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  1. Hardpan

    Dewey Beach 8/13/18

    One drummer, Rob K. playing drums. Enjoyed the Barraco treatment of Good Lovin, out on a four day creep, etc. Dark Star was excellent, got really cool and dissonant after the verse, with Skip pounding out and strumming huge, loud chords and Jeff doing the meltdown style fanning. The Eyes was also good, with the band doing the intense repeating early style ending jam after the Skip solo and bass drop. Interesting song selection, lots of shorter stand alone songs and stuff I haven't seen them play before. Lisa brought down the house on You Ain't Woman Enough and Hurts Me Too. Enjoyed the venue and the area. Looking forward to tomorrow night, my last one until fall.
  2. Hardpan

    Dewey Beach 8/13/18

    Elective: Cold Rain and Snow Mama Tried They Love Each Other (early style) You Ain't Woman Enough Mr. Charlie Gommorah Pride of Cucamonga Silver Threads and Golden Needles Brown Eyed Women Good Lovin (Barraco) Set 2: BIODTL Sitting on Top of the World The Race is On Box of Rain Hurts Me Too (Lisa) Bertha Chinatown Shuffle Dark Star Drums Eyes of the World China Doll Johnny B. Goode Encore: That's What Love Will Make You Do
  3. Hardpan

    Asbury Park - 8/11/18

    Filler: Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Hard To Handle Why Don't We Do It in the Road The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
  4. Hardpan

    Asbury Park - 8/11/18

    Great show, second set was as good as it looks on paper. Morning Dew was really strong, great dynamics from pin drop tender to thunderous. Skip started off on gingerbread in Tom Thumb Blues. Grateful that the rain for the most part, held off.
  5. Hardpan

    East Providence, RI - 8/5/18

    I really enjoyed that extended jam after Terrapin, and the jam after drums was also cool. Nice venue, nice that it was an early show too.
  6. Hardpan

    Jay Peak 8-4-18

    Rockng first set. Highlight for me was Cumberland, but strong throughout. Second set Shakedown, Samson, high dance energy. To Lay Me Down, ripping Let it Grow, drums, He's Gone, smoking Other One, lovely Stella Blue. Sugar Magnolia, Casey Jones, more heat, and Ripple to bring it back home. Really nice venue, overall.
  7. Hardpan

    Jay Peak 8-4-18

    Starlight Theater, Kansas City, MO (8/3/82) Mississippi Half-Step Franklin's Tower New Minglewood Blues Peggy-O El Paso Cumberland Blues Althea Cassidy Big Railroad Blues Man Smart/Woman Smarter Might As Well Shakedown Street Samson and Delilah To Lay Me Down Let it Grow drums He's Gone The Other One Stella Blue Sugar Magnolia Casey Jones Filler: Ripple
  8. Hardpan

    Hampton Beach 7/28/18

    For some reason, not all the tracks from this recording are showing up on the relisten app. Kind of frustrating, because it shows up fine on the relisten and archive website. It is also working fine on the etree app if anyone wanted to stream it.
  9. Hardpan

    Hampton Beach #1

    Here's my recording of night one. Lots of fun to record the band, my first time taping after picking up all the gear this summer. Was grateful for a little fenced off area the crew put aside for us both nights. https://archive.org/details/dso2018-07-27.dso2018-07-27.nak300cp4.flac16
  10. Hardpan

    Hampton Beach 7/28/18

  11. Hardpan

    Hampton Beach #1

    There is a recording of this concert up on the archive. I also recorded both nights and will get them up on the archive as soon as I can figure out all the computer stuff involved.
  12. Hardpan

    Hampton Beach 7/28/18

    Astounding performance by Dark Star Orchestra tonight. First set highlights to me were Looks Like Rain and Greatest Story. Second set high energy throughout, China/Rider and Samson brought the energy high. To Lay Me Down was lovely and tender. Playin had some excellent extended playing, nice grooves. Drums was powerful and loud, great audience response, with Rob and Dino continuing to play the beast during Nobody's Fault. Lost Sailor/Saint was rocking. Black Peter had great delivery by Jeff, with some strong peaks in there. Sugar Magnolia brought the energy up high yet again, just some absolutely ferocious playing in the end and the audience was brought to one final, frenzied peak. Brokedown was the perfect encore. Lisa and Jennifer Markard of the Zen Tricksters came out to join the rest of the band in a fine rendition of I'll Be With Thee. Top notch performance tonight.
  13. Hardpan

    Hampton Beach 7/28/18

    The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA (5/4/81) Don't Ease Me In Beat it on Down the Line Jack-a-Roe Little Red Rooster Cold Rain and Snow Mama Tried Mexicali Blues Althea Looks Like Rain Bertha Greatest Story Ever Told China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider Samson and Delilah To Lay Me Down Playin' in the Band drums Nobody's Fault But Mine Lost Sailor Saint of Circumstance Black Peter Sugar Magnolia Brokedown Palace Filler: I'll Be With Thee
  14. Hardpan

    Black Mountain Roll Call

    Would love to make this, perhaps next year.
  15. Hardpan

    Summer Tour Dates Up!!!!

    I'll be there.