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  1. Hardpan


    Dang, what a list.
  2. Hardpan

    Cleveland HOB 10/11/18 setlist

    Not too shabby of a set one for dancing, either. Great looking show.
  3. Hardpan

    Ft Wayne 10/10/18

    Love that Blow Away to start the second set. Looks like a great list.
  4. Hardpan

    Death Don't Have No Mercy

    Sorry for your loss. He sounds like a good person.
  5. Hardpan

    Free Bird?

    Hmm, not a Freebird fan. Would be glad for DSO to keep that one out of the lineup. Now, if Lisa would sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart"... 🤣🤣
  6. Hardpan

    Some of the changes

    Looks great, love the new look.
  7. Hardpan


    There's an excellent sounding recording of this show up on Archive/relisten. Thank you to the taper, Michael Frasca.
  8. Hardpan


    10/2/77, great show all around. Bust out of Casey Jones, super high energy peak to set the stage. Solid first set, killer second set. Phil teases The Other One kickoff a few times and finally atomizes the house with a huge sonic blast. His teases remind me of, if you've ever watched a zoom video of the fractal Mandelbrot set (my profile picture) when you occasionally catch a glimpse of the bulb (the black part) amidst all the color. Then when he finally lays it out, it's like finally seeing the bulb zoomed in in all its glory. Or maybe the teases like seeing Kilroy peeping over the wall. Lol. My thoughts listening to The Other One 🤓🤓
  9. Hardpan

    1st Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota

    I think that's a great point. You might get exactly what you're hoping for with one or two shows, or they might play it a couple hours out of your range on a work night.
  10. Hardpan

    1st Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Everyone likes different things. Can't fault you for not enjoying elective sets. I prefer recreations, as well, but I have had rip roaring times at elective shows, as well. DSO can wield the power and build up a head of steam on either type of show. I really enjoy the guessing game at year, next songs, etc at a recreation, which goes out the window at an elective. A lot comes down to song choice. Everyone has their snoozers, and DSO will play them, too. Check out the setlist and recording for 7/27/18, elective set which included a saint Stephen > tmns > drums/space > tmns > saint Stephen > dew.
  11. Hardpan

    Fan Club?

    Hey Jeffrey, you should be able to just click the fan club tickets link on the DSO tour dates page and be able to buy them without any trouble.
  12. Hardpan

    Red Rocks 2019

    Woohoo, got mine too. Gotta guess the fan club packages are gonna go fast. Tough to beat the price.
  13. Hardpan

    I don’t want to know the show!

    I think this is as far as I would like to see the band go as far as pre announcing their concerts. I prefer recreations, although I have had wonderful times at elective concerts. I can say that although Portland is a long ride for me, I will be there, because they announced it as a GD setlist, along with the following two nights in New Haven and Albany. Might have hit the following night in Peekskill if they hadn't announced the previous three nights as GD recreations. Will probably be a ripper of an elective, but who knows. I haven't hit Penn's the day before Thanksgiving, and I'd rather get home to prepare for the holiday and hit Penn's instead of goin to Peekskill on a work night. Generally though, I'd be just as happy with zero info about the shows, hit what I can, go to work tired the next day, be a happy guy because they are in the area and I can make some long weekends and hit some shows.
  14. Hardpan

    46 Years Ago Today...

    Jerry is playing a sunburst Strat, not his natural colored "Alligator". Such great tones by the band and all time versions of many songs. My favorite Grateful Dead concert to listen to, not overhyped at all.
  15. Hardpan

    Fall Tour - 2nd Leg

    I'm thinking of trying to swing the Anthem if I can pull it off. Sounds like an excellent venue and the lure of "a Classic DC area show" as the last night of the tour might prove to be too strong of a pull for me to resist.