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  1. pretty CERTAIN this has been done several times before but indeed, sick! Especially in that slot! prolly wrong here, but am wondering if I heard TN do this one at one point some years back? Anyone?
  2. folks, read between the lines...this is an easy one...
  3. been at 1000, 2000 and certainly will be at 3000...God willing...THANKS DSO!!!!
  4. dude, you know I'm here to help..its bix,,, touch base if you want to chat..love you bro. halloween was best d & c show ive seen to date..easy
  5. ..KEEP going...Welmont is packed with talkers so glad you were able to pay attention...SO many good ones..
  6. they cant make it to salt lake buddy...you'll be waiting...maybe forever. and, SLC always has a good crowd...in fact, i remember a time where they did 2 nights there... dude, as long as your posse is with you, im in...i don't care if they push me out of the way either,,,,which they do..often...
  7. Weather Command


    prolly the best dancin ive ever seen live...
  8. literally flailing/dancing on the rail.....grate venue....next night in indy, grate room as well...
  9. Praying for this!!! Miss my friend!
  10. ...never ever but more tickets than you need thru axs....pain in the ass
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