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  1. Taper Ron

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Know the feeling! I have been dog shit on someones shoe since the KC show last June. c'est la vie. BTW I don't see where they are giving hints what the show will be on there website.
  2. Taper Ron

    Upgrade complete

    I upgraded the Forum this morning. I wasn't able to get it done when I had planned to. If you run into any bugs let me know.
  3. Taper Ron

    I don’t want to know the show!

    We all have opinions and are welcome to express them here . That said name calling and personal attacks are not welcome! There are a number of posts on this thread that are disturbing. I hope we can step back and calm down. PLEASE!
  4. Taper Ron

    Spam defense caught another one

    Duhh - Took awhile to get that one. Funny.
  5. While not infallible, the Spam Defense feature does a pretty good job of catching spammers before they get in. Most of the time I don't have to do anything, they are automatically banned (depending on there "Spam score). This one name "Виктория" (Like that wouldn't raise a flag) only had a score of 2. Виктория translates to Victoria. While suspicious i thought "well, it is possible to have fans n Russia". Preliminary searches didn't find anything about the username or email address and the IP is for St Petersburg, RU - It seemed that they weren't trying to hide the fact.. And then, I did a search on just gotmail.com, stopforumspam.com 's database showed over 36.000 results. hasta la vista, Baby (arnold voice). I know some of you remember the early days of the forums. Without going into a (too much of) a history lesson, we have come a long way : Voyforums free but ad based, mostly adverisements and Nasty Trolls, next PHPBB3 much better, free, no advertisement but not many security features - tons of spams! So we decided to go with Invision Power Board a paid forum that had better security features (harder for spambots to register, requiring admin approval and email verification). Still there were days when I had to ban as many as 300 attempts a day. Through the years IPB has improved on security and the registration process to where Admin approval is no longer necessary (In most cases). Spambots just don't get through, occasionally a spammer will get past and I am warned (like today). Less frequently one will sneak in and post When this happens I really appreciate being told about it. Speaking of Security I will be upgrading to the latest version (I'm two behind) that include a security patch. I will do it late tonight (about midnight Eastern time) we will be offline for a few minutes while I back up the databases for the Forums and Starbase and install the upgrade.
  6. Taper Ron

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Might be because there weren't many male fans in the early years. I remember when they released their first songs the girls loved the Beatles ("Oh, he's so cute"), and the boys hated them (" funny lookin' long haired weirdos"). Considering the Amps they used (on the American tour anyway) you' be lucky to hear them at all.
  7. Taper Ron

    Forum Maintenance

    Thanks! I don't deserve the kind words. Love you all!
  8. Taper Ron


    I replied to this thread when first started, but, apparently, forgot to post it. Anyway, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and did not flag them as spammers (adds them to a national database). Obviously I made a mistake with ms Eva - Bye, Bye, Baby!
  9. Taper Ron

    Forum Maintenance

    I had to take the Forums offline for a few minutes to do some maintenance, including security patch and upgrade. Hope no one was inconvenienced.
  10. Taper Ron

    Forum Maintenance

    Member Map upgraded Videos upgraded
  11. Taper Ron

    Video Discussion: Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart

    I have upgraded the Video feature. It should be much easier to add videos. As before adding a video will start a "discussion Topic" in the open discussion forum (this forum).
  12. Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart
  13. Taper Ron

    Forum Maintenance

    I am currently performing some maintenance tasks and have upgraded to the latest forum version. I have the Forums online now as I have to to see if changes are working. Some changes so far: You can now login using your display name or email address The security question is no longer supported for new registrations (at this time). I have disabled the Donations function (more on this later). I will advise you of other changes that will affect members as they are enabled.
  14. Taper Ron

    Does Lager still post here?

    I know what PoetryGirl said. I'm telling you there is nobody registered here by that name. If there was in the past he is not now, which would lead me to believe he is no longer welcome here. Try godaddy How to buy a domain that someone else owns This is the end of this thread