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  1. Thanks Greg, I'm traveling the elegant way this time, taking the train. Pretty much what it would cost me if I was driving, after gas and tolls. Would prefer to take the truck and sleep in back but couldn't find reliable 24 hour access parking, not worth it to pay for parking and someplace to sleep, got a reasonably priced air bnb. Looking forward to not driving 😎
  2. It will be a fun time, whatever they play. I'll be taping it, hopefully get some good recordings.
  3. I saw that, and just saw this today. They must have specifically listed these as electric because they've only played acoustic at the Hamilton. Wonder what they're gonna do. Excited to get down there, my last show was the Anthem 😁😁
  4. Saw Deep Banana Blackout and Kung Fu at the Capitol Theater last night. DBB was joined by Michael Hampton, P Funk guitarist, for the last half of the set. First time seeing Kung Fu, they were very good, really enjoyed their set. Next was DBB, really fun to see them after almost 20 years since the last time. Used to see them all the time when I was younger, really a high energy band. The final set was both bands playing together on stage. It was a relentlessly high energy show, I had a tough time keeping up. Made me appreciate the dynamics of a DSO show, giving you a breather, changing up the feel and tempo, groove etc. It was interesting to see that Michael Hampton was playing an Alembic Furthur, their version of Jerry's Wolf. Pretty cool to actually see one in person, used to covet that guitar when I used to play.
  5. I can't be sure, but I think most video footage that circulates is probably up on YouTube. It would be a lot of work, but I think the only way to see if you have anything that isn't up there is to cross reference what you have with what is up there, would be a good way to compile a list of your collection in the process. YouTube would be a good place to post anything that you have that isn't out there. As far as recovering any investment you made, you can't legally sell any "bootleg" Grateful Dead material, audio or video, and that policy holds true for any other taper friendly band. It must have been a challenge to get a collection of video together before stuff circulated on the internet, thank you for wanting to make it available to others 🙂
  6. Hardpan


    Nugs is the place to get them. DSO releases a selection of mastered soundboard recordings, usually of elective setlists. Rob Eaton does the work on the recordings, so they are usually released a few months later. They just released the recordings for the fall tour and new years, if that can help you out with a rough time line. There are audience recordings of ten shows from 2019 up so far on the Archive, maybe one you are looking for is up there.
  7. Wow, what a dream second set!!!!
  8. Picked up my ticket last night, can't wait. Camping in the RV section with my brother, gonna be fun.
  9. First saw them around 2001, maybe a dozen shows in a few year period, took a long break and rediscovered them in fall 2016, and enjoy them much more now, seen them about 50 times since. Have had my best concert experiences at DSO shows in the past couple years, wonderful music, even made some friends 🙂
  10. Stone Pony Saturday August 10
  11. Haha, no way I could pull it off.
  12. I agree that the intro would be tough to pull off. No one could match Bill Graham's perfect delivery, cadence and inflections. You can hear the good humor oozing from the recording as he introduces, "on bass and vocals, Mr. Philip Lesh" and Phil's response, equally good humored, just laying the shit down out of the thumping bass. I think the intro got the band all juiced up to deliver one of the finest HSFs ever, and a killer show to follow. I still think the band could ham it up and have fun with the intro, if they had the right announcer to do it.
  13. Yep, 8/13/75 at the Great American Music Hall, One From the Vault. This was one if the first Grateful Dead CDs I owned. Probably my favorite HSF, maybe because it was one of the first shows I really listened to constantly, you know how your most listened to versions become your standard.
  14. They've never played the show. Would make for a cool kick-off to the Jubilee 🤤🤤
  15. On piano we have Mr. Rob Barraco. On drums on stage left, Mr. Rob Koritz. On bass and vocals, Mr. Skip Vangelas. (Thubump, thump, thump, tss, thubabump...) On rhythm guitar and vocals, Mr. Rob Eaton. On the drums on stage right, Mr. Dino English. On vocals, Mrs. Lisa Mackey. On lead guitar and vocals, Mr. Jeff Mattson. Will you welcome please, Dark Star Orchestra. Da-da, da-da... One of the best recorded moments, in my opinion. You know the band could pull it off. Who could pull off the intro, though?
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