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  1. We train for this shit!
  2. Also, looking for a ticket...thanks much.
  3. Rocky mountain shows may be on the horizon...feels like it might be alright ❤️
  4. Tiger in a Trance > And, while Im at it, please read this book!!!! You will not put it down! I know the author and several of , if not all the characters....
  5. Who will be at the showbox? Not a big fan of that sausage fest...room is weak as well...trying to figure out some things?
  6. Weather Command


    funny, this was the night after my first show...stranger that night too...wow, those 2 shows back to back..sick shit..
  7. Weather Command


    Stranger > Terrapin > VERY RARE, maybe never done by either band? Too lazy to look it up... excellent might I add.
  8. To read this made me sad....but also know that love will see him through....we all can think of him throughout the next coming days and pass the energy along...I love this family so much!!!!!!!!! And, I know how many people in our group feel the same!!! Love you Vince, Sue, Tor and Cherise!!!!!!
  9. I can confirm that this was the BEST New Year's I've had with DSO...So many reasons for this. It would take an eternity to tell!! I came out of this weekend thinking >> Please don't be hard on yourself, be nice ALL the time and be forever Grateful regardless of what is going on in your life..........Love to my friends and thanks to the band and crew for their deadication, helping us love this music again!!!!
  10. LOVE!! Did u say Driggs thanks for saying this > so true my friend..
  11. ...other times I can bear .....ly see....
  12. Loved the 11 shows I saw but Huntington first night wins the prize for me....hard to choose but this elective paved the way! Thanks DSO and crew..You guys/gal make it happen for us GD snobs!!! Happy Holidaze! See you in Albany!
  13. Sick show!! One I will remember....for a long time
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