    I have heard something similar to this, not sure if it was in reference to this show or Dickey Betts, but it was more along the lines of Jerry trying to goad the other guitarist into a battle of one-upmanship with guitars.
  15. Hardpan

    Anthem show hype

    Oh man, hope to meet you on those terms!!!! Would make my night to hear them kick off with Morning Dew, I could drive home happy then and there 🤩🤩 I'll be staked out near the soundboard with my stuff, stop by and say hi if they don't kick off with the Dew. If anyone attending the show in Norfolk tonight would be willing to let us in the peanut gallery in on the stage configuration, setlist, or any other juicy tidbits, we would be grateful 😎😎