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  1. I suppose people write songs from their view of life, I doubt that Hunter/Garcia & Weir/Barlow saw life from from the same perspective as a pampered little rich girl. As a whole the music scene is not diverse in any form. Not racially or socially! Go see Beyonce, or Taylor Swift and see how diverse those crowds are. I haven't been to a DSO show in awhile and never on the east. coast, so maybe things are different now, But the dead had a very socially diverse following - Ann Coulter to Al Franken, Bill Walton to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. People in Rags (that you wonder how in the hell they got from one show to the next) to People in Evening Gowns and Tuxedos. Doctors, Lawyers, Cops maybe even an Indian Chief. Both my Doctor and Dentist in Reno were Deadheads My copay for my Dr was a GD CD. Ann Coulter once stated "when you go to a Dead show you leave your politics at the door".
  2. I was wondering what Pink Floyd had to do with this thread.
  3. Tip: You can give a Star Rating, right above the first post. Just point your cursor at the Stars.
  4. Yeah show time 7:00 PM, but Festival Grounds open 6:00 AM Lawn Chairs OK Check these links: FAQ's (seating etc.) Directions/Parking Info
  5. Caveman might help with yer anus, if Bob wouldn't. Klingon: slang for Dingleberry.
  6. Hey Rat, I upgraded the Member Map a few days ago, If you have your location in your Profile it {now} puts a marker on the map. When you put slang or something silly it's no telling where your marker goes. For instance "sin city" put Mr Vegas in Australia. I had not noticed the full screen option 'til you mentioned it. Thanks/ Another new feature: when an event is added Tour Information Forum a marker is placed on the map (the Notes). If you click on the marker it will show the event information. For those who haven't been to the Map in awhile there are quite a few changes: I'm still trying to learn them. I installed the new Member Map on my test forum first, but a lot of actions weren't apparent without a large number of members, so somethings came as a surprise. I like is the different map option, I like OpenTopoMap. also like that you can select which groups are displayed. I DON'T like that I can't configure who was added. I wish it didn't show people that registered years ago and never posted. This posted before I was ready
  7. 07/01/17 Eureka Springs, AR Highberry Music Festival
  8. 07/01/17 Eureka Springs, AR 1 Blue Heron Lane Eureka Springs, AR 72631 (888) 762-7158 Website Festival Map Map to Event Event Schedule Event Type Outdoor Festival DSO Set : July 01/2017 Show Time: 8:00 PM End Time 12:00 AM Next Band (Dogapod): 12:30 AM This Event is: All Ages / rain or shine. No refunds Festival Hours: Thursday, June 29, 2017, 8:00 AM – Sunday, July 2, 2017, 3:00 AM CDT Fan Club Tickets Not Available VIP Package Not Available Festival Tickets $55.00 - $160.00 Event Information Food and craft vendors will be onsite Camping supplies, food, & water, is available for purchase at the store There will be a beer tent onsite. You can bring your own alcohol. No glass is allowed Pets are allowed but MUST be kept on a leash at all times No illegal drugs are allowed No weapons are allowed ALL Vehicles will be searched prior to entering the festival grounds ??????.
  9. until
    Highberry Music Festival The Farm - Eureka Springs Concert Venue Festival Hours: Thu, Jun 29, 2017, 8:00 AM – Sun, Jul 2, 2017, 3:00 AM CDT Event Schedule DSO Performance July 01 Show Time: 8:00 PM Curfew: 12:00 AM Next Band starts 12:30 AM Age Restrictions: All Ages Festival Tickets $55.00 - $160.00 Too Many Options To List Festival Map Google Map
  10. In the next few days I will be adding two new forums First will be the Reviews & Setlists Forum, it will work i conjunction with the Tour Information Hub. Thes two forums replace the Reviews and Travelers Forums, with many changes. The posts in those forums was merged into the open discussions forum. NO POSTS WERE DELETED. Before the show the Tour Information Hub (Yes. I know this one isn't NEW) The Tour Information Hub is a place to discuss DSO's Tour Schedule, not just the date and location of shows, but to provide insight into the Venue and surrounding area. Restaurants, Hotels and so on. You can arrange meeting place (before and after shows). Pretty much anything to do with that show. I will add topics giving at least basic information and more in depth data as time allows. Only replies will be allowed in this forum. My intention is to make it easy to find the show you are looking for. and make as much information as possible. Please add as much info as you can. A poll to RSVP is provided, please let us know if you are "gettin' on the bus". After the Show the Reviews and Setlists (This one IS) When I add a show to Tour Information a Topic will be added to Reviews & Setlists. Obviously, this forum is meant for after the show so topics will be locked until the day of the show. Theoretically speaking the use of this forum is simple and self explanatory. It is intended for, well, Reviews and Setlists. Everything that happened INSIDE the venue, otherwise it goes in Tour Info. Between Shows I will be adding a Now Listening Forum. The now listening thread was a great idea, after 7 years and nearly 1,500 posts it's time is passed. It is one long thread! With a dedicated Forum posts will be better organized, love that organization (Though if you saw my Apt. you'd never believe it). You can reply to the song you want to reply to. As it is now if you haven't checked in for awhile (maybe you did a west coast tour) you have a slew of posts to go through, maybe some of them you don't give a shit about. With the Forum it is easy to see what is new. Posting a video is absolutely not required, but you may do so. If you do PLEASE use the video system (you know that thing that almost never gets used). There are a number of advantages to the video system, not the least of which is less of a drain on Forum resources. When you add a video to the Video System a topic will automatically be added in the forum. It is not that different from posting a topic in a forum. There are three required Fields: Name of the video, select a category (probably Music Video) and Media Embed (where you paste your code from youtube etc). It is not required but you can add a message (Description). Another advantage to the video system Videos stay there after your post is gone allowing others to enjoy it. Additionally, it shows in the Sidebar. There is a link on the navigation bar and I will put links on the Forum itself that will take you directly to the Add Video page.
  11. Minnesota Zoo Weesner Family Amphitheater Apple Valley, MN
  12. Majestic Theatre Madison, WI
  13. Saturday, Jun 24 2017 RiverEdge Park Aurora , IL 60505
  14. 6/25/17 Bells Eccentric Cafe Live in the Beer Garden. Kalamazoo, MI
  15. Veterans Park Amphitheater (Turner Amphitheater) Springfield, OH