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  1. Both were good, the Bird Song and all of set two were the highlights for me. Good rap during Lovelight by Rob B. Had a good hoedown during set two, as Bill mentioned 😀
  2. DSO just posted that there are some single day Boulder tickets available: bit.ly/DSO-Boulder-Fri bit.ly/DSO-Boulder-Sat
  3. I think this video was from last year, no Cold Rain and Snow this year. Elective, Dino on drums, from what I remember, with several gaps, and out of order: Set 1: Big RR Blues The Race Is On Bird Song It Takes a Lot To Laugh Row Jimmy Let Me Sing Your Blues Away Unbroken Chain Casey Jones Set 2: China/Rider Greatest Story Half Step Playin NFA GDTRFB Lovelight closer E: The Way You Do the Things You Do
  4. Sounds great! I tried listening to my recording in the hotel and my lovely neighbors started banging on the walls 😒
  5. This is the kind of show I was hoping for, going to Dewey Beach, and the band delivered marvelously. It was very cramped where I was standing until Eyes of the World, when a few people cleared out and I had some dancing space. The second set saw a number of people clear out, and it became much more fun. WRS was excellent, it was a pleasure to watch Skip pummel the kickoff to The Other One, nice Stella Blue, high energy Big River and Sugar Magnolia. Morning Dew was a blessing and a treat, was bummed out to miss two of them this tour within driving distance, but this one was so fine, my first time seeing them encore with the Dew, and it was lovely. Excited for tomorrow, expecting torrential thunderstorms all day, may make for a little space in there 😁
  6. All my best wishes to your mom, you and your family for the best possible outcome 💓
  7. Gotta try to make it to one of these one day, only about 45 minutes from home. Tough days to make it there these past couple years. Looks like a great time, would love to see these guys play acoustic. We Can Run and Unbroken Chain must have been cool 😎
  8. We had a pretty good dance space and enthusiastic dancers on night two at Hampton Beach. I had a good breakthrough on my freedom at shows on night three at the Jubilee, it's been easier to find and drop into that groove lately on the past few I've attended.
  9. Two drummers minus the beast and other modern drum equipment for a 69 style?? 🤤🤤
  10. Solid show, great venue all around. Fifteen dollar ticket to see the greatest band in an outdoor stadium venue, with excellent sound, how do you beat that? Plenty of room to spread out and dance if you get away from the seats. Nice grassy knoll and patio area off to the side. Tough to select highlights, show was solid from start to end, but they played five of my favorite dance songs: Passenger, Samson, Big River, Eyes and GDTRFB, sore feet at the end of this one 😅
  11. Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD (5/26/77) Music Never Stopped Sugaree Mama Tried Sunrise Deal Passenger Brown Eyed Women Looks Like Rain Jack-a-Roe New Minglewood Blues Bertha Samson and Delilah High Time Big River Terrapin Station Estimated Prophet Eyes of the World Not Fade Away Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad Around and Around Uncle John's Band Filler: Honky Tonk Woman
  12. Good show, elective, I think I got most of the list. Might have something missing between Althea and Dire Wolf. Pretty nice outdoor venue, good sound, sold out, very snug quarters in there but managed to have some space to dance. Cold rain and snow All over now Althea Dire wolf Broken arrow So many rds Alabama Greatest story Foolish heart Lost sailor Saint Dark Star Drums Space Spanish Jam Hey Jude (full) Stella Touch E: Black muddy river
  13. DS9 and TNG for me, couldn't get into the other ones.
  14. Gotta ask which one? We got rid of cable, but now instead of turning it off because there's nothing on, we have the option of a constant barrage of whatever we want to watch via Netflix/Amazon. My wife is always trying out a new show and more than likely will watch all of it. Kind of a strange thing. I keep busy doing other stuff, still watch sometimes, but the family watches a good bit over here.
  15. I watched some of Spiderman: into the Spiderverse on Netflix a couple nights ago. Cool animation and some pretty trippy looking sections. I fell asleep during it but I may give it another crack,
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