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  1. What time of year did they used to do the second west coast tour? I've seen a June West coast run in past tour dates, something I would attempt to get in on if it ever happened again. Can't get away from work in winter to go play.
  2. Thanks for making the effort, can't wait to hear your tapes, glad the mics didn't suffer any injuries!!
  3. Just saw the northeast spring dates DSO put up, should hopefully be able to hit a good handful along with Jubilee. It looks like show #3000 is going to fall on Thursday 5/14/20, at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ. No mention of this momentous number on the tour announcement or anything, going to try to make it there.
  4. One of the greatest songs ever, Tony Rice's rendition is the definitive version for me.
  5. Have fun PG, MC and Saint Dilbert, and everyone else going. Enjoy the patties MC, I grew up eating those things, actually was pleasantly surprised to see them at 7-11 a few weeks ago, not too shabby of a snack. Thanks to the Saint for bringing the recording gear, may you get some killer tapes 😀
  6. Anyone got any good lines they like from Pigpen's raps? The funnier, dirtier, etc, the better. Any whole raps etc, would also be good, song and date appreciated! I'll mention the famous Brooklyn Bridge rap, from Good Lovin on 4/17/71, where our hero goes off in search of some cheap company, which he eventually finds. My favorite part is the creative aftermath: "Cost me a buck and a quarter For my pony ride, Twenty more dollars when the doctor was by my side. He's got that needle, Sayin', brother, you in trouble"
  7. Hardpan


    Listened to this show last night, killer indeed, great second set sequence.
  8. Hardpan


    I looked around, only done once by the Grateful Dead, 5/11/80, out of 43 times they played both songs the same night, rare indeed! Also interesting that this setlist also includes Playing in the Band as the next song in the set, same as on 5/11/80. 05/11/80Cumberland County Civic Center - Portland, ME Set 1: Alabama Getaway Promised Land They Love Each Other Cassidy Loser It's All Over Now Easy To Love You Big Railroad Blues Looks Like Rain Don't Ease Me In The Music Never Stopped Set 2: Scarlet Begonias Fire On The Mountain Feel Like A Stranger Terrapin Station Playin' In The Band Drums Black Peter Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad Around And Around Johnny B. Goode Encore: Brokedown Palace
  9. Who me?? 😁 they played a new CT venue this summer, nice location on the water and cool venue, an outdoor brewery, but it was packed chock full to the gills. They're converting a minor league baseball stadium into the Bridgeport amphitheatre, depending on the configuration it could be cool. Love the minor league stadium they play in Rochester, good sound and lots of space. Supposedly this new place will have some kind of membrane roof, not sure if it will be retractable or what, sounds interesting. I see the work in progress from the highway when I drive by. But yes please, a backyard show would be great 😁
  10. Brand new amphitheatre being built in Bridgeport, CT, about a minute off the highway, 5500 capacity, could be a good place.
  11. Hardpan


    They played it a few times this fall, their first was at night three of the Capitol Theater run where they filled in for Phil.
  12. Hardpan


    Second set looks like fun, 🤤🤤 hope you all get some smokers this run ⚡️⚡️
  13. I think the Grateful Dead Movie really does a great job of conveying many of the facets of the Grateful Dead concert experience, which was Jerry's goal with it. From the deadheads of all shapes and sizes, to the exasperated cop dealing with the "getting my space together" guy, to the shamelessly ogling food vendor, to the crew setting up the equipment, to the guys sweeping up at the end. The last time I watched the movie, however, was the first time I noticed that Jerry could have been also trying to convey what it is like to be a member of the band. There is a point where the footage cuts to Phil, soaked with sweat, locked deep in the throes of a hot Playin' jam, with the band working their way toward the reprise. The angle is sort of from behind the neck of his bass, which first gave me this idea that, maybe this is kind of how it would feel on stage. As they get to the repeating figure, which precedes the reprise, the footage cuts to Jerry, playing that repeating figure over and over, bringing the volume lower and lower, with him mouthing "shhh" to the band, masterfully bringing the dynamics down to a pin drop, and upon reaching the "turn around", bringing them back up, to full volume at the point of release, when the band slams back into the reprise. I think Jerry was trying to let us know how it feels from the stage. Just something I noticed on my last viewing of the Movie, check it out next time you watch it 😃
  14. Hey, I know who asked that question! Rob's answer, eloquent and thought provoking. It is interesting to me, from what I gather from his answer, that to him, playing music with the band feels similar to how it feels to me on the dance floor, when it's really good and you are surrounded by other enthusiastic dancers, friends or strangers. The element of grace feels tangible and accessible ❤️
  15. Rhino here, I can create parking for all of us 💪💪 even my vehicle is large and grey 🦏🦏
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