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  1. ...really hard to explain how great this band really is....Red Rocks is mind blowing...so many of my bestest friends were unable to attend and were sorely missed....you know who you are! Lets plan on next year ..please!! There has to be 500 people I've met over the years who are close friends....we all know we cannot always make it to every show but this one(s) are can't misses!!! Love to you all!!
  2. Your crew makes it even more than it is..tonight was one of the best dancing sessions EVER!!!
  3. Having difficulty getting tickets ( prepaid for ) from axis for RR show...is it just me?
  4. Sorry for late response...theyre gone...been gone...just do t check.in here much anymore
  5. I never look at the setlist beforehand...but, have an idea of what might be played..total buzz kill when they announce the show...
  6. One of the 10 shows I saw this tour...the best dancing experience for me.....lotta tension at show..cops and dogs..venue was not my favorite.
  7. I will have 1 set of 3, maybe 2..but, will have to make this happen first night of boulder....its my buddies tix and he wants money for them...that is the catch......so. if anyone is looking for the 3 pack...advise
  8. I'd rather forget about the keys...not one of my best moments...sorry DebπŸ˜”
  9. This show was SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Morning Dew could have ended show and would have been okay....w0w!!!!
  10. Rick's Mom needs a prayer or 2. She is undergoing a difficult time. Please keep her and Rick in your thoughts πŸ’“πŸ’“ Rick's Mom is one of the sweetest souls on the planet.....Ill never forget the time she opened her house to us during dso land some 7 years ago....Mea, my pup was with us and she took it upon herself to treat Mea like she was her own dog. . Not something I'll EVER forget....I would place Mea in her crate...once we arrived back home after dso show, Mea was out and about because Mrs. E. couldn't stand to see Mea in her crate...Mea didnt mind πŸ˜‰πŸ˜...THINKING of Rick's Mom during this difficult time..Love you Rick and your awesome family!!!! You are one of my oldest friends thru the music of DSO...I'm here for you for anything...please know this!!!
  11. getting ready to embark on dso journey..hoping to see all of you along way...love
  12. i like 4 guys rahm, scott, rose and koepka
  13. fuck no..this scene is undercova...chill ...no problemo
  14. buddy, you handled that with awesomeness! I was thinking I would take the hotel room even tho ill have my rv...glad you hooked her up and visa versa...sounds like you made a friend.......
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